June 23-25

Once a year we gather at John’s house for a weekend with Eloheim. This is a camping optional event (there are plenty of hotels in the area). If you want to camp in John’s yard, see details below! John’s wife Marti is our chef! If you want to have meals with us, see details for that below as well!

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John’s house is in Santa Rosa, CA 95404. He lives about 10 minutes from the Santa Rosa (STS) Airport. This regional airport is SO EASY to use that it’s actually FUN to fly in and out.

The following airlines serve this airport:
Alaska Airlines – Seattle; Portland; Los Angeles; Orange County; and San Diego
Allegiant Air – Las Vegas
American Airlines – Phoenix-Sky Harbor

Join us for a relaxing, intimate, and fun weekend with Eloheim!

Limited to 20 people!

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Event Details

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Start Time
Friday, June 23rd, 2017 - 4:00 PM PST
End Time
Sunday, June 25th, 2017 - 3:00 PM PST
* This is a non-repeating event
* This is a multiple-day event
$150 for three channeling sessions, food/lodging additional
Santa Rosa, CA
About an hour North of San Francisco
Additional Info
Campout Sleeping Options

Yard Camping – $15 pp per night (tents available) – Children Free
Couch/Floor Camping – $15 pp per night – Children Free
Hotels/Motels – Numerous from $75 -$300 per night locally

Meals: a la carte or package price of $75 for all meals.

House Fee: all Attendees pay. $15 pp total – Includes snacks, bottled water, WiFi, pool use, etc.

All meal and camping and house fees are being accepted as donations towards sending Samantha Murray on scouting trips.

Sign up by visiting the link in the description above.