The Eloheim Q&A provided clarity and a practical approach to shifting that which does not serve in our lives. If one has a specific area in their life where they struggle and seems to be stuck, participating in the Q&A with Eloheim is perfect because they can look our energetics directly and address the energy dynamic which is causing the block ,which our minds sometimes cannot perceive clearly.

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We hold a Q&A with Eloheim on the 3rd Sunday of every month at 1:00pm Pacific. You can join us next month by following this link.

Questions answered during the November 2011 Q&A:

Two weeks ago I had a crazy thing happen to me…I swallowed an earring along with a handful of vitamins. (it’s OK…you’re allowed to laugh…everyone else has!). You can imagine my shock when I realized what I’d done!! It had a hook on it and was stuck in my esophagus. I had to go to the hospital and have an endoscopic procedure done to have it removed which was lucky, but not how I imagined I’d be spending my day. lol. I’d like to know what this was about for me, energetically. I was in a hurry and rushing around and not paying attention to what I was doing. Was it simply about slowing down and being more mindful of what I’m doing?

Please give me insight on my strongest and weakest chakras and what I need to transform to experience complete balance.

I have been exploring the truth of my real self these past few months. What I get is that humans can only be negatively influenced and controlled by disregarding their own minds and allowing these things of outside the mind to do their thinking. That if people became thinkers and made use of the power of their own mind, they can set up a definite aim in which that aim is like a policy and that they will do whatever it takes to achieve that aim. Also, when people share their negatively by making fun of you or putting you down, they are actually afraid. So is being an example of what it is to live in life is to actually to live without fear? By recognizing the negative thought-habits and replacing them with positive ones? I am getting it right that I should start expressing my true self?

I’ve been estranged from my only child, my 40-year-old son, for five years. He has lived in Germany for many years. My failed attempts at reconciliation, which mainly consist of me defending and explaining myself, have led me to just leave him alone, as he seems to wish. His wife is very much a part of the estrangement. Could you explain this situation to me with some sort of resolution for my broken heart?

Shortly after the shifting of chakras my throat closed up really tight and it still hasn’t fully gone away. I still feel like there is a lump in my throat. I have been speaking my truth whenever a situation calls for it because I noticed that if I even thought about not speaking my truth in a situation my throat felt like it was tightening. And can you take a look at the chakra in my stomach area because that also has not been feeling well. For the last week I have been experiencing constant nauseous like motion sickness. This started shortly after 11/11/11 and I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but I did just start automatic writing this week. I am hoping that I am not pregnant.

Could you expand on the focused fascination instead of specific desires. When something comes to my mind it is usually a specific thing so when I try to be general I keep sliding back to the specific thing because that is what currently represents my desire to me.

I have been asking for my beliefs about money and art to shift. At the moment, I am not seeing any evidence of that shift. I trust that it will shift, and in the meantime, I want to know how to get there faster. I would like a brand new tool that helps all of us to bring in more financial abundance, without having to compromise our desires and joy.

I am in tune and alignment with the current non-physical wisdom as one can be, and yet my circumstances are not aligned with my thought/vibration. I live in the HeartSpace. I ask for assistance. I am alert/awake/aware. I notice what is different when it is. I reframe. I know I access higher vibrational information. I have no sense that there is anything that I am unaware of, am resistant to, am not willing to look at/hear/or know. My old life fell away, I’ve been living in my car. Despite my best endeavors, gifts, contributions, I have no tangible source of income. I’m specific. I’m general. I do not seem to be able to get anything going or complete things I am able to begin. I deeply feel the desire to be free, and ultimately, I am. Despite my knowing, I feel utterly alone and adrift in an abyss of Parrots and platitudes. I feel as though there is something wanting to spring forth through me and I am willing for it to. My sense is that there is something that we do not yet have access to, and it upsets others when I speak about anything other than the current knowing. It feels like we don’t yet have access to our potential. If I am doing everything I know to do and not having anything even close to the experience I desire to be having…what else is there to BE/do?

I love the energetic of being on the rock with the emotional flows about the rock. It has helped me when visiting my Father. He is listening to my training on deeper breathing. Can you review my energies and open more doors on observing emotional issues to still further reduce the fire hose of emotions?

Recently I noticed that energy is moving in chunks, I do a step and process is interrupted, next step– and wait time again. Like in example with the house I placed an offer on, and it was taken out of the market. Could you explain what is going on. Plus, I am working on deeply ingrained attachment to have a romantic relationship and sometime get disappointing asking where is this man for me? Could you, help me please in looking at the bigger picture in romantic relationships dynamic for me to heal?

Migraines, what’s it about? What am I learning from this? Why am I still doing this to myself?

For a while now I’ve had a hard time finishing application and web development projects that I start. I absolutely love programming, but my perfectionism tends to slow me up a bit; I will harp on the small details which ultimately ends up burning me out, and losing interest in the project altogether. I believe this stems from a website I completed years ago that I basically had to force myself to complete (I was working with someone else on that particular project). We had some high expectations for the site but the revenue stream did not pick up as intended. Since that time I’ve endeavored on other projects which I never released or completed due to both my perfectionism, as well as my overall lack of interest in completing them due to burning out. I think there is an underlying theme of any projects I start being a “waste of time” now, which makes things even more difficult. I am TRYING to simply enjoy creating without assigning an equal sign to past endeavors, but am having a hard time, and often times I will do things to distract me from confronting this.

My daughter has decided to move to Bogota Columbia. It’s triggered me into feeling as if I won’t see her again. I know that’s not true but it’s so hard to be happy for her. How do I support her while being sad and fearful?

Someone has made a dramatic entrance into my life – a man who seems to be Very significant for me and is doing his best to ‘chizzle’ through to the greater me – from a distance. Falling away are many of the withholds I’ve absorbed just to get through the experiences of these past years with my growing up family during my parent’s end times. There are amazing recognitions that we experience. It is fun to see and sense the mirrors of such similarities in our life lessons and experiences, joyfulness, and lots and lots of fun – I have not experienced such humor and liveliness and openness in my life from another in a long long time, perhaps never in this lifetime. I’d love a bit of clarity regarding the relationship, our potential and the many realities of it. All that has happened has evolved without the benefit of physical presence; otherwise I probably would not be asking the question. We’d just know in this now moment the truth. We do,…and, yet, there are still a number of weeks before we will be meeting face to face.


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