Before this meeting, I sat outside our meeting room contemplating this tree. I love trees and I’ve seen this one 250ish times, yet this night it moved something in me. Starting in that place, I knew that the meeting would be very powerful!

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The Guardians and The Visionaries got the night started with intensity. Eloheim took it up another notch by crafting a group exercise to help us collapse our fears.

See the video. Randy, (the lady in the orange shirt) wrote this:

“Sitting there while Eloheim was slinging my own fear thoughts back at me was quite a moving experience – I felt a tinge of fear in my gut at first then I felt invincible…I feel those fears will not lead me down that dark path anymore…an interesting idea would be to write out all those kinds of thoughts you think and hand them to a GOOD friend to sling back at you and see where you go with it…powerful stuff.”

She wrote this after repeating the exercise the next morning,

“This morning while laying in bed I did the exercise Eloheim did Wed night with me. I thought of what I wanted and then let me have it with all the fear statements I used to believe…for example the first thing that came to mind was:

“I want to luxuriate in bed for a little longer.”
“You need to get out of bed and DO something to generate some money!”
“No I don’t – I am going to lay here and know that I can generate dollars while I sleep.”
“Are you crazy? Who does that? Who do you think you are?”
“I have thought the “doing gets” lie for SO long – it does not work, so I am shifting to something different and trying something new. I am staying in bed and be ok with that.”
“You can’t do that.”
“Yes I can, and I will.”

It took a bit more self talk to sooth my nervous stomach enough to fall back asleep – woke up at 1pm and had a message from my niece about a beekeeping job from a local winery! AND my husband called to say he had an extra week of work so the money would be even greater than expected!

It’s a start – this self talk REALLY generates some centering energy for me…and I feel empowered and peaceful at the same time.”

This was an extraordinary session and really felt like a “warm up” for our retreat coming up September 2-5, 2013. We have room for you to join us! Book now.


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Guardians: Dig in deeper into yourself. Gather into yourself so much that, even in emergencies, all of you comes to bear. Put your focus on what’s IN you right now and let everything else fall away.

Visionaries: The Guardians are in a super cleansing mode tonight. Your soul is already present; you are unfolding what is already present in you. But you need to strip away all that has kept you from knowing it – all the fears, habits and other stuff. When fear rises, see what happens if you just pull it close. This is the warrior energy. “Give me your worse, fears. I will not fall for you anymore. You will not take me out of the awareness I have.”

Eloheim: (Set up an exercise where pairs of participants sit facing each other while making consistent eye contact. Each participant in turn mentions their fear. Eloheim states out loud the fear’s voices in their head, and the participant says what else comes to mind – all while maintaining eye contact and being witnessed by the other).

Don’t let the voice of fear run you. You have habits of lying to yourself and you also lie to yourself about your fears. Be aware of the stories you tell yourself. Give your fears and stories your serious, undivided attention. Sit with them and repeat them. When you do this, and esp. when you are witnessed, the story and the fear crumbles. It falls apart; it ends up not mattering. And what if you find out that your “big thing” isn’t your big thing anymore?

You looked in each other’s eyes while you spoke your truth. That’s what it feels like to walk as a warrior. Cut to the heart of the matter. Confront your fears with a fierceness – not fencing with them, not dancing with them – but getting rid of them with all the ferocity you can bring to bear in the moment. Be militant. Don’t dally with the fears. Cut the rope!

Fred: Tonight you felt how to dig in, fractal-like. It’s you that’s unfolding, not what is outside of you. It’s YOU – the sculpture sitting within the marble sculpture block all this time — that just needs the chipping away. The fears and all the worn-out neural pathways have given you the illusion of certainty. But any time you look for certainty, you’ll find something low-vibrational to meet that need. No longer want certainly so badly that you’ll take the pain. All of that deserves to be cut.

Girls: You love yourselves more than you did when you arrived here. It’s about not letting fear tell you who you are and calling it on the carpet. What’s underneath is love. Self-love is your natural state of being, already there within you. It just needs to be uncovered.