Hello everyone,
The meeting of 7-8-09 in Sonoma, CA focused on how the group biological reactions to the ascension energies and the en-soulment process.

Personally, I have been feeling dizzy and exhausted so this post will be shorter than is typical.

The section of the meeting I chose to include on the video answers these questions:

Why don’t I feel passionate about anything?
Why is everything so boring?

There is also some really helpful information about why we don’t live in the moment. Here is a portion of that section.

I can stop thinking about next and start being in now.

One of the reasons you can’t be in the moment is….that the next moment could be scary and you don’t know how to deal with the ‘could be scary’. But, now we believe that you have enough tools to deal with ‘could be scary’ that you can stop living in ‘could be scary’ and start living in what the moment actually is.


Audio recordings of the five meetings held in July 2009


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