This fun but serious meeting was about becoming more conscious within your day-to-day activities. Your Soul is trying to communicate with you and insight is everywhere, but the automatic way you go through your life does not allow the open space it needs to be heard.

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Guardians: Talked further about getting rid of what no longer serves you, not just things but also opinions, beliefs, perspectives, focuses, dreams and desires. As things come up in your life, re-evaluate them because you don’t want to take a habitual version of you into 2013. Look around, as if you were moving: “Do I really want this to go with me.” When habitual thoughts come up, don’t speedbump over them. Have a conscious relationship to them; focus on the layers that you are uncovering in your encounters with them. Focus on the awareness, not on the thought. Awareness then creates more awareness.

Visionaries: The opportunities to create radical transformations are everywhere right now. “What is the most important, consciousness, thing I want to do today?” Remember your favorite part about being human, and incorporate that into your life every day. Make it a priority.

Eloheim: Eloheim’s main message was to be aware of the choices that you have. You have numerous opportunities to make choices, but you forget that in your emphasis on “getting stuff done.” So take a look at the “getting stuff done” part of your day, the daily patterns. By bringing in more consciousness, you can add some space to these automatic patterns. A new tool to create conscious space is to say: “I am choosing to……” And then ask, “Do I WANT to make this choice?” Get off of the habitual, impulsive train tracks, and allow your soul more room to play. Your soul is just a greater part of you; it is not separate or antagonistic and it offers you wisdom when you need it. (The frisbee illustration).

Insight will offer something new, so it will stretch you – even if it is fun. So start learning to talk yourself INTO new things, rather than out of things.

Fred: The mystery of these times: How do you transfer the non-physical into the physical. To receive insight from your soul, you need to get rid of preconceived notions. Provide the space, but also sense how you personally interface with your soul, as it will be different for everyone. Find the way to harmonize with your soul. And, when something clicks, you can say, “do that again.” Build on it, expand it. But you must first allow open space in order to magnetize the opportunity.

Girls: Know that you will encounter inner resistance to change. Change will trigger you. Expect and accept that. Consciously choose how you intend to react to triggers. “I’m making choices about my trigger, rather than letting my trigger make my choices for me.”

Warrior: Had a slightly different take on triggers and habits: Keep your triggers close to you, like an enemy, and not lurking out in the woods. You should be frightened of your triggers and habits, but then also be direct with them. Be on the lookout for them by being in the empty space of awareness. Make this a consistent, serious, practice. “I’m choosing to…”

Matriarch: You are making so much progress, and you want to do more. Keep going – keep prioritizing.


Six sessions held in November, 2012

This package includes audio of all six and video of five (Sebastopol sessions are audio only).


Price: $19.99