It’s Tool Tuesday! Today’s entry – Velcro, Don’t have Velcro for that!

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Velcro has two different sides, a loop side and a hook side, and it only works if you have both sides. We want you to not have Velcro for the judgments of others. Don’t have Velcro on your side. Just don’t have it.

You have silver hair. If we said to you: “Wow, you have ugly black hair.” Your response would be, “I don’t have black hair.” You have no Velcro for that judgment.

If, however, we said, “Wow, you have ugly silver hair,” it might be more challenging to not have Velcro for our judgment. But, it’s still your choice. Use your free will to decide.

Another important place to look for Velcro is in your judgments about yourself. When you stop having inner Velcro for your inner judgment about yourself, it makes it much easier to not have Velcro for the judgments of others.

This tool is very important. Ask yourself, “Do I have Velcro—even empathically—do I have Velcro for it?” And you do. But you don’t need to. Now that you’re alerted to that, you can re-evaluate whether or not you want to have Velcro on any subject.

Veronica writes:
As a sensitive, psychic, empathic, channel, etc., I was a walking Velcro strip. Not only in the ways that Eloheim describes here, but with the feelings of others. I really got this tool and have used it countless times. When I realize I am picking up on others’ energy I can say, “Don’t have Velcro for that.” And then shift to What is true now? to check in with what I am actually experiencing.

Velcro is a nifty tool. I use it to bring awareness of issues that need my immediate attention. It’s fun to see where issues that once had Velcro no longer do.

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