We had a wonderful Q&A with Eloheim this month.

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The focus you must have now is the illumination of static. Your relationship to it MUST shift because there is no longer room for static to be taking up your day or your emanation. When you think any thought, it must have a correct relationship to the present moment, and be unpolluted by outcome. You cannot continue to live in “if only.” Take ownership of what you emanate, ownership of every moment. If you don’t like the moment, how are you interacting with it? What are you choosing? Accountability is absolutely required now. Soul integration is a sacred task and responsibility. Treat static as if it was your most precious possession…grab it with both hands so that you can clear it. “Where am I giving away now? Where is the opportunity here?” Don’t drop the opportunity in order to go to suffering. Don’t prefer suffering to what is actually happening.

Be in now, not “over there” and not in the future. Outcome = suffering. Don’t expect outcome to change your current moment. You take yourself wherever you go, and a changed outcome doesn’t change who you are. If the “now” sucks: don’t argue with what is, don’t apply a story, don’t be in outcome, don’t be in “must be.” That’s all static. Your emanation consists of thoughts, actions, emotions, feeling, memories, fears, SI, core emotion. Static. Static. Static. Only when that quiets down, can you feel what is really here for you. Bring it back to now. Transformation is NOW. So who are you now? What is your truth now? What’s your current moment? What is actually happening? What is fascinating?

When issues come up, use the “I am tempted tool.” Back up and be from a centered place. You’re you. There’s no specific thing you have to be doing to know how you are, to be the truth of you.

If you can’t be static-free, at least be aware when it happens. When you are in discomfort, don’t go to suffering; go into awareness. Determine where the discomfort is coming from. Don’t re-traumatize yourself, but just become conscious. Take the opportunity to be kind to yourself.

Say: “I’m not going to be in familiar suffering any more.” Then take much smaller steps. This is a new way to navigate the world, so it may feel unfamiliar at first, unsettled. This is a transitory place; a metamorphosis and you’ll encounter bumps. But say: “what would be good to experience now?” Because the moment is the only place that you can engage in transformation.

Fascination clears static and is the doorway to instant manifestation. You can “ride” fascination without adding static, and then your true abundance becomes more obvious. On your circle of possibilities, each possibility becomes a probability, moving closer to the center and to your experience. With every static that is removed, the odds of manifestation increase.

This question is answered in the YouTube video:

My question is about psychic snooping, or snooping into the motives of others.
Wow, this is a big one for me! I want to know everything. I have always been very interested in people personalities, because I want to understand why people do what they do. Over the past three years I have looked deeply into 9/11, fluoride in the water, pesticides on the food, chem trails, and our money system. Specifically, I want to know who is behind these things and why. Initially, I was deeply troubled by my conclusions. I no longer worry about these things, but I desire improvements that could have positive effects on the whole world. What do you think about my continued interest these topics?

Other questions answered:

Hello Eloheim It’s probably best for me to ask you to see what’s happening for me now, I feel like I’m all over the place?this is only if you need to know more… (Feeling unplugged from relationship, health/wellness business , real estate new career and moving South. )

For some time now I have been trying to understand the nature of the subconscious mind and would very much appreciate if you could give me your insight into the works of the three levels of mind. Conscious, subconscious and unconscious.

I am slowly seeing more of the bigger picture. I start to feel into the power of emanation and the ownership / responsibility that comes with it. Insight tells me to take smaller steps at this stage, see the intention behind every action and my mantra is ‘I do not generate any static’. I feel a sense of surrender and humbleness. I am willing and open to anything you have to share.

Things are going well. Haven’t gotten the Life Saver yet but been too busy dealing with everything else coming up to really care. The only question I have at this point is I feel like I am standing at a doorway but having a hard time figuring out why I am not stepping through but I think I feel like I am kind of leaving people behind if I make that choice. Kind of like I can step through to my true self but for some reason I feel like that also means I am abandoning the people here. I don’t think that is accurate but I am not sure where the equal sign is so if you have anything to say on that or anything else that would be great.

I have been feeling somewhat out of sorts lately and would appreciate if you could check my energy and give me insight as to what is going on.

My question today…pretty open to just receiving anything you wish.
Am completing with the move this week. Going to a friend’s place as a stepping stone…
And, then, the rest is…just open.



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