We hold a monthly Q&A with Eloheim during which Eloheim answers questions from folks tuning in online.

This page includes the questions Eloheim has answered on work, career, and time-management The date after each question indicates the date of the meeting when this question was answered. Visit the shopping area to access the meeting downloads.

My career path appears to be taking an interesting turn away from coaching into the world of being a personal chef/house manager….I am wondering if the coaching work will reappear or if I am heading off in a totally new direction and should I just be more comfortable with this new uncertainty 🙂 2011 08 21 Meeting Q&A

I would love help understanding what further inner work I need to do to complete the clearing of the energy blockage that has kept me apart from the energetic stream of work that is in my highest expression right now. Is my job in my field right now? Can you tell me if I’ve already applied for it? I’ve done a lot of inner work around this and it still feels like there is something still to do. In terms of 3rd dimensional terms r/t housing and security, I have to be working full-time or have more than one part-time job – yesterday – but we are making the best of it all by downsizing and putting the remaining things in storage…and seeing that in the bigger picture my husband and I are actually moving toward an amazing place of freedom and expansion, but what about NOW and doing this all with as much ease and grace as possible. 🙂 We actually don’t know where or with whom we’re going to be living in 2 weeks, so any help with what direction to go in with that is most appreciated. 2011 08 21 Meeting Q&A

I was using short sentences to create the job for me as you suggested at the private session. I feel that something is holding me back for the job to manifest. I would appreciate your insight on what is it and release it. 2010 07 18 Meeting

I am currently working for a very demanding boss (new job) who reminds me of my mother who was bipolar and OCD (obsessive compulsive). I have trouble reading his handwriting and my eyesight is worse because of the stress. The channel who usually reads for me says that there is an important life lesson here that I would get again if I were to bail. Do you have any tools/guidance for me in this situation when brings up so much fear? 2010 07 18 Meeting

It feels like an earthquake followed by a tsunami has occurred in my life over the past two weeks, preceded by all sorts of similar “natural disasters” over the past several years. Although I sense how all of this is happening “for” me, I do wonder when and how I will create new forms of stability in my life – all the basics are needed: job, new friends, new “family”, love relationship – I need it all – brand new…what existed before, has been “washed” away. My primary concern is a job, providing financial stability. I’ve had some time off due to an illness, and am ready to jump back in and rejoin the working world. I’ve been doing some leg work since the end of last year in reconnecting with people I know in my former industry. Am I on the right track and doing the right things? I feel sort of lost…..Any insights? 2011 03 20 Meeting

I am choosing to leave my full-time job of 8 years as a Software Engineer at Microsoft to take an open-ended break from employment. Exciting! — What is the single most important piece of advice you would like me to keep in mind as I navigate this transition? 2012 10 21 Meeting

I’m having a real struggle with managing my time. I’m aware that my need to check my email, facebook, youtube and listening to Eloheim audios etc. is sucking up enormous amounts of time and energy and then there’s no time left for the important stuff that I say I want to do. It doesn’t feel like the survival instinct but a horrible habit I am finding hard to break. 2012 10 21 Meeting

After four years of monk-in-the-cave, I’ve thrown myself back into the monk-in-the-marketplace lifestyle. I would like some help in breaking a few habits that I’m pretty sure are left over from the last time I had a full-time job. First: I have an unconscious tendency toward defensiveness when I’m in fear or feeling stress. Second: I tend toward a panic reaction when I take a step back to consider all there is to learn and remember regarding my new job’s duties. I realize that this sounds like I’m projecting into the future, but it’s more like when I get another item put on my plate, it feels like I don’t fully understand what’s already there and I panic that I’m “never” going to “get it” all. I want to form some healthy habits that perhaps feel more directed or focused than “What is true now?” 2011 02 20 Meeting

I have used the “that is my playground, this is my passion” discussion that was brought up recently to reflect on my current situation. I am a visual artist by trade, but my passion lies in music. I feel a very strong pull to be a recording artist/performer, and I know I’m more than capable of it. However, I’m still tempted to think that THAT kind of bigness isn’t possible because I’m a “lightworker” and that perhaps my natal chart doesn’t have glaring signs of a big public life or public success, etc. It’s not that I crave a celebrity life, but I DO have a strong pull to being publically and widely recognized for my work. I do strongly desire the high position of a well-known and well-respected musician. 2011 02 20 Meeting

I used the white board lesson about equal signs this week to take apart my career. I had been devaluing my choice to develop life skills and go toward interests that were not especially well paid. I do boast that my spiritual resume has a long checklist of accomplishments and I’m proud of my skill to find the cord of pleasure in my workplace and bring that out by intentional additions and subtractions of my input. I am ready now, Eloheim, to look at new workplace and other skills. Would you use your imagination and intuition regarding a skill set and environment I might really enjoy? 2011 02 20 Meeting

I have been living in uncertainty…my whole life right now is immersed in uncertainty…I am changing everything! I am looking for a job..uncertain about what kind of job uncertainty about a place to live I am getting divorced and all that with uncertainty about every part of it including uncertainty about the money to make it happen. I try every day to be comfortable with it but I feel immense pressure to do more action and I try that and I have no progress so then i go back to bringing myself into alignment with comfortable with it again. But I feel like I have no direction and I was wondering if you can see a direction for me or any information or insight will help me at this point. 2011 02 20 Meeting

Eloheim, please give me insight about my right-upper arm problem, which showed up a few months ago, and which pains me when I extend that arm upward. In previous channel sessions with others, I think you indicated that an energy block in my right arm could be caused by my desire for personal relationship, and simultaneously coupled with my many reasons why I think I cannot have one.

Since becoming conscious of my conflicting thoughts, I think I have been successful in avoiding that mistake, but the pain continues when I raise my right arm too high. Eloheim, I would appreciate your insight into how I might reverse this right-upper arm condition. 2012 08 19 Meeting

I want to understand if there is more to learn and to contribute in the workplace I’m currently in, which is gradually feeling less appealing and more dense to me. I feel like it’s time to go, in one sense. Yet I am not getting a clear sign or new opportunity right in front of me. Is there something I’m missing? I think I need to be bonked over the energetic head to get it! Is it really time for me to go? Am I blocking a new opportunity? It occurs to me that I have a little fear of jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire. Ideally I’d like to develop my own business, and have some ideas for that, and b/c of financial constraints, I would need to do that while I’m working for someone else initially. And I’ve had a hard time finding the time, energy and mental space to develop a business so far in this job, because it has demanded a lot of me. I so appreciate any nudging in the direction of my highest expression on this one! 2012 07 15 Meeting

I immigrated to the United Kingdom and I need a proper job but I am afraid of applying to many jobs because of fear of rejection. Already there are not a great number of jobs that I can apply to and as the time passes the expiry date of my visa is coming closer which can be a problem for the prospective employers. I learnt that I cannot continue in my career line from where I am. I need to start from the bottom. But I can’t do that, I am 35! In the meantime the available jobs and traditional work environment started to feel very boring and restricting to me. I am afraid of not finding a job that I can enjoy doing. I think of all the boring duties, hoardings, survival of the fittest etc. Despite my desperation I recently dismissed a possible job offer because the interviewer had a questioning attitude and the place looked boring! It seems I cannot push myself for what I don’t want anymore! The timing couldn’t be worse as I need to be very eager and very tough. I want to stay in this country and I want an enjoyable job. I guess I need a miracle! Is this story appears to me as such because I contain all these restrictions in my consciousness? 2012 05 20 Meeting

I have 9 days left in my job. I am angry and sad that my bosses are not asking me questions about my job before I leave. I’m leaving behind several very successful programs that I’ve created that has saved my company a lot of money while also helping our employees. I feel discounted because they don’t want to know how to continue the programs. I’m trying to move out of my job gracefully and I’m wondering what advice you have for me? 2012 05 20 Meeting

I am currently working with youth and children that have been medically diagnosed with various mental and emotional disorders and that come from very difficult backgrounds and situations, and at best are very difficult to interact with. Despite using my tools when I remember to, how can I best reach these children, while still being in integrity and not compromising myself. 2010 05 16 Meeting

I have not been able to determine my passion, what I am here to do. I am actively looking for a job, still need to create money flow. What I really want is to do something that my heart would sing. Please help me to determine what it is so I can create it. 2010 05 16 Meeting

I just started a new job, and since it is more complex than I encountered before, all my fears of not being adequate, past failures, and non-competence are surfacing. Could you, please help me to change the energetics to success, and feeling of empowerment. Thank you very much! 2010 11 21 Meeting

I have been exploring self love through the healing of an illness over the past year. My recovery process forced me to stop and rest. Subsequently, I have had to take over a year off from working. I now feel like I’m ready to look at rejoining the work world among other things. Yet, I feel so awkward and fearful… The questions swimming in my mind are: What kind of a job should I look for? Will a job be there for me? Will the type of job I need be okay for sustaining my health? How do I go about doing this now? 2010 12 19 Meeting

The advertising & marketing company that I most recently worked for recently closed it’s doors due to the owners being investigated for a check kiting scheme. A very crazy situation – for sure! Although an easy situation to feel vicitmized, I am hardly feeling that. I am now in a situation that seems ripe with possibility in beginning my own company with another former employee – and we are in a huge wave of creative energy. Although I no longer have a regular paycheck, I am seeing many other resources around me, and also it feels like there might be clients are right around the corner? I’m exploring all the places where I might be hiding from myself – as it pertains to triggers over money. Doing a LOT of “what is true now”? I am comparing myself to me, and noticing a very calm and focused feeling most of the time. It feels like I have already created this whole story and now I’m walking into it – what’s that about? Is my life actually starting to get fun? 2012 03 18 Meeting

For a while now I’ve had a hard time finishing application and web development projects that I start. I absolutely love programming, but my perfectionism tends to slow me up a bit; I will harp on the small details which ultimately ends up burning me out, and losing interest in the project altogether. I believe this stems from a website I completed years ago that I basically had to force myself to complete (I was working with someone else on that particular project). We had some high expectations for the site but the revenue stream did not pick up as intended. Since that time I’ve endeavored on other projects which I never released or completed due to both my perfectionism, as well as my overall lack of interest in completing them due to burning out. I think there is an underlying theme of any projects I start being a “waste of time” now, which makes things even more difficult. I am TRYING to simply enjoy creating without assigning an equal sign to past endeavors, but am having a hard time, and often times I will do things to distract me from confronting this. 2011 11 20 Meeting

I would like your advice on how to deal with my new boss. He has owned his construction company for the past 30 years and I’ve been working there for 5 months. I am the only female on a staff of 20 men. He pushes my buttons and boundaries by yelling at me for something he thinks I’ve done wrong, when I haven’t, then he usually ends it by cursing at me and then hangs up or walks away. I feel inadequate and like I’m 8 years old again. I usually close down, go speechless and don’t say anything at all. After a few minutes I get angry and then act very cold towards him when I have to interact with him. There is no going back and re-visiting any of this with him, he doesn’t want to hear it. Now I am constantly walking on eggshells around him because I am not sure what I am going to be blamed for or yelled at next. 2011 09 18 Meeting

Now that I am divorced and have moved and have been at my job for 6 months …I have a strong urge in me that I want more for myself and I deserve more. My job is good for me because of the pay and now I want a job that’s good for me because I have passion for it. I want more and am uncertain about what that MORE is. I want a new job and can’t find anything that I am passionate about to point me in the right direction. The only thing that I currently have passion for is consciousness studies. Can you look at my energy and see if I am showing you anything that would give me some direction or uncover a passion I may be overlooking. 2011 09 18 Meeting

What’s stopping me from organizing myself and decluttering my space? I seem to be shuffling paper all the time and somehow I know I am stopping myself from getting on with things that I say I want to do, such as doing my website. 2011 09 18 Meeting

I had a job interview this past week. I felt really good about the position, and I felt myself being able to grow spiritually, being fully conscious and my truth. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the job, which I’m not sure why, and wonder if they might come back to me in some way after the fact….or what am I sensing here? Also, I did notice that regardless, I felt a sense of inner peace over it, which surprised me – given the circumstances. How am I doing in creating the right job for me? What suggestions do you have? 2011 04 17 Meeting

I have a mentor, who has helped me immensely over the last 3-4 years and continues to do so especially regarding the creation of my career and my future. I’m not sure what I “do” with this relationship, but I notice that I really yearn for her approval and her insight. When I read her email correspondence, I often feel like I’m not able to measure up….No matter what she says I often feel that I am just a “client”, even though I know one can love one’s clients. What are you seeing to help me with this? 2011 04 17 Meeting

What is the career that’s best for me? I’m 21 and have been getting into Reiki and learning spiritual tools and practicing seeing auras and being aware of the body and mind and what they’re telling me. I have a vision of what I want to be doing but I’m not sure really what is best for me to focus on to realize myself as a whole, enlightened being. 2011 06 12 Meeting

What is the career that’s best for me? I’m 21 and have been getting into Reiki and learning spiritual tools and practicing seeing auras and being aware of the body and mind and what they’re telling me. I have a vision of what I want to be doing but I’m not sure really what is best for me to focus on to realize myself as a whole, enlightened being. 2011 06 12 Meeting

Since we last talked, I have a lot more clarity about my business, but I still tend to get caught up in “do to get”. Even though I have a (long) way to go regarding living from my soul’s perspective, is there a way to do business in a more soul-based way now, instead of being so goal and planning orientated . . . and ending up overworking? 2011 01 16 Meeting

I find myself telling myself that I have plenty of time to accomplish my chores is not working so very well. My focus is easily distracted. I then consciously breathe in ease and grace to complete the highest priority. I start and am distracted yet again. How do I better define and keep the highest priority? 2011 01 16 Meeting

I have been accepted to provide a live half-hour segment for an upcoming national SomaShare webinar. A two week window of time is opening to prepare. I find myself so excited that ideas flow and disappear before I can jot them down. I am grateful. Please help me be completely whole in this quest. 2012 04 15 Meeting