Wow, what an awesome meeting! Eloheim was so excited that it was “meeting day” they had me bring a list of things the wanted to talk about and magnets!

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Guardians: Arrive ready to experience whatever is ready to be experienced. This open readiness is the way to encounter every moment that you find yourself in. Don’t ask the moment to be other than what it is. Every moment asks you to show up as consciously as possible, to bring the most conscious version of you there.

Visionaries: We are embarking on something new together. Show up having worked on what was offered in the last meeting. Discover something new in the prior two weeks, and be ready to go forward. Grab hold of the energetic openings that we offer you; be willing to surge into it.

Eloheim: (Brought two magnets to demonstrate magnetism). Once you clear your baggage, static, habits – magnetism works naturally. There’s a pull there and, the more you clear, the stronger it feels. The magnetism, the infinite possibilities, are already there, so it’s just about creating a clear path. When we look at you, it is the blocks that we see . The baggage – what you bring from the past – we see as a barrier, and it needs to go first. Static – what you generate in the moment – we see like a fog. You don’t need to clear everything before you manifest what you want, but continue to clear baggage and static as they come up, and try not to make more.

You can count on who you are NOW. Leave baggage and outcome behind and be in the moment in openness and fascination. Fascination gets you out of your mind. It’s also very personal – what you find fascinating is your own uniqueness expressing, and is a reflection of how that moment is presenting itself to you. Fascination is the third path out of duality and allows space for clarity and insight. If you are tempted by duality, find something that’s fascinating to you in that moment. Wonder, awe, appreciation – it’s that kind of feeling. Fascination gives you a pathway to Choice-less Choice.

Girls: We see a change in the root chakra as you evolve into Homo spiritus. What you considered safety has completely changed, and it now includes clarity, conscious reactions, etc. The old ways you’ve found security (money, home, partner, friends, pets, etc.) you now just consider your birthright. You’ve added a new safety – a true safety – of energetics and emanation into the first chakra. Ask: “What is security for me? What makes me feel safe right now?” This shift needs to be acknowledged and recognized. These root chakra energetics are an asset, a new brick in your foundation.

Warrior: So we’re enjoying a walk in the forest and come upon a river that is swollen with rain water and debris. Turning back is not an option. So the first thing to do in a situation like this is to deal with the feelings of discouragement and frustration. Arguing with “what is” will never get you across the river, it makes you mean to yourself, and takes you out of the moment. So, first, accept what IS. This acceptance must be so profound that you feel it down to your toenails. Acceptance must be absolutely total before you proceed. Immerse yourself in what is. Be fascinated by it. “I am in the opportunity to experience this fully.” Then, the truth of the river and the truth of you meet.

Acknowledge the truth of what you are interacting with, rather than focus on the blocks or the problem. What you are confronting has a story, an energy, a movement, wisdom, facts. Be with it so deeply that you can taste it. Discover the truth of this other thing and know that that truth and your truth can have a relationship. Take a paper clip. There is a truth beyond the fact of it. Both of you are a movement; you are in a magnetized relationship and can have effects on each other. Recognize you are all of the same substance. It’s all me. So start by recognizing there’s a truth to that thing. Don’t try to understand or define it. Just be willing to be in “what is.” Open to the more that it offers to you.

Fred: The dance that you are doing with every other thing is extremely movement-based. There’s a lot of movement and interaction that you’re not aware of. The paper clip, as the example, has never truly been witnessed by you; its truth has never felt seen by you. Homo spiritus means having a brand new relationship to the physical form and being aware of the truth of what’s going on around you. You are in a deep, fractal relationship with all that you see, and you are starting to interact with it like a soul interacts. When you acknowledge the truth of an “inanimate” object, you will be amazed at what changes. If you acknowledge the inclusiveness, and have a conscious reaction to that, then what happens next? Something extraordinary.

Matriarch: The Warrior and Fred are pushing the envelope, but don’t let it contract you. If it does, set it aside for now; it’s just a beginning place. The Girls talked about the new things that make you feel safe, so be aware of your own sense of safety. Catalog your new relationship to safety. And remember Eloheim and the magnets. That amazing pull of magnetism, feel that. Be fascinated. You’re done with the old stuff. And, in the future, watch how you ask your questions. Hold them in an open way, truly looking for clarity.

Five sessions held in April, 2013

This package includes audio of all five and video of four sessions. (Sebastopol sessions are audio only).


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