The meeting of October 13, 2010 was very interesting. The Visionaries continued the discussion of a new relationship to triggers. I have included their comments in the video below.

Eloheim went on to share a new way of looking at the moment.

There is a very thin walkway between fantasy and over thinking. Neither one of those states is going to give you a connection to the moment. There is something that makes the moment uncomfortable or you would be in the moment.

The Warrior continued their story.Cedrick leaves the castle with the Warrior’s men!

We keep a keen eye on the aspects of ourselves that need transformation.

The Girls

You want your triggers front and center so you can take what they are offering you. Sometimes you guys lift weights to change the way your body looks. When a trigger comes take it. Just as you would lift weights. Triggers are like lifting weights. The exercise of you learning, growing, building muscles and becoming stronger so you have the opportunity to reshape yourself the way you desire.


All we can say to you at this time is holding the portal open is our joy and we can only do our side. If things start to move too fast, ask for it to slow down not shrink down.

The Matriarch closed the meeting.

10-13-10 ~ 79 minutes

Guardians: Opened the meeting by talking about the energetic pathway they lay out for us.

Visionaries: Discussed our new relationship to triggers, and illustrated the idea using the example of a dot that starts out small and expands out over time. If we deal with the trigger when it’s small, we have more ease with it. Also, they advise us, when we’re having trouble being in the moment to consider, “I find myself having a hard time being in the moment, so there must be something I’m afraid of or uncomfortable about.”

Eloheim: Talked about our tendency to fantasy and over-thinking, rather than being in the moment. If you’re running away from the moment, you’re running away from the thing you’re actually here to explore. Also, they discussed the Velcro tool.

Warrior: Continued their story of leaving the castle, bringing Cedric with them. Cedric represents the parts of ourselves that are undeveloped and want growth. They advise us to keep those parts of ourselves front and center, to be able to offer our attention and consciousness to them.

The Girls: Compared attending to triggers to lifting weights. In the same way that we can choose to change our physical bodies through exercise, lifting weights, et cetera, we can choose to change our lives by attending to our triggers.

Fred: Advised us: If the moment becomes too intense, if things become overwhelming, if things feel like they’re moving too fast, just request they slow down. Allow for it to slow down, not shrink down.

Matriarch: Advise us to hold those parts of ourselves that we are ashamed of in a nurturing way, and to let ourselves know that we will keep our shadow aspects front and center so that we can feel ease in working with them.


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