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September, 2022

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Eloheim Speak About Fear

Now on YouTube!

Conversation with Eloheim about Fear.

The series includes answers to the following questions submitted by the community:
1) What is fear and is it the same as worry?
2) What are anxiety/panic attacks?
3) What is the difference between an irrational fear and a survival instinct fear?
4) What are the top 5 fears?
5) What causes chronic fear?
6) Can fears and phobias be past-life related?
7) What is the relationship between addictions and fear?
8) Is fear always going to be a part of being human?
9) If we know the vastness of our soul

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, how do we become fearless?
10) Do fears get stored in the body even if we are not aware of them?
11) What about when you wake up in fear?
12) And when you are afraid falling asleep?
13) What happens if I ignore fear?
14) What do I do with fears and panic attacks?
15) How do you bring ahas and insight to chronic fears?
16) How do I transform fear-driven neural pathways?
17) Are we naturally hardwired for fear?
18) Why are some people eager to experience fear through horror films and roller coasters?
19) What is the relationship between fear, procrastination, distraction, and indecision?
20) Is there a real power in fear?
21) What about “feel the fear and do it anyway”?

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August, 2022

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Every Now is NOW

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August 2022

Four Sessions held in August 2022, plus a bonus session

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $24.99

July 27

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, 2022

NOTE: I’ve included this session with the August replays as it is the meeting that kicked off this entire, amazing phase of teachings.

Fred goes deep on the notion of clock time (“a weapon of Personality”), how Personality uses clock time in ways that we can’t see, the notion of “the moment” and what that really means, the definition of presence, and so much more.
Eloheim comes in afterward to answer questions and continue the conversation.

August 7, 2022

Eloheim picks right up from where the previous session left off engaging the participants in a detailed discussion of our evolving relationship to clock time. POWERFUL!!!

August 10, 2022

The third of three meetings on disconnecting from clock time. Eloheim is AMAZING offering insights into the far-ranging transformations that come from this shift. PLUS, surprise visit from FRED to close out the session!!!

August 21, 2022

A hugely important PLOP meeting that takes the foundation built in the last three sessions to incredible new places. This meeting really affected me. The deep field analogy (toward the end) answered lingering questions I had about time and AE bleed throughs. Stunning.

August 24, 2022

A tremendous Full Council session continuing on the themes of recent meetings. So many powerful gems. Don’t miss the Girls/Mags/Matriarch surprise at the end!

Four Sessions held in August 2022, plus a bonus session

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $24.99


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July, 2022

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You are a Galactic Citizen!

Fred and Eloheim Each Speak About Using the James Webb Telescope Images for Personal Growth!

Let’s Start with Fred from June 22

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, 2022

Eloheim from July 13

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, 2022

My favorite way to view the image that Eloheim refers to: https://web.wwtassets.org/specials/2022/jwst-smacs/

Redaktionelle Leitlinien

Experience the Truth of You



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The Levels

Level 1: Duality
Level 2: Victimhood
Level 3: I Create My Reality and I Don’t Like What I’ve Created
Level 4: I Choose My Reactions to My Experiences
Level 5: This Experience Is Mine
Level 6: What Trigger?
Level 7: It’s All Me
Level 8: Watch it Move
Level 9: Choiceless Choice
Level 10: Reunification
Level 11: The “Gingerbread” is Personality (the GBisP)

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June 2022 Sessions

Four Sessions held in June 2022

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $24.99

June 1

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, 2022

Eloheim does a DEEP DEEP DEEP dive into the profound implications of Body Gets it Last. LOTS of energetic support for evolution accompanies their words. POWERFUL

June 5, 2022

Eloheim offers the energies of the second half (or so) of 2022. They also give us “homework” for the next two weeks. Mags and the Matriarch offer their unique contributions as well!

June 19, 2022

A powerful session where Eloheim continues to DEEPLY explain the opportunity we are in to truly interact with physicality in a brand new way. So much energy moved during this session!!

June 22

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, 2022

Wonderful full Council session. Eloheim

, The Guardians, and The Visionaries explain how CONSISTENCY is key and give tips for being consistent in the current energy. The Warrior talks about intimacy! Fred gives us insights on how to engage with the images expected from the James Webb telescope next month. The Girls, Mags, Veronica, and the Matriarch combine their feminine energy to offer a powerful meditation.

Four Sessions held in June 2022

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $24.99

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