A very unusual meeting! Eloheim created an exercise to help us get out of habit and connect with insight!

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Guardians: Go into that place that draws you here to this meeting, that draws you to spiritual transformation. Where is that part of you? Don’t have a vague relationship to this; KNOW what it is that drives you. Is it outcome-based? What are you getting out of this process? Become more conscious of your journey of consciousness. You need to know ‘why’, and this will help you down the road.

Visionaries: The aspiration of Oneness. “How often can I experience others without being pulled off my own center”?

Eloheim: Created an exercise of feeling how insight might come in. The participants stand up, face someone, and say the question/statement out loud, with their response. The questions are meant to be jarring, are somewhat nonsensical to get people out of the mind. It’s about not immediately responding out of habit, but about moving into something more juicy, moving into more of “I don’t know”.

Ending remarks: Break the habitual circuit – sometimes it’s as easy as switching hands. In 2013, it’s an open vista. There’s not as much constriction, and a great deal of freedom. The training wheels are coming off. It’s up to you. You decide how your day will be.

You don’t want to take anything into 2013 that you don’t need to.

What is the thing you DO want to take with you?

Some of the questions Eloheim asked:

I am triggered by…..

My greatest fear is…..

I want, more than anything else…..

When I think about the planet, I think…..

My name is…..

Today is the beginning of…..

The one thing I thought it was, is…..

You mean this to me…..

I was going to do…..

Deep inside of me, I know what is…..

If it’s to be, it’s up to…..


Yesterday was Tuesday, so tomorrow is…..

I think my answer to the last question was…..

It’s upwelling in me…..

The reason is…..

The thing I haven’t told you…..

I feel most loved when…..

When I’m confused, I…..

2013 is all about…..

If now could be anything,…..

And my parting words are…..


Five sessions held in December, 2012

This package includes audio of all five and video of four sessions. (Sebastopol sessions are audio only).


Price: $19.99