Conversation with Eloheim: Animals

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Questions Answered:

Animals and People
1. How can I enhance my ability to directly communicate with our dog and other animals, whether domesticated or wild?
2. Some pets have aggression issues. When training doesn’t seem to help, what is the spiritual approach?
3. My dog and cat are love incarnate. Is this part of some greater plan?

Beyond the physical
1. As a collective, what is the animal kingdom’s message for humanity at this time.
2. Do souls incarnate as animals?
3. Please share your wisdom on any differences between animal’s survival instincts versus Human’s survival instincts.
4. Do souls incarnating into the animal kingdom choose the experiences for their incarnations including their departure?
5. As with humans, do we encounter the same group of animals through our lifetimes, theirs and ours?

General Questions
1. Please talk about animal’s abilities to sense and move away from natural disasters (like tsunamis).
2. Why are some animals flesh eaters and some vegetarians?
3. Dogs and cats seem to sleep a lot more than humans, why is that?
4. Why do animals seem more conscious of the higher dimensions than most humans?
5. I connect to animals in very deep ways, could that be related to alternate expressions in an animal-like body?
6. Do we choose our (domesticated) animal partners pre-birth as part of our life path?
7. How do my animal partners mirror information to me about my life?
8. Are the species we are trying to save, like the tigers, elephants, and polar bears, choosing to leave the planet?
9. Is emanation a proper human response to animal species extinction?
10. Are whales and dolphins a conscious species?
11. Do farm animals choose to get slaughtered before they incarnate?
12. How can caring people cope with the animal cruelty and insensitivity we encounter daily on this planet?
13. Are Earth animals unique to Earth?
14. Other than human, what is the most intelligent animal on Earth?
15. Do the roles of animals and humans change in the Homo spiritus experience?