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Case Study – Procrastination

Eloheim and I respond to real world examples of places that feel stuck and confusing for folks. My hope is that this will allow you to see how Eloheim’s teachings can work in your life!


Good morning!

You asked me 8 days ago to provide a brief blurb for a case study. Honored, in fact thrilled to have that invitation for greater connection, I agreed, and said I would send that to you by about a week ago.

I have been meaning to get to it every day. Of course I’m busy…in fact, in a way, that’s part of the issue I want to address, right? I know I could have chosen time to complete it regardless, but instead I just toyed mentally with different approaches to the paragraph, and procrastinated. Then got into one of those little vortices of resistance, feeling badly that I was not following through as promised, thinking about e-mailing to let you know, then: “Well if I’m going to do that, I might as well just hammer out that little paragraph first,” yet feeling like I wanted a relaxed, focused space to do that, which didn’t seem to be showing up.

Sorry not to have kept my word– not that you’re likely to mind terribly, but I do! And I will get to that few sentences, um… any day now!

Thanks so much for so generously sharing so much stellar material.



I replied

🙂 I think I should use just what you wrote here! It’s perfect.

It reminds me of way back when I had a business helping small business owners organize their offices. One of the most common comments was, “I will call you as soon as I clean up!” I said, “It’s better if I see it just as it is now so I can really see what’s going on!”

Susan replied:

Really? Wow, then I feel let off the hook! Almost too easy.


I share the entire email exchange because it really shows the challenge

  • Needing to have it be “just right” (that perfectionism thing!)
  • Being mean to self
  • and perhaps the biggest challenge:

  • Not really knowing what the actual problem is
  • Let’s begin with the last one:

    When there are lots of simultaneous issues, it can be really hard to find the place to focus. Eloheim refers to this as “concurrent fears.” As a reminder, the word fear in the following passage can be replaced by the word habit.

    In the case of concurrent fears, the trigger is followed by a train of fears on completely different subjects, each of the fears pertaining to your current experiences rather than going into past experiences.

    This pattern is typically used when you are dealing with the top triggers: money, sex, job, housing, relationships and health. You find yourself triggered by one of these and rather than becoming conscious of the trigger and using it for your growth, you jump to the next subject. You take the triggered state with you and find something to be triggered about with the next subject.

    This jumping from subject to subject and trigger to trigger is full of suffering. It makes it very difficult to actually transform any one situation. You never stay with it long enough to change it. Concurrent fears can leave you feeling like your life is full of problems and you are unable to cope with any of them.

    As an example of concurrent fears, let’s say you’re worried about your marriage. Thinking about your marriage is too triggering, so you jump to thinking about your job. You think about your job until that is too triggering, then you jump to worrying about your health, and on it goes. Nothing ever changes. Even the thoughts you have about each of these subjects are unchanging. You simply use the hamster-wheel mind to continue to run in circles. Suffering is the result.

    The key is to pick one subject and stick with it long enough to bring consciousness to it. The pattern will try to draw you away from that one subject, but choose and choose again to stick with it, past the discomfort you are feeling.

    You are looking for new information, but new information doesn’t come from rehashing old thoughts; it comes from insight. When you apply consciousness to one subject you can actually be in the moment with it long enough to get to the “aha.”

    An amazing thing

    There’s a wonderful aspect to focusing on one issue long enough to transform it, it actually helps transform the other issues. Clarity on one issue generates clarity in other areas of the circle of possibilities.

    Here are two fun talks about the circle of possibilities:

    So you pick, and then you focus

    Don’t allow the habit of being mean to yourself to dictate your experience!

    When you find yourself being hard on yourself, simply ask, “Would I say this to a pre-schooler?”

    No, you would not.

    It’s OK to have a new plan or to desire something different for the future or to reevaluate how you handled a situation; that’s all growth. But beating yourself up is so contrary to everything we teach that we have made it our only rule: You don’t get to be mean to yourself.

    Oh, and be aware that someday soon we are going to evolve this tool. Someday soon, we are going to lower the age. It will be, “You can’t say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to a toddler or an infant.”

    On procrastination

    This is a great video about procrastination. Eloheim ties it to the teachings on Step by Step and sorting out what step you are on.

    On perfectionism

    I really struggled with perfectionism for a LONG time. For me, if I was perfect then I was in control, safe, secure, and imagined it would all be ok. Of course, striving for the unattainable perfection led me to be tense, worried, afraid and to be SO mean to myself constantly.

    It was horrible; I was in a prison of my own making and I couldn’t even see the bars of my cage.

    The path out was to realize two very important things:

    These tools were the amazing support I needed.

    This is Happening FOR Me (not TO me) and This is my First Choice.

    This is Happening For Me

    Victims say, “Why is this happening to me?”

    Creators say, “Why is this happening for me?”

    Everything that is happening is happening for your growth.

    Your world and everything in it—from these walls, to the lamp, to the camera, to this website—are here for you and your play, for your journey as a soul experiencing a physical form. When you shift into, “This is happening for me,” you get to see how important it all is. It’s all happening for you to grow. The fact that this planet is here spinning right now is for you. It’s all here for you.

    It was all created for you to have this experience—the experience of having a car run into you, the experience of meeting a new lover, the experience of feeling like a victim. All of your experiences are happening for you. As you raise your consciousness level, you have the opportunity to start letting all these things that are happening for you collaborate with your intention. When you feel like a victim and it’s happening to you, you’re sort of in a blender, spinning around. When it’s happening for you, you’re running the blender.

    This is My First Choice

    The point of the tool is that it interrupts the habitual patterns in the brain. ‘This is my first choice’ gets you out of habitual responses and into alignment with what is. “I am a creator and I am not hiding from that truth, and all the things that are being created can teach me something.” It’s happening FOR me. Then ask for insight from your soul.

    The “first choice,” the acceptance, puts you on a new stepping stone. “I am brand new here; what is the opportunity?” Being a new person on each step, you re-evaluate based on the place you are in now. With “first choice,” you are clean; you don’t generate static and are aware of your opportunities. You own it and work with it, and this allows things to unfold in a wonderful way. Magic starts to happen. In level 8, your creation perpetuates. And, since it’s always your first choice, you’re not putting any static between you and your creation perpetuating.

    Baggage and static: Your baggage isn’t all bad. Your baggage is you, what you’ve accumulated and accomplished in your life. The point is to not allow baggage to create static in the moment or in new situations. You bring your whole package into the moment, but then the choice is there: static or no static – static or empty space? To choose no-static, be willing to abide in the uncertainly and discomfort in order to see what’s on the other side. Be present. When you accept your creations, you don’t generate static. Looking at it doesn’t create static. Static is created by unconsciousness and resistance to what is.

    This tool is not about victimhood or abuse. “This is my first choice, period.” Or “This is my first choice, I created it – and I’m NOW setting a boundary!” And it’s not about self-victimhood either: “I created this, so I suck.” “I suck” is the largest static generator of all; it creates a literal barrier between you and magnetizing your needs and desires. You are magnetic beings and you will magnetize good things to you if you clear static. So accept the package of you, the baggage of you, and make new choices.

    You are doing one of the bravest things there is to do in the universe right now. This is not for sissies. Earth is not for wimps, by a huge margin.

    Here’s a complete, FREE session on the First Choice tool

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    Thanks again for sharing!

    I’ve included (below) the details of one of Eloheim’s best tools for clearing mind clutter and how to sort out where to put your focus.

    Many Blessings,
    Veronica & Eloheim


    Eloheim deftly proves that spiritual evolution and spreadsheets are not incompatible by maneuvering about on a computer spreadsheet for the very first time during this conference call!

    The focus of this call was on how to clear mind clutter. It’s no secret that we humans have busy, busy minds, minds full of thoughts about the things we have to do, want to do, didn’t do, and past memories. These thoughts keep insight from being accessible according to Eloheim, and so they are teaching us to sink into the moment in order to allow insight to show up.

    To that end, Eloheim offers this practical visual to consider: picture trying to sign your name with 25 pencils. It’s highly unlikely it would be easy or readable! Or even doable! But when you choose one pencil, it’s much simpler to write your name.

    Eloheim explains the process of clearing our mind clutter through the unexpected and fun use of a spreadsheet. This new tool will help us break down the thoughts in our minds into smaller, more manageable pieces, thereby making it possible to take actionable steps.

    For those who are unfamiliar with this term, an actionable step can be described as doing anything, from noticeable to something very small like getting out a piece of paper, in order to move forward. It’s important not to think the step has to be something you consider huge or remarkable! The actionable step is simply one that you hold the focus on long enough to change it.

    Eloheim’s spreadsheet tool will help you pick a pencil. In other words, this process walks you through the steps to narrow down and choose which of the hundreds of thoughts spinning around in your mind on which to focus. Then you will find clarity about what actionable step to take in this current moment.

    Ready to pick your pencil?

    Your order includes the audio/video of Eloheim’s presentation, the spreadsheet Eloheim crated, and a blank spreadsheet for your own use.


    Price: $24.99

    How do I Act on my Clarity – Case Study

    Eloheim and I respond to real world examples of places that feel stuck and confusing for folks. My hope is that this will allow you to see how Eloheim’s teachings can work in your life!

    One of my superhero powers is the ability to know things or to have clarity. My challenge has been with acting on my clarity. I have been looking at what focus and priority mean to me to strengthen my relationship to acting on my clarity that has helped a little. Acting on my clarity has been scary.

    The concept that some folks don’t know how to be rich feels similar to how I feel, they win the lottery and then they are right back where they started a year later.

    I have an abundance of clarity and Acting on my clarity requires energy, focus, commitment and responsibility. I have a few favorite familiar sufferings that I use to avoid moving forward with my clarity. One being using overwhelm to avoid focus and to avoid stretching myself.

    Thank you for sharing!

    I love your clarity about your clarity and about your stuck spot.

    Let’s start right off with an Eloheim’s Tool
    Clarity vs. Certainty

    In the fear-based operating system, you are programmed to look for certainty. Certainty says, “I’m not going to risk any change unless I know ahead of time how it’s going to work out.”

    Certainty is a fallacy; it is actually impossible to be certain of anything, but the habit of seeking it runs very deep.

    Clarity is the opportunity to experience insight. Clarity is only accessible in the moment. It does not come from the thinking mind, but is inspiration received by connecting with your soul’s perspective.

    Clarity is, “Oh, yeah, that’s a good idea.” Acting on clarity is a step-by-step process, clarity to clarity. It is not driven by desire for outcome. Certainty is, “I will not act unless I know how it’s going to turn out. I’m not going to leave this marriage, I’m not going to leave this job, I’m not going to move from this apartment, unless I know where the next man is going to come from, where the next job is going to be, and where the next house is going to be. I won’t leave until I know. I won’t change until I know. I can’t make a difference in my life until I know how it’s going to be.” That’s certainty.

    Clarity is, “This relationship doesn’t work for me.” See how it’s just so much calmer? “This relationship doesn’t work for me. I don’t have to know what the next relationship is going to be in order to act on the fact that this one doesn’t work anymore.” That’s clarity. And the beauty of clarity is that clarity leads to clarity. Certainty stops. Certainty is contracting. Clarity is expanding. Clarity says, “Here is insight.” Certainty says, “Until I know, I’m not going to go.”

    It’s so much more fun to live from clarity because it always opens, opens, opens. Certainty just closes doors. When you follow clarity, it opens up more opportunities; when you wait for certainty, you can wait a really long, miserable time. In fact, you’ll wait forever.

    At times, the cry for certainty can be very loud; however, it is quite fascinating to see how often you are willing to operate in clarity without realizing it.

    Let’s say you want to go to the park for a walk. You don’t know who you’re going to run into. You don’t know if you’re going to be warm or cold. It could start raining and you don’t have a raincoat. There are multiple levels of uncertainty and you handle all of them with ease: “Wear layers, it’ll work out. Bring an umbrella or don’t bring an umbrella. Who cares? I may walk alone or I may meet someone to walk with.”

    You can do all that and not have to contend with certainty’s cry for attention. However, when you get into other areas, especially the relationship realms (“I don’t know how she feels about me.” “Is he going to want to stay married to me?” “Is my kid going to do well in school today?”), suddenly the demand for certainty is back in charge. Certainty can’t be attained. Seeking it only generates suffering. Notice the temptation to look for certainty; then return to the moment and ask for clarity.

    Translating your question into Eloheim language I hear you saying:

    My challenge has been with acting on my clarity.

    I’m afraid to act unless I’m CERTAIN of the outcome.

    This makes complete sense to me. I’ve done it myself! In order for anything to change, WE have to be willing to change. Change is almost always scary. What will people think? Will I like the change? How will it impact my family? Will it cost me friendships? Will it affect my job? What if I make a mistake and I can’t take it back? etc. etc. etc.

    Those voices can drown out clarity really fast!

    As the tool above suggests, notice places where you are comfortable acting without certainty. Make a list! I bet it’s the majority of your day. It actually has to be! Why? The reality is that there’s no such thing as certainty. There really isn’t.

    I can’t even tell you how many hairs I have on my head. MY OWN HEAD! I can’t tell you how these very words I’m typing will get to you, yet I type them confident that you will receive them. Let’s not even start in on how little I know about how my car works!

    Life is an exploration of the unknown. That’s where we get growth, creativity, and everything new.

    By making a list of things that you do even without certainty, it will start training your body (and creating new neural pathways) to see uncertainty in new ways.

    Don’t expect uncertainty to “feel good.” Expect it to feel DIFFERENT! You want change so things must change and that includes feelings.

    You mentioned that you have a Favorite, Familiar Suffering of using overwhelm to avoid focus and to avoid stretching yourself

    Favorite, Familiar Suffering (FFS)
    Within each of us are one or more FFS. It’s the place we go when we feel triggered, stuck or confused. Common FFS are “I’m too fat,” “I can’t afford it,” “I will never find love,” however there’s a huge variety!

    Yours is “I’m overwhelmed.”

    FFS is such a deep habit, we will run to it at the slightest provocation. EVEN WHEN IT DOESN’T APPLY to the current circumstances.

    Here’s my example:

    One of my FFS is: “I’m not enough.”

    This is that perfectionist thing rearing its head again. It’s also the, “It should be different than it is and since it isn’t, I must not be enough.”

    Now, this FFS is super flexible! I can use it about just about anything and I have!

    The house isn’t clean? I’m not enough!
    I can’t play my cello the way I want? I’m not enough!
    The retreat isn’t sold out? I’m not enough!
    My back is sore? I’m not enough!

    It’s such a stuck and dis-empowering place! Yet I do it to myself. No one else says this to me (quite the opposite). I sit and stew in familiar suffering rather than take the small step that I can take RIGHT NOW to change the circumstances that are upsetting me.

    There’s this trippy fake certainty weird non-comfort comfort in the familiarity of beating myself up in this way. Somehow this is preferred to engaging the now in a constructive fashion!

    The next time you feel overwhelmed, ask yourself, “What’s really going on?” Don’t allow the habitual catch all of “overwhelm” define your experience. Describe your experience with more words.

    This format might be helpful. Change it to suit you!

    “I’m tempted to use overwhelm to navigate this now; the truth is that I’m actually feeling ___________________.”

    My version would be:
    “I’m tempted to focus on not being enough as I plan this event; the truth is that I’m actually feeling concerned about my friend.”

    Using one example I listed above:
    “I’m tempted to focus on being too fat as I get ready for the party; the truth is that I’m actually feeling nervous that I won’t have fun.”

    Here is Eloheim explaining how to liberate ourselves from our FFS patterns

    Here are the Girls offering their support in navigating FFS

    As you make this shift, This is utterly essential:

    Don’t Be Mean to Yourself

    If there’s something you genuinely want to change about yourself, you don’t have to be mean to yourself in order to change it. Take a moment and let that sink in. You don’t have to be mean to yourself to change.

    You don’t berate a child about learning to walk, or talk, or write. You say, “Hey, it’s OK, let’s try it again.”

    Yet, you will be extremely critical of yourself at nearly any opportunity.

    How do you know if you are being mean to yourself? If you’re talking to yourself in a voice that you wouldn’t use with a four-year-old child, especially somebody else’s four-year-old child, you’re being mean to yourself.

    When you find yourself being hard on yourself, simply ask, “Would I say this to a pre-schooler?”

    No, you would not.

    It’s OK to have a new plan or to desire something different for the future or to reevaluate how you handled a situation; that’s all growth. But beating yourself up is so contrary to everything we teach that we have made it our only rule: You don’t get to be mean to yourself.

    Oh, and be aware that someday soon we are going to evolve this tool. Someday soon, we are going to lower the age. It will be, “You can’t say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to a toddler or an infant.” Since you can be fascinated by EVERYTHING an infant does (Oh look, it’s a poo poo!), you can, eventually, be fascinated by anything YOU do, as well. Imagine that!

    Everything happens Step by Step

    Here’s a partial transcript from a private session generously shared by Hayat! This is Eloheim guiding her in finding the step she is on.

    Hayat: I haven’t gotten much done to really get my business going….I’ve made some steps here and there, but it hasn’t really felt right. And I changed the name and some of the concepts, with the new name, “Mandalas of Life”. I think maybe there’s some fear about going ahead and actually taking some steps there with the new idea because of getting stuck in the old ideas, just feeling like – and probably also because I’m not doing it step-by-step. I need to slow down and…

    Eloheim: That’s exactly right. Even your description of it is all over the place. And that’s a good indicator that even your description of the problem feels like it’s going from step 2 to step 20 to step 80 to step 1 to step 5. You know, it’s not….You can’t even say, “Look, I have this business and this is what I tried. I didn’t feel like it was working, so I changed. Now I don’t know what to try next.” Right?

    Hayat: Yeah.

    Eloheim: So that is just a really good encapsulation of the problem. You’ve got to pick one thing and stick with it long enough to be step-by-step, authentically. And one of the tricks is that jumping around on your steps is a way to keep from ever having to show up, and ever having to be seen, and ever having to face the uncertainty. That’s what happens, especially with light workers. You guys have had so many lifetimes where you stood out in a crowd and all it did was get you in trouble. When you have this lifetime, and you’re ready to stand up and be bigger, you have a lot of hesitation. And it’s really, really easy to find any uncertainty as, “Maybe I shouldn’t be doing that”, or any setback as, “I’m doing the wrong thing”. And sometimes we talk about that employee-entrepreneur difference. And one of the differences is that entrepreneurs sort of force themselves to engage with uncertainty in a way that employees never have to.

    Hayat: And I’ve done so much of that in my life [engaged with uncertainty], so I’ve felt a little stymied as to why it is that with this I’m allowing myself to get mired in it.

    Eloheim: We think it has a lot to do with the fact that it’s your heart’s calling. It’s very tender to you, even sacred. There is a sacredness to this outing that you’re doing here.

    Hayat: Yes.

    Eloheim: That it’s like, “If this fails or is rejected (or whatever negative outcome might happen), then it’ll hurt too much. The exploration of it, whether it fails or succeeds, or does something in the middle – or do we even need to use those terms to describe it – that’s not the relevant issue. The relevant issue is exploring this heart calling, however it ends up looking. It could end up looking completely different a year from now. But it will never look any different than it does right this second, unless you step-by-step.

    Hayat: Sure.

    Eloheim: You don’t know what the end product is gonna be, but you know that if you don’t step-by-step, nothing is going to happen.

    Hayat: Yes. And can you help me understand – if possible – why I used to be able to (I think I actually know the answer to this, even as I’m saying it)….why I used to be able to just do…I was very productive. I accomplished a lot, I did a lot, I helped a lot of people, etc., etc. And now I have felt a little bit the feeling of, “What the hell are you doing in the world?” (This is where I can be mean to myself.) [Crying] What came to me as I was saying that was that I think I was powering through things, and using my adrenals in a way that was unhealthy, because I had an unhealthy need to prove something to be loved. And now that that’s not the case, I’m kind of trying to figure out where does that motivation come from now? Do you know what I mean?


    Eloheim: So what is it? How would you describe what’s going to motivate you if you don’t use adrenaline?

    Hayat: Well, you said it…fascination, and taking things on step-by-step, and being open to my own curiosity and seeing what is there for me to experience, and what new expansion is there.

    Eloheim: And you notice that none of those words really talked about an outcome. And we think that part of the other trouble you’ve been having with your business launching is some unconscious or maybe even conscious focus on outcome. Like, “If I have 10 clients, then I will be successful,” or “This would have been a good use of my time” or “I would have been right about the decisions I made”. So you have to be really careful that it comes from an inside out exploration, rather than a trying to haul an outcome into you. And that’s a big change for everybody to make too, because your society is based on success in a lot of ways.

    Hayat: Outer rewards and recognition.

    Eloheim: It has to start from an inside out emanational presentation that then magnetizes.

    Hayat: And I can so feel that. So it is a very in between place I – and I guess a lot of other people – are in.

    Eloheim: Mm hmm.

    Hayat: We can feel the path, and yet we’re having a challenge completely stepping into it.

    Eloheim: Yeah, well because of the non-adrenaline thing. So this is the description of the state we’ve just offered you:

    1. Completely uncertain.
    2. Not focused on any kind of an outcome.
    3. Inwardly emanated.
    4. Not driven by anything that’s previously motivated you.
    5. Not pushed by the fact that life sucks and you have to change it.

    [Both laugh out loud.] Eloheim: There ya go!

    Hayat: It does make you laugh, when you put it like that.

    Eloheim: And so that very nebulous thing is what we’re using to take the next steps. And so it’s easy for, “Well what is the next step” to feel nebulous too, but it’s a feeling thing, and it’s an awareness thing. It’s an awareness that, “I totally know that this step is fascinating, that it fills me with possibilities, that it offers me a sense of connection with others that I value, it honors the truth I have about myself, and it makes me feel as though I’m fulfilling something I value. And so that’s your motivative forces. Now you might have some more, or some of those may not apply, but that’s kind of it. So you can see where none of this is – even though we’ll say, “Step-by-step”, which is still true – none of it is – “That’s why you should buy 500 business cards instead of 250.”

    Hayat: Yeah.

    Eloheim: None of it is telling you a business plan. It’s telling you a self plan that affects your entire life, including your business.

    Hayat: Yes.

    Read the entire transcript here

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    Changing long held patterns requires consistency. Stay steady!

    Thanks again for sharing!
    Many Blessings,
    Veronica & Eloheim


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    Volume two’s
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    Case Study: I Want to Change Jobs (and More!)

    Eloheim and I are going to respond to real world examples of places that feel stuck and confusing for folks. My hope is that this will allow you to see how Eloheim’s teachings can work in your life!

    I work full time in a day job that I now hate. It is draining and they want more and more from me.

    I recently certified as a coach as I love helping people towards their dreams. I have my own dreams as a singer but none of us are ready to tour and I don’t know how we would bring in money without live shows. So while I’m pursuing it as a dream, it wouldn’t be my livelihood.

    I also have aging parents across the country and want to see them much more often.

    My intention is to set up a coaching business from home which will give me the opportunity to travel (and still work with clients) and move from from my full time job to this.

    The problem: We have a large amount of debt that we are faithfully paying down but it’s still big enough that I don’t know how to leave the day job soon enough. Any advice would be so wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing!

    I know this confusing pile of thoughts feeling so well! I even have an image I use to represent it!

    All my noodles (thoughts) are mixed together and so confusing.

    My first step is to lay out each thought individually. This helps calm me and also helps me catch Equal Signs. Equal Signs is Eloheim’s tool for noticing when we are connecting one thought (or outcome) to another habitually.

    Here’s a portion of Eloheim’s Equal Sign tool:

    2+2=4. That’s not what we mean by equal signs.

    What we mean by equal signs is that you believe a fact is tied to a specific outcome. In our book, facts and outcomes aren’t tied together. Facts stand by themselves, all alone. A fact is a fact. “I have $20 in my checking account.” That is a fact. That fact does not equate to a certain outcome. It is simply a fact.

    One of the main ways you tie facts to outcomes is to say, “I only have $20; therefore, I can’t pay the rent.” The rent may not be due for two weeks, but you’ve already decided you can’t pay it. When facts are equated with preconceived outcomes, it becomes very difficult to shift the energy of a situation.

    Here is a common pattern: You determine your truth and then use your hamster-wheel mind to determine the outcome, which is typically a bad outcome! You don’t say, “Fact is, I look glorious; therefore, I’m going to have seven lovers by the end of the weekend.” You say, “Fact is, I look glorious and no one cares.”

    But, you don’t stop there. You make it even more challenging. You say, “I have a fact, which I am equating to a sad outcome; that means facts are dangerous, facts are frightening, facts are not safe.” And what does that do? It makes discovering “what is true now” terrifying. See this icky thing you do?

    Instead, take the fact: “I have $20 in my bank account,” and the fact: “Rent is due in two weeks,” and do not put equal signs between them. Look for, “What is true now? I just have a truth.” You sit with your truth and ask for insight about your facts. Don’t have preconceived notions about the outcome of your discovered facts.

    Facts live on their own. This is the beauty. What is a fact? A fact is an outcome of consciousness. It’s awareness of your truth.

    What is true now? What are your facts? “My fact is: I have $20 in my bank account. My fact is: Rent is due in 14 days. My fact is: I’m afraid of that. My fact is: I’m tempted to go into an outcome, a disaster scenario. I’m tempted to feel like I will end up dead in the gutter.”

    Now, be careful “fact” doesn’t get co-opted to mean thinking. This is not hamster-wheel thinking. This is evaluation of the truth of you including your boundaries and preferences.

    Let’s lay out the facts

    1. Unhappy with day job
    2. Enjoys singing
    3. Wants to spend more time with parents
    4. Recently certified as a Coach
    5. Current level of debt feels limiting

    Let’s look at each “noodle”

    Unhappy with job

    Eloheim consistency advises anyone who is unhappy with their job to become a Mad Scientist and to start experimenting.

    This video includes Eloheim addresses this in this video at the 3 minute mark.

    Mad Scientist

    Before you leave a situation that you are unhappy with, consider experimenting within the situation.

    Let’s say you are in a job you do not like. Rather than find a new job, try staying in the present situation awhile longer, but approach it in a brand new way.

    Become the mad scientist and start experimenting, and by experimenting we mean changing what you think the outcome of you being in your integrity is. You think you can’t be in your integrity because you’ll get fired or because they won’t like you or because, because, because. You have all these projections, all these fears about what being in your integrity means. Change your energetic and see how it plays out. You don’t like where you are now, so it’s worth taking a chance that it could get better, and you will learn a lot about yourself in the process. Make what you are not happy with your little factory for experimentation.

    Find small ways to change your experience. Make them entertaining! Open the door with your opposite hand, walk a different way through the parking lot, stand on one leg, ANYTHING. The more little changes you can make the better! You are changing your experience which changes your emanation. This shift helps you break habitual patterns within you and makes room for larger shifts to occur.

    Take a leadership role in shifting your work experience. This investment in you generates a changed perspective that you can use across your life!

    Enjoys singing


    Recently certified as a Coach

    It’s soooooooooo important, when starting a new venture, to let it blossom without putting a ton of pressure on it or yourself to IMMEDIATELY earn your livelihood from it. Most new businesses require time to mature enough to support you. When you are new in something and still finding your center, adding in the survival instinct challenge of “make me secure, make me safe” is asking a LOT of yourself.

    When you are focused on outcome, you lose connection with the NOW, with insights/ahas, and with the step you are on.

    Imagine a beautiful rose bud. Putting too much pressure on a new project is like pulling on the petals to make it bloom.

    What is a reasonable expectation of income from either of these projects? It may be hard to answer that question as you want them to pay the bills so you can drop the job you don’t like. However, having a reasonable view of their contributions to the overall financial picture is a huge kindness to yourself.

    Also, be cautious about limiting your singing to just live gigs. With the Internet, it’s possible to have an audience that’s world wide. Consider making videos, recordings, going live on Facebook, and using other social media platforms to offer your talents. Take the pressure off “making money” and allow it to be about you expressing yourself. See what changes that offers.

    Wants to spend more time with parents


    Current level of debt feels limiting

    Financial limitations limiting activities…..this is such a common challenge. I’ve dealt with it a lot!

    Personally, I spoke to a financial planner who gave me some great ideas that made a big difference. I always assumed that finanical planners were for people who had a huge amount of assets to manage. As it turns out, finanical planners help with FINANCES (of all sizes).

    I’m still paying off debt from some decisions that the current version of me is unlikely to repeat, (acting from my unhealed Core Emotion, I loaned a considerable amount of money to someone who didn’t repay).

    After speaking to the financial planner, that debt is structured in a way that all of my payments are going to principle. It’s such a relief no longer be paying interest on my debt.

    It took many years to release the shame around this.

    That I can share this with you now is a sign of huge healing and a great Compare Me to Me!!!!!

    Discovering your underlying relationship to money is VITAL. What is your relationship to money, to abundance, to change (having more money would mean CHANGING), to authority and more?

    All of Eloheim’s teachings are designed to help use be more conscious about everything, which definitely includes money.

    Here’s a clip of Eloheim offering their insights:

    I also gathered Eloheim’s teachings on money in our ebook:

    Click here to order the Money ebook

    Thanks again for sharing!

    Veronica & Eloheim

    This retreat will offer fun ways to learn more about Eloheim and to study the tools for conscious living.

    It’s perfect for those that are new to Eloheim’s offerings AND for those that would like to review the foundational teachings.

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    A great way to get to know Veronica & Eloheim and to connect with their amazing community.

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    I can’t be online everyday, can I still participate?

    Absolutely! It’s all at your own pace.

    I’m brand new to Eloheim’s teachings, is that ok?

    Perfectly ok! This retreat is a wonderful introduction to Eloheim.

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    Here is what I wrote after one of the sessions:

    Personally, this information is blowing my mind. It has shifted so many things. I’m almost speechless about it. It’s that good. ~ Veronica

    A comment on this series:

    This is the most powerful information I have ever listened to. These last 4 sessions, I’ve now played 3 times each and still unraveling it. WOW all round … I can barely focus on anything else. This is deeper than DEEP!

    I’m so appreciative that I’ve found Eloheim and the Council, this work is the best because it’s pure transformation.

    I also want to thank every one who’s taken part in the live sessions because the sharing has been incredible. I listened to these audios as Eloheim recommended, looking for what was also true for me in each persons uncertainties and the clarity that came forth. It often felt like I was also the other .. I’m really starting to experience for myself the Oneness of it all.

    Uncertainty is my new best friend.

    Some uncertainties we can more easily ignore:

    How does my computer actually work? How many blades of grass are there in my garden? Is it going to rain today?

    Some uncertainties consume us:

    When will I find love? How will I pay these bills? Will I ever reach my fullest potential?

    How you navigate uncertainty is a choice.

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    This retreat will offer fun ways to learn more about Eloheim and to study the tools for conscious living.

    It’s perfect for those that are new to Eloheim’s offerings AND for those that would like to review the foundational teachings.

    There are no set times for attendance. Everything is at your own pace.

    A great way to get to know Veronica & Eloheim and to connect with their amazing community.



    Really awesome course. This was really wonderful and I learned so many new tools to help me. Thank you so much! I look forward to the next one!

    This has been amazing! I experienced such a strong commitment to immersing in this online retreat. I’ll be taking it all in for quite some time. Loved the enthusiasm and open sharing. And Veronica, your gifts of creating this – wow – thank you so much!

    Thank you Veronica, I’ve been slowly working on the tools you’ve posted. I’ve found the tools easy to understand, I love your matter of fact way of presenting, making it all feel very ‘normal.’

    I have really enjoyed this opportunity to become familiar with the teachings/tools of Eloheim and the others. I will continue to learn more and practice in my life. This has been a great opportunity.

    What I liked most about the teachings is that each steps are described in details with good examples and they are accessible to anyone whatever is your level of consciousness or your education.

    The greatest compliment I can give this work is that I am more now who I wanted to be and only a margin of who I was. Each step provided growth, expression, self awareness, integrity. My path is unique, and yet the tools / information supported me finding me the entire way. It has truly been a blessing.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is the cost?

    100% FREE!

    When does the retreat start?

    It starts when you register! You will receive an email every other day for 30 days. Each email will feature Eloheim teachings. Each teaching will build upon the ones that came before!

    I can’t be online everyday, can I still participate?

    Absolutely! It’s all at your own pace.

    I’m brand new to Eloheim’s teachings, is that ok?

    Perfectly ok! This retreat is a wonderful introduction to Eloheim.

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