The 2-15-2012 meeting was very different. Eloheim was the only Council member to speak. They began the meeting by asking each person to write down the answer to the question, “What’s the best thing you have learned from the Council?” Eloheim then collected the answers and had each group member read someone else’s response.

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Eloheim used this exercise to help us understand that we are deeply connected to each other and our answers show us, “It’s all me” (Level 7).

Eloheim asserted that no matter how stuck we may feel, we are transforming and addressing the recurring habitual patterns from a different energetic place.

Some of the most transformational tools discussed in this meeting:

What is true now?
Balancing chakras
Love yourself
This trigger is mine!
Shifting between levels consciously
Neutral observation
Compare me to me
Letting go of shame
Clarity vs. certainty
Uncertainty as the place of potentials
Setting boundaries
Insights instead of thinking

At the end of the session, Eloheim asked everyone to write down the next thing they wanted The Council to teach. This clearly illuminated the point that “We are one” because everyone wanted to move to the next level beyond “This trigger is mine” (Level 5). The group is looking for wholeness, how to maintain bliss, how to feel oneness as a state of being, and how to have a deeper connection with each other.

Eloheim pointed out that in order to live from aha to aha, we need to shift away from living from trigger to trigger. For that transformation to happen, our relationship to habitual cellular patterns of the body as the survival instinct kicks must change. They provided step-by-step instruction on this shift.


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