This meeting kicked my ASS. I haven’t had this much trouble handling the energetics since the first night the Warrior came in. I was left feeling like my vertebrae were four inches apart and that all the cells in my body had vast spaces between them. The main subject was Fred’s new project of showing us the infinite perspectives that each moment holds.

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Here are some of the ‘POWER’ full insights expressed.

‘Commit to the Potential of this Moment ‘ – The Guardians

“Knowings don’t have to have intellectual back up. It is not provable or repeatable. When you can relax into the Knowing without requiring intellectual back up, you start to bring online your Fractal sense of Processing” – Fred

“Fear not that you lose that sense of truth. This process deepens the knowing of yourself. It does not take away your knowing of yourself. Sometimes what is true now can be ‘I don’t know.’ Not having a concrete certain answer does not invalidate the inquiry” – Warrior.

The Guardians began the meeting by asking us to commit ourselves to the potentials of the present moment. To be in the moment as we gather together in the energetic interaction with each other. Being fully present with our emanation can help us be more open and receptive to what is being shared and what can be brought forward to be shared.

Visionaries held the whip as they reminded us rather intensely (with lots of winks of course) the need to compare “us to us” as we process some of the deep stuff in our clearing list. They highlighted the importance of self-love, using all the tools and commitment to LOVE ourselves and clear the baggage as we are offered the beginning of our next stage in our evolution, as we are beginning to create in total newness while integrating the infinite perspectives.

Eloheim explained at length the newness of Fred’s work, the big role that Fred is playing right now in bringing Quantumness to our experience, and how it can feel strange at times to our linear minds and the body. Eloheim also gave heads up on what might come next or what might already be happening to some of us, helping us to integrate the experience with ease.

Fred was rather clear about mind’s limitation in understanding the infinite perspectives and how tuning into our “knowing” will benefit us in processing on a fractal level the information offered to us. He explained “knowing” further as something that can be felt and it cannot be repeated or proved.

The Warrior was brief and profound as he explained the choice to be on the higher ground of awareness and described the confusion the survival instinct can cause in questioning the process as we abide in “I don’t know” while exploring the moments of uncertainty.

Girls reiterated the importance of the moments of self-love and creator awareness as the key to moving forward. They advised us to take weights off our shoulders by loving ourselves enough to refine what we are doing.

The Matriarch expressed her deep appreciation for the co-creation of this opportunity of expansion; they ended the meeting by holding the energy of gratitude for what is.

This is clearly one of the powerful sessions with Eloheim and the Council.


Audio from all six channeling sessions held in November, 2011


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