“Your personality is great on radio. I love the balance of your authenticity (read: REAL and down to earth) and your balanced way of sharing wisdom that you bring to your show. It’s really nice to hear the work talked about by real people in a relaxed way after a concept or tool is revealed by Eloheim. The demeanor of your show provides a welcoming and loving (my definition is a combo of neutral, centered and open) space for exploration. Like BE-ing “love and light” (“Centered, open, allowing”) instead of talking about it. Yours and Cutting Edge Consciousness are the only two radio shows I have found I can listen to without my eyes rolling back into my head and gagging on way too much new age terminology being thrown around and no nitty gritty consciousness to balance it out. Nice work!” Emily

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I had the pleasure of joining Awakening Zone Content Manager Jean Tinder last night. Jean asked great questions many of which I had never been asked before! It was a wonderful interview. Use the player below to listen ON DEMAND free!

I will be hosting my own show on the first Wednesday of each month at 11:30am Pacific. Hope you can join us! Click here for details.

So glad it was recorded- listened to it this morning- great job!!

Thanks for the link, I was wondering if there are online archives for the show. I did listen live and enjoyed it so much that I was hoping to be able to listen again

You sounded vibrant, alive and refreshing…You bring in a totally new angle to spiritual growth…brilliant show

Loved it!

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