The main themes of the November 14, 2012 session were about physical awareness and changes happening as we en-soul the body. The other was using the tools of Awareness, Ownership, and then making step-by-step changes.

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Guardians: There is a positive tension of attention – of holding into the moment, and an overall sensation that comes along with that tension. Being in the moment is not yet comfortable. It’s still foreign to live in the “new, new, new, new, new” moments, which is the consciousness-based operating system. There is no fear or adrenaline here so it can at first seem boring.

Visionaries: Our questions to you: what’s your favorite thing about being human, what are you most afraid of, what’s the main thing holding you back? — all those questions are meant to wake up the parts of you that are sleeping, that are habitual. The main, middle ground of your habitual life can be put under the consciousness microscope. Look for those opportunities to be non-habitual, even if you don’t know HOW. (Don’t bring preconceived notions). Grab these opportunities, seize them. “I am ready to have a different relationship to my middle of my day, to the middle of my life. Whose voice do I hear? Who’s the compeller?” Give the habitual voice a name; be aware of how you sense it. Practice on the little things. Lots and lots of small changes add up fast.

Eloheim: In the next 6 weeks or so, there is a real strengthening in the physicality of ascension. Ascension is IN the body and, as it wakes up your body, you become more aware of processes. Physical things can change and we see no limits to the possibilities. Homo Spiritus is the combination of free will WITH your soul’s perspective. But remember that the physical body is slow, so be patient and encouraging to yourself. Again, this is still a step-by-step process; you are not a light switch.

Some of your issues give you another choice to love, or not love, yourself. Is there a part of you that thinks you don’t deserve 100% ? “If I were a good-girl, this would be easy.” Just be aware of any patterns that come up – you don’t need to bring them forward in your life. You don’t get out of pain by saying; “I suck because I’m not there yet.” Trust that you are going through a metamorphosis, and that you can’t go backwards. Just walk in the world from “What is True Now?”. Ask, “What am I trying to see and what am I trying to hide from?” Go through life as a walking meditation, in neutral observation. “Rather than imposing my will, why don’t I just see what else is here?” Instead of thinking: I would do this better, instead, just go “Hmm. OK.” If you try to control circumstances in order to feel safe. Ask, “why don’t I feel safe?”

When your life gets bigger, you lose control. In your expanded self, you start to be in clarity rather than certainty. Don’t have preconceived, limited ideas on how you want to receive insight and information. Allow things to come in without requiring a “secret handshake” for it to be valid. Let go of your story.

Six sessions held in November, 2012

This package includes audio of all six and video of five (Sebastopol sessions are audio only).


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