Five Sessions held in June 2023

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June 4, 2023

— The temptation to back or shrink away from hill42 static is counterproductive as it just rekindles hill41. The primary way to deal with hill42 is to observe P’s attempt to dictate how to engage with hill42 without buying into it.
— Catch the assumptions P is making about hill42, whether optimistic or oppressive, without engaging with them. So long as hill42 is lively/triggery, P is active so watch out for it. Observe as if it is an AE, a completely different version of you.
— As hill42 feels painful, which it piercingly can, don’t focus on how painful it is. Instead engage with the fact that there is tidiness present supporting an evolutionary leap now that there are less distractions from hills 1-41.
— P is likely to use hill42 to trigger outsized SI-based reactions in the body as its last stand. Just notice these reactions without engaging just like you do the hill42 thoughts.

— hill42 is concentrated evolutionary pressure; taking advantage of the evolutionary opportunity it presents cuts out a bunch of stuff; as we start to have the evolutionary leaps into a state where hills 1-42 are no longer loud, allowing abiding in A and the truth of tidiness to be our reality, the potentials explode.
— Cohesion, which is an assemblage of tidiness, is the natural state of reality (subatomic particles etc) but with the injection of P into the dynamic (SI, UCE, habitual reactions) it loses cohesion. Extracting P by defaulting to Presence allows the regaining of cohesion.
— Observe P trying to disrupt the cohesion that is already present through interjecting static and baggage, and projecting fears. Keeping P out of murking with cohesion allows us as uniqueness, in collaboration with the vessel, to perceive the unadulterated unfolding of cohesion.
— Every piece of physicality has cohesion present under layers and layers of P. Being committed to keeping P and all its layers out of it leads to experiences we have never had before.
— When P is not present, perfection is obvious (“whoa, duh!”) even if it is unexpected in its form. P does not get to predetermine, define, or evaluate what perfection is. It is a discovery.
— Don’t let P con us into the belief that what we are actually doing is backfilling “untidy” experiences with an intellectual-positive-spin to cope with them. When we have a cohesive experience, remember to feel into the depth, richness, fullness and fractalness of it to reaffirm that P has nothing to do with it.

— Overcoming P’s hill42 distortion leading to the experience of cohesion without P influence is a whole new evolutionary leap. It fuels a kangaroo jump into a whole new way of experiencing everything.
— When we are experiencing cohesion without P interjection, or with P interjection so muted as to be inconsequential, uniqueness + vessel + sensory-system + big-b-Body collaborate creatively to move ahas into the world. It allows the movement of creativity to flow unfiltered from our uniqueness.
— When we experience Coherence as our identity (which is NOT the same as “our identity being Coherent”) – all-that-is being experienced as our vessel without P interjection – it leads to exploring the fractal nature of perfection and coherence as we revel and marinate in ahas and duhs in the revelation
— In unbounded coherence, the entire big-b-Body starting with the planet is our vessel for our infinite and immortal being to experience and explore. The trajectory we are on is that our uniqueness begins to use the entire planet as its vessel. It is not a small thing by any measure. This is not something to “figure out”. It can only be done through cohesion and uniqueness and it has profound implications for the evolution of the universe.

— On unfoldings touching on the neighborhood of hill42, don’t let P interject a binary “all or nothing” standard to write off appreciating the beautiful and tidy “snippet” experiences that don’t match P’s specific “the big outcome that truly counts” expectation. Allow any movement, however small, to be a properly acknowledged and appreciated movement.
— Everything that we have been able to identify has been identified through the filter of P. Size/Shapes, and the relationships between things as we have known them, are a construct of P. Distorted and limited by the fact that P cannot grok “infinite” and by the arbitrariness in P definition of what is one thing vs another thing.
— P assigns “location” based on its definitions and assumptions, not on coherence. If our vessel is our entire planet, why would we only experience what we currently believe to be our vessel as being only in one P defined location (“zipcode”)? … We are gonna go now as this is a very plop-py moment and we would like to leave you in it. This meeting had a lot of plops and we encourage you to make a list on discord about what plopped for you.

June 8, 2023

Eloheim was talking for hours so I decided to do a session to share what they were sharing with me. Fasten your seatbelts for this one! wow!!!

June 14, 2023

— Eloheim accessed a different aspect of their overall being in order to engage with what was going on at the end of the last meeting. As a result they ended up feeling very “big” in an unusual way. This is what was behind E’s unusual difficulty reading at the end. It was a very impactful and important time together.

— This work we are doing together brings out the more in the community, the more in the Council, the more in the visitors, the more in the entirety of earth and its inhabitants.

— We ended up in the more because we were tapping into the truth of Coherence, into the truth of the earth is your vessel. Connecting with Coherence without the distortion of P results naturally in an abidance in A, abidance in FIP, abidance in its all me. The invitation to stay in this abidance has been issued. The invitation to stay in this wholeness place.

— Today, we want to emphasize noticing what Veronica has been calling “vignettes”: the things that seem small or inconsequential that are actually beautifully perfect duhs, and that P has gotten really good at getting us to ignore, overlook and override.

— The doorway to duh being the steady state is to notice these little vignettes, and give them the weight they deserve. This is vital. Belief in P and hill42’s discounting of the present moment based on a fixation on the big outcome as the only thing that counts is how P and hill42 stay in power.

— If we honor the vignettes that occur in contradiction to the hill42 narrative, they start to stack up in a transformational way. Being fully present to the grace in vignettes plainly exposing the lies in our hill42 narratives.

— P uses the binary “either, or” to blind us to vignettes. P’s “either, or” is measuring the present moment only against the binary presence, or absence, of the big outcome P projects overriding-meaning on. This binary “either, or”, when believed, overrides the openness, sensitivity and visceral availability to Presence in the now.

— Vignettes are an experience, not a story. An experience fully noticed and allowed to sink in, rather than allowing the hill42 narrative to override and discount it. In the present, in Presence, we are naturally experiencing the moment not telling a story about it. Note that looking for vignettes is P; Vignettes happen, and are noticed, in Presence.

— Vignettes, appreciated, are like little glimpses of experience, like little bleed throughs from Coherence, that profoundly speak to the lie of the hill42 story. Honoring vignettes, duhs, as they occur is vital to the realization of a life that moves from duh to duh.

— Being fully available to the present, to vignettes, may require “zooming into Presence”; viscerally squeezing P out of the awareness of the present moment, and out of the visceral awareness of the vessel. This can feel like squeezing down-and-in to visceral Presence beyond P. It changes the energy in the room.

June 18, 2023

— The energetic ripples from the recent gatherings have been profound. One of the things that is not perceivable to us at the level of its impact is what happens to the energetic field that surrounds us when we earnestly refuse the influence of P. The impact “ripples” through the field around us.
— Perceiving this rippling is something that will be available to us more and more, through the sensory system, as we get more accustomed to life without the visceral pressure and overlay of P. Experiencing the sensory-system-field repercussions of less P. This is not something to try to control, or preconceive. Just something to be open to.
— When we are able to perceive this rippling, we will likely be delighted and shocked at where we notice and perceive them go. We may observe that in some places the ripple goes and stops, while in others it keeps on going further than we could have ever dreamed..
— It’s important to remain vigilant that this experience is not interpreted or backfilled by P. This is an observance, a duh, an experience and explore; it does not require mentation or figuring out.

— Heart-center, and heart-centered, isn’t just about the physical chest area. It is about centering our “vessel-hood”, our stance, perspective in heart-centered-Presence. Living from and as heart-centered-Presence, heart-centered-Beigness. It is a state, not a physical space. It might be fun to consider even our aura, extending well beyond the GB, as being “Heart”, filled with our Heart-centered-Self.
— Being in our heart-centered-self is abiding as a deep, present acknowledgement of the sacredness of now regardless of the circumstances of now. All activities undertaken from deep Presence, without the influence of P, are heart-centered activities. Being engaged with the now so profoundly that the distortion of P is absent and our primordial true self, undiluted, is what engages the now, in every cell of our vessel and more as Mags talked about
— As we live from and as this heart-centered-Presence, it reinforces the absence of P as our natural state of being. The more we experience heart-centered-Presence, heart-centered Being, the more we will want to stay there. Because it’s lovely, and tidy, and choiceless, and all the other things E has talked about over the years
— Living heart-centered-Presence is reclaiming our natural state of being, our natural birthright as the interface with reality; as how we engage with the opportunity that experiencing Earth in a vessel offers our uniqueness. It is a radical VCS and a fantastic gift to be able to emanate into the world … that rippling thing Mags talked about.

— Good job everybody! We are enjoying this energy that we have been invited to, that Mags and the Girls have been talking about
— In our (Warrior’s) time, our reputation is what rippled through our world as the indicator of the Being that we are. While this was entirely within a P-paradigm, it has parallels with the rippling we are talking about today that you can feel into.
— Abiding in this now, deeply, generates a ripple that you may not know about or control. But it is a gift

, a fountaining, that affects people. It gives others – including subatomic particles – permission to do the same thing, whether they know it or not. This ripple, whooshing, blows off the “dust” of P distortion – the idea that P is the only reality – off of the subatomic particles.
— We’ll give you a “Freddy hint”: there is a whole other thing that goes along with this, a whole other layer. This is just “seeding the field” as E says … this is a big deal but don’t try to figure it out, just let yourself say “whoa, something’s up!” …

— We are at the point now where onboarding a whole new sense is actually viscerally kicking in. The sensory system. We have had to seed the field for a long while on this one. It has not been accessible, anywhere close to this degree and viscerality, in any other lifetime.
— How we engage the world without P filter is going to be stupendously different than it was when P middling was included. When we have a ripple, just be present to it, experience it, hold space for it. Don’t try to explain it or backfill a story about it.
— Dropping into Presence is like dropping into an infinite fractal revelation. The longer we stay present, the more this fractal revelation unfolds. This unfolding is not actually in the linear time stream. It drops in a single moment and its movement happens in a single moment.
— This has always been happening, it’s not new. The coherence of the field has always been true. Our experience of it has been completely distorted by P. We are now able to engage without the P distortion, allowing its true nature to be revealed. Tidiness, choiceless-choice, etc
— The dust blowing off thing helps us and others have “Kangaroo Jumps” in BGIL. Facilitating big non-linear jumps in the shedding of P distortion. Allowing us, and others, to experience what we have perceived to be ourselves in a fresh light now that the P dust has been blown off. Without the need to explain it in p-defined words.
— Before we go: stay vigilant about your observance of hill42 without getting sucked into it, and without letting hill41 creep back in.

— As we expand the way that we are currently expanding, it’s important to be very aware of, and tender towards, the fact that the body might need additional nurturing. Be gentle towards the body as you onboard these new abilities and sensitivities. Rest, sleep, eat…
— One of the most gentle things you can do is not to judge how this is unfolding for you. Don’t compare yourself and imagine it’s happening some way for others and not for you. It’s likely this will be a unique unfolding for everyone.
— This is one of those things you hold lightly, in the palm of your hands. As a plop that is unfolding. Let it be revelatory for you, rather than pushing or prodding that it should be going differently than it is. This is one of those final hurdles of transcending re-engaging P to tell us what this experience should be. Letting P back in to interpret, judge, analyze, compare it, explain it etc, which only gives P new footholds. We don’t want to do that.
— Let this revelatory thing unfold, roll through you. Let it be a discovery. It’s the only way this will work. Let it move and watch it move. Ok, much love and many blessings! It was a delight to spend time in your energy today and to experience you “blowing the dust off”. And continue to do so!

June 28, 2023

Eloheim offers the energies of the 2nd half of 2023 and much more!

Five Sessions held in June 2023

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $29.99