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June, 2016

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Feeling the Weight of the World? Conference Call with Eloheim

On the heels of yet another mass shooting, I was feeling like I needed Eloheim to provide their insights on how to be an energetic leader in a world filled with a seemingly never ending news cycle of problems, disasters, pain, and suffering. Eloheim, of course, was amazing.

This 70 minute audio recording includes Eloheim’s powerful opening comments and then Q&A on the subject.

Download the audio or listen on demand right here

Price: $19.99

Eloheim on THE GAP

Last month, Eloheim began teaching us about the gap.

Ahas are instantaneous.

Decisions take a bit longer.

Ahas and decisions showing up as changes in our physical world take a varying amount of time.

This is the GAP. I’ve made some graphics about this teaching and you can learn more here











March, 2016

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Weekend SALE!



Sale ends Monday, March 21st!

In this series, we gather questions on specific topics. Eloheim’s answers are available to watch ON DEMAND or by download.


Our sixth session was on Animals. Eloheim answered 24 questions in this 55 minute talk.


Price: $24.99

View the questions answered on this page.


Eloheim on Relationship
Our fifth session was on Relationship. Eloheim answered 15 questions in this 49 minute talk.


Price: $24.99
View the questions on this page


Our fourth session was on the Body. Eloheim answered 20 questions in this 64 minute talk.


Price: $24.99
View the questions on this page


Our third session was on Guilt and Shame. Eloheim answered 16 questions in this 40 minute talk.


Price: $24.99
View the questions on this page


Our second session was on Money. Eloheim answered 16 questions in this 58 minute talk.


Price: $24.99
View the questions and place your order on this page


Our first session was on Fear. We received questions from all over the world and Eloheim answered 21 of them in this 52 minute talk.


Price: $24.99
View the questions on this page


January, 2016

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Introduction to Eloheim






Break Through to the New You!
Empowered Evolution with Eloheim

Imagine the 10 year-old you trying to do your job
or raise your children.

Feels pretty impossible doesn’t it?

This is very similar to what happens on the energetic level
when you allow habits to dominate your life.

That’s letting an old version of you be in
charge of your current moment.

You have done too much work on yourself to give habits that much power.

These packages are full of paradigm-shifting teachings
that offer fresh insights on every aspect of your life.

Eloheim’s practical tools for conscious living will
empower you to transform your life, and
bring the highest version of you into each interaction.

You are ready!!
The time is NOW!!
Join us for Empowered Evolution!


Join live conference calls
with Veronica

Live support from Veronica as you use
Eloheim’s teachings to change your life!

Eloheim in London
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October, 2015

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Private Sessions with Eloheim!

I’m back from the retreat and ready to jump back into private sessions! Ride the amazing energy we created and get your session(s) with Eloheim on the calendar! I’m continuing my special offer of $50 for 15 minutes or $250 for a Core Emotion session.

Send an email to eloheimchannel at yahoo dot com to secure your spot!


Friday October 23: 11:00, 11:30, Noon, 12:30
Saturday October 24: 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, 11:30, Noon, or one Core Emotion session
Sunday October 25: 10:30, 11:00, 11:30,

Friday October 30: 11:30, Noon, 12:30
Saturday October 31: 10:00, 11:00, 11:30, Noon,

Sunday November 1: 10:00, 10:30, 11:00, 11:30, Noon, 12:30 or one Core Emotion session
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September, 2015

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Eloheim Explains Changes to the Upcoming Meetings

Follow up to the meeting of September 9th. Eloheim explains their vision going forward.

Video player

Be part of our upcoming meetings by joining us as a subscriber.

Eloheim and the Council are teaching Empowered Evolution: offering instruction on discovering an entirely new way of experiencing being human.

Eloheim: We love helping you with your stuff and we love giving you the where it’s going. Not how exactly it’s going to be. Just where it’s going. Because we’re here to unfold the teaching which is an evolution of the potentials of being human. That’s what we’re about. We’re also about helping people not be afraid all the time and helping you connect in your relatinships in new ways and helping you know your truth and all that and we’re happy to do that but don’t ever think this is all we’re about. We’re going places and we hope you come with us. Because we’ve got a plan and it’s just getting started. Just you wait and see. We call it Level 7. It’s all me. That’s Level 7. There’s Level 8, watch it move. There’s Level 9, choiceless choice. If you think you know what that means, don’t think. You have no idea.

To learn more about Levels 1-6, visit this page.

Subscribing means you will never miss a meeting! Your monthly subscription renews automatically on the same day each month, so you can subscribe anytime. Annual plans run for one calendar year from the day they begin. Start anytime! You will get a full 12 months of meetings!

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July, 2015

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Camp Out with Eloheim Recordings


Camp Out Weekend
Eloheim had us use a brand new format which led to amazing breakthroughs. Be sure to watch the video of the first day as Eloheim worked one on one with each person. On the second day, the camera panned around the room as each person contributed to the conversation. The third day was a Round Table type conversation with the camera on Eloheim. Over SEVEN hours of channeling.

There were all sorts of kids in attendance and they played together as if they had known each other their entire lives. Scroll to the bottom to see photos!!

Your purchase includes the audio and the video files. Watch/listen right here on my site or download to your device.


Price: $59.99

Not sure why the photos show in reverse chronological order…. Enjoy!

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April, 2015

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FREE 90 Minute Eloheim Channeling


On April 15, 2015 we held a Round Table conversation with Eloheim reviewing tools and teachings Eloheim has given us over the last 12 years!

You can watch the video of this event below.

The specific ideas discussed were chosen by folks that have been following the teachings for some time; these are the core concepts that have helped them evolve their experience of being human as well as bring more peace and healing to their lives.

This is a wonderful introduction for those new to the Eloheim teachings. If you would like further “newcomer” information, please visit this page. The tools Eloheim mentions can be explored more fully in our The Choice for Consciousness: Tools for Conscious Living book series. Click here for more details.

The videos are FREE to watch. If you would like to make a donation, you can do so using this link.

Choose your amount  


April 15, 2015, 11:30am – Round Table conversation with Eloheim

Video player

Video player

Video player

If you would like further “newcomer” information, please visit this page. The tools Eloheim mentions can be explored more fully in our The Choice for Consciousness: Tools for Conscious Living book series. Click here for more details.

Choice for Consciousness Series of Books

December, 2014

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Energy of 2015 and Review of 2014 ~ TWO Full Sessions

The two December channeling sessions focused on a review of the energy of 2014 and a look forward into the energy of 2015.

This is some of the most important channeling I have done to date!

The first session is Eloheim speaking, the second is the rest of the Council offering their insights.

Order the complete sessions (3 hours of channeling) and watch ON DEMAND or download to your device.
Special package price!

Price: $15.99
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March, 2014

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ANIMALS: Conversation with Eloheim

Conversations with Eloheim: Animals

This is the sixth installment of our Conversation with Eloheim series.

Love it –

packed to the brim with information about how the whole thing of incarnation works –

I’ve found about a million jigsaw pieces to slowly put them into my whole picture

Very enjoyable.

I gotta say, for me, even though the talk was on animals,

I discovered more about me.


I wanted more

I loved it.


The following questions were answered in this 55 minute talk:

Animals and People
1. How can I enhance my ability to directly communicate with our dog and other animals, whether domesticated or wild?
2. Some pets have aggression issues. When training doesn’t seem to help, what is the spiritual approach?
3. My dog and cat are love incarnate. Is this part of some greater plan?

Beyond the physical
1. As a collective, what is the animal kingdom’s message for humanity at this time?
2. Do souls incarnate as animals?
4. Please share your wisdom on any differences between animal’s survival instincts versus Human’s survival instincts.
5. Do souls incarnating into the animal kingdom choose the experiences for their incarnations including their departure?
6. As with humans, do we encounter the same group of animals through our lifetimes, theirs and ours?

General Questions
1. Please talk about animal’s abilities to sense and move away from natural disasters (like tsunamis).
2. Why are some animals flesh eaters and some vegetarians?
3. Dogs and cats seem to sleep a lot more than humans, why is that?
4. Why do animals seem more conscious of the higher dimensions than most humans?
5. I connect to animals in very deep ways, could that be related to alternate expressions in an animal-like body?
6. Do we choose our (domesticated) animal partners pre-birth as part of our life path?
7. How do my animal partners mirror information to me about my life?
8. Are the species we are trying to save, like the tigers, elephants, and polar bears, choosing to leave the planet?
9. Is emanation a proper human response to animal species extinction?
10. Are whales and dolphins a conscious species?
11. Do farm animals choose to get slaughtered before they incarnate?
12. How can caring people cope with the animal cruelty and insensitivity we encounter daily on this planet?
13. Are Earth animals unique to Earth?
14. Other than human, what is the most intelligent animal on Earth?
15. Do the roles of animals and humans change in the Homo spiritus experience?

Watch the video or listen to the audio ON DEMAND here on our site or download the files to your computer

Price: $24.99

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