On February 11, 1997, I had a reading by a very skilled psychic and channel. During that reading we discussed many things. At one point he said that I would become a channel myself. Although I valued much of what he shared, my reaction to that statement was, YEAH, RIGHT!

I had been attending a weekly channeling session with Judi and Jazmine, so I was quite familiar with channeling. I found it incredibly valuable. I just didn’t see myself doing it!

That all changed when I came to Sonoma. Here I will quote JJ Crow:

One day in 2000, I invited several friends over for a Lakshmi puja. After the chant and puja the participants sat down in a circle. Veronica told one of the participants she had a message for her. Veronica was obviously in an altered state when she revealed the message to one of the women. It was a message that was significant to the woman. At the end of the message she said, “We are the Eloheim and we are pleased to have been with you today.”

Now, even though I knew what had happened, I was overwhelmed by it and started to cry. It didn’t feel bad or wrong, just very intense. I immediately told myself, “That’s never going to happen again.”

It was some time before it did. I tried to work with Eloheim on my own a couple of times. I even recorded a very useful message about habitual response on November 26, 2000, yet it just wasn’t coming together. Almost two years passed without much forward movement.

Finally, a friend and I figured it out. What was needed was a second person to ask the questions and help me with the logistics of the whole thing.

In the very beginning while channeling, I had to raise my right hand in order to receive the energies (boy am I glad that I don’t have to do that any longer). I would get very thirsty, but I wasn’t able to hold a glass (I still have a bunch of straws in a drawer from those days). I had a TON of insecurity about “Am I making this up?” and “Is this real?” and “Am I doing it right?” I needed a lot of reassurance just to stick with it. I would get very sleepy afterward and sometimes needed help just getting around. I had to eat a lot of protein to keep my energy level up (as I don’t like to cook and I was a vegetarian, this was especially challenging – thank GOD for Odwalla protein drinks).

Details, details, details. All of which felt completely unmanageable to me alone, but once I had help became possible.

After about one month, Eloheim told us that this wasn’t just for the two of us and to get a group together. Continuing the quote from JJ Crow:

After that Veronica tried to suppress this inner calling to show up for this powerful expression to come through her. She finally surrendered to the call within and had her first Eloheim gathering in my home with around ten people in attendance. It was an amazing evening and many questions were answered in ways that gave peace of mind to those presenting their questions. Some were about health, some were about loved ones that had passed on, and some were about relationships with family members or lovers.

All of the messages that came through were helpful and powerful. That was the beginning of Veronica’s gift of allowing the Powerful Presence of Eloheim to speak to many people and assist them in difficult challenges. Several very deep important issues of mine were put to rest because of Veronica’s willingness to be an instrument for this Higher Wisdom. God bless you, Veronica.

That was in September of 2002 and was the start of the Wednesday night Eloheim meetings, which we continue to offer. You can participate in person or join us for our webcasts. For more information, CLICK HERE.

I had never heard the term Eloheim until they introduced themselves that way. Someone then told me it was one of the names of God. I looked it up on the Internet and found that to be true. Visit the Catholic Encyclopedia and the Wikipedia page for further explanation. It is important to note that these entries use the spelling Elohim. I was guided to use the spelling Eloheim. (I before E except in Eloheim!)

So, we worked up the courage to ask, “are you God?” Remember, I was VERY insecure about this entire process, the idea that God might be speaking through me was overwhelming. The answer was no – Thank God :). However, they had been given the task by God to create this Solar System so that we could come to Earth to grow as Souls.

My old standby reaction, YEAH RIGHT!, flared up again. OK, you are not God, you just created the entire solar system……

The information we were receiving and assistance with the general problems and issues was so helpful that I didn’t doubt the helpfulness of Eloheim. However, I wasn’t about to believe that I was channeling beings that created the solar system.

Lots of people were being helped by talking with Eloheim, but I often felt lost in the process. I really needed reassurance that I “wasn’t making this up” and that I was “doing it right”. So, I prayed for reassurance. Within one week, I received it.

We were visiting Mt. Shasta and stopped in a metaphysical bookstore. We found the book, The Seven Mighty Elohim Speak. This book was channeled in 1957. I just looked up the book on the Ascension Research Center’s website and here is a quote:

The Seven Elohim are mighty Beings of Love and Light Who responded to the invitation of the Sun of this System and offered to help to manifest the Divine Idea for this System, created in the Minds and Hearts of our Beloved Helios and Vesta — God and Goddess of our physical Sun Itself. Through ages of time, the Elohim have learned how to successfully use the creative powers of thought, feeling, spoken word and action as God intended them to be used from the beginning and, in cooperative endeavor, the Elohim drew forth our entire System in perfect manifestation, of which System the Earth is just one small planet.

Finding this book was so helpful to me. Seeing this information from another source really helped alleviate my insecurities.

Eloheim has since made it clear that just as not everyone named John is the same, to not assume that all entities using the name Eloheim or Elohim are the same.

Eloheim is a group entity that presents as one voice. That one voice is typically a male energy, but come through with a female vibration on occasion. We refer to the Eloheim as He or They.

Around about 2004, I was approached by an aura photographer who had the idea of taking an aura photo of me before, during, and after channeling.

At that time I channeled with my eyes closed and I stayed seated. Walking to the camera to take this photo was the first time I ever left my chair while channeling.

The picture on the left is before, the middle is during, and the right is after.

Aura Photo of Veronica Channeling Eloheim

What was most interesting to me about the middle picture is the brightness on my right side. That has always been “Eloheim’s side,” so it made sense for him to show up there.


What a journey it has been!

As of 2017, I now channel Eloheim with eyes open all the time. The rest of the Council is still eyes closed. Eloheim even works the computer when we have online events!

I started eating meat again (which was shocking to me) when I woke up one day and KNEW I needed to. I figured that I had listened to my body all these years so I should keep listening even when the message changed unexpectedly.

We periodically have “visitors” that I channel once and we don’t hear from again (so far). These channelings are especially powerful! So far we have had the Seer, the Witness, the Facilitator, and the Voice of Infinite Possibilities.

Starting on June 10, 2009, I began channeling the rest of the Council. Here are the dates of their first appearances:

The Visionaries – 06/10/2009
The Guardians – 12/02/2009
The Girls – 01/06/2010
The Matriarch – 02/03/2010
The Warrior – 03/17/2010
Fred – 06/30/2010
The Witness – 08/22/2012
The See-er – 02-20-13
The Facilitator – 1-27-2016
The Voice of Infinite Possibilities – 11-30-2016
The Sun Walker – 9-20-2017
The Healer – 2-13-2018
The Scout – 6-27-2018
Esmeralda (Fred’s friend) – 12-12-2018
The Visitor – 11-13-2019
Ashmush – 4-08-2020
The Acknowledger – 9-20-2020
The Great Sun with the Translator – 1-03-2021
Mary Magdalene (who invites us to call her Magdalla or Mag) joins the Council – 11-10-2021
Eloheim was first channeled for the public in 2002.

Download the audio recordings of the first appearances of each Council member. Click here to learn more.

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In this video, Eloheim explains how the Council members resonate with the chakras:

From the session held on 8-18-10

Question: Since we’re on the subject of talking about the Council and Veronica, can you share any insights on the composition of the Council, how they came to be with Veronica? We haven’t really gone into that much. Also, how does the Council communicate?

Eloheim: The first thing that happened—just to kind of make sure we tell the whole story and some of you probably know this one—but the first thing that happened was that you guys took the information that we had been giving you for years and you just took it to a level where you needed new instructors, frankly. You graduated from high school and you needed professors in college. That’s the easiest way to say it. So you called in the Council as a collective entity of people who have been joined in this way. So, check you out. Create your own reality. It’s very powerful. We’ll probably never forget the night the Visionaries came in. You literally pulled them in. You said: “It’s time for something else.”

What happens is, the Visionaries act as one of our guides is the best way to describe the relationship. And we’ve told you this before that the Visionaries came in because they literally hold the blueprint. They hold the vision. That’s why we call them the Visionaries. It’s not like they’re known by that name on their resume or something. We just went, “What’s the way to talk about them?” And it’s like they hold the vision of the thing. That’s why they’ll be very emphatic about, “This is the way you should be doing it.” In the very beginning they would say, “Do it this way!” and we’d be like, “Yikes, free will! What the hell are you doing?” And they would push right up against the edge of what is free will and what is not free will with you guys. Because as we explained, we think we called them the architect. They’ve got the blueprints. “The 2×4 goes here!” There’s no: “Oh, you want to have your own experience?” No. The 2×4 goes here and then you build the rest of the house and you learn a lot by the 2×4 being there, so put it there. That was their energy. They came in in response to basically us saying, “We need more. We need more. Help us give more.”

As you guys allowed that to come in, it kicked out so much in your energy field that we had to have the Guardians come in and start cleaning things out. So the Guardians were in response to pushing the Visionaries into your field and the Visionaries kind of like, if you put the 2×4 here, then whatever was there first had to go. “Oh, you mean the 2×4’s supposed to go here? Well, I had a metal piece of something or other there.” “Well, get it the hell out.” And that’s the way the Visionaries were. You guys remember. You guys were scared of the Visionaries. You guys think the Warrior is bad. Shit, at the beginning, the Visionaries made everybody crap their pants.

And then the Guardians—it had to go. We had to bring in an entity whose energy field was very, very cleansing. Very, very vacuum-y. Just to get that stuff out. Because the tendency you guys have is to release but it kind of hangs on. What’s that Peanuts character, Linus? The one that always has the dust cloud around him? Pigpen. There’s always a dust cloud, and that’s sort of what you guys do. You release but you’re like, “I might need you. You were sort of helpful in a suffering sort of way, but who knows I might need to suffer next week, so you just stick right there.” And then the Guardians came in and what did they say? “Let it bubble off and we’ll scrape it away.” Remember they used to say, “We’ll scrape, we’ll scrape.” So Pigpen is the perfect example of what is the tendency, because remember, if it hasn’t killed you, you probably needed it. Right? If it hasn’t killed you, you probably needed it, when the truth is, if it hasn’t killed you, it’s probably helping you suffer. So the Guardians really help get the suffering out of the way.

Then the Girls came next. The girls had to come in because after all that you needed to love yourselves. There was this sense of: “Oh my God, I’m being completely re-wired. Oh my God I’m letting go of stuff I thought I needed.” So the Girls came in to kind of lighten the energy because you figure with us, the Guardians, and the Visionaries, holy shit, that’s an intense masculine presence. And what are they doing? The Visionaries are yelling at you, the Guardians are taking away stuff, and we are going, “This is cool!” And you guys are going, “This is cool?” So the Girls came in and lightened the energy, they brought a feminine presence. And what they did and what have they done every week since is remind you to love yourself—and came up with all kinds of different ways to love yourself and reminded you that it’s hard to love yourself sometimes. So they come in and they love, love, love. But it’s not bunnies and rainbows, everything’s smiley love. It’s the reality is yes, you know everything about yourself and we are challenging you to love yourself anyway. So the Girls came in and supported that.

Then it was the Matriarch. We’ll tell you right now, why the Matriarch came next is because it was just so nice having the Girls come that we just thought more lovey-dovey would be good. More lovey-dovey and also that sense of overarching feminine energy. The Girls are playful, perhaps even sexual, they are very light, but that mother, that vessel. We’re pretty sure they explain it but every time they come in the way we see it with Veronica is literally like Richard’s crystal bowl that he plays, it’s as though the whole room is one of those and you guys are just sitting in the bowl. And their energy just infuses that whiteness and they just hold you. And sometimes Veronica’s body opens up so much that she feels all of you inside of her. And sometimes when the Matriarch talks, you know some of you have done the whistling with Margy, sometimes she feels that in her head as they are talking. So there’s this very strong resonance because they’re creating a field for you all to be in. So, there is this sense of, “Holy shit! I’m channeling all these beings, I don’t know what the hell is going on, other people I know that have tried this have literally had to go off-grid because they couldn’t handle it. So what do we do? Bring in someone to hold. And it’s nice at the end to have that “It’s all going to be OK” sort of feeling.

That leaves the Warrior and Fred. So yeah, yeah, the Girls came in, the Matriarch came in, everyone was feeling all lovey-dovey and then, boom! Let’s drop the hammer. And the hammer of the Warrior—we talked a little bit about it a minute ago—and the reality of the Warrior is that you live in a world that is populated with conflict. The temptation as a light worker is to try to ignore that, and on some level that’s life-saving because if you are trying to raise your vibration and you’re trying to be involved in a lot of conflict that almost doesn’t go together. But at some point after you’ve become a certain level of conscious, you have to acknowledge the shadow, you have to acknowledge the places within yourself that you can’t love because you have judgment about them, frankly. So that had to be attended to. That shadow side had to be attended to. And the Warrior’s also anger and how do you attend to the fact that you are angry? And the Warrior’s also how do you attend to the fact that you feel like a victim and the places in your life where you have been “victimized,” especially as a child, or in her case as a wife, where there was a lot of feeling of being under a man’s thumb in a way that didn’t feel good. And the warrior brings in that energy that says: “I’m not under anybody’s thumb,” and it’s like, “Wait, wait, wait. How do I not be under someone’s thumb without having to kill them or hate them or be angry with them or want to scream at them?” Where is that place where you just say, “What are you saying to me? Do you think you can talk to me like that? Who do you think you are? Get away.” That energy wasn’t present in most light workers and it wasn’t present in Veronica in a lot of ways. And it has been the most challenging one to carry because it asks so much of her on a spiritual-development level.

Eloheim: It was very hard the first time the Warrior came in. And then she put her foot down and she said, “No, I’m not doing it. I’m not doing any more.” And we respected that for a long time—a few months or something—and finally, we just said to her, look this is the deal. We have to complete the energy of the Council so Fred has to come in. And she was challenged by that but actually Fred’s not so bad because Fred only comes in this far (indicates Veronica’s forehead). So, her head feels like popcorn’s popping the whole time but his energy’s not that bad now that she’s used to him a little bit. So that’s why each one came in and how did they all get called in or whatever. The need was needed. It’s the same way you guys create your reality: The need is needed and you magnetize the need met. So you needed these sorts of influences, so those influences came in.

And how do they communicate with each other? The same way you communicate with each other when you’re not in body, which means, in essence, it’s like you meld and you know each other and you un-meld and it doesn’t have to be in language but you guys wouldn’t really know how to communicate other than with language. So let’s imagine that you meld with someone, you know all their thoughts, they know all of yours, and then you separate but you take with you what you gained from that melding. It’s intense. You guys would never be able to do it because you don’t love all the spots in yourself yet, and if you don’t love all the spots in yourself you sure as hell can’t let anybody else see them. So that’s off the table for now. But we are working on that. But that’s one of the reasons why you can’t have telepathy—not on any deep level. You can think of someone and they can phone you, yeah, that’s great, but to actually have merging telepathy, the whole time you’d be freaked out that they see you so deeply and truly. But when you’re not in physical form and you’re not in duality and you’re not in judgment and you’re not in fear and you’re not in survival instinct that’s just the way you communicate.

So the Council, do they get together? They don’t have to “get together.” It’s more like an energetic is spun out by you guys coming together with a desire for a certain level of information combined with where we see Veronica taking the information because she’s like our guinea pig. So we see where she takes the information, we have private sessions and we feel what people are doing, people send emails, whatever, and it’s a symbol then to here’s what’s going to be talked about. And as soon as it starts to roll out well the other ones usually get on it.

Now who comes in and tells you the thing at the very beginning? The Visionaries! Why? Because they hold the blueprint. So they unroll the next level of blueprint and say, “This is the truth of it,” and they show you where all the sticks go. And the Girls come in and say, “Don’t forget to take a coffee break!” And the Matriarch says, “It’s all going to be so beautiful at the end.” And the Warrior says, “Are any of these contractors giving you shit? We’ll take care of them.” Do you get it? Does it make sense? We’re building something. The Visionaries have the vision of it. We run around kind of being the cheering squad. Fred, we’re not sure, Fred just kind of floats around. He’s like one of those super geeks, super IT tech kind of guys. He just comes in and says, “We must have the cords run this way.” We’re like, “Perfect, we’ll do it. No problem. Go away. You’re a little bit creepy.” He’s getting better but he was kind of creepy in the beginning. We know it. He knows it! He’s like, “I just don’t understand. How do they do that? I’m going to go over here.” But you are going to hear more from Fred. Fred is going to become more and more important to the overall mission of the Council, which you probably now want to know what the overall mission of the Council is. Because we know you, John, because you’ve been around for a long time—and John’s writing in his notebook.

The overall mission of the Council, in addition to supporting you living from your soul’s perspective and working with you to have ascension and all that stuff, is to balance, to balance, your physical experience of Homo spiritus. To balance your physical experience of Homo spiritus. Which is why we were talking earlier about what Veronica’s going through, because a lot of times she does it first because we’re with her all the time. So she’s our guinea pig, like we said. And balancing the physical experience of Homo spiritus, it’s a little bit like we were just talking about the parts of you that you don’t love. Because some of you would be very good with the heart chakra or very good like Veronica with the throat chakra or very good with the root chakra, not so many of you actually, but that’s OK. That’s a rough one, we know. But can you do all of them all at once? No. We don’t know anybody who can, so you’re being very honest by shaking your heads “no.” That’s the role of the Council. And really, we said 2010 is the year of the physical and we will look at 2011 again as we get closer to it, but probably this last quarter of 2010 moving through 2011 will be the year of balance. And it’s the year of yes, you’re strong with this one tool or yes, you’re strong with this one chakra or yes, you’re strong saying what is true now when it has to do with how you feel, but if you think something disturbing you can’t say what is true now. And if someone cuts you off on the freeway you can’t say what is true now. So it’s like could you say what is true now no matter what kind of stimulus you’re getting.

A lot of you have a kind of trigger and a tool that you like for that trigger. What we’re going to work toward is, can you use that tool no matter what the trigger is? Because most of them work for any trigger but we have segregated them and said, here’s a good tool for this and here’s a good tool for that—but that balancing…. You’ll start to realize that you can use tools for any kind of trigger—emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, financial—and you can use the same tool for it because you’re using all the chakras together. And again, when we say chakras we just use that to indicate the different aspects of the way your energetic [is] in the world, the way you move your energy in the world. You have to balance those things out in order to move in a balanced way. And this is why sometimes it feels herky-jerky in your spiritual growth because if it has to do with the chakras that you’re strong in, you have a better chance of having a balanced, ascended, Homo spiritus, graceful, easeful response to it. And if it has to do with chakras that you’re not that strong in, you’re more likely to go into low vibration, unconsciousness, the past or the future, fear.