The October 9, 2013 session featured Eloheim and Fred! I had watched a video (see below) about the Hubble Deep Field and was very interested to hear Fred’s comments about it. I have received so many emails and comments about Fred’s talk!! People really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun. You can watch the ON DEMAND video replay of this meeting by ordering it below.

Guardians: Potentials are sparkly in the room. You are ready.

Visionaries: You feel ready for the new. At the retreat, we held the energetic of the post big-thing open for you. It put you in uncertainty which gives you the opportunity to allow change. In uncertainty, you don’t use control, tension, old patterns. You just relax into it. You allow uncertainty deep within you, without any resistance. This puts you into level 6 and upwards.

What is your relationship to uncertainty? Most of what’s in your life is already uncertain. So when a survival instinct thought comes up, catch it, decide if it’s giving you anything new or useful – and, if it’s not, then dismiss it. And THEN, for transformation into the rich Homo spiritus experience, you embrace uncertainty. That’s the next step. You say “Oh, there’s uncertainty. And I’m uncertain by nature.” You own it. Use the word “uncertainty” in place of the old labels of fear, anger, confusion, sadness, etc. It’s all under the umbrella of uncertainty. “I am just uncertain” puts you in a state of vulnerability. Relax into uncertainty just as you relax into breathing. You are mining uncertainty for what it offers.

Eloheim explained that Veronica wanted to talk with Fred about this video.

Fred: Experiencing the Hubble Deep Field is something like fractals – there’s more there, more there…and you can keep zooming in deeper and deeper. In these billions of light years, billions of galaxies, there is nothing but uniqueness. What you all have in common is your utter uniqueness; that is the binding force of it all. You are built from the same stuff, but how it manifests is utterly unique. And you are giving something unique to ALL OF THAT. Feel the awe of that. In all those billions, there is only one you. You have a place in this vastness; you are contributing; you matter. And what you decided to do was to boldly jump into the earth experience: “I’m going to forget everything I know, and see what happens!” You are a badass for being on this planet. You are cool! And the forgetting doesn’t take anything away from you. You are still the truth of you.

You are built with uncertainty in mind, and the acceptance of uncertainty is the key to the gate, so let it be your friend. This is the moment. Don’t blow this by listening to the survival instinct. Your contribution is as valid as anything, anywhere. And what’s in your lap is the only place where anything is actually happening for you. Focus your attention right back here. “What am I offering?”

Eloheim part 2: You really do make a very important contribution. So when you fret, when you worry, etc. – choose to offer something else instead. Is it going to be fear or fascination? Even if all you say is: “Hi, uncertainty!” The survival instinct is not going away, but you can interact with it in a relaxed manner. Ask: “What am I uncertain about now? This is something I can’t control, can’t define, can’t dictate, and just don’t know what to do about. But that’s all it is.” Own what’s happening, and stay out of resistance. That’s the uncertainty place. That’s when you go into fascination.

This moment is the real-est moment. You get to decide what’s in your lap each day.


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Transcription of part of this session:
Your ability to be super real is your greatest asset. That’s who you are. You’re super super fucking real in a way that a lot of people dream they could be. And because you’re so real — and by that we mean you have the ability to say “I know something in me; I feel something in me; I hear something in me; I have something in me that I’m not covering up, I’m not sugar coating, pretending it’s not there. I just don’t know how to see it hear it feel it know it with me.”


You’re in a position where the first couple decades of your life has been you ripening this truth in you. Ripening, just like corn…it ripens. And there’s a time when it gets picked and if you pick it before, not so yummy and if you pick it after, not so yummy. There’s a nice little window where it’s ripe to be picked.

Part of your interaction with other people — you’re trying to find a standard, like you said. But it’s more a translation: you’re trying to translate what you have in you to be hearable, knowable, seeable, witnessable by another. But right now it’s still ripening in you…

The ripeness of you when it’s picked… It will be picked by the people who actually get what you have to offer. Before that, you can have conversation, you can have interaction, you can have enjoyment, you can have friendship. But the thing that’s deep inside of you that you want to show this world, that you have to show this world is not ready yet to be understood by others.

That’s really your problem — is you KNOW you’re not understood by others, right? Not that you don’t know how to talk to people anymore. It’s not you don’t know how to talk to people, it’s “I feel this thing growing in me, and will anybody be able to see it when it’s ripe?”

WE can already see it in you.
And other people will be able to see it in you. But you have to let it have its time.

The way you give it sun and water and nutrients is to follow the things that fascinate you. And when you interact with people, instead of going “I have to be perfect for them to like me,” it’s “I have to let myself be authentic with what I have to offer right now.” That’s it.

There’s no perfect formula; there’s only me being authentic with what I have to offer right now. And you do that beautifully; there’s no trouble with that. It’s just that because it’s not that fullness, that nice juicy piece of corn that all the kernels are filled out – because it’s not that, you sort of think you’re not exactly giving all of yourself or you’re faking it or hiding something of yourself.

You’re not. You’re just not ripe yet and that’s okay!

If you keep giving what you have to offer in this moment… Don’t assume you have to give the wholeness; just what you have in this moment, whether it’s you’re feeling shy or you’re feeling loud. Whatever it is, whatever’s real in this moment to offer, you offer. And if you feel like offering less, you offer less. It’s your boundaries it’s your permission to yourself. And each time you do that feeds that corn a little bit more, fluffs out another little kernel.

And then at some point, you’ll feel that sense of your completeness and then you’ll get to pick what you want to do with that ripe version of you.

And if could look like anything — we don’t even want to guess, because you have so much to offer. And so much potential. With this whole thing you’re doing… The key is when you interact with strangers, familiars, family, lovers – whatever you’ve got going on – offer what you have.

I have myself.

Yes you offer what you have to offer now.


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