The meeting of September 29, 2010 felt really different to me. Energetically something went much deeper. Each of the Council members felt deeper somehow. Again, this is hard to explain, but it was there.

Eloheim used an experience I recently had to illuminate a new tool: Look for the wink.

Looking for the wink means looking for the place in your creation where you have included kindness to yourself.

The Girls really liked this tool and I have included their discussion of it in the video below.

All of the members of the Council shared during the meeting. I have already received two emails describing the power of the latest installment of the Warrior’s story.

You can listen to the entire meeting or watch the video replay by following the links below.
9-29-10 ~ 88 minutes

Visionaries: When you compare you to you, finding the smallest measurable amount that feels like progress is all you really need. Wherever you experience a different relationship to your triggers than you had previously, that’s enough. It doesn’t have to be stupendous to be something wonderful.

Eloheim: Opened the meeting by explaining “the wink.” The wink is when you temper a trigger with a bit of levity, or some other element that helps you move through your reaction to it more easily.

The Girls: Discussed how “the wink” was a very loving way to deal with our triggers. They urged us to show ourselves the kindness of looking for the wink in our trigger situations.

Warrior: Continued the story of getting rid of Number 4, further explaining the concept of laying it down and walking away. When we decide to “lay it down and walk away,” we should do it from our most conscious place. Went on to discuss Number 3 being the underdog, and the underdog aspects of ourselves.

Fred: Looked at our portals and advised us again about slowing down the flow of energy rather than trying to reshape the actual portal.

Matriarch: Closed with appreciation of the Warrior’s story of the underdog, and how we can learn to better love the underdog aspects of ourselves.


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