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Homo Sapien to Homo Spiritus, a Spiritual Evolution

I was invited to channel Eloheim for the Conversations on the Edge podcast.

In this second set of conversations Eloheim shares evolutionary touchstones in the spiritual evolution from our current Homo sapien to the emerging Homo spiritus. Including these juicy topics:

A taste of what it is to be Homo spiritus and to experience life on Earth in the ever-present awareness of truth and “choiceless choice,” and some of the many ways “personality” stands in the way of this experience.

The current spiritual pinnacle of being beyond triggers and fear is the evolutionary end of Homo sapien, but still short of the quantum leap in awareness and the open state of possibility that is Homo spiritus, and how to cultivate to a new experience of awareness.

Awareness as the open state all possibility, and the roadblocks that “sneaky personality” puts up to experiencing true awareness. Also, how to develop a practice of setting down personality to expand awareness.

A big obstacle to making the leap from personality to awareness is the unknown of all possibility and the expectations of “what you get” by making that leap. Also, the importance of total surrender of Homo sapien personality to experience Homo spiritus awareness.

Listen HERE

Spiritual Evolution in the Time of Coronavirus

I was invited to channel Eloheim for the Conversations on the Edge podcast.

In this first set of conversations with Veronica Torres and Eloheim, one of the beings she channels, spells out the path of energetic leadership for Lightworkers and those who are focused on the transformational opportunities in the era of the COVID-19 or the novel coronavirus. Including these juicy topics:

How this challenge that effects each person and system on the planet holds the opportunity for a mass shift in consciousness from victim/survival consciousness to living from awareness, as well as many examples of what that means.

How choosing to be in the present moment of NOW is the most powerful choice you can make to make you a “vector of calm” in this storm, and how to help others in fear by gently letting them know that they have the ability to choose how they feel about what is happening now (and how to do this!)

The power of being “a chooser” and consciously choosing how to feel in each moment and the reminder that each NOW moment creates the next NOW moment, and that the next NOW moment depends on how you feel now.

Being beyond triggers and fear is great, but not the pinnacle of spiritual evolution and the three keys to the next levels of spiritual evolution that you cam do now, and that both help you and our global community.

Listen HERE

Energy Sensing Clinic

2019-09-08 – Energy Sensing Clinic

We had an amazing 2 hour clinic where we focused on how to connect to the energetics of physical object and WOW were the experiences amazing! The clinic began with a comprehensive introduction and deep conversation about the potential of Awareness experiencing the physical. So cool!

Price: $19.99

2018 Recordings – Special Price

It’s my Birthday Month and my tradition is to give YOU presents!

Let’s kick the party of with a $75 SAVINGS on the 48 channeling sessions from 2018. That’s right! Just $150 for 48 sessions! WOW!!!

You can read all about these transformational sessions using the monthly links below. Come back to this page to get the $150 special price for all of them!

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2018 Recordings


2018 sessions (48 sessions) are available in one package.


Price: $150.00

You can read all about the meetings using these links!

2018 sessions (48 sessions) are available in one package.

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Morning Message #7

Choosing to have a new experience of the moment requires that you catch yourself when defaulting to habit. The inherent challenge in this is that habit operates so quietly.

Imagine a train moving slowly on its tracks. Picture it in a train yard where there are lots of other trains and many different tracks. Trains are big and heavy. Your habits run deep and are persistent. They feel so energetically similar to us.

The way you move a train from one track to another is by changing the shape of the track it’s on. Instead of the track running straight ahead you throw the switch and the track curves to the side and the entire train moves in a new direction.

It may take awhile (depending on speed and length of the train) for the entirety of the string of cars to be headed on the new trajectory, yet it will happen.

Let the change in rail shape represent your choosing a new reaction to your experience in this moment. You can see that if you are not consistent in holding this new position, it’s going to be difficult to get your full train (your whole life) to experience the new outlook. If the switch isn’t held steady, it is likely to send very mixed message to the rest of the cars in the train. Also the cars at the end don’t experience the new trajectory as soon as the cars in the front. It takes time for the entire train to get on the new track.

Give yourself time to see how your internal choices affect your external world. Habits can feel so immovable, so impossible to shift. Consistency and patience are key. It also take a choice and patience to redirect a massive train. Yet it happens all the time! Catch yourself defaulting to habit, “throw the switch” by observing yourself consciously, and hold steady while your life adjusts to your new stance.

A few years back, I started doing Morning Messages. I would text the channeled messages to a friend of mine who typed them up and sent them back to me. The texts were sent in short bursts and I didn’t really know what all I had sent until I received the email from him later in the day. As it turns out, they were really GREAT. I will be posting them in order here in the group. Want more right away?


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