Eloheim in Los Angeles

February 9, 2013 ~ 2-4 pm

You are invited to attend an event in Southern California that just might change
how you look at the world and your place in it.

You probably have heard of “The Law of Attraction” and Abraham, as well as other well-known channels. Now come meet Veronica Torres and “Eloheim and The Council,” the group of energetic beings she channels.

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Eloheim and The Council speak through Veronica with endless love, eloquence, and humor.

They look at the energetics around an individual or situation and offer clarity and simple, helpful tools for use in our daily lives.

Veronica found herself unexpectedly channeling Eloheim many years ago, and since then the work has expanded into weekly and monthly sessions with in-person and online groups, retreats, private sessions as well as 25 books.

Get to know Veronica and learn about some of the dozens of tools Eloheim has given us by watching the video playlist below. We have nearly 450 videos and are adding more all the time!

These teachings are compelling and expansive and those who are part of the Eloheim “tribe” (as they like to call themselves) are funny, open, loving and most of all, willing to change. And that includes Veronica!

In an intimate setting, Eloheim will answer questions and share their insights.

Do you have something that you just can’t get a handle on?
This is the time and the place to ask.

Watch clarity and hilarity ensue.
You will be able to for see for yourself how connected
we are to the world of spirit and to each other.


This fun event, yes fun!, will be hosted by Maggie Gautier, a humorist and writer who is as curious as you are to learn what might be learned.


Join us in Burbank on February 9, 2014 from 2-4 pm.

This is our first Eloheim Channeling event in Southern California!
(exact location will be provided after purchase)

Admission includes the recording of the event sent to you by email.
Light snacks will be provided and parking will be available.

Admission is $25 in advance or $30 at the door. Space is limited. Advance ticket purchase is strongly recommended.


Price: $25.00

Veronica reads from The Council’s first book, The Choice for Consciousness, Tools for Conscious Living, Vol. 1