Although we are all moving from Hsapiens to Hspiritus in a unique way, there are common hurdles that come up. After talking with lots of different people and seeing the P to A journey playing out in many different ways, 16 common patterns have been identified.

These patterns can be used in a similar way that we use the Tools for Conscious Living. If you find yourself in P, scan this list to see which number is active and what the action step is for negating the influence of that limitation.

Dennis and I worked on this post together. Here’s an important reminder from him:

Any self-definition believed to be true is P. A self-definition is any notion, limitation or condition believed to apply to one’s real “I”. Awareness as a fact fully exists now, whole and complete, prior to any notions, limitations or conditions. Any limitation, condition, or notion, identified with (i.e taken to apply to “me” or “mine”) creates the sense of a person (a “notional-I”) who is made in the image of that notion, limitation, or condition, overlaid on “I am this body” and that is never A.
It is always a self-image appearing in A.

Even a thought like “I am Awareness” cannot be held by the mind without creating a limiting conceptual notional-I because whatever the mind can translate “Awareness” or “I” into would just be another shape or “particular thing” perceived within the fact that Awareness is.

Thought cannot represent the “I” of Awareness because thought can only represent “a something” with some kind of form or quality. So whenever thought is presenting “I” in any story, or in any claim, the “I” is psychically created as a self-image based on the story or claim. If this “I” is taken to be real rather than just a superficial functional-element generated by the body-mind-suit for the practical purposes of playing in dualistic experience, we enter P mode.

The real “I” of Awareness, which is our real “I”, is indistinguishable from the fact we know as “now”.

This “I” can only be seemingly limited through believing notions about it. It cannot be limited in reality or captured in any thought ever as it is already that in which even the idea of thoughts or limits arises.

For any thought to have meaning, it must be trying to represent something particular with the totality. Awareness is always the fact of the undefinable totality (not the “something particular”) and hence even the notion of limitation has no reality for Awareness.

Only “a something” can be limited or thought about, and Awareness is not “a something”.

It is the ever-present reality in which all possible “somethings” arise and are known to arise.

The list of identified patterns:

1. I can’t focus on moving out of P because of my body pain/discomfort/ache/tension/illness/injury.
This is a super common sneaky P way of keeping us in limitation. Body messages can be LOUD and we are so accustomed to experiencing those messages as restrictions. Pain or illness is real but the story attached to it is made up by P. The pain or injury does not come with the message “I cannot focus on moving out of P because of the pain”. That is a story that is added on top. Every now is new and gives us an opportunity to surrender P’s perspective. Quite often pain or illness plays a big role in flushing out some P static/baggage if engaged with from A. Drop resistance to what IS to disengage from P’s perspective.

2. I feel sad/depressed/down/discouraged/frustrated/angry so I can’t focus on dropping P.
Another classic sneaky P incursion into the process, strong emotions are often used to justify staying the same. Just as we trained ourselves to set boundaries early and often, catch unproductive emotions early in the process. Don’t let them play out. Don’t settle for the notion that the emotions can’t be affected. Immediately pivot to marinating in gratitude as that connects you to the truth of A in this now. Be cautious that you don’t just think about gratitude, rather, be sure you are experiencing gratitude. There will be a shift of your internal experience.

3. I will get right on that A thing as soon as I “figure P out.”
Tricky tricky P holding you in the pattern of “thinking” and conning you into the idea that it represents progress. All you need to figure out is that you are done with P. Drop it like a hot potato. No other thinking or considering needs to be done. BE DONE. Don’t fall for the idea that P knows anything about A. It doesn’t and it can’t.

4. If I try to talk about A, I end up using P!
Don’t try to talk about A. Skip straight to being present, use gratitude/fascination/what is true now to help you drop any P messages, THEN share what you experience in that now. Don’t talk ABOUT A, share FROM A.

5. P wants me to say/do _________.
Don’t share your P! If you know that you are only accessing P in any moment, STOP. Get present using gratitude/fascination/what is true now. Allow yourself to experience/explore what arises. Then share the NEW now you are in.

6. P did ___________.
Buckle down and commit to catching P earlier in the process. Use the tips above as soon as you notice P involved. Don’t let P complete its thought or action. Stop it and drop it right away.

7. P has “got me.” It keeps me from experiencing A.
A is a formless reality that is ever present and isn’t able to be limited in any way. P is the limiting lens through which we have habitually experienced life. Surrendering P allows us to experience and explore the A that we have never been separated from. Part of surrendering P is not identifying with the limits that P tells us we are.

8. I’m unsettled/disoriented. P tells me this is wrong and an indicator that I shouldn’t be on this path.
Disconnecting from the P perspective is HUGE transformation. It’s totally reasonable that you would feel unsettled or disoriented. Those feelings are indicators that things are changing. Don’t allow P to use change (which you want) to mean danger (which you avoid). P doesn’t get to tell you how the process goes or what it should be like.

9. I can’t do ____________ because P says ________ about it.
As an example: I can’t start a new project because I don’t feel confident enough. P is really good at defining how things should be and then making sure we don’t measure up to those definitions. It’s a great way to keep us small and believing in limitation. Recognize that the only thing you know about _____________ is what P has allowed you to know. Don’t fall for that being the entirety of your experience.

10. I know how this event/meeting/gathering/etc is not going to turn out the way I want it to.
This is actually a great place to practice catching sneaky P. Notice when you are in the future about anything recognizing that outcome focus is one of P’s favorite cons.

11. Any sort of repetitive thought or comment is P.
The repetition doesn’t have to be in a row to count as repetition. If you find yourself thinking the same thoughts you have thought before, P is sneaking in. Catch the intrusion, drop it like a hot potato, pivot into presence. If projecting into the future would have gotten you to A, you would have been there long ago.

12. Seeking reassurance is P.
P says, “Are you afraid/worried/troubled? Find ways to lessen that.” The answer isn’t to find ways to feel better about P. Dropping P’s definition of your now allows for the expansive perspective of A to be experienced and explored.

13. P needs to be in charge or ___________ will happen.
The fallacy of this is proven each time you fall asleep. Your body continues to function while all thinking/P drives are absent. Don’t fall for this mis-characterization of reality. A is always present, P is simply a limiting filter we have habitually used to experience A.

14. I don’t want to “kill off” my P as that means I will no longer exist.
Dropping P doesn’t mean losing who you are, dropping P means losing the limitations of expressing the authentic truth of you (A). You actually get to discover who you really are when you drop P. The idea that you lose who you are is a classic P con job.

15. A specific time of day/place/action is when P is really intense and hard to avoid.
This is actually a very good thing. It makes for a great reminder that you need to be on the look out for sneaky P. You can plan ahead to be extra vigilant when those situations are coming up.

16. None of this feels familiar. I feel sort of bland and unmotivated. I need it to be different than this.
P wants things to stay the same as they have always been. A feels different. Action from A feels really different. Surrender the desire to have things feeling familiar. Allow yourself to engage with the new sensations of A without resistance. Clarity arises without the need for adrenaline or SI fuel. This can feel like a quiet nudge at times.

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I’m doing a series of interviews so you can hear about the Awareness experiences from different members of the community. Here’s the first one!