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November 2021 Sessions

Four Sessions held in November 2021

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November 7, 2021

Eloheim continues the exploration of the feminine energetic. Includes an in-depth discussion of the energy of Mary Magdalene and how generations of women have navigated the energetic imbalance between masculine and feminine energy.

November 10, 2021

Welcome to the Council Mary Magdalene! Yes, Magdalla (or Mags as she invited us to call her) has officially joined the Council and will be part of our sessions going forward. Hear her first message during this truly amazing call.

Here’s the photo hanging in Margy’s house that is mentioned during this session.

Here is the blessing Mags offered us:
We offer you a blessing upon our departure and that blessing is: May you find within yourself the piercing center of deep presence and the well that springs from that of unending compassion, love, generosity, kindness, balance, and support that you can then give and give and give. ~ Mag 2021-11-10

More information about the name she is asking us to use:
We want to say one last thing, we would like very much if you referred to as Magdala, you can say mag, because we know you can’t say Magdala all the time, but we don’t want to be known as Mary. We want to be known as Magdala for our own reasons. You can call us Mags if you like or Mag, whichever one feels more fun to anybody who cares. We don’t have a preference between those two than we wish to be referred to in some form of Magdala.

November 17, 2021

I didn’t want to wait any longer to hear from Mags, so I did this bonus channeling!

November 21, 2021

Eloheim and Mags channeling!
First an update:
I’ve left Facebook and created a new online home using Discord. I hope you will join us there! Follow this link: and feel free to share it with anyone you feel would like to learn more about the teachings of Eloheim and The Council.

Powerful Eloheim and Mags channeling. Eloheim explains how disorienting uncertainty and our relationship to it is vital at this time. Mags begins with a invocation and tells the story of the first time she met Jesus along with other insights.

Here is the invocation she offered at the beginning of her section of this session:
Hello everyone, we want to begin with an invocation.

As you experience yourself anew, our deepest wish is that the shedding of the old is done without hesitation or reservation.

Be cautious about being overly fond of old versions of yourself.

Be cautious about imagining that you have to hold on to that which no longer offers you any use.

Allow for the release. Allow for the embrace of what comes.

The invitation being extended to you is to shed that which is no longer you. Shed that which no longer serves. Shed that which is no longer valid.

Step into and out of simultaneously. Step into the opportunity of infinity and step out of the distortion of limitation. You are stepping into and stepping out of, and stepping into and stepping out of, and stepping into and stepping out of.

This is our wish for you.

Further clarity from Eloheim, November 26, 2021

It’s hard for us to talk about this because yet again, we feel as though we have put Veronica in a position where it’s hard. It’s like when we were bringing in the new Council members every few weeks there for that whole year and we knew every time it was just asking such a hard thing of her over and over, but look at where we are now, right? Would any of you want to trade away that hard time? Veronica’s the first one to say, “No way man, that was the absolute correct thing to do. Yeah, channeling the Warrior was hard but my god, what would my life be like if he hadn’t come?”

Mags is like that times 10 or times 100. We know it’s weird and people have preconceived notions, and it gives surface area to personality because Mags is a public figure. Channeling Magdalene is not rare but channeling Mags is quite rare. And this is one of the reasons she wants a different name. Just like how we say “we” instead of “I,” there’s a purpose to those sorts of things. There’s a purpose to it because she has to be put chronologically in the appropriate place or else personalities will hold her into old energy, right?

You don’t want to talk to Mary Magdalene and she doesn’t want to be Mary Magdalene anymore. Don’t you want the benefits of the 2000 years she’s had to evolve? And the way you do that is, just like we choose the right words and we use the right energetic, the way you do that is by making sure that you are not bringing a template to the now because the template’s based in personality, and that’s why we have to call her Mags.

She’s going to talk about her lifetime with Jesus because his work has come forward 2000 years, and you know what? It’s been completely distorted. He’s been sanitized like crazy.

And so she comes forward to say, I am 2000 years evolved and Jesus’ message is 2000 years diluted. I’m gonna tell you about the real Jesus from the perspective of the evolved Magdalene.

Four Sessions held in November 2021

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $24.99

FREE! The Epic that is Humanity

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The Entire Council Shares – The Epic That is Humanity

THE WINDOW TO LISTEN TO THIS CALL FOR FREE HAS PASSED. Visit this link to purchase this recording.

In this one hour audio recording, the full Council, as channeled by Veronica Torres, shares their infinitely loving and uplifting message about our role as Souls experiencing Earth

Veronica channels seven different energies that make up what is called The Council. Each Council member provides a different perspective on humanity’s exploration of Earth and how to access the full potential of being human. You will come away with no doubts about how much you are loved and how important you are to life itself.

In this order, please enjoy the Council and their messages:

The Guardians: Their job is to set the energy of the group. The Guardians tell us it is an “utter joy” and “a privilege” for them to help us.

The Visionaries: They hold the entire scale of possibilities, the blueprint for humanity. The Visionaries ask us to “ride the wave of change.”

Eloheim: The original energy channeled by Veronica shares the story of how life on Earth first began with the desire for expansion, a desire to know itself, and a charge from “All-That-Is.” They said, “No matter how challenging or frustrating this is, there’s a part of you always seeking to grow more.”

Fred: A galactic presence, Fred’s job is to make us think of things differently, more fractally. And they remind us, we are “perfect” in every way.

The Girls: The feminine aspect whose role it is to remind us we are “super-duper lovable.”

The Warrior: “We are here to help you face your fears with courage.”

The Matriarch: A loving, maternal energy, the Matriarch cradles the truth of us in her arms. She holds the exquisite, full version of us as we explore ourselves on Earth.

August 2021 Sessions Available

Four Sessions held in August 2021

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $24.99

August 1, 2021

Powerful start to the new month as Eloheim details a new tool for moving out of Level 6 and into the Vastly Changed State which is Awareness/Homo spiritus/Field of Infinite Possibilities. Marinate in the reality of constant uncertainty rather than trying to deny/cope with uncertainty.

August 11, 2021


August 15, 2021

Continuation of the previous meeting. Eloheim takes us on a deep dive of surrendering the Big-B body version of Personality as it affects global/big-to-us issues. INCREDIBLE!! Offer the emanation of a vastly changed state to the entirety of the human race!

August 25, 2021

A tremendous full Council session. Each Council contributed incredible insights. Fred and the Matriarch worked energetically. The Guardians came up with an amazing analogy (the bowling alley). The Guardians spoke about “disorienting uncertainty” and how important that is to our evolution. The Warrior and the Girls offered their unique perspectives. Eloheim expressed this time in the work and the world with such clarity…and so much more. INCREDIBLE!!

Four Sessions held in August 2021

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $24.99

July 2021 sessions available

Four Sessions held in July 2021

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $24.99

July 7, 2021

This meeting marks a new beginning! Eloheim emphasizes the Vastly Changed State, visceral experiences, humility, arrogance, experience/explore, the “and” tool, the “I don’t know” tool, choiceless choice, timing, uncertainty and more as they continue to illuminate how the surrender of Personality and abiding in Awareness actually looks and feels like in day-to-day life.

I’m gathering terms and concepts that Eloheim uses in the Awareness teaching to create an update glossary. Here are the items that I plan to include. Are there any you would like to add to this list? Email

Choiceless choice, choicelessness, CC, arguing with CC
FIP, Field of Infinite Possibilities
The middle
The end
Bounce off
Bubble Up
Personality, P
Awareness, A
Level 6 – really good personality
Sneaky Personality
Big B Body
Sensory System
Personality chain
Reunification, Level 10
Generalize Statements
It doesn’t matter what the topic is
Abide in Awareness
Tapestry of Awareness
Alternate Expression (AE)
Alternate Expression Bleedthrough
Energetic Leadership
I don’t know
Nervous System
Stories and reporting
Uncertainty is A
Vastly changed state (VCS)
The fork, the ottoman, the kleenix box
“bad boyfriend” – P con job
Feeling unusual, disorientation
Distortion, the distorting filter
Plop/process meetings
Don’t rehabilitate P, surrender it

Here are images Eloheim refers to during this session:

July 14, 2021

Truly amazing “plop” meeting continuing the new beginning from the previous session. Eloheim introduces the idea of “ripeness” and contrasts that with the do-to-get “vending machine” operating system of Personality. Veronica begins the meeting with a powerful example of a vastly changed state in physicality she experienced the previous evening. The meeting is full of amazing examples of experience/explore of physicality including the clarification how the “duh” of physicality is likely to be revealed!

July 18, 2021

Profound conversation with Eloheim offering a way to use the “muscles” we built as we moved from Level 4 to Level 6 as we engage with the new “bounce off” teachings. Eloheim offers new insights on our relationship to stimulus. Includes a deep exploration of the “silence of the center.” Also includes a discussion of how emotions fit into the Awareness teachings.

July 28, 2021

A full Council, seeding the field meeting, preparing us to experience and explore the Body piece of the Body, Personality, Awareness teachings. The entire Council focused on how we have engaged with identity while the Personality filter has been dominate and how the notion of identity evolves as we continue our surrender of Personality. An unusual and VERY powerful session including lengthy discussions of Level 10 – Reunification.

Four Sessions held in July 2021

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $24.99

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