Hello everyone! The November 17, 2010 meeting was full of great information:

Visionaries: Something new is on the horizon! Abide in ‘I Don’t Know’ as a position of strength.

Eloheim: You’re not meant to have the final product figured out. What you are meant to do is, in the moment, open up to what insight allows. Ideas don’t come when you are trying to be at the end. Ideas come when you are in the now.

Eloheim also gave a long description of the Re-Queue tool to help us handling situations, problems, and triggers.

In this week’s video clip, The Girls talk about the challenge of setting boundaries and the importance of doing so.

Warrior: Is officially smitten by the Queen! Their discussion centered around working with chakras that aren’t our strongest in order to become more balanced. The year of 2011 is the year of balance.

Fred: Gave an example of working with the portal reminding us that we can slow down the flow of transformation, but be sure not to limit it. Be kind to yourself by asking it to slow down and be gentle with yourself by not going into lack when you do!

The Matriarch: Closed with a powerful definition of ‘transformational energy.’


Guardians: Opened by acknowledging that the group had come into focus deeply on its own.

Visionaries: Discussed “I don’t know” as a place of vulnerability, which is strength. Encouraged us to become comfortable in “I don’t know,” rather than looking for certainty.

Eloheim: Went deeply into the concept of re-queuing, using a baseball example to illustrate how the current version of you can better handle triggers that have been too difficult to deal with in the past.

The Girls: Looked at self-love as experienced by self-respect, discussing boundary-setting and the uncomfortable feelings that often accompany it. They advised: Respect yourself enough to set boundaries and love yourself enough to be kind to yourself as you’re doing it, and to be gentle about the residual discomfort you might feel.

Warrior: Continued their story about going to see the queen, and feeling discomfort in their fourth (heart) chakra. Now is the time to work with the chakras that we feel are our weakest; this will bring balance, and balance is very important for us as we approach 2011.

Fred: Cautioned us that when we show our self the kindness of asking for the energy of the moment to slow down, we don’t go into lack. It is the gentle thing to do with ourselves to ask for a slower flow of energy, and not to fear that we’re missing out.

Matriarch: Defined “transformational energy” as the opportunity to experience your current life from a different perspective.


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