The session of June 12, 2013 marked a new beginning.

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It came on the heels of a big aha.

This work is not for everyone
It’s not even for most
It’s for some.
Do you want to be part of the sum?

Guardians: And so we have begun. A new opportunity begins tonight.

Visionaries: Be in the right trajectory, ready to go. Allow for what is, and allow for revelation. Allow uncovering. Because we are uncovering the place in you that you keep going to (familiar suffering). Ask yourself, what needs to come off? What layer is done? The one that’s extra loud right now, but is done with – we pull that layer back.

Eloheim: We are in a serious mode, an intense place. This work we are doing with you is not for most; it’s for some. Our job is to do energetic tracking – “this is what we see.” If you stay with us, you need to contribute energetically; you need to do the work and transform your patterns. You are responsible for what we give you. This is about ownership and accountability. We strongly want to go to another level, and this takes something additional.

(Eloheim took out tool cards, gave them to the attendees, who took turns stating when they recently used that particular tool. Eloheim emphasized that all participate with each person’s tool).

You are the boss of your habits, fears and survival instinct, not the other way around. The tools are about interrupting those patterns. “Where am I lying to myself in order to make myself feel comfortable? Where am I going to my familiar suffering?” These tools pop you out of that hole. “This is happening for me” is the beginner tool of “this is my first choice” – which is about asking what this moment really has for me. It’s about refusing to go into the past or future, but putting attention right on what’s in your lap. Even in the face of fear, in the face of your particular monster, you can stand in “I don’t know anything” or neutral observation, or any other tool. Find the tools that work for you. And then practice on the everyday stuff.

The tools are also about helping you be comfortable with uncertainty. Uncertainly is very loud in all of you right now, so you are not alone in it. The only thing that changes uncertainty is your perspective on it, to see it as unlimited possibilities. See the next moment as a good guy; see opportunities for something new as not bad or triggering. From the uncertainty of this moment, you create your next moment. Stand in clarity by stating your truth and desire. The ultimate freedom is the freedom to choose. Choose and choose again to be kind to yourself, even in the face of triggers. Choose and choose again…for a healed core emotion.

On the other hand, if you focus on an outcome, and you don’t get it, you feel like you are never good enough. Hold the line on that. Say “I do not know what the next moment holds, but I know who I AM in it.”

A taste of the next level, “Now I see.” In level 8, you are the generator. It’s not about going over to what anyone else thinks or does about your emanation. It is “watch it move, not “watch me snoop.” Level 8 comes from the perspective of your awareness that you are the center. Once that energetic is in place, the next level will lift your whole perspective up to a higher, bird’s-eye level view, and a deeper awareness.



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