Yesterday, Eloheim clarified something for me and I thought you might enjoy hearing about it as well. Sometimes, I can hear Eloheim as if they are standing right next to me. Other times, it seems like they are so far away that I can barely make out their words.

Eloheim has committed to always being available so I figured the difference in my experience had something to do with me. Their explanation was quite interesting. It started with a reminder about what the mind and thinking are really about and moved into how we can understand how Thinking and Insight can feel the same, but are quite different.

When you were more connected with the Earth, the flow of the seasons, etc. It was much easier to “Be”. When you are in a being state, receiving insight from your Soul is your natural condition.

As your culture moved away from a connection to the Earth and expereinced an Industrial Revolution and then a Technological Revolution, you moved into a state where the mind and thinking were valued more than your connection to the essence of being.

The saying, “I think, therefore I am” presents this idea quite clearly. Your identity was redefined and became dependent upon your ability to think.

Thinking’s role is actually to care for the body. Thinking was never designed to have a role in the Spiritual Journey. The Spiritual Journey is the realm of the Soul and is directed by Insight. The Spiritual Journey is not “figured out” or even “understood”. That is why the mind has such a problem with the Spiritual Journey. It can’t understand it.

We like to say “Understanding is Overrated.”

We also like to say, “if thinking could have figured it out, it would have figured it out a long time ago.”

The reason that it is sometimes difficult to experience guidance and insight is that you are busy thinking. Thinking is a low vibrational activity. Guides can’t lower their vibration enough to interact with you at that level. Thinking needs to be returned to its place as caretaker of the body. Insight needs to resume its role as the guide for the Spiritual Journey.

If you find your mind taking up too much of your attention, give it another job. Remember, the mind is actually in charge of the body. Instruct it to go count the white blood cells or to heal your low back pain. Try this, it actually works to help quiet the mind!

A quiet mind allows you to experience a state of “Being”. Insight and answers flow into you when in this state.

Many of you may get confused trying to understand the difference between thinking and insight. At issue is that “thinking” and “insight” seem to use the same parts of your body, namely your brain. This similarlity of experience can make it difficult to trust in the difference between the two states.

Consider this example: You have an email on your computer which you have typed yourself. You also have an email on your computer which you received from the other side of the globe. Both use the same program, both use the same machine, both look just about the same. However, one came from you and the other came from somewhere else.

This is very similar to the different between Thinking and Insight. Everything is the same except the information received and where the information comes from.

You can tell that it is insight from your Soul and not a by product of thinking because insight will raise your vibration, it will give you that “Ah Ha” feeling, it will often be simpler, and it will say nice things to you.

One of the easiest ways to tell that you are thinking is to listen to what is being said! Thinking is often harsh and rough on you. Insight lifts you up, provides solutions, and can even be funny.

Become conscious of insight appearing in your life. Learn to separate it from those times that you spend thinking. The more you look for Insight, the more it will be able to reach you.

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