Core Emotion Series

This series includes one 50-minute Core Emotion session and two 15-minute follow up sessions. Learn about your Core Emotion and then have Eloheim help you integrate it during the follow up sessions! We can use the telephone or Skype (audio only). The sessions will be recorded and emailed to you.

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Price: $450.00


What is the Core Emotion?

The most powerful aspect of a private session with Eloheim is that they can assist you in becoming conscious of your core emotion.

Here is a two minute audio clip of Eloheim introducing the Core Emotion to a private session client. Click here to listen to Eloheim explain what the Core Emotion is: 2 minutes

Your core emotion is unique to you and unique to this lifetime. I have been working with my core emotion for over eight years and it still reveals powerful opportunities for transformation on a regular basis. It is the key to so much of my personal growth. I strongly recommend a core emotion session for your first private session with Eloheim. It is quite common for people to report that it changes their lives in less than an hour.

Becoming conscious of your core emotion often answers questions along the lines of:

“Why does this keep happening?”
“Why do I always react that way even when I know it isn’t for my highest good?”
“Why do I feel stuck all the time?”

Awareness of the core emotion also tends to answer long standing questions like:

“Why did that relationship end the way it did?”
“Why didn’t that job work out?”

Eloheim will walk you through a step-by-step process which they have designed which allows them to determine your core emotion, to show you how it is showing up in your life now, and to teach you how to transform your relationship to it. Your unhealed core emotion can feel like a burden, however your healed core emotion is your greatest asset. Such powerful work!!

I am still in awe and admiration at how Eloheim joined me in conversation, and seamlessly flowed in a loving, non-judgmental way, into their special technique for identifying my energetics of my core emotion, and how it is showing up in my life in an unhealed way. (“Lonely – It’s a lonely life” )

My core emotion was easily seen from my own perspective, and quite wonderfully through Eloheim, with humor. I laughed heartily at his description of just how much that core emotion altered my true-self in the choices and relationships up to this point in life, and without identifying that emotion would continue to keep me stuck in life choices that are not for my highest good. I was given a step-by-step process for working with my unhealed core emotion, and for transforming my healed core emotion (“I’m my best company!”) so it becomes a wonderful asset e.g. “What is true now” is one of the most awesome tools I will be using.

I have been on my own spiritual journey for about 15 years, and have taken many paths of discovery, and I am deeply grateful that my path has led me to you Veronica, and Eloheim! The work you provide to the world is brilliant! I have experienced a big shift in clarity, and release of anxiety through this session, and feel a new sense of strength that I can use this knowledge for positive growth, and can now more easily identify the choices and healthy relationships that come from the healed part of me and others which do not. Denise, Dallas, TX

Core Emotion series of three sessions

Price: $450.00

Already learned your Core Emotion?

Go deeper with a Private Session Series

Consistent support as you follow your desire for change.
Break habits! Stop procrastinating! Move forward! See things a new way!
The series includes five sessions:
The first session is 45 minutes total. A 30 minute conversation with Veronica to clarify intention, get back ground information, and set the energy, immediately followed by a 15 minute session with Eloheim.

Then, four additional 15 minute sessions either weekly or bi-monthly (scheduled in advance to facilitate stability in the process and add accountability).

You can bring a topic to the series or ask Eloheim what they feel you should focus on.

Once you pay, I will contact you by email to coordinate the schedule. We can use the telephone or Skype (audio only). The sessions will be recorded and emailed to you.

Private session series of five sessions


Price: $500.00