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List of questions answered during the September 2012 Q&A with Eloheim

Well, I don’t even know where to start about the last two weeks things have changed so much so I will just get to it. I would like to know basically where am I and a little clarity about what I am currently releasing and why, after feeling like I was never going to move again, do I suddenly want to get my work all caught up by the end of the year and why am I suddenly looking around at my house like I am going to be moving soon because I do not have any current inclination or inspiration to move so I am not sure where all this is coming from. Basically, I feel like I am falling back into Oneness or going Bat Shit Crazy and I am not exactly clear about which one I am leaning towards so any general clarity would also be welcome.

I am used to saying that I never have any physical problems, until recently. This week I developed my second problem – a left-foot periodic sharp pain. It has not obvious cause. Please tell me anything you can about that. I still have my upper-right shoulder pain for a couple of months now.

I am in the process of clearing and cleaning. I acknowledge that releasing things will help my emanation.
Please help me focus my energy on clearing my abundance from those things I have outgrown completing and doing.

I am experiencing a hard time with staying balanced when interacting with my family. I have looked at the dynamic a lot and I would love it if you could guide more in regards to this subject….what I have found through my own discovering is that I have a very hard time staying centered whenever I see someone having a hard time. I immediately want to help because I think if that were me I would want someone to help me. I know I am the creator and I think maybe where the misalignment in me is that I wrestle with watching someone in hard times and to just say to myself they are a creator..this is what they want….I can’t seem to lean into that comfortably…I am experiencing this daily when interacting with my family…I keep creating it…all I want is to heal myself from the pain I feel when watching them.

Would you talk about the difference between reacting and being spontaneous? Sometimes I think I am being spontaneous and the negative response from others makes me wonder. I want to be spontaneous with guidance from my highest self.

Would you speak to this weird fear I uncovered about breaking through the illusion and rediscovering that I am the One and finding myself lonely or alone. I know it doesn’t make sense but there it is.

Quite a number of years ago, I was the sole programmer of an add on for a video game, which was played by quite a number of people. Occasionally, I would pop into a game server, convey my role as the creator of the game, and inquire as to what people thought of the game, what they liked and/or didn’t like, and what suggestions they would make for future updates.

Upon doing this, there was not a single instance in which I was NOT accused of lying. “Yeah.. right..”, and “You’re not the creator!”, they would exclaim–as if there was no conceivable way that a game creator would jump in an experience the game which they had created, and mingle with the others experiencing it as well.

About a month ago, I had recalled these moments, out of the blue, while I was in bed attempting to fall sleep. I laughed as I thought them because there was an absolute KNOWING that I was the creator in those instances–After all, i really DID create that game–and how could others dismiss it or simply not have the capacity to believe it? This struck a chord with reality. After all, is this not what reality really is? .. A game we are all creating and experiencing together? Drawing upon that experience of KNOWING (and I mean REALLY KNOWING) I was a creator in those instances, I felt it then, in the now, about the things happening in my life. My perspective shifted, and for about a day or two, I lived with this knowing that I was the creator of my own life, and I felt it. You could not trigger me if you tried. I felt loved and supported by the universe in every decision I made, or thought that I thought.

And then, suddenly, I lost that feeling. How do I get back to this place? Even attempting to recall these events I have not been able to get back there. Is there anything you can share about this experience?


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