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March, 2019

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Energetic Vampires????

Highly sensitive people tend to attract energy vampires! You don’t have to let other people’s feelings and emotions run through your nervous system. I can show you how to break that cycle!

Don’t wait until you are sick and tired or super angry to empower yourself. You can start changing these patterns today.

It took decades of study for me to finally learn how to THRIVE as a highly sensitive person. Watch on demand and in your own time as I share all the best tips and tools I’ve gathered along the way including:

How to clear your field.
How to stop picking up on the energy of others.
How to use your sensitivities ONLY when you want to.
How to stop letting other people use your nervous system.
How to cultivate a connection to your centered-self.
How to be the calm at the center of the storm.
How to trust your insights and ahas.
How to use your empathic skills in healthy ways at work, home, and in social settings.
How to deal with “energy vampires.”
How to know what you are broadcasting to the world and how to change it.
How to say “No” and mean it so that when you say “Yes” people can trust it.
How to use the fact that empaths see and sense the world differently to improve your relationships rather than create blocks in your connections.
How to develop your unique energy sensing language (I will use essential oils to demonstrate this)
How to use essential oils for a fast and easy way to clear your energy field.


Click here for details

You can count on YOU!

One of Eloheim’s core teachings is to connect to THIS moment and THIS version of you. It’s so habitual to use a previous version of ourselves to navigate the now. You wouldn’t want the 14 year old version of you to do your job or raise your kids! Yet sometimes the patterns and anxieties of our past are what we use to address the concerns of today.

Connect with who you are in this very moment. Use the current version of you!!!

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Three Powerful Words!

Want to make HUGE changes in your life using just three words??? No, not “I Love You” (although that can really change things!!) How about “I’m Tempted to”?

This tool has helped me so much and so many times…..It’s an absolute game changer!!!!

Use it often!!!

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The Truth Of You

It’s so common to run around wearing a mask. Trying to keep other people happy, make them like you, or be what you think they want you to be. However, that leaves you relating to others as the mask rather than as the REAL you. Access your truth and live from there!

Ask yourself, “What is true now?” Note, this isn’t “What should be true?” or “What do I wish was true?” simply check in with what is actually happening. This allows you to connect to the moment and your body in powerful ways. Then you can connect to others from that centered space!

This image is from our Wisdom of Eloheim card deck with artwork by the amazing Kate Miller Iredale!!!! 36 cards, $12.99
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Wisdom of Eloheim Cards

The Wisdom of Eloheim QUOTE cards with artwork by the amazing Kate Miller Iredale!!!! 36 cards, $12.99

February, 2019

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January 2019 Sessions

The four channeling sessions of January 2019 were life changing for me! I hardly recognize the “me” that started this year!!! Learn more HERE

January, 2019

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Everyday Expertise

I want you to feel FREE! Free to discover your gifts. Free to share those gifts with confidence. Free to earn passive income from your gifts so you can feel FREE to live life the way you have dreamed of living.

In my years of work with private clients I’ve heard things like this over and over again:

“I know I have something to offer the world, but I have no idea how to get it out there”

“I always get stuck and feel so discouraged whenever I try to make my website”

“It’s all so confusing. I just can’t bring myself to try and I feel so horrible that my gifts just sit inside me unexpressed.”

“I wish I had more money. I feel so trapped in my job”

“I would love to be self-employed, but I don’t know where to start”

“I just wish I felt more free”

You are unique!

You have gifts to offer this world!

NOW IS THE TIME!! Here’s how!!!

I’ve spent the last 6 months crafting the Everyday Expertise course.

I will provide you with comprehensive, streamlined, step-by-step instruction. When I say step by step, I mean it. You don’t need to be a techy person to do this. I have done all the research so all you have to do is follow the step-by-step instructions. You just have to keep stepping and at the end you will have a web presence, e-commerce, a course landing page, and class hosting all in one.


Together, we will discover your Everyday Expertise – the thing that you already know – and shape that expertise into a one-hour, online course that will generate passive income for you. What’s passive income? Passive income comes from work you do once that you get paid for over and over and over again for years to come.


QUESTIONS???? email youreverydayexpertise@gmail.com


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December 2018 Meetings

Four Sessions held in December 2018

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December 1, 2018

A New Experience of the Sensory System

For Veronica, the Big-B Body is being activated by all kinds of stimulus these days and has come up in connection to her cello concert with the rest of the students in December. It’s not the same old nervous system response, it’s a new overwhelm experience on a level of feeling deeply moved while in the presence of loud and distracting. We want to dig into the part where she’s deeply moved. Experiencing the young kids she has watched from the beginning perform now is deeply moving. She wondered, would I have felt this way a month ago? We say no, she would have been overwhelmed in her nervous system. She and you have come to perceive and engage with overwhelm in a brand new way, a new nervous system response.

Overwhelm has turned into gratitude, appreciation, love, a sense of camaraderie, community, connection. It has turned into a new experience in what we call the nervous system. You don’t end at your skin, and it has become a sensory system thing being processed by Awareness. You are moved. We are looking for the right terminology and “moved” may not be the word. Just know it’s being experienced and explored and brings to life “it’s all me” because you start to perceive it’s all me. It’s unlike all the responses you have ever had and is located in a completely different place than the psychic or empathic overwhelm place.

Some of you may have a foot in both worlds, Homo sapiens and Homo spiritus. it’s not wrong or behind if you feel you’re not experiencing this new thing or all the time. It’s likely you will feel a stronger default to the new template of the healed Personality combined with the Awareness and the Big-B Body state we’re describing.

Remember we told you ages ago that if you grew a third arm, you’d have to remember to use it. That’s where we are now.

The group offered feedback at this point and Eloheim spent time going over their concerns and statements about their nervous and sensory system experiences.

This is a new concept and we’re still trying to put words to it. As usual, we would like to hear some feedback on where you are in this process.

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December, 2018

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Energies of 2019

The year of change and new beginnings

Incredible transformation across the spectrum.

Stay emotionally and intellectually nimble.

Connect deeply to your personal truth and what you choose to focus upon.

There will be many pulls on your attention.

What parts are truly your passion, where you feel drawn to put your energy into it?

Trust others to pick up the pieces you can’t pick up.

Milestone year in the history of your history.

Get prepared to be the person who is the calm at the center of the storm – energetic leader.

“Everyone chipping in gets the barn built.”

The evolution to Homo spiritus will be tangible and requiring your focus so things don’t distract you from it.

Commit to evolution on a new level – it’s never been this accessible.

Society – 2019 is the year of change. You must be nimble.

Where do you feel rigid? Where are you saying “This is the way it’s supposed to be”? Do these stances actually reflect the truth of you as an evolving human?

Change is how things change.

Examine how you personally relate to things changing, when things are unexpected, and when things are new.

2019 is a year of new beginnings. Be nimble.

Trust and rely on the navigational beacon of your character.

Put all the work you have done on yourself into play – tangible, actionable, movable reality.

Strong chance that there will be at least one if not two large discoveries – scientific type discoveries – probably later into 2019 that will revolutionize your world.

It’s a serious year, be nimble! When pushed into a new situation, some people retreat into a rigid, defensive reaction and seek a return to “how it was.”

Be nimble in change, look at it with brand new eyes. Ask, “What can I bring to this now, to this change? How can I treat this change as a doorway?”

2019 is going to ask something of you, that doesn’t mean you won’t also feel like you are getting a lot.

Each “ask” is a doorway for you to walk into your evolved state.

The challenge of 2019 – When change presents itself will you be nimble enough to see it for the doorway it is the doorway into evolution, the doorway into progress, or will you retreat into a rigid reaction that will require you to spend energy, time, resources before you can go back to looking for the same doorway?

The doorway and the pit of rigidity are both there. Which will you choose? Be nimble!

It’s an incredibly shifting time!

Change is something you have to become accustomed to.

Join our evolutionary journey! Sign up as a subscriber today to access our online broadcasts (live or on demand) – four each month!



Subscribing means you will never miss a meeting! Your monthly subscription renews automatically on the same day each month, so you can subscribe anytime. Annual plans run for one calendar year from the day they begin. Start anytime! You will get a full 12 months of meetings!

Eloheim and the Council are teaching Empowered Evolution offering instruction on an entirely new way to experience being human.


Becoming an Eloheim subscriber was truly the most valuable investment I ever made in myself. It was a commitment to my personal growth that I’ve never regretted and it helped me stay the course through many difficult and discouraging times. Kate in Canada

I became a subscriber out of curiosity, not knowing that I was beginning a journey. I’ve learned so much about myself, bringing along and integrating parts of me I didn’t even know were there. I feel like I have learned tools that can get me through anything. I really enjoy the videos and the recordings, and it seems like there is always a new one when I am ready for it. I am just so grateful to have followed that inner urge and joined a wonderful community. Sara in California

“There are a lot of spiritual teachings out there, but Eloheim is different. If there is more down-to earth and day-to-day applicable advice from a soul’s perspective, then I have yet to find it. Listening to the meetings recordings has become an invaluable part of my life, as it supports and accelerates my personal development in a way that feels more fitting and simply ‘right’ than anything else I have experienced. If you want to replace ‘fear’ with ‘consciousness’ in your life, this experience shows you the way!” Christian in Austria



Basic subscription – $30 per month or $299 annually

Annual payment

Price: $299.00

Monthly Payment

$30 at sign up, $30 each month thereafter, automatically billed via PayPal



Master subscription – $50 per month or $499 annually

Annual payment

Price: $499.00

Monthly payment

$50 at sign up, $50 each month thereafter, automatically billed via PayPal


Becoming a subscriber was first choice for me, there was no other option. The material caught me straight away with it being incredibly practical and down to earth. And hey, there is so much fun and laughter involved. Being a subscriber is my commitment to my spiritual growth, together with like minded super caring and loving people. Supporting Veronica is an affair of honour for me. What I get in return is priceless. The wisdom and guidance of Eloheim changed my life to the core of my being. The best investment in myself ever! An Ja in Germany

I’ve really enjoy being a subscriber. Considering all the extras we get, it really is amazing value … much better value than many other spiritual growth or personal development programs I’ve subscribed to. What is great about subscribing is knowing that there is this continuity of learning how to bring more of my Soul into my human experiences. Maya in the UK

I have never felt so centered & on track. My subscription keeps me in touch with the latest information from the comfort of my home. Mark in Florida

I subscribed for the first time several years ago, my bank account groaning at my daring. I wanted to watch everything they had available and that was the only way, and the least expensive way in the long run. The teachings are remarkable, loving and to the point and it has been the best money I ever spent on my spiritual growth. Every year since, I briefly debate if I should continue to spend the money, but, for me, it’s a “choiceless choice” (an Eloheim teaching) and I just can’t NOT. I’ve tried. What you get for the money spent is beyond compare. Plus you get up close and personal with the rest of the Eloheim community, bonus!

P.S. I look forward to each and every broadcast and can’t wait to get to the recording if I miss the meeting in person. Dorothy in New York

I always longed for honest, respectful, insightful support at hand whenever I needed or wanted it. For a small fee, I have that with Eloheim Channel. Unlike many other spiritual avenues, Eloheim is intimate and available with practical, applicable suggestions which, in my experience, have never failed to achieve results. I don’t believe I might ever have given up the habit of familiar suffering otherwise. Veronica Torres offers herself to this channel with integrity and transparency as she takes the journey to homo spiritus along with us. Subscribing to Eloheim…priceless. Mary in LA


This plan is a way to support the continuation of The Council’s teachings being offered online (YouTube videos, newsletters, and website posts)








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