Eloheim: 03-06-07 Are you trying to manifest from lack?This is a clip from the meeting we held on 03-06-07 in Santa Rosa, CA. We are going to hold an Eloheim meeting on the first Tuesday of each month in Santa Rosa in addition to our weekly meetings in Sonoma.

This meeting focused on manifestation. The highlights of this first clip were the questions, “Are you trying to manifest from lack?” and “Is (your manifestation) a fear based intention?”

When you are wanting to manifest something, it is important to know why, to be focused, and to see what the intention behind the desire is. Then see what comes up in your body when you state that intention clearly. Be willing to look at what you’re experiencing in your body and what it is revealing to you about the unconscious and subconscious actions behind that desire for manifestation.

You have to watch that you are not trying to manifest from lack or fear, but instead are manifesting because of what it gives you.

Eloheim: 03-06-07 Are you trying to manifest from lack?