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That means I haven’t yet edited the video from the meetings of May 16th or 19th. I will get to it soon, but I wanted to send a quick message with the links to the webcast replays and the audio downloads..

They were both really great meetings!

Also, in the process of assembling our marketing plan for the book, I came across this fun website that lets you make cartoons. I just couldn’t resist. Here are the first two!

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5-19-10 ~ 75 minutes

You’re allowed to have confusion about the need for your creation, but you must say yes to your creation nonetheless. Where am I waiting for the other shoe to drop? you can’t be a victim sometimes and a creator sometimes. Stay in self mentality rather than service mentality. You go to work for spiritual growth, money just happens to come and money doesn’t only come from work. We see you as Swiss cheese, the holes are your shadow places ready for transformation. The truth is in the process, not in the conclusion. You can’t get where you’re going without your body and your body needs to be helped to keep up. Saying yes to the truth creates from the wholeness of you. You are blazing a new trail, a new path.

5-16-10 ~ 78 minutes ~ May Q&A with Eloheim

Here are some of the questions answered during the meeting: I am currently working with youth and children that have been medically diagnosed with various mental and emotional disorders and that come from very difficult backgrounds and situations, and at best are very difficult to interact with. Despite using my tools when I remember to, how can I best reach these children, while still being in integrity and not compromising myself.

I have not been able to determine my passion, what I am here to do. I am actively looking for a job, still need to create money flow. What I really want is to do something that my heart would sing. Please help me to determine what it is so I can create it.

Can you go over again the whole process of manifesting something specific into our experience, especially the requesting part?

HOW and WHY is it that a child can manifest very similar experiences to their parent often around the same age as the parent when the parent had the similar experience?

In my understanding, if all is perception and our reality and experience is based on that which is perceived by our conscious selves, is then the information that is given to us by you, The Eloheim, your own perception of how this ascension process should best unfold for us all? Or Or….do we each of us hear it differently according to our own perception, understanding and unique personal journeys?

Hi Eloheim, on the subject our hidden stuff….while I am doing the money mantra and telling myself that everything works out at the perfect time in the perfect way, I realized that although I am saying it to myself I really don’t believe it. The result is an ongoing stomach issue. How can I really believe the positive stuff because deep down I am not confident in it?

I am afraid my body can’t hold the light it is supposed to.

Instantaneous manifestation.

In relation to what was discussed in the last meeting about acknowledging the changes in yourself first and then the outer will express that change. How does that work with something like instantaneous manifestation where you can believe that it is possible but haven’t actually experienced it yet? You know the potential is there but how do you get past that hump without something instantaneously manifesting?

Could you please talk about the re-wiring of body to hold increasing flow of light, and the symptoms, outcomes, what to expect, and how to help the body through this process?

If my husband mirrors me, wow! He stubbed his toes on a chair and blamed me. Was it about me or him?

Will we ever unravel or peel all of the layers or is it an never ending process where once you get to another level, there is a whole new set of layers to peel albeit from that particular stage or dimension of consciousness?

I am experiencing flow of energy through my body. It is sound like in my head, concentric circles like from my heart. In my stomach I feel no flow, and it shows physically as pain, feeling blockage. I would like you to help me move the energy in the muddle of my body by bringing the blocks there to my consciousness. I am accepting where I am and want to move to experiencing fit, flexible, strong body that brings joy of ease.

When you say “the light worker type” what do you mean?


Audio download of the five meetings held in May, 2010


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