This session had examples of big breakthroughs, noted energetically immediately by the Guardians, and continued in the discussions.

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Guardians: You are showing a different picture to us, and it’s a beautiful and glorious thing. It has to do with the way you know your truth. The truth of you IS known by you. The life you’ve always dreamed of isn’t bunnies and rainbows, and you also know that. You are willing to abide in the discomfort that comes from engaging in the opportunities for growth. Keep doing what you’re doing.

Visionaries: We see this as a tenacity in you that isn’t willing to tolerate being thrashed by your habits anymore. You are using the tools and really looking at your issues. And when you bring that high vibration of awareness and attention to the low vibrational fears and habits, they must shift. You are going after what is difficult: step by step, tool by tool, and getting insight after insight.

Eloheim: When you deal with your triggers, as you attend to the moment of discomfort, the amount of growth there is incredible. So the discomfort can be celebrated because it is the signal that you are opening.

Notebook tool:
Use this for all that’s beating you up, dragging you down, making you worry. If there’s anything like that, notebook it immediately. If a thought comes up once or twice, you can let it go. But if it comes up a third time, it goes in the notebook. Catch yourself when you are habitual and then ask, “What is true now?” because this puts you in new neural pathways. “What is true now?” makes your brain stop. Then you use a different part of your brain, and that difference will bring in different experiences and, potentially, a different life. So: thought, stop, “what is true now,” then a different direction.

Use short, factual statement. No stories. We don’t like you to use “but” because after “but” comes the stories, or the limitations, or the familiar suffering. “But” modifies what you know is true. And ‘what is true now’ is also about listening to your soul. You can ask: “What more do you have for me?”

Miraculous healing occurred by not keeping the injuries in place by words, assumptions, and 30-year old stories. “What new story do I want?”

A group member noted her fear of her husband leaving her, and how that played out when he was out of town. Eloheim pointed out that we can receive the love that’s available to us without it having to come in a certain package. Everyone loves, and shows their love, differently. Also, there was an incident of Randy being in fascination while watching someone steal her product before her eyes in a store, an instance of witnessing script-holding and staying in the calm experience of her truth.

This session included many powerful examples from the group of the huge changes that have come from using the Notebook Tool.


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