This session is about dealing with the static between you and your circle of possibilities, between you and your ascended self.

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Guardians: You are creating every moment. As a creator, you get to decide your experiences – primarily through your reactions (which are usually habitual and unconscious). Your soul has a great power – to guide, to influence your experiences, to create, to enjoy – a power that you want to tap in to. 2013 is about you discovering the truth of you in your entirety. For now, become very, very responsible for your experiences. There is still some baggage and static that you put between you and what you want in your life, and between you and your infinite possibilities.

Visionaries: 2013 decision: are you going to leave it behind or take it with you?

Eloheim: You are in the middle of a circle of all possibilities. If you let go of baggage and static, you’ll magnetize what you want and you will create having real choices in your life. Eloheim conducted an exercise to help us visualize dealing with our static. Everyone was given pieces of paper with phrases – static notes. Then one person was selected to describe one thing they wanted and then list their various statics. As they stated each static, the person with that particular static note came up, sat right next to them and represented the static being physically right there.

Static can assume the role of helping you. Seeing the static as a supportive person, sitting right next to you, can allow the static to shift, to become friendly, and to actually empower you. The reason static is even there is because that’s the place where you are growing.

Take comfort from your fear because (1) it will always be there and (2) if you change your relationship to it, it loses its power. Re-purpose fear to become a good companion, to empower you rather than get in your way. Teach it to love you in more healthy ways by asking it to help you only with important things, and let the small things go. In the presence of fear you can say: “I have a choice here” and “Also in this fear is…..” Evolve your relationship to fear so that it can be part of the conversation. Fear can even help you to connect with your soul, something that the Council intends to work on with us.

Step-by-step doesn’t mean certainty to certainty. It means clarity to clarity. This may mean taking lots and lots of very small steps. If you feel no clarity, take smaller steps. Be in neutral observation and ask “what is now” and, perhaps, “what is next.” Lots of little steps, the crooked road, will get you “there” with so much more. Also, from now on, use some body movement as part of the ongoing integration.

If you hold out for certainty, you get stagnancy. You can “why?” yourself to death.
Smaller steps. Emanate. Trust = LEAN into yourself. Invite more resonance with your ascended self.


Five sessions held in December, 2012

This package includes audio of all five and video of four sessions. (Sebastopol sessions are audio only).


Price: $19.99