I really enjoyed the “fireside chat” we had with Eloheim during this meeting. Eloheim described where we have been, where we are, and where we are going. The Visionaries had a new take on the question, “What are you grateful for?” It was a lovely session!

Guardians: There are amazing changes these days — charged with energies, possibilities, chaos, and juicy-ness like never before. The energy is absolutely ripe with potential. One of the way you can direct the energies is towards conscious creation, towards being in inner alignment with what you want, and then taking little steps. Step-by-step is the only way we’ve seen humans make transformation. What little step did you take today to live the life you want?

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Visionaries: Foundational gratitude. Ask yourself, “What am I grateful for?” but, when you feel into that question, put the emphasis on primal, survival, aspects of life. Feel gratitude for the experience of just having a body, having shelter, being able to move around in the world, having food, having community — without tying any of those to specifics. Foundational gratitude can more consistently be enjoyed. And, because the survival instinct is also very primal, this primal gratitude is energetically very powerful because it can mature and transform your relationship to the survival instinct. Foundational gratitude makes the survival instinct more conscious and allows you to learn a lot about yourself.

Eloheim: Eloheim gave an exercise that created a physical enactment of the step-by-step process. Stand up and imagine something you’ve really wanted for some time; imagine it straight in front of you. Take a step into it, then feel yourself as a “new” person. How does the new position change the desire? Ask for insight as to the next direction, and then take another step. Each time you take action, you have a different relationship to the desire. Then Eloheim pointed to the far end of the room and said that wall was “the goal.” But that goal doesn’t change where you stand now, it doesn’t mean you immediately step towards it, and it doesn’t change the need to ask for insight before you take the next action. You may do a detour. Going towards the goal will not be a straight line. You do not have a straight-line life.

Outcome, the “I want to get there now,” is the energy your survival instinct uses to control you. Outcome, like the goal on the far wall, brings up your assumptions, pre-conceived notions and judgments: “I suck. I’m not Ascended yet. Am I ever going to be?” You feel that, if you “slip up” and don’t do specific actions, you won’t get what you want.

But what you truly want is only revealed as you go on the walk. It is a process. The “This is my first choice” tool is intended to comfort you about the fact that you’re not going to be straight-line people. Straight, narrow and safe is the way of Homo sapiens, and it slows you down. Detours speed it up. Instead of outcome, be in clarity. Clarity – combined with taking chances, facing triggers, allowing for uncertainly – gets you transformation. It’s messy, scary, challenging and erratic, so be willing to walk a crooked road. Ask for insight, wait, take action, wait. Asking and incorporating, asking and incorporating. You can’t “do to get” in Ascension. Instead, you experience, unfold, open to receive, open to insight.

Are you willing to bring in more insight, even if you think you can’t sense it? Make the choice to “get” insight in the way you can. If you want Ascension, insight HAS to come on board. That’s what Ascension is. So how often is insight forming your actions? How is your relationship to fear, to the survival instinct? Are you taking steps to ensure that your favorite part of being human happens every day? Are you willing to have new stories, to let go of the old ones?

Eloheim spent the last minutes talking a little about how they work, the “secret handshake” energetic challenge, and the fingertip tool – a tool created to help us practice emanation without bringing up fear.


Six sessions held in November, 2012

This package includes audio of all six and video of five (Sebastopol sessions are audio only).


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