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Energy Sensing Clinic

2019-09-08 – Energy Sensing Clinic

We had an amazing 2 hour clinic where we focused on how to connect to the energetics of physical object and WOW were the experiences amazing! The clinic began with a comprehensive introduction and deep conversation about the potential of Awareness experiencing the physical. So cool!

Price: $19.99

2018 Recordings – Special Price

It’s my Birthday Month and my tradition is to give YOU presents!

Let’s kick the party of with a $75 SAVINGS on the 48 channeling sessions from 2018. That’s right! Just $150 for 48 sessions! WOW!!!

You can read all about these transformational sessions using the monthly links below. Come back to this page to get the $150 special price for all of them!

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2018 Recordings


2018 sessions (48 sessions) are available in one package.


Price: $150.00

You can read all about the meetings using these links!

2018 sessions (48 sessions) are available in one package.

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Morning Message #7

Choosing to have a new experience of the moment requires that you catch yourself when defaulting to habit. The inherent challenge in this is that habit operates so quietly.

Imagine a train moving slowly on its tracks. Picture it in a train yard where there are lots of other trains and many different tracks. Trains are big and heavy. Your habits run deep and are persistent. They feel so energetically similar to us.

The way you move a train from one track to another is by changing the shape of the track it’s on. Instead of the track running straight ahead you throw the switch and the track curves to the side and the entire train moves in a new direction.

It may take awhile (depending on speed and length of the train) for the entirety of the string of cars to be headed on the new trajectory, yet it will happen.

Let the change in rail shape represent your choosing a new reaction to your experience in this moment. You can see that if you are not consistent in holding this new position, it’s going to be difficult to get your full train (your whole life) to experience the new outlook. If the switch isn’t held steady, it is likely to send very mixed message to the rest of the cars in the train. Also the cars at the end don’t experience the new trajectory as soon as the cars in the front. It takes time for the entire train to get on the new track.

Give yourself time to see how your internal choices affect your external world. Habits can feel so immovable, so impossible to shift. Consistency and patience are key. It also take a choice and patience to redirect a massive train. Yet it happens all the time! Catch yourself defaulting to habit, “throw the switch” by observing yourself consciously, and hold steady while your life adjusts to your new stance.

A few years back, I started doing Morning Messages. I would text the channeled messages to a friend of mine who typed them up and sent them back to me. The texts were sent in short bursts and I didn’t really know what all I had sent until I received the email from him later in the day. As it turns out, they were really GREAT. I will be posting them in order here in the group. Want more right away?


April 2019 Meetings

Eloheim told us that April would be BIG and WOWOWOWOW! It was!!

Here’s some clips from the summaries.

Personality has questions and answers, Awareness has presence and clarity.

Impatience is limitation and based on Personality. It “should” be different and therefore, it’s wrong. That’s limitation and a red flag of Personality. It’s also about control which is also Personality. Impatience is not allowing the situation to be a starting point.

One of the biggest challenges of this time is “Sneaky P.” We’re not trying to do Personality better. We have to say, I recognize Personality in this moment, and instead of navigating that soundtrack in order to cope or soothe or celebrate-which is still not Awareness-we use the soundtrack as a doorway to Awareness.The soundtrack is the ping, the reminder that you’re still in Personality so that you can surrender Personality, get totally present, and become more Aware of this exact now. You’re not trying to fix your soundtrack, you’re using this soundtrack to give you a ping, a reminder to get present, to use whatever your doorway is that gets you into Awareness.

If we said, you’re drawing with a pencil and now you can use watercolors. You say, oh yes, that reminds me, now I can do more and be better with my pencil. We’re saying you have the option to use watercolor here! It’s not to be better with your pencil, it’s- let’s use something else.

You’re not here to be the best Personality anymore. We don’t really want to do your Personality anymore. You’ve freed up the bandwidth to do something else now.

The personality is not the bad guy, it’s just got to be put in its proper place. Personality is trying to do all the jobs and it’s out of control, out of balance. It needs to be re-assigned later on. Right now you are putting it down, shutting it up. It’s a stepping stone. It’s a completely different way to navigate this planet and you are in the birth of it, and the way it flowers is not yours to figure out. It’s your job to find that ping, that transition point and do it over and over. And when you find it, you don’t let sneaky Personality in, to think more, to affect those moments of Awareness.

The idea of how the Body piece appears in the swirl of Personality and Awareness is up now. Letting the Body piece be driven by clarity, ahas, insights. Let it be driven by being present and seeing what occurs. New clarity may rise up and nudge you to a new, unexpected direction, after you begin what you had originally imagined. You have to careful to not let Personality insert itself or throw up blocks, to let blinders, outcomes, and assumptions get in the way of that clarity. You want to go from clarity to clarity. Allow your Presence to be evoked into action through your clarity. Things like going in one direction and then clarity arising to show you another path is going to happen more often.

Clarity might feel like a nudge, an aha, an insight or a distinct sensation. It’s whatever clarity feels like for you. The sensation of clarity can be very subtle and will be unique to you. Knowing what clarity feels like to you would be a good thing to sort out.

This is the physical world and how you interact with it, the “it’s all me” piece. It’s you dancing with the reality you exist in.

Walking Awareness in the physical world is very different than Homo sapiens so don’t expect it to feel the same way. When the physical world responds to your experience, it’s allowing yourself to have that ability to follow it. When you’re operating in Awareness from the physical, be in allowance for the surprising change of direction and don’t cling to the way you imagine the way it must go. That’s Personality.

Over the years we’ve talked about loving yourself. In this conversation of Personality and Awareness, it’s important to recall how harsh Personality can be. Personality has been doing it’s best to do a whole bunch of jobs for which it was never intended nor qualified. Let’s also remember that eventually that part of you is going to slot into its most perfect spot, and when it does, there’s going to be a grand healing that’s going to occur. You’re going to be able to have that part of you offer you its gifts without offering you its harshness. We wanted to remind you when you’re feeling this intensity with Personality, that it’s a necessary boundary. That boundary allows Personality to give you that strength it has to give, to give you the gift it has to give. Just because Personality acts out, it doesn’t mean you have to listen. You’re not rejecting or ignoring that part of you, it just needs boundaries. Boundaries actually create freedom.

Read the entire summaries and order the downloads here.

Weekend with Eloheim – May 31 – June 2

John and Marti Murray are once again opening their home to host a Weekend with Eloheim!!! I hope you can join us!!!

Eloheim & Friends Awareness Exploration Weekend, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Friday May 31st

4:00 P.M. Arrival & Registration

6:00 P.M. Optional Dinner
$15 pp RSVP Appreciated
Chinese Food Buffet
Dessert & Coffee
Wine & Beer

7:30 P.M Eloheim Channeling with Veronica Torres – Living Room

9:30 P.M. After Meeting Social Time

Camp Fire
Cracker Barrel – Snacks
Heated Swimming Pool – Open

Saturday June 1st

8:00 A.M. Optional Breakfast
$5 pp RSVP Appreciated
Assorted Fruit
Cereal & Milk
Juice & Coffee

9:00 A.M. Cemetery Walk from House – 2+ miles – about 45 minutes. Led by Marti

11:00 A.M. Wayne Hoff – Professional Dowser – Living Room
Topic- ‘Dowsing to Change your Life’. Limited private appointments available.

12:00 P.M. Optional Lunch
$10 pp RSVP Appreciated
Make your own sandwiches
Chips & Potato Salad
Assorted Beverages

1:00 P.M. Sibyl Star – Evolutionary Astrologer – Living Room
Topic: Astrology as an evolutionary Tool. Limited private appointments available.

2:00 P.M. Margy Henderson- Group Sound Healing Workshop- Living Room
Margy will also be available for private Hand Analysis appointments.

3:00 P.M. John Murray – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Discussion – Living Room
Topic: Achieve financial abundance with the coming digital currency revolution.

3:30 P.M. Free Time

Doterra Essential Oils Workshop & Q & A – Poolside

Crafting Projects – Poolside

Heated Swimming Pool – Open

Personal Readings – As arranged with presenters

6:00 P.M. Optional Dinner
$15 pp RSVP Appreciated
Handmade Dinner Pies from local bakery (
Salad & Bread
Dessert – Amazing pie selection from The Whole Pie Shop
Wine & Beer

7:30 P.M. Evening Social Time

Camp Fire

Heated Swimming Pool – Open

9:00 P.M. Movie – ‘The Matrix’ – Media Room

Sunday June 2nd

8:00 A.M. Optional Breakfast
$ 5 pp RSVP Appreciated
Assorted Fruit
Cereal & Milk
Coffee & Juice

9:00 A.M. Cemetery Walk from House – 2+ miles about 45 minutes. Led by Marti.

10:00 A.M. Eloheim Channeling with Veronica Torres – Living Room

12:30 P.M. Optional Lunch
$10 pp RSVP Appreciated
Grilled Hot dogs and Tofu dogs
Chips & Macaroni Salad
Salad & Assorted Fruit
Assorted Beverages

1:30 P.M. Goodbyes & Departure

Event Fees (You can come for 1, 2, or 3 days!)

Friday Eloheim Channeling $25 per person
Saturday All Inclusive $25 per person
Sunday Eloheim Channeling $25 per person

Meals – A la carte or package price of $50 for all meals.

Sleeping Options:
Yard Camping – Free
Hotels/Motels – Numerous from $75 -$300 per night locally

Camp Host –Samantha Murray
Cook – Marti Murray

Register with John Murray at

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