Another awesome Q&A with Eloheim!

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Questions answered during this session:

I am triggered almost instantaneously by my Mother-in-law. We have lived next door to each other the last two years and I will be moving in the next few months. However, I feel on some level that I am here to heal our relationship before doing so. I have made a lot of progress such as setting boundaries and owning things about her personality that drive me crazy, and I still can’t accept her. Is there something else I am missing or is it simply time to move on?

So this Density vs. Duality consciousness has been interesting. My personal life is growing ever more graceful as I pay more attention to it. My job situation went from about bad as you can get and still have a job to I should be moving into a new position relatively soon and I am actually excited about it. I do have to point out that I have had to relearn my approach to basically everything in my life because when you are in Density consciousness then the old Duality approach not only doesn’t work but it doesn’t even make sense anymore. Even things like our “Tools” have to be reassessed because something like “Setting Boundaries,” which is absolutely vital in Duality living, doesn’t even apply in Density living.

So far, the most helpful tool has been to keep reminding myself that there is no “Other.” If I take the Other out of it then there really isn’t even a context for which my “Trigger” to even exist in. Which brings me to my question. My current “Elephant in the Room” is my ability to choose outside of “normal” or “possible.” I feel good about my ability to freely choose in every area of my life but that one and I think a lot of that comes from my lack of clarity on how to approach my creation. So can you help me better understand the relationships here or whatever is going to help me align with crossing this threshold?

Could you please comment on the type of energy I am projecting now?

I’ve finally stopped smoking and am doing really well, It’s been 6 days and the physical withdrawal is now gone and yet there’s this feeling of needing something, a type of emptiness. What is this emptiness and does my giving up smoking have anything to do with my back pain which happened at the same time?

Every morning for weeks as I wake up I feel as if I’ve been berating myself for hours. I can hear the tail end of the criticism as I wake up. What can I do to remedy this? How can I feel better when I wake up?

The other night I was waitressing and a customer got very upset with me because I brought him the wrong appetizer. He proceeded to yell loudly at me in a very crowded dining room. At first I was bewildered by his reaction, but then I ran to the tools. The first tool I used was pulling my energy back to myself, next I jumped to “Wow, what is this going to teach me”, then I jumped to what is my right elbow doing, and then I started to get really mad. Finally he yelled at me to “keep my head in the game” and I replied, “Yes Sir” and walked away. I’m a very good waitress and his reaction bothered me for at least a week. A couple weeks ago the Warrior was talking about cleansing the wound. I tried to cleanse this but got lost in the process. Can you give me some direction on how to use this tool effectively?

I’ve been learning lots of new stuff, but not yet found a way to make money. So I’ve just starting doing things I enjoy with no idea if they’ll bring in any cash. Does that feel like a good move energetically??

I have been accepted to provide a live half-hour segment for an upcoming national SomaShare webinar. A two week window of time is opening to prepare. I find myself so excited that ideas flow and disappear before I can jot them down. I am grateful. Please help me be completely whole in this quest.

I wanted to share that during the last few meetings I have felt a better connection with the information. I understand the material in a much clearer way unlike I have before and that’s a weird feeling because some of the stuff we already talked about I thought I already understood but I didn’t compared to the clarity I have now. Thank you. I have a fear of space/ the universe…like even seeing photos of it or seeing it on tv…it’s uncomfortable. Can you look at the energetics of that for me?

St. Peter was in my dream! He was lifting me off my feet and dancing me around!! VERY strong hands on my hips holding me firmly. Besides all the dancing fun – was there a message?

Earlier this week I had an unexpected perspective shift on oneness — I was speaking with Kerri when suddenly I found myself viewing our conversation from a different part of the room, watching her speak to an empty chair as if I was sitting in it. From my vantage point I was able to see and even feel her commitment to the belief that she in fact was talking to someone else. It was then that suddenly, like the mirror she was reflecting back at me, I then saw myself once again sitting in my chair, listening intensely to words coming from……. no one. I was alone in the room now, where I saw my own commitment to this same belief that Kerri was also present. The analogy I gave Kerri upon having this experience was similar to that from the end of the movie “Fight Club”, where Edward Norton’s character begins to realize he and Tyler Durden are one, and he begins revisiting scenes from the movie with the two of them in which Tyler was actually not there (ie- hands “no one” a beer and it drops to the ground).

Experiencing this triggered a response in me that I did not expect. Previously, I saw the idea of oneness as something completely different than I do now; perhaps a “safer” version of the same idea which was in place to protect me from the response from my survival instinct.

I suppose the question I have now is, how can I explore this deeper so that I am not so triggered by it? I can recollect the experience like any other dream or memory, but I cannot recall the feeling. While in the moment this feeling was a bit overwhelming and somewhat frightening, in hind-sight I’d say it was the most exciting perspective shift I’ve had to date.

I have manifested a beautiful love relationship opportunity and because of this I had dragged myself into all kinds of emotional reactions, reckless reactions and jumped to all sorts of outcomes. But now I have to wrap up some unfinished business with getting a divorce and that has posed a battle with the custody of my child and I want to move to Texas while her family is in MI. I know that If i am happy my daughter will be, there is a possibility that the court will prevent me from moving here out of the state, I am finding it very difficult to figure out how to stay in the moment through this situation what tools would be best for me to stop seeking certainty and running to outcome in this, I really really really want to move.
Does it look likely my friend to step forward for us to have a relationship or is he still going to “keep it low” and keep working?

It seems that I’m not being able to motivate myself to be 3D-active. I don’t know if I’m on track being in an easy flow or if I need to be pushing myself into action. Is there something more – or something new – I need to be … Doing…or being with myself in a different way. Is there something energetic that is happening that I need to address?