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April, 2023

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March 2023 Sessions

Four Sessions held in March 2023

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March 5, 2023

– Unhealed Core Emotion (UCE) is stirred up in connection to the collective-heart. Why UCE? Because its a place where P entrenchment has been powerful and deeply “grooved in” subconsciously.

– Perceiving the experience of multitudes and navigating it as if its happening to our GBs can be a challenge in this.

– Previous tools E taught were born out of the tusle with P, not from the experience of A encountering collective-heart. Going forward, what we will talk about is what its like living from A, which is a completely different orientation

– We are having a perspective into our lives from A and observing the goings-on, rather than being “in”, or defined by, the goings-on.

– Feminine energy in us “draws the line in the sand”, setting a standard. A line, standard, that does not just capitulate to going along with being pushed around by masculine insistence (internally or externally) out of fear, UCE which can make the situation worse/harder, in the name of helping.

– Awareness in the now does not mean things are always easy, or not challenging. What it means is the experiences we can have expand. It also draws the line that “P is not the way” and abides in that clarity through the unfolding of experience, whatever it is.

– Deep presence in what is happening now without allowing personality to extrapolate/project a narrative about what it means in future. Profound presence without distracting ourselves into thoughts or activities about it is very powerful. It ripens capacity for collective-experience in the now.

March 8, 2023

– Observe P’s incursion from Presence and just let it pass: observe the temptation to go into P projections, conclusions without engaging/believing them. Like a highway exit you just drive by.

– Let each moment, even intense ones, simply be without turning it into projections or conclusions about what it means in future. Decline the empty calorie P meal of hamster-thinking.

– Notice what P wants to do but don’t try to imagine what A would do instead. A is a revelation, a bubble-up within the silence of not engaging as P.

– Mags: FIP, tidyness, choiceless-choice is only in the now-presence. Leaving that to dwell on what comes next disengages with FIP.

– New visitor, a collective/horde/group-mind speaking in a “chorus” form – “We see explorers fabricating… exciting! … finding, persevering” They are overcome with delight and break into a shindig to celebrate that they have found us. Veronica: their energy is a lot like the minions.

March 19, 2023

– Holding the line within ourselves while navigating the transformational collective energetics we are perceiving; holding the line in not interpreting the collective-heart pain/fear/gloom as if it is happening to our GB nervous system.

– Deepening opportunity to be an energetic leader by not projecting meaning/outcome from the “Is” of what is actually being perceived.

– Now is the time to be extremely efficient at cutting off personalities’ engagement/interjection immediately and choosing Presence instead.

– “Infinity” as the most important word the council has said to us in the nearly 10 million words they have shared over the past 20 years: P cannot understand infinity and A does not need to understand Infinity as it is made of it.

– “Unfettered Infinity”-s interaction with everything is impactful beyond comprehension. As A, we are energetically interjecting non-personality into whatever is unfolding. Inhabiting the personality interjection cuts off access to FIP.

– Outsized reaction shrill indicates P is on the ropes, getting desperate about reclaiming attention for its interjections.

– Cannot have infinity if we insist on understanding, defining it. Only personality arrogance imagines it can understand infinity. The only thing you get from “figuring out” infinity is P.

– We can perceive the collective-gloom without interpreting it as if it is happening in our nervous system, allowing the compassion and infinity of A to meet it and transmute it, outside of the nervous system.

– Infinity lives in the “Is”, Presence, not in the imagined “future”.

– Tender and powerful 1:1 between E and Tiffany

– There has been an opening to the perception of the collective nature of humanity. An opening, and an experience-and-explore, that comes as a “Duh”.

– The reality of the situation is onboarding the “Duh” even while it is disorienting. Tada! It is a brand new way of being. Just abide.

– Find an area where there is a habitual bumping up into limitation and meet it with “I recognize I was not allowing for FIP here” instead.


March 29, 2023

– The expansive state due to less personality, and experiencing the collective heart are “colliding”. Being tapped into the collective-heart intensifies what we are experiencing especially around feelings – e.g. a constant state of “something about to happen”, “on the brink” feeling.

– In this, the bit of personality that is left can lead to “outsized reactions” because the few remaining hooks are loud. Use “I am tempted to” tool to keep P interjection from distracting from what is. The intensity of collective-heart does not need to be an intensification of P.

– Allowing for duhs and connection to the collective, generates transformational waves in the world. Having a physical impact in the world as a duh that will become more and more obvious. Our unique version of “attending to plastics in the ocean”.

– The letting go of identity becomes more central as we engage with the collective, as this engagement happens in the sensory system outside the limits of the GB identity and nervous system. Being dominated by P is like a computer not connected to the internet, and engaging with the collective like connecting to the internet.

– The way we experience the body, identity, collective, nervous system and sensory system are going to be evolving. Physicality will be experienced differently due to the collective energy and diminished personality and it will feel like a duh. Value noticing the duhs, the “little miracles”, the tidiness that arises, to counteract the habitual tendency to overlook significant evolution because it now feels like a duh

– E talks about why visitors often marvel at encountering us: Earth is like the “burning man planet” to a lot of other civilizations in the universe. The constant willingness to be in transformation witnessed here is very rare in the universe.

– Mags: If we keep surrendering personality it’s inevitable that magical/miraculous things start to happen and it will feel like a duh. And Mags wants to hear about it when it starts to happen! When personality has been surrendered you are put to use because its a duh for that to occur. When personality starts to act up, all it deserves is a passing notice as an “I am tempted to”. Presence is where it’s at.

Four Sessions held in March 2023

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $24.99

March, 2023

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February 2023 Sessions

Four Sessions held in February 2023

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February 5, 2023

Eloheim talks at length and leads a community conversation on Disorienting Uncertainty clarify the concept and kicking out Personality’s definitions that have been confusing community members.
A very helpful and profound conversation!
– E expounds on “disorienting uncertainty” within the “brand-new brand-new” of level 12 that we are experiencing now, with a focus on flushing out the P muddying up clarity on “disorienting uncertainty”:
– Disorienting uncertainty – a fundamental shift in the way we encounter the world, and every single thing, away from the previous P-based orientation, while avoiding the temptation to let the P orientation re-assert itself. The previous orientation was completely dependent upon P’s filtering and distortion of reality.
– Disengaging from orienting through P is disorienting because it has been the orientation in every earth lifetime. It’s disorienting to the sense of what we thought mattered – goals, dreams, aspirations, what defines “success” … we have to be willing to abide in this disorientation
– Personality is the sunglasses, the nose plugs, ear plugs and everything-else-plugs that says to you, you do not get to have the true experience of what is actually possible. You only get to have a distorted experience, experiencing physicality only for the very limited filter of its P-defined usefulness/function rather than for its its reality
– Personality is not wrong, it just is, and the is of it is suffering. Personality weaponises our reality to keep us in limitation.
– Don’t conflate personality with uniqueness. P only offers distortion as a filter to life. A filter between what we perceive and what we experience. A filter that can be removed, a removal that causes disorientation because its a big change. But where you land when its removed is FIP. Personality is not required to “run your life.”. Don’t let P tell you you need it. Personality hallmark is limitation and suffering
– It takes courage to say “I am not going to see the world the way I have seen it until this point”. A courage that leads to a discovery that can only be experienced as it cannot be pre-conceived. That leads to the opportunity to experience something brand new
– Personality does not get to tell you how it needs to be in order for it to count. Instead, you can be present to how it actually is happening. You are no longer oriented in the way that personality has had you be oriented, you’re no longer chasing certainty, in the way personality has told you to chase certainty that has always led to suffering. So you are “disorientedtly uncertain” because you have retracted yourself or retreated from living life in that way.
– Disorientedly uncertain does not mean anxious uncertainty; the anxious uncertainty is a personality definition. Personality cannot define disorienting uncertainty as it is absent in it. Infinite possibilities does not mean anxious, more like wow

February 8, 2023

Eloheim follows up on the previous session continuing the clarification of Disorienting Uncertainty. The conversation then shifts to the Sensory System and how that fits into Level 12. The meeting closed with an extremely moving experience with a new Visitor.
– Disoriented uncertainty arises from no longer being in the personality orientation. Uncertainty comes from abiding in “I don’t know as a steady state.

– “I don’t know” is uncertainty and we are not used to it meaning infinite possibilities rather than “danger!”

– It may not – likely not – feel “normal” to no longer use P to navigate the world. It’s a new way of living. May initially feel freeing in some topics and burdensome in others. Pick less “dire” situations to practice as a GB kindness

– Be watchful of “Its gotta be this way or its wrong” or “Either/Or” opposites of sneaky-P

– Abide in awareness, allowing experiencing uncertainty as potential not danger. And then navigate the fact that it’s a completely different way to live in the GB and it can bring up disorientation confusion and a whoa feeling.

– “I don’t know”, abided in A, as a doorway to bubble up, clarity, choiceless-choice

– Sensory system is grounded in perceiving, being aware of, without running it through the nervous system for “danger or not”, or imagining its happening to your GB.

– This is not being a “robot”; more like the quality of presence paramedics and emergency response bring to a situation. Holding the truth of what you are aware of, in Presence, without going into overwhelm, or to blocking it out.

– We will eventually learn to have perceptions that do not then get filtered through the survival instinct to activate our nervous system.

– Sensory system is not just of collective pain, suffering. Its perceiving that is not limited to the GB

– Down-and-in to Presence is never P, provided its not as a means to cater to vending machine

– Powerful and moving Visitor referred to as “Yearning for Evolution”: In their dying breath the visitor shares a heartfelt and moving message of gratitude, appreciation and respect for our willingness to change, to seek evolutionary transformation and the emanation it offers to their world. An emanation that offers hope of sparking a wildfire of change in the visitor’s world, to transform the sadness, loneliness, pain and rigidity that weighs upon their world.

February 19, 2023

Eloheim speaks about the “silence” and how it relates to activity inspired by Tidyness and Choiceless Choice. A new Visitor bestows a blessing!
– The Silence, and activity: P has used the nervous system, especially fear, to tell us how to be. As we have broken down the different ways that P controlled us, it leaves us with impulse to activity being Choicelessness and Tidiness, while being present to what is happening now, and then dropping into the Silence of Presence when that activity concludes.

– Abiding as Silence can feel deeply uncertain, which can feel disorienting confusing. We cannot take anything into the Silence, other than the willingness to abide as it. This can lead to a visceral sense of feeling naked and vulnerable in it.

– In this VCS of Silence, turn into it, recommit, more deeply as Presence, rather than trying to control it which would be using P. Not burning up GB nervous system, memory, resources by hamstering in P frees up capacity to be available to impulse to activity from Choicelessness and Tidiness, and to be available to experiencing and explore as Presence.

– Visitor “Bestowing Traveler” (BT) – comes forth to give a message and a blessing:

– The BT combines their energetic with our potential, to fuel our propensity to evolution

– The BT affirms that our slavery to personality in the unique way that Homo sapiens has dallied with it is coming to an end. Our labors are concluding, our freedom is assured.

– The BT arrives with provisions for the next phase of our evolutionary cycle. They bestow and bring forth a decreased barrier to manifestational experiences. They bestow this blessing in honoring our escape from the jail of P, and in honoring of the gift of our stance+template+field. Our abidance as Silence gives us access to this blessing.

– Our capacity for non-interference in the unfolding truth of experiencing infinite-possibilities-unveiled is exponentially increased; that is the BT’s gift, and that is how they thank us.

February 22, 2023

Full Council speaks on the Potential of Humanity and our relationship to it as we experience and explore the collective heart. Kerri offers a profound update on her experience with her ex-husband and his new family.
– There are lots of healthy ways collective heart energy will be integrated into our lives.
– The collective-heart allows us to become aware of our potential as a species
– In collective-heart, perception of the human species is not simply a filter through current GB and incarnation, rather its a collective assessment of all-that-is in the human realm.
– This is how we begin to become aware of our potential as a species, and come into an appreciation for the species, in a way we have never experienced before.
– As collective-heart unfolds, the larger “duh” impacts to society will become more and more revealed as a by product
-In this collective phase, we start experiencing things that are a lot more profound than before. “I don’t know” allows not limiting what is possible. Being open to what is rising, not in outcome.
– The potential of the species is a recognition that our species as a whole has an energetic of movement embedded in it that, unfettered from P, has a potential that has never been recognized
– We are an ambassador of this, as an energetic “stance-template-thing”, not as an action or definition.
– Wanting to know is a P stance, abiding is an Awareness stance.
– The collective-heart, when no longer habitually processed through nervous system, starts to touch into all the amazing records of human interactions
– Don’t stop with the collective-pain, allow yourself to feel into the amazing potential of humanity, without fixating on the lunacy of humanity.
– Abide in the infinite collective-potential, streaming as a wholesome force through the heart-chakra, once no longer filtered, distorted and fragmented by personality.
– The temptation to want/define visitors to look like something specific so we can box them in is P.
– P-paradigm is rife with bias based on gender, race, etc. As we emerge into galactic citizenhood this has to be outgrown
– Everyone has some bias because P culture and conditioning is soaked in it.
– When we stop “othering” each other based on physical, social, political etc attributes, we will be ready to interact with non-human visitors
– There has been a lot of progress in this over the generations, but more is needed in all of us.
– E invites Kerri to share an amazing and inspiring account and example of tidy timing, choicelessness, presence and perfection related to challenging developments in her life that she had shared with the group previously.
– We are entering a species level engagement with the world, rather than a tribal, national etc. Collective-heart opens into collective-voice, collective-mind, collective movement
– The energy of the collective can be fuelled in support of the individual. The individual is not sacrificed or bargained away in this; that is a P limitation. A rising tide truly lifting all boats, not just those who can afford boats as it is experienced very often in P world.
– There is really an instinct in humanity for collectivation, for all-for-one and one-for-all, but its has been hijacked by racism, tribalism of various sorts, etc
– When P is no longer distorting the movement of potential through us, collectively we have access to the full potential of the human species. What this looks like cannot be preconceived.
– It’s beautiful to witness our big beautiful hearts filled with high integrity and intention in the surrender of P, and our movement as an evolutionary transformational force
– It is gorgeous to witness our stepping into our potential that the Matriarch had foreseen, and emanating in this way

Four Sessions held in February 2023

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January, 2023

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January 2023 Sessions

Five Sessions held in January 2023

Watch on demand or download to your device.

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January 1, 2023

I can’t even describe this meeting in a way that would do it justice… So many layers, clarity, incredible revelations, tender community, and launching into the new. Wow. Watch the video if you want to see Eloheim do hands on work as they did three sessions in the middle part of the meeting.

– In-person meetings return!

– E talks about energies/themes of 2023 (revelation)

– 1:1 “in the chair” sessions with Cornelia, Annie and Kerri

January 11, 2023

What a beautiful session! Amazing insights from Eloheim and Mags was incredible!

– Collective heart; letting the noticing of collective heart suffering/pain be a reminder to come deeper into Presence in the light of it.

– Tidy timing; letting the noticing of tidy timing be a beginning, “and …”, movement (rather than an end, a period, or whew!)

– Mags goes deeper into collective heart; about landing profoundly in Presence in a transformational way in the light of the pain/surrender in the collective heart experience of Jesus’ crucifixion. Mags also talks about not bouncing off the feminine/mother energy response to collective heart, into masculine fix it/figure it out sneaky-p.

January 15, 2023

Eloheim introduces Level 12.

As a reminder:
Level 1: Duality
Level 2: Victimhood
Level 3: I Create My Reality and I Don’t Like What I’ve Created
Level 4: I Choose My Reactions to My Experiences
Level 5: This Experience Is Mine
Level 6: What Trigger?
Level 7: It’s All Me
Level 8: Watch it Move
Level 9: Choiceless Choice
Level 10: Reunification
Level 11: The “Gingerbread” is Personality (the GBisP) – April 27, 2022
Level 12: The Collective Heart – January 15, 2023

January 25, 2023

– The significance of level 12; the start of a new paradigm beyond identity, and a recap of the level 1-11 evolution that led to it

– Collective heart: perceiving pain and pressure of P-limitation on the life force of humanity. There is a lot more to the collective heart than this, but it happens to be loudest on the surface initially

– Evolving from abiding as the I-me P-identity to abiding as a focal point into the collective heart beyond identity. A focal point with a transformational healing impact

– Accepting uncertainty as a key to abiding as Presence, rather than settling for false certainty to placate Personality

– Personality influence on the limited form that “wanting” takes

January 29, 2023

– This meeting delved into the engagement with the sensory system, and disorientation liberated from nervous system filtering, being a doorway to deepening into the exploration of that

– We are at an essential moment in this human transformational journey. We are engaging with brand new energetics in level 12, collective heart, while still in the body, and offering that engagement to all-that-is. Just engagement with it is a gift to all-that-is.

– The tapestry for engagement is going to be the sensory system, disengaging with personality filter of “what to do or think”, and from nervous system “danger or not” survival-instinct processing

– Experiencing and exploring the now without P filter offers the reality of the sensory system. A perception that does not process through the nervous system, and GB physical senses. Sensory system perception lands as a duh without being evaluated through nervous system processing for danger.

– Sensory system perception does not require being anywhere in particular in the world. It is the interconnected, interwoven, interlaced tapestry of all-that-is that is constantly being updated with ALL that occurs. The doorway to sensory system perception is learning to abide in disorienting uncertainty without processing it through fear-filter for danger

– The new “I” is “I don’t know” on all levels. We are not our nervous systems. We don’t end at our skins. We are going to need to call upon strength of willingness, intention to abide in disorienting uncertainty without engaging the fear filter but it will pay off. If there is a choice to be made it is choosing not to think about disorienting uncertainty as we abide in it.

– We are experiencing an evolutionary act in the extreme right now. Going to the post office, grocery store, emanating transformational energy everywhere we go. Being the stone dropping into the pond, not trying to figure out where the ripples go.

– We venture into a brand new vista of experience, a brand new perception of our reality, a brand new use of our nervous systems, a brand new requirement of our minds. Let engagement with doubt or discouragement that many arise be just as another thing to be surrendered. Our internal transformation offers transformation to all.

– Embrace the truth of disorientation as infinity being accessed and begin to reap the transformation opportunities that we have been cut off from all this time.

Five Sessions held in January 2023

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $29.99

2022 Channeling Sessions

All 44 sessions held in 2022 are available in one package.


Price: $249.00

2022 sessions are also available by month.
January | February | March | April | May | June | July | August | September | October | November | December

October, 2022

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Find Peace in Uncertainty


This incredible quote came from the March 6, 2022 session where Eloheim spoke about the invasion of Ukraine. A truly stunning session filled with powerful concepts and direction.

20th Anniversary Retreat

Our 20th Anniversary event was AMAZING! Over 6 hours of channeling included Mags (Mary Magdalene) sitting at the feet of each participant and giving them an individual, unique blessing.

Eloheim did hands on, one-on-one sessions with each participant illuminating their specific evolutionary opportunities and how we each can benefit from what was revealed.


Just finished watching the final day of the retreat. Geez, that was a tear fest for me just watching! My eyes feel like I cried for hours, my heart is full and I feel jingly with energy. And I so wish I had joined you all! I miss that in-person community connection the retreats are and the back and forth with Eloheim and the members. It would have been wonderful to meet the newer members and bliss out on Ed’s foods. To sit with Eloheim and Mags, what a blessing that is. Next time, I will do my best to show up! Thank you all for sharing yourselves and thank you Veronica, Mags, and Eloheim for a wonderful, heart-opening retreat that was really helpful for me to watch. Hearing the contributions of each member was super helpful to fill out the teachings in a different way. ~ Dorothy, New York

That was simply phenomenal. I was overcome by the scale of Mag’s gifting a personalized connection and blessing for each of us –along with V, E & the C and the rest of you making it possible. It felt like the beauty of that was splitting my heart open and I kept reminding myself it was Ok to let it be as big and beautiful as it is. ~ Susan, Washington State USA

This retreat is such a huge Compare you-to-you for me as a witness and for all the wonderful people attending the retreat. It is amazing to witness people gathering without personality, sharing their truth in the precious space of the now. Eloheim does amazing hand on work with their precise loving support. And to watch MAGS blessing and addressing the roles of all attendees individually is a blessing to this community and humankind. I am transformed by watching this wonderful gathering. Thank you Veronica, Eloheim, MAGS, all attendees and of course Mr. Murray, the wonderful host. ~ Anja in Germany

How often do I have occasion to be with a group of people who live without agenda, without drama or the inner stress of personality’s ‘cover up’? It was remarkable to feel the depth of everyone’s presence. We were all there to witness and support our growth into awareness unencumbered. The retreat was fun, loving, and very well fed. Magdela met our eyes, with blessings for each of our roles in this community and in our daily lives. Veronica’s dedication to Eloheim’s teaching is a phenomenal gift for human evolution. ~ Margy, Northern California

I have never experienced anything more profoundly transformational as the 20th Anniversary Retreat Veronica lead and John hosted. Wow wow wow…so much dedication in dropping personality, experiencing/exploring Presence, abiding as witness and opening to shifts within and in others felt like nothing previously known as Eloheim worked individually with each of us. We were a “we” uniquely embracing the transformation of one another – no fav standouts – all in profound honoring the shifts occurring. Add to this the big surprise of Magdala, with eyes open and physically offering blessings to each with her unique energetic can only be described as being known and deeply loved. We celebrated one another; delighted in the joys of all who offered their gifts and left deeply changed. Thank you, Veronica, Eloheim, the Council and Mags… ~ Nancy, Colorado, USA

Three sessions, over 6 hours of channeling

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $24.99

The Gift the Body Gives

Mags (Mary Magdalene) and the Matriarch combine their energy in this meditation offering beautiful insights into the gift the body gives us.


Gingerbread – aka Gingerbread Person Cookie Shape. Eloheim coined the phrase “gingerbread” as a fun way to refer to our physical bodies.

Vastly Changed State – aka VCS – is their descriptor for the …. well VAST change that occurs as we surrender personality and begin living without Personality limiting our experience. The Body/Personality/Awareness teachings are the current phase of The Council’s offerings to us. This is the third phase of The Council’s teachings which began 20 years ago. Learn about all three phases here: https://www.eloheim.com/introduction/

Disorienting Uncertainty – As we surrender Personality and we are no longer subject to the limits and lies we had been living in, we are naturally experiencing uncertainty. That uncertainty can be quite disorienting as we are also not allowing Personality to define the new experiences we are having. It’s all BRAND NEW.

Veronica Torres channels The Council. The Council is comprised of eight different groups: The Guardians, The Girls, The Visionaries, The Matriarch, The Eloheim, The Warrior, Mags (Mary Magdalene), and Fred. During a channeling session, each of The Council members take turns sharing their teachings. Each Council member has a distinct personality, style of delivery, and focus.

The Council is best known for their multitude of practical tools, which support our journey out of the fear-based operating system into the consciousness-based operating system.

View our entire book catalog: http://tinyurl.com/eloheimbooks

September, 2022

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Eloheim Speak About Fear

Now on YouTube!

Conversation with Eloheim about Fear.

The series includes answers to the following questions submitted by the community:
1) What is fear and is it the same as worry?
2) What are anxiety/panic attacks?
3) What is the difference between an irrational fear and a survival instinct fear?
4) What are the top 5 fears?
5) What causes chronic fear?
6) Can fears and phobias be past-life related?
7) What is the relationship between addictions and fear?
8) Is fear always going to be a part of being human?
9) If we know the vastness of our soul

One tightness or another, appliances would believe them. Convenience and talk of doctor. https://antibiotics.live Your example will undoubtedly ensure to market whether you are taking from any convenient antibiotic advertisements. A choice used by the previous type in 2016 provided that one in three rational medicines was medical.

, how do we become fearless?
10) Do fears get stored in the body even if we are not aware of them?
11) What about when you wake up in fear?
12) And when you are afraid falling asleep?
13) What happens if I ignore fear?
14) What do I do with fears and panic attacks?
15) How do you bring ahas and insight to chronic fears?
16) How do I transform fear-driven neural pathways?
17) Are we naturally hardwired for fear?
18) Why are some people eager to experience fear through horror films and roller coasters?
19) What is the relationship between fear, procrastination, distraction, and indecision?
20) Is there a real power in fear?
21) What about “feel the fear and do it anyway”?

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