We hold a monthly Q&A with Eloheim during which Eloheim answers questions from folks tuning in online.

This page includes the questions Eloheim has answered on reassurance The date after each question indicates the date of the meeting when this question was answered. Visit the shopping area to access the meeting downloads.

I have a mean old story running through my life which says, “Skip the journey and get to the happy life you should have had all along”. With that kind of bashing and limitation I will never get to happy. Please, will you talk to me, again, about the value of the journey? 2011 03 20 Meeting

My sublet was recently cut short, so I need to move by September instead of October. I have made it abundantly clear to my soul that I do not want another sublet. Earlier this week I got the idea to find two individuals and move into a vacant apartment together. I don’t know how I am going to pull this off in 2 weeks, however I feel supported. I would like to know what you see going on energetically for me right now (including any thought patterns you may see that I can’t), so that I can have a better awareness of what I need to work with at this time. Thank you! 2012 08 19 Meeting

One of my second class sound students showed up in my life yesterday. She verified and validated all of the teachings offered years ago. This is something I find fascinating and a huge validation. I am grateful as I perceived I had confused her at the time, as if I was a script holder though I was being true to myself at that time. While I comprehend her early reactions, I would like a better understanding of my plan and this validation. Is this a ‘yes this is true’ that I changed? 2012 08 19 Meeting

I would like to ask your assistance in helping me to bridge my inner guidance with acting on it. I get premonitions and intuitive answers on questions or different live situations but by rationalizing I talk myself out to act upon information received. Would you, please help me to trust myself enough. 2012 07 15 Meeting

I recently DECIDED “I choose to experience ascension while in this physical body.” Wow, wow, wow! I feel sooooo much healing and kinesthetic movement and bright colors and light. And dreams. I did not remember my dreams for such a long time. And frequent glimpses of Oneness. I could go on. You get the picture. Did that Conscious Choice kick this off? 2012 05 20 Meeting

Sometimes I feel that if I had known this spiritual path was going to be this hard I would have chosen a different approach to life. If I keep working with all these tools will it all be worthwhile? 2010 01 17 Meeting

No real question, just basically want to get a feel for where I am at. From your earlier statement, should I entertain any specific ideas or just leave it wide open, which I am not sure I know how to do? 2010 10 10 Meeting