We had another great Q&A with Eloheim on March 18, 2012.

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“I just want to say I thought the answer I received was inspired at the q & a, I am still laughing at ‘focus on your own f-ing life,’ I so needed to hear it and will definitely have it as a daily mantra. Thank you!”

Questions answered during March 2012 Q&A with Eloheim:

I have been having pain in the muscles in my legs. Last night it was so painful that my toes were twisted, lower part of both legs muscles were in pain. Could you, please help me with understanding energetics to release it.

I seem to have mastered the technique of asking for something and then waiting for it to never show up so I would like to change things up a bit and put out a desire and have it actually show up in a reasonable amount of time. I know that’s crazy talk and all, but that’s all I got for today.

Your talks in the past two weeks have helped me A LOT by making me aware that I have been overlooking the SMALL triggers which is probably what had caused me to feel somewhat stuck. Being in my own energy and truth, whatever it may be, is amazing ( when I can remember 🙂 ) Last month I asked about the emotional causes for my cancer. I have been experiencing progress mostly about how I feel and interact with the world. (Setting boundaries and allowing love in a way that feels good to me) I still seem to be stuck on the physical healing level which makes me wonder what else I might be overlooking in that area on every level? Would you please tell me more about that?

I have been practicing boundaries the last couple of days which has been challenging, and I seem to be determined. I’ve noticed a lot of anger consuming me before, during, and after situations where I speak my truth. It feels very low vibration and tight. Can you shed light on how I can heal this?

Who am I and what am I here to do?

Wednesday night’s staying in my space found me listening to some folks and events and just being present. With others there was a need to keep telling myself to be still. I find I am unable to find what is true now to get to the core issue of the child-like eagerness. There is simplicity to it buzzing with excitement. Only taking a breath will quiet the upwelling. What does this excitement represent in me?

I ended a relationship with someone I still love, about a month ago, because he had promised me things and then not delivered on them, and I felt we were in a power struggle and I had to accept everything his way. I haven’t heard from him and I still feel a foolish lingering sense of hope that he will deliver on his promises, and resentment that he has just walked away with no sense of obligation or responsibility. Can you shed some light on how to get closure in this situation please?

In a previous Q&A’s I had asked about my strong empathy for people and you explained to me that it was connected to oneness and then mentioned that it also ties into an issue I am currently running about not feeling whole….I agree could you please explain more. I would like to transform that energy so that it can become a positive giving attribute because currently I feel like the not feeling whole really messes with my foundation. I keep doing transformative work and and get to new layers of myself and I push through to another layer and some how I have gotten to a place where I feel like my foundation may not be as stable as I would like…I hope you can read the energy of it more to get a good view of it.

I have created my home at the beach. I KNOW it’s created. What is between my Self and that home at the beach?

The advertising & marketing company that I most recently worked for recently closed it’s doors due to the owners being investigated for a check kiting scheme. A very crazy situation – for sure! Although an easy situation to feel victimized, I am hardly feeling that. I am now in a situation that seems ripe with possibility in beginning my own company with another former employee – and we are in a huge wave of creative energy. Although I no longer have a regular paycheck, I am seeing many other resources around me, and also it feels like there might be clients are right around the corner? I’m exploring all the places where I might be hiding from myself – as it pertains to triggers over money. Doing a LOT of “what is true now”? I am comparing myself to me, and noticing a very calm and focused feeling most of the time. It feels like I have already created this whole story and now I’m walking into it – what’s that about? Is my life actually starting to get fun?

I’m trying to get more physically healthy and lose a little weight. I’ve started exercising again but can’t make my mind up about diet. Abraham says eat whatever you like, but Bashar and Ascended master St Germain recommends a raw vegan diet – and say that dense food (such as meat, fish, sugar, caffeine and anything processed etc.) makes it difficult for people to ascend. What are your thoughts on diet and what do you feel would make the best energetic diet for me?

This past week I’ve felt very intense feelings of “I’m done here” — although I don’t know exactly where “here” is — the earth? living in this area? — and have also felt an intense longing-for something, and again, I’m not sure what I’m longing for. I felt this intensity for about five days, and then Thursday morning it was gone. I’m wondering if what’s been going on here is a deeper merging with my higher self, or with other expressions of myself. Whatever it is, it’s been very intense, and I’d like some perspective on it.

I am using “This trigger is mine” daily now and growing more comfortable with it. What happens when I still feel so angry after owning it? I had a very intense encounter with a script holder in public last week and even though I owned his rudeness I felt like I couldn’t help but feel pain about it for several hours afterward. Owning it cleared my energy, but the pain slipped back in later. It feels confusing, but I think I’m getting a hold on it. I felt very centered yesterday in Manhattan, despite all the chaos around me.