Occasionally, on days like today when there is no reason to rush out of bed, I have conversations with Eloheim. I document these messages by texting them to a friend who types them up. These “Morning Messages” are delivered in short bursts whose coherence always surprises me when I read them strung together.

It’s through your fascination that a potential becomes a probability.

Be cautious about pre-determining the path you feel you need to walk. With so much baggage and static now cleared the likelihood is that there are far fewer steps needed than you would assume.

Don’t imagine that anything more than fascination is required as assuming any more than fascination is needed generates static. This is true freedom and the birth of instantaneous manifestation.

Be always on the lookout for where you generate static.

Repetitive thoughts, self-cruelty, imagining outcomes, fear of the moment, projecting disasters, wondering what others are thinking etc. Be vigilant as static is the only real thing between you and the full experience of the moment.

Baggage is less real because you are more aware of its influence and have worked to heal so much of it.

You ARE generating static right now. Catch it! Say it with us, “I have all the money I need in this moment.” This is true. Projecting that this won’t be true “someday” throws up a cloud bank of static which obscures your path and leaves you in familiar suffering.

Don’t tie this exercise to anything else. Let it be a practice in short, factual statements. Be aware of temptations to “but and because” the power of this clear moment away.

What freedom the truth can bring if you don’t dilute it with fear!

Monitor the temptation to desperation. See if whenever money thoughts arise how, “I have all the money I need right now” affects them. We suspect the money thoughts will make a strong case for continued fear and anxiety. They only have one tune so they play it loud. You’ve learned everything there is to learn from that song. You must decide to set it aside.

Is there never not another “breath to breathe” or idea to consider?

It’s the lie of lack that thwarts you. It’s never been the reality of lack. Think on that. Let it settle in to you. Lack is a lie.

“But I don’t have’s” are so not compelling to us. The list is so long yet you focus on one or two examples to justify feeling that way. You don’t have your own elephant either yet are comfortable with that “lack.”

It’s about time you were all accountable for the vast creation you have made, the powerful force you are, and the ability to direct your moment. The game of static generation is officially over.

It’s the time of truth. The time of ownership and responsibility of your experience of this moment.

Manage your emanation. It’s the creative force of Homo spiritus. Discipline will allow you to shed the last addiction to familiar suffering and the lie of lack; the lie of “if only;” the lie of “it should be otherwise;” the lie of “I suck;” the lie of “impossible.”

You already have clarity. Act on it. Follow fascination. Have a genuine, truth centered experience of each moment; infinite possibilities is your playground.

It’s not that we don’t care about your money situation – it’s that we won’t stop there. The underlying energetic shift is what lingers and is of the greatest benefit without that there will never be “enough” of anything no matter your net worth.

In each moment ask, “what if this were perfectly right, how would I relate to it?” We see that allowing you to access different neural pathways and new area of infinite possibilities.

You can always justify limiting fearful anxious thoughts. Tedious behavior really; what it if you refused to do so?