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October, 2018

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Four Sessions held in September 2018


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September 2, 2018

Appreciation and Gratitude

A special, in-person visitor joined the on-line meeting with Veronica and Eloheim, adding her perspective, insights, and humor to the occasion, along with helping to move the teachings forward.

Eloheim: We have been discovering new ways the Body and the Awareness interact and looking at the potential that represents. For Veronica, it looks like the physical world shaping itself around her presence. The piece that’s been missing or was ready to be enjoyed or explored pops up and fills in the picture. That void is not being filled by Personality’s bs, it’s being filled by an expression of Body and Awareness combined. That’s very different than abracadabra or vending machine. If you try to decide how it needs to look for you, you’re going to activate Personality. Be aware that you don’t unconsciously activate Personality.

So, you acknowledge the void, notice it, and step back from it. Be present in the acknowledgment, be willing to be in “I don’t know.” That’s Awareness. Here I am. And I don’t know. You say, I am present, and then see what clarity arises. I am not going to chase an answer.

What happens when Veronica is in Awareness is that she just feels happy. Others may feel appreciation, gratitude. The physical objects in your life don’t change, but your relationship to them does. “It’s all me” becomes an intense feeling of gratitude and appreciation because you’re seeing with new eyes or hearing with new ears.

The question arises, if “it’s all me,” why is it that we communicate solely with your gingerbread shape and not with your desk, for example?

Because the other things in your world, like your desk, don’t speak English. Maybe the universal translator is gratitude. It’s important not to expect the communication to be in English. It sounds like access to the “it’s all me” feelings could be gratitude, and appreciation is the translator. If you appreciate something so deeply that your experience of it changes, that’s a doorway to Awareness.

We wonder if appreciation and presence, how they [have a] very symbiotic relationship. In the sense of when I’m more present, I notice more. When I notice more and I’m more present, I’m in Awareness. When I’m in Awareness and noticing, I’m in gratitude. When I’m in Awareness and more present and noticing and in gratitude, “it’s all me.” Then the “watch it move” is experiencing the reconnection of the soul.

Things have been kept separate by Personality. We know “it’s all me,” but Personality keeps it separate, what “me” is. We’ve always had the feeling that the Field of Infinite Possibilities was your playground, and we could never understand why you guys don’t know that or experience it that way. We don’t know how to make you do this because you guys have the body. Now we see that Personality has been the decider.

Personality has been the judge, the jury, the defense, the prosecution, and the gallery in the courtroom. Personality intervenes and dictates in many ways. If Awareness has a say, things start to change. Personality can’t be the arbitrator of what counts.

We have been asked over the years how to get in touch with your guides and higher self. Well, maybe it’s not like Veronica’s experience, maybe it’s through the objects in your world. Just don’t expect the communication to be in English. Appreciation and gratitude seems to be the doorway.

So, Body and Awareness interact. Then, it’s a noticing of the void and what’s missing, and what goes in concert with it. See what’s around the edges of that void and see if you can have a different energetic around them. Use the Mad Scientist tool around those edges. What can you have a different relationship with around that void?

If you put heat under water, it’s going to boil. Because we’re connecting into Awareness, it becomes a “must occur” time, action must occur like boiling must happen to water over constant heat. Personality can’t be the power in that. You guys are going to be in a position where you are going to feel like we have felt, of holding that clarity. You’re going to be standing in the position to feel like we have felt all these years. You guys are going to be the professor, holding the place of this IS. It’s interesting to us to feel into that milestone. And, it frees us up to do something else.

The spiritual progress you make is the spiritual progress YOU make. There’s no teacher in between you and that progress. No one did it for you. You don’t feel the need to owe someone something or have to pay them back at the end. We’ll be on the sidelines clapping, as if at a sporting event, but YOU did it. No question in your mind that you did it. There’s no deity, no authority figure, no sensei, no one between you and your progress and no indebtedness for it. When you get there, you will realize why we have made this such an important idea, that of no indebtedness to anyone for your progress. You’ll feel the burden of the debt you had of other lifetimes of incurring that debt, of indebtedness to family to produce heirs or take over the family business, to patriotism obligation, to racism, to the roles you have had to play in society. All these roles have been breaking down, and you’re able to concentrate on something else.

No longer is it “I am this rigid-definition-of-self,” it has become simply “I am.” And now that has become Awareness and it’s all me. It’s a cool phase to be in.

September 12, 2018

September 12, 2018

Of late we have been focused on the shift from Personality to Awareness-forward life, Levels 7/8/9, and it is happening. It has resulted in many extraordinary experiences for Veronica, this walking through life with a different perspective not based on any outside source. We’re getting similar feedback from others.

Your gingerbread shape is what you have always called “you,” and the Kleenex box analogy of yore is what we called everything else else, when, in truth, everything around you is YOU incarnating. The opportunity now is to reconnect and evolve your relationship to your soul when it’s not showing up just as you expected. The physical world is your soul incarnated. The legitimacy is the same. Those are not just notions now.

The tricky bit is the potential for preconceived notions to dictate your experience. You’re constantly being filtered down by the Personality, fueled by the Survival Instinct. Your Personality has said, “that’s all you get.” If it were someone else, you would push back on that! It’s time to push back on Personality, and that’s been our work. The aperture that you have let yourself to see through (as if through a camera lens), however much your Personality has allowed you to see or experience, that’s been your whole life. Open up the aperture. There’s more to see and experience. Every single thing you encounter allows you to open that aperture.

Your external circumstances don’t determine your internal experience.

How does this relate to escaping the time stream? Time stops being linear and starts being experiential. You go deeper rather noticing a milestone of time passing.

For example, the ottoman is a much a part of your soul as your gingerbread self. You’re embracing the truth of that. Don’t think about that. Just say, wow, cool! Let it sink in. It’s a reunion with yourself. It’s all the same subatomic particles. Your gingerbread shape is not any more special than the subatomic particles in the shape of the ottoman. It’s all subatomic particles making up everything you encounter and are as much you as your gingerbread shape. None are more important than others. We see you as a collection, a sea of subatomic particles that just happens to coalesce into your gingerbread man shape, and as a habit, that’s all you ask for and your society reinforces because that’s all it knows. And who’s in charge of that habit? Personality.

Be open, be ready for more, and things, physically, start changing. You, as a Personality, are preferring one form of the subatomic particles over another-food or money as opposed to an ottoman-and that limits the aperture. Be careful that you don’t translate or equate the things you perceive with your wider aperture into what you already “know,” into the one way you have previously experienced. Your internal change opens doorways, you don’t open doorways so you can change.

You can’t buy evolution, and you don’t have to spend for it, either. Money has been inserted into the dynamic by the Personality and the Survival Instinct, and then those subatomic particles have been prioritized way past where it actually is valid. We don’t want money to be in between you and evolution. It still is a factor, but it needs to be in the right spot.

The thing we want for you more than anything else, the whole entire time, is freedom. Freedom from the oppression of the Personality, freedom from the limitation of believing that you end at your skin. Freedom to say, here are some subatomic particles, and now they’re grapes. And when that ability is present, will you actually need the grapes? Will you need to synthesize tangibility from the intangible or will you just say, the correct amount of nutrition is in my body?

The collective consciousness is a factor as well, but at some point you rise above it and are not as affected by it as you were. You set down the Personality and the collective consciousness and experience Awareness as a default pattern.

A question came from someone online about the doubt they had about being in Awareness. It was answered with an encouragement to count every little thing you wonder about as Awareness and to use the four steps. Underneath the surface, Personality is saying, “stop before you don’t need me anymore.” It will use whatever it can to pull you back when you get a taste of Awareness. You all are doing it this time without a sensei, a guru, or authority figure. It’s all you this time. Keep on going, keep doing what you’re doing. Notice Awareness, acknowledge Awareness.

In the beginning, we imagined you would incarnate into density and duality, in a free will zone, and once you had, you would seek a return to your whole state. With your culture with your body, with love or not, in poverty, illness, joys, and sorrows , lifetime after lifetime, you would return to this siren song that you hear deeply within you that says, there’s a way to be that I have not been. You would make time to prioritize that others think is odd, be the fringe over and over again. That you would choose and choose again to be here and do this, to continue to return back to this gossamer thread of maybe is extraordinary. And now here we are, talking about the notion that the ottoman and the grapes are the same as your physical body.

September 16, 2018

September 16, 2018
A Steady State

Currently we’re feeling into the doorway of the Body-Awareness piece. This is a priority we have to solidify by using examples and reminders. We’re solidifying that base camp as we connect into the big B-Body. As we push into that, the opportunity is for you to encounter new and old things with Awareness as your prevalent stance. This is the highest priority until that gets to be the steady state.

Asking for feedback from the group, Eloheim want to know where we are in the process. What is your assessment of the percentage of Awareness present or not fully engulfed by Personality? Seventy percent seemed to be the answer for most, or more often than not. This percentage will only get higher as you continue to focus on Awareness.

For Veronica, it is no longer a mechanical process. She experiences her day, and if Personality flares up, it’s so loud and obvious, it’s uncomfortable. Though not always a graceful navigation, she catches it and moves back into the Awareness state.

Be present and make sure not to chase down the realities that pass through your life, in a sense that life could have followed a potential path (a near accident, for example) but didn’t, Eloheim cautioned. For example, Veronica nearly hit a deer with her car. She could have followed that adrenaline rush by imagining what could have been the outcome if she had hit the deer. She didn’t choose to wander there.

While in Awareness, an optimistic wonder and feeling her body more in space-or proprioception*-is what Veronica is feeling a lot of the time these days.

(*Proprioception is the sense of the relative position of neighbouring parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement.)

The longer you stay connected to Awareness, the more often you are in Awareness, the more often all potentials exist simultaneously. We’re talking potentials here, not solutions. Being in Awareness holds the Field of Infinite Possibilities to you, and your resonance as you’re in Awareness matches energy with the potential you end up experiencing. We’re looking for a permanent state of Awareness, regardless of what occurs, not looking to match up with the best potential. Awareness begets Awareness is what Veronica is experiencing.

Eloheim and the group then spent the remainder of the meeting asking and answering questions and talking about their experiences with Awareness. Topics included marking time with consciousness Awareness experiences, being immersed in the Field of Infinite Possibilities, and setting boundaries with the Personality.

September 26, 2018

Underneath It All

Guardians: How is the energy tonight? It’s… tumultuous. There’s a big energy of transformation, a rumbling underneath and not just here, it’s worldwide as well. It creates a feeling of not quite settled so don’t go back looking for a previous settled time. Instead embrace and engage with the present tumultuous feeling rather than avoid it. You can’t have change without change. You can’t have Awareness if you want to run back to Personality as you engage with this now.

Be careful you don’t use Personality to navigate an Awareness experience. Ride the wave of transformation that you’re in. Be really careful about that. Awareness can feel nebulous, you may not be able to viscerally feel when you’re in Awareness, but you can feel when it is Personality. Recognize when you are in Personality. Anything out of Personality is a win at this point.

Visionaries: What is the vision we have for you? It is not going to benefit you to speculate or imagine or project what we’re talking about. These words are designed to wake up your connection to your Awareness. The vision is for you to encounter each now with the clarity, with ascertaining the flavor of that now. With your Awareness, allow the now to inform you of what it has to offer.

Personality has a very narrow scope, but when you come from Awareness into the now, it’s more of a 360 degree experience. Affirm, I will have this now from what it IS rather than telling this now what it is. This now shows you what it has to offer. It’s very powerful and a different way to go into the world. Who are you actually engaging when you do this? You are engaging your soul and exploring your infinite nature.

Eloheim: Happy Anniversary! We’re celebrating 16 years of Veronica’s channeling of us. Sweet sixteen! It’s been quite a journey. For us, it’s very powerful and we feel like we’re over the tipping point. You know what Awareness is and you’re committed to staying in it.

What’s a highlight for you guys? We’d like to hear your memories. Some suggested memories were: the emergence of the Council, the missing time meeting, the earthquake meeting, the different (nonphysical) visitors, the Warrior stories, the retreats, the paper bag meeting, the straw experiment, the Core Emotion sessions, the evolution of the content of the meetings from problem solving to potentials, and Eloheim yelling and cussing a lot more in the early days as a tool to shake us and wake us up from our Personality.

We appreciate all of you on this journey and it’s just starting to get juicy. We’re going into something radically new.
A little homework here: How does the Core Emotion fit in with the Body/Personality/Awareness dynamic? Your unhealed CE is constantly seeking something in ways that are not healthy and are very limited. When you’re in your healed CE you’re actually getting what your UCE is seeking. When the healed CE is activated, it feels like connecting to Awareness. How does your healed CE engage with Awareness? See how they go together. See if when you’re in Awareness, can you feel your healed CE is active? Ask yourself, when I’m in Awareness, how does my healed CE feel in this Awareness place? Maybe feel into a new description, a re-languaging of your healed CE. See what are your least favorite memories and most favorite memories when you’re in Awareness, see if they’re different than when in your UCE and where they overlap.

Warrior: (The Warrior had a very long, intricate discussion with the group during their part of the meeting which precluded the rest of the Council.)

Keep on walking your journey. It’s not over and not time to diverge. You are doing something precious. The value may not always be visible at the beginning of the journey but the value and opportunity is there even though you can’t see it. Don’t apply Personality stuff to this. Perseverance is the key. We want you to be encouraged, but we’re going to trust you no longer need the whip cracked on you these days.

The entirety of you, as an incarnated being in all the forms, is present as this planet. It is the reality of you, the big version of YOU. You are all of those things simultaneously experiencing each aspect of your soul presenting.

You encounter yourself presenting as that tree or whatever, and it is not the exact same one as others experience. Because it’s YOU you are experiencing. It’s going to become more viscerally true for you. That’s going to wake up in you more and more as you start to own “my experience of that tree is my soul presenting.” My soul interacting with my physical body. It’s a unique experience the that no one else is involved in or experiences the same. It’s a reunion with your soul. It’s time to let go of the belief that the gingerbread shape is all you have, and you have so little dominion over it and that’s all you get. (Yes, Eloheim, we know that’s how you had to do it!) You don’t even have a glimmer of the magnificence of your soul! You have no clue!

Referring back to the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey analogy we shared years ago ….Personality says you’re not playing the game like you’ve always done it, like you’re supposed to play it. Awareness says no, I’m not wearing that blindfold and not spinning around until I’m dizzy anymore or hopping over all these hazards, I’m doing it differently now.

Eventually you won’t see things as a third party anymore. And we can tell this doesn’t sink in yet. We get it. Your gingerbread man shape is your comfortable form yet the carpet is an opportunity to engage with another form, an alien form of you.

The Warrior and John explored the idea that you are ensouled by perhaps 180 “widgets” of soul out of a million and moved into discussing how the spark of your soul is existing in those subatomic particles and that you’re reuniting and engaging with it.

The spark of your soul is in the carpet, you’re engaging with it. Let it be what it is, it’s a notion until it’s not. Underneath it are the subatomic particles. The spark of your soul is underneath the subatomic particles, which means it’s in all things. The literal foundation of reality is the same for all things. Which means “it’s all you” is not just in your gingerbread shape.

At the core of the entire universe, it is all One. Underneath it all IS, animated by the IS. All That IS is not a hard concept for you guys. It has to be all the same at the bottom line.

You’re all having a collaborative, simultaneous experience but your experience is unique, like the facets on a diamond.

You do not know what happens when you engage the spark of your soul that is the carpet. And neither do we. That’s why you’re here. When you do have that “boing!” of connecting the spark of your soul that exists as a carpet right now, it will happen like dominoes for the rest of it. You will no longer be the humans that have occupied this planet for millennia. That will be absolute unequivocal evidence of an evolutionary step. So, you don’t push or force or engage with Homo sapiens, just be present and grateful with that spark you are engaging with. Let it be what it is. Let the truth of it be. Let it be your reality. Make a sentence with a period. Just let it be your reality without judging or letting your Personality take over. Any thinking is Personality. Any not thinking is Awareness.

*Note: The Warrior section was deep, expansive, and full of important information. It was too much and too deep for me to put it all in writing here (unless I transcribed the entire thing!). For a better understanding of what they spoke about, you need to listen to this meeting, likely more than once.

Four Sessions held in September 2018


Price: $24.99

Our job

We don’t tell you, “This is how it’s going to be.” What we offer you is freedom from previous limitation, illumination of limitation you were not aware of, and tips and tools and tricks and whatever we can come up with to smooth the way of you stepping into that greater version of you and leaving behind the idea that you have to live a limited life. That’s our job. ~ The Guardians Oct 24, 2018

We are here to FREE you

We are not here to shape you, we’re here to FREE you. We’re not here to say, “You need to be in this box in order to pass a test. You need to be in this box in order to be approved.” We are here to say, “Here’s another strap that’s been holding you down, here’s another way that you have been tied up in knots. Oh wait, we see this other strap that’s been uncovered now. Now that you’ve gotten those five main straps off, here’s another strap that maybe you didn’t notice.”

The Council’s job is not to shape you, The Council’s job is to free you, to inspire you, to cajole you at times into knowing, into having confidence, into believing that there’s more for you to experience that what you have experienced up until now.

~ The Guardians Oct 24, 2018

September, 2018

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August 2018 recordings available!

Four Sessions held in August 2018


Price: $24.99

August 5, 2018

Blurring the Line

We’ve been working for awhile on the Awareness teaching and getting on the same page. It’s seems like most are finding some connection to Awareness. The four steps previously described are not exact, they are general categories of progression that people seem to go through as they go from Personality to Awareness and returning to Awareness when they fall out of it. That doesn’t mean that each and every one of you have the exact same experience.

It’s about being present to the Now rather than being in the past or the future. It’s really the “This is My First Choice” or “What is True Now” tool come home to roost. It’s where you’re focusing very clearly on the current moment and acknowledging a new perception of the physical form and how it experiences the world, as well as acknowledging that fact you are in Awareness. Keep in mind that preconceived notions can block you from noticing you are actually in Awareness. Awareness has always been present, it’s just not always been dominant. Notice how it’s different, and be fascinated by the fact you are experiencing something different than you have up until now. You cannot know what Awareness will be like if you are asking Personality to tell you.

Have you been using the four steps and how has your experience been with it? “I realized that once I let go of preconceived notions, I was in Awareness much more often than I thought I was,” noted Julie. Perfect. Let go of preconceived notions, and also, try really hard not to imagine limitations.

We’re looking for the Body-Awareness dynamic being your dominant experience as you walk in this world. For years we said, projected, suspected, described the idea of the Body and the Awareness collaboration being experienced in physical form on planet Earth as It’s All Me and Watch It Move. It’s All Me is experienced internally, and the gingerbread experience of the Big B Body of Watch It Move parallels. You align and move, you bloom. Level 7 & 8 will be experienced side by side. The key is to stay in Awareness more often by doing the four steps.

You’ve dumped Personality, you’ve kept Body, and you’re emphasizing Awareness.

But I don’t think I’m in or can tell when I’m in Awareness is what we are hearing.

Some people felt that Awareness didn’t feel different enough, so they didn’t believe they were in Awareness. Using Step 3 to acknowledge the Awareness moments, no matter how small, is important. Notice and acknowledge, this is Awareness. The key is noticing how are you different in a familiar setting. It’s not the setting, it’s how you ARE as you are in it. Notice how you are different. Use that muscle that you have to not argue with the Now. That includes Personality telling you you’re not in Awareness!

The languaging around the Body piece is not our favorite but we’ll just stick with it. The blurring of the line between my body and the rest of the world is high on the list of priorities here. We’ve tried a lot of things and we’re still chewing on this. All the things we’ve done over the years to help you change in your life has never been quite as survival-instinct confronting as it is to redefine your identity beyond your skin, your gingerbread shape, and incorporating the rest of your world like we are doing now and have never done before. Being in that space of” It’s All Me” is the marketplace without the sense of overwhelm or total responsibility for what is happening in the rest of the world is where the Survival Instinct tries to insert itself. It’s All Me is NOT “it’s all on my shoulders.”

That’s the step we’re on, to experience the physical world that you previously considered not-me as viscerally you as you currently experience your gingerbread shape. That’s the goal, and we’re looking for steps to help us achieve that goal, to blur the line between the your gingerbread shape and the rest of the world.

In referencing to not skipping the now, Personality has perceived time as a linear thing in one direction only. In Awareness, your experience does not go linearly, it goes down and in, fractally. Your experience of yourself is deepening and deepening. So when you skip a now-moment, you slaving yourself to that linear line. When you value the now in Awareness, your experience actually goes down and deeper, it’s enhanced. That’s why Fred is here. They’ve done amazing things only speaking to your Personality. Now they get to talk to your Awareness. And you get to have the inexplicable experiences. The Council is snuggled in, ready to watch that show!

So, to wrap up: do the four steps. Acknowledge that you are experiencing Awareness, and as you experience, notice that it’s Awareness collaborating with the Body. No preconceived notions. Invite the collaboration to start evidencing itself in some ways. When it does, don’t talk yourself out of it.

August 8, 2018

Two Meetings in One

This meeting was chock-full of juicy bits, from a discussion of some new ideas to Earth’s incarnational cycles and humanity’s evolution and what it means to us.

Eloheim: Our main focus of late has been talking about how the Body and Awareness interact, and what it means when you discontinue having a Personality-based experience of the Body and start having an Awareness-based one.

As we journey together in this process, a couple of things popped up for Veronica. She became aware of how we may accept the now, but only in a certain way. We make up reasons why something happened because accepting the now involves a disastrous scenario or avoiding something bad. Accepting the now; then the Personality dreams up all the good reasons for what is happening. For example: Imagine you are stuck in traffic. The habit is to resist the experience and deal with it by imagining that the delay is keeping you from being in an accident or something worse happening. Personality needs to make up a story about it rather than just being present to what is. This is a good reminder that a lot of spiritual ideas and teachings are all Personality dancing with the Personality. In our community we are not going to let ourselves duel with the Personality. The opportunity here is to engage with the moment without preconceived notions. It’s the opportunity to recognize what-is as a great gift.

With the caveat that this may not happen for everybody or you might be able to modify it or find it helpful, the second thing that happened for Veronica was a visceral experience of Personality looking at Awareness (Eloheim attempted to describe it with the help of the whiteboard). She found herself standing in Personality and being able to see across a bridge, path, canal, toward Awareness and the Field of Infinite Possibilities. She noticed that it narrowed to a point, a point not open to Awareness. The path then wavered as she tried to open up the point. She practiced keeping it open, and it turned into a real physical experience. As she kept the canal open, the difference between the gingerbread shape and the rest of the world blurred, a feeling she had never had before. This generated unexpected ways of interacting with the world as well. (Listen to the audio for a better description of this complex, hard-to-explain, brand-new experience for Veronica.)

Question: How does this relate to or where it was experienced in the energy systems? A: It was more a sense of her perception of herself, her location in space, her perception of identity. When your location changes, if you move your self identity from one place to another, the construct of you changes. It felt like a stripping away. There’s no other choice to be made other than to be present, it’s choiceless choice.

What we’re doing now is finding a way that Personality’s definition of the Body is surrendered and the Awareness’s experience of Body is explored. Veronica was exploring the Awareness’s connection to Body being visceral.

Question from John: Is there a difference in how the males and the females grasp this? A: We wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a distinct difference in how the masculine mind and the feminine mind approach this information. You process information in different ways.

Awareness is so different, but it uses all the same props; it’s how you engage with it that changes. I am different in this familiar situation is how Awareness shows up. You don’t have to choose, it just happens.

A question was asked about the inability to stop thinking. A: We wonder if you can have a parallel track, two lanes. On the left side is all your normal thinking, leaving the right side to be doing something else. I’m not going to try to stop all this thinking, it can carry on, leaving this lane free to have different experiences. I’m not engaging it, instead putting my attention on the other lane. See if that will work.

Another thing, barriers have resurfaced for Veronica. Lots of old things have been popping up, asking to be worried about, as well as some “Harry Potter” imaging of what Awareness living would be like.

Awareness living is driven by a completely different set of impulses. The driving force of Awareness is rejecting the notion of the to-do list and instead, engaging the present as deeply as possible. Do you engage do-to-get or access to the Field of Infinite Possibilities? HERE is the IS that you’re in, what are you going to do with it?

We’re at the beginning of this talk. It’s a new idea: how to inhabit a physical form in Awareness, then to experience that Awareness relating to Body, and that Body is not just your gingerbread shape but all electrons. Imagine if we had said this 10 years ago! It is not small. So, we throw something out there like this, and you go huh? And we just keep banging on it. It’s a messy, beginning meeting. It’s not like we expect anybody to get it immediately. Some people quit when it’s messy and that’s okay. We’re doing the best we can, we’re pulling out different things and seeing what sticks.

Plus, we’re doing it in the most charged and connected time you’ve ever had. You’re assaulted daily by stimulus, you’re over-engaged, you don’t get to isolate, and you don’t get measurement or the promise of a reward from a deity or an external source. And we say to you, don’t think, and you wonder, how do you survive if you don’t? This is not a small request we’re asking of you! It’s enormous and unprecedented. So, if you wonder for awhile, “Am I in Awareness?” or “I don’t know what I’m doing,” that’s completely reasonable. Yeah, it’s totally confusing and yet, wonderful. It’s the freedom of living in Awareness, and people getting to match energy with you instead of you being whipped around by their level 2 stuff, and the opportunity to create an energetic that has never been on this planet in this way. No sensei, no deity between you and the experience you’re having. We don’t even want to come between you and your evolution.

What that means is that anybody can do it. It strips away, doesn’t require other accoutrements to live in Awareness. At the end of the day in this evolutionary process, we want this just to be you. Nothing between you and this experience.

This led to a discourse on the long-term ambition for Earth and how Eloheim had to ramp up the Survival Instinct to get humans to stay on the planet. Eloheim continues: It not only affects your human-self, but your soul-self as you go through this experience. You engaged with this process because you knew it would generate significant growth for your soul. You said, “I’m going to set aside all I know as a soul and embody a human form in a free will zone, in density and duality, and I’m going to see what happens.” And down the road, I’m going to recover my infinite and immortal Awareness, and embody and experience that in physicality, rather than in the amorphous soul-self that you normally are. If that means you have to work a little bit to get in Awareness, okay. That’s the bigger picture.

Eloheim took us through the evolution of the many incarnational cycles we have experienced on this planet up to where we are now and asked us to place what we are currently doing in the vast scope of what we have already done and felt over hundreds of lifetimes. Eloheim: What we are doing is not actually not that big compared to all of them, your numerous incarnations. It’s giving you such juicy assets to your soul-self. Not only is it you as a soul, it’s you as a galactic citizen, it’s you as an emanational force. You are a gift to life. Everything you’re learning right now, your soul is using in other lifetimes, in other places. This place is an incubator for such profound evolution, and it feeds into your soul right now.

August 19, 2018

At the Gates of Disneyland

In the last meeting we drew a picture on the whiteboard and apparently, confused many of you. Part of it was because it was brand new and part of it was we were trying to verbalize something that was only visceral. We used to work out how to talk about these things with Veronica ahead of time and now that we no longer communicate with her in that way, we do it here, together.

It’s important to remember that just because Veronica experienced something one way does not mean the rest of you will do it the same way. It may or may not make any sense to you. That’s fine, step up and say, “this is where I’m at, this is where I feel stuck or not feel stuck.” Maybe even ask for help from us with it.

Once more pulling out the whiteboard, Eloheim drew what they now are calling a hallway, a T-shaped hallway, and they talked more about Veronica’s experience. This hallway gives her an instantaneous read on situations. The end of the hallway, the top of the T, is indicative of the Field of Infinite Possibilities, and how far she is down the hallway lets her know where she is in relation to the moment. Being in the top of the T has her letting go of all limitations and expectations and feeling vulnerable – all while standing in the Field of Infinite Possibilities. She’s not on solid land there. Homo spiritus is not on solid land. It’s the big unknown. A state of “I don’t know.” It just IS. Personality is not driving the show, looking for answers. You’re in Awareness. It’s choiceless choice. You’re just being here.

Awareness is not transactional, it’s experiential. So there’s no “vending machine” and far less adrenaline in Awareness. Notice and acknowledge every little bit of Awareness that you experience. Value it.

Asking for input and feedback, Eloheim then interacted with the group. Feedback helps move the teachings forward since we no longer have an agenda for each meeting.

There’s a lot of limitation that you guys experience that will no longer apply as you experience Awareness. There’s a ton of ways that you experience limitations in your day-to-day life that will fall away.

We feel like we’re standing at the gates of Disneyland, waiting for them to open, ready to show the wonders of the park to someone who has never been there before. We say, dude, you have no idea what’s going to happen! And we’re thrilled to show you.

All the teachings over the years have been to build up muscles to help keep you in Awareness when we get there. We are there. You know the teachings and the tools, and now we’re getting to use them in a different way.

Remember we told you many years ago you would move from aha to aha, bliss to bliss? Well here it is. Clarity arises out of the Field of Infinite Possibilities, and you move from aha to aha. It may not be all the time, but you are experiencing it.

Someone remarked that they were having a hard time concentrating and another said they can’t remember anything in the meetings anymore. Eloheim: That’s because we’re talking to your Awareness, and Personality is the one who does the concentrating. You’re in “I don’t know.” What if you just ARE with whatever you’re experiencing? Does that create that jeopardy within you or are you just taking it in in a different way? We can tell you’re perceiving the energetics we put out more than you used to and are not simply hearing the words.

*Sidenote from this writer: Now I get why I hear something in the meeting, go to pause the audio so I can write it up and promptly forget what they just said!! It takes me far longer to write these up than it used to!

August 22, 2018

First Awareness to Awareness Meeting

Guardians: The energy of the room feels nice and clear. Part of what you’re working on is catching when you’re in Personality, catching and then opening to more, expanding to what you want more of. Notice and expand the Awareness part.

Visionaries: Speaking of the idea of opening to the Field of Infinite Possibilities in new ways, that’s where you all are, you are hovering on the edge of it as you engage in the FACT of Awareness. “I am experiencing Awareness in this now, that is who I am now, that is how I live now.” That is fantastic.

The journey where you start to feel you’re in Awareness is where you focus now, rather than focusing on what you need to drop or limit. Awareness building on Awareness. Focus on the Awareness part by being present, connecting with the fact of experiencing Awareness becomes so important to you that that is where you put your focus. You don’t dance and dally with Personality, you just turn into Awareness and expand on that. You have Awareness present in every now, the mixture varies, grab the Awareness part and expand on it.

Eloheim: If you have some Personality and some Awareness, in the past you would focus on dealing with the fact you noticed Personality. Tonight, there’s a new opening in each of you, where you focus on and muck around in the part that experiences Awareness. This is good news that we’re able to see that energetic clearly. In every now there’s Awareness, and I don’t want to dance with Personality anymore and instead will focus on the Awareness part. This is a huge breakthrough for you.

Veronica’s reveal of her project is great. How do your gifts move in the world? How do you show up? A container for you to move in the world in new ways has to happen. It’s a way for your “Watch It Move” to move. Clarity and integrity driven by Awareness.

John then asked a question revolving around money and Eloheim talked for a long time about how the Body is responding to Awareness, and how it has the potential to dislodge you from the time continuum. One way this may show up is by you no longer trading hours for dollars.

Warrior: We are really enjoying this Awareness to Awareness conversation as we waited in the wings. It is an Awareness-milestone meeting you are having right now. Something is shifting and it’s being acknowledged through our Awareness connection to you.

As time goes on, when you review that story we told you years ago, you will get more out of it. It’s also us saying, we want to talk to your Awareness, we see it. We were trying to wake your seemingly sleeping Awareness. Now, as we speak to your Awareness, it changes our relationship from teacher or drill sergeant to comrade. We collaborate and accomplish together. We like this change. It’s a most excellent shift.

Girls: This has been a fun night! It’s a big night that’s been brewing. You have been working on it. We don’t have to remind you to love yourself, the temptation to do that is so much less. It’s a liberation from our role as well. Your Awareness is dominating this Now and there isn’t better news we can give you!

Fred: You certainly got the whole Council stirred up. We’re spending the entire meeting speaking to your Awareness. Did it feel different? It’s the beginning. We have marked it on the calendar. As we engage Awareness to Awareness we have the opportunity to delve into the Field of Infinite Possibilities. It’s not the time yet, we need you to bask in that and hold and pump up those moments of Awareness that you have. When Personality pops up, set it down. We need you to come back to us next time at least where we are ending tonight, if not even more saturated in Awareness.

Matriarch: On nights like we especially enjoy going last. We got to bask in the energy. This transition doorway is so big and beautiful and we couldn’t be more thrilled. The entire Council is abuzz.

Before the meeting, I spoke about my new project (being created with Liz and Terri) called Everyday Expertise. I will have loads more information about this coming soon. Eloheim speaks about it during the meeting as well.

Four Sessions held in August 2018


Price: $24.99

August, 2018

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My Birthday, Your Gifts!!!

Wow! I’m 50!!!!!
I don’t actually feel any older than I have for years now and with my hip/back doing so much better, I feel stronger than I have in a long time. So, this birthday isn’t really about that…

What I find it’s about is reflecting on the people in my life. Feeling such a sense of gratitude for the amazing companionship I have.

I also find myself reviewing all that we have done with Eloheim. In our most recent meeting, Eloheim told us all about the different phases we have gone through in our Earth incarnations and talked more about why we are here. They explained how what we do here on Earth is a not just evolving our human form, but actually generating evolution for our souls as well!

Our journey with the Body/Personality/Awareness teachings is now focused on the Body/Awareness connection. It’s truly amazing to SEE Levels 7-9 play out in my life. I remember very clearly when the Levels teaching was first introduced and how Level 9 seemed like something from another galaxy!! Yet here we are. WOW!!!

All in all, a profoundly powerful time both in the teachings and in my personal journey!

OK ENOUGH REFLECTION!!! Let’s get on to the fun!!
Much love to you,

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Volume two’s 16 tools help you to live as a creator of your life by illuminating your relationship to the moment. This will empower you to create the life you have always dreamed of.

Volume three includes 15 tools to help you learn to fully take responsibility for your reactions to your creations thus living the life of a creator. The tools fall into four categories: • Readiness for change • Managing your energy • Seeing things a new way • New relationship to money

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Many Blessings to you,
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July, 2018

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Body Personality Awareness Teachings Continue

The BODY PERSONALITY AWARENESS teachings continue to evolve!!!

These meetings are STUNNINGLY POWERFUL and feature the first channeling of the Scout.

June and July’s files are now available.


March, 2018

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Dec, Jan, Feb Recordings AVAILABLE Now!

We have had such a powerful winter with Eloheim and The Council. Catch up today!

The “Phd Program” started in November. Read about that here.
It continued in December and January.
In February I channeled in a non-English language for the first time ever WHILE doing hands on healing! Meet THE HEALER here.

December, 2017

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FLASHBACK October 2012

The run up to the end of 2012 was a powerful time for our community. Listen to four of the October 2012 meetings FREE. A gift from me to you!

2012-10-03 ~ 117 minutes

During this session, Eloheim did a mini session with each person asking two questions:

Where is the place within you that you are not allowing for transformation?
What is the thing you wish we would say to you?

The answers were so revealing and powerful. The session lasted nearly two hours and was 95% Eloheim.

Audio player

2012-10-10 ~ 90 minutes

The meeting focused on giving your attention to what is new within you. Using the ladder to get out of the hole, but understanding that it may not be easy and there may be fear.

The Guardians: Go inwards. Don’t miss the opportunity available now. Grab it. Take 100% responsibility for everything in your life. Don’t think you can do things the old way and get new results. Chaos is here. You’ve been in a higher vibration, the ripples of that, your emanations, are coming back now. This requires even more consciousness, more discipline, more focus.

The Visionaries: This is a serious time frame. Take it one step at a time but state: “I want to live in the world in a new way.” Ask for insight for/about what is right here. Don’t fret !!

Eloheim: Started with the exercise: select 10 ads at random and see what they bring up in you, including underlying assumptions and messages. A simple exercise that cuts through the crap, and opens up possibilities and casts the net wide. Let go of certainty and try new things in a fun way. Get out of the corner. You don’t know anything because you’ve never been the “now” you before. Eloheim described a circle, with the new version of you being a thin sliver of the circle, maybe 10%. THAT is where you focus your attention, to the new opening, to what is different. The rest of the circle, the 90%, is the habitual you – stress, habits, judgments.

Fred: Seize the day! Grab it! Show up. Say, “I want to have what you can give me.” Say, “I won’t think that thought again, esp. the ‘I can’t’ thought.” Because you CAN. Find the toehold up the ladder, and pull up. Fred did a fun impression of a zombie, and noted that “outcome” is a poisoned vial. “I want to be in the new part of me right now.”

The Girls: Continued discussing the reality of fear in this process and noted it is not an excuse. The only reason you don’t change is that you don’t want change. “Where’s my mistaken perception of this moment?” Don’t expect easy. When you attempt to change your life, stuff will come up.

The Warrior: Talks about when he “seized the moment” by agreeing to stay with Mariana because of the fierce power of this woman, who knew her truth and stayed in her center. A centered willingness to be vulnerable – open. Be willing to see yourself in a new way. Sit in “what is true now” which is much more interesting than being in outcome. In your center, any discomfort you feel can be attended to.

The Matriarch: Noted the beauty of the “Warrior being soft AND stronger than ever.” Be in the moment.

Audio player

2012-10-24 ~ 87 minutes

What’s your favorite part of being human? Eloheim asked each person that question. The answers and Eloheim’s insights really offered a new way of looking at things.

(Before the meeting, attendees were in-joy watching the Giants win the first World Series game. This inspired the Council to change their plans and instead address the subject of Joy).

Guardians: There are delights of being human. You have the opportunity to fill the empty space with joy, rather than with fear, habit or distraction.

Visionaries: Sports are a great example of what duality looks like. When your team is doing well, there is a feeling of community and oneness. But what does “losing” bring up in you? You can choose to have a non-dualistic experience in a dualistic environment. “If I cannot be in neutral observation about this, then what CAN I be here?” Choose a new relationship to the non-preferred side. Choose to incorporate both outcomes without bringing up a trigger in either direction.

Eloheim: Eloheim asked everyone at the meeting: “What’s your favorite thing about being human?”

If being in nature is one of your favorite things, and it opens your heart, then imagine yourself in nature when talking to others. If you’re feeling down, ask: “What am I choosing to witness?” When you get caught up in the day-to-day, ask what you can bring in – that you love about being human – and put your attention there. Give to yourself first. Emanation is powerful. The more emanation you offer to the world – being in your truth – the more everyone can ascend.

Looking for Oneness: First, make space for the fact that it is true. “I know I’m connected to everything else somehow.” You probably won’t feel Oneness, but acknowledge the fact of it, and deal with any fears that come up. Self-center. Second: relax into it. Let go of thinking you can know Oneness in an intellectual way. When you get a juicy taste of Oneness and connection, just be with it.

In Ascension, you’ll be more human, not less. You’ll enjoy more and feel more, because your Soul will want to experience more. Souls are very matter-of-fact. They don’t have worries. The Soul is forthright, fun and very sensual. So connect with what you feel passion about. Emanate and magnetize. Your Soul is right there, ready to connect. And when you have an experience of Oneness, understand that it is not reproducible or even explainable, but it is very real. Stop talking yourself out of things, out of what you experience. Acknowledge it. Write it down.

Homework: Ask, “Where am I standing in my way today?” Then compare it to “what’s my favorite thing about being human?” How are they the same, and how are they different? Seize the moments you have – to experience the things that you want.

Audio player

2012-10-31 ~ 115 minutes

Guardians: This is chaos time, crunch time. So what do you do? You monitor yourself. You stay in the eye of the storm. You give the offering of your clarity, of your consciousness. It is all internal; you can never make a change outside of yourself. What gift will you give to this world? It is making that request of you. Are you going to contribute to the chaos or to consciousness? You have to deliberately take the reins of the horses. You can choose to be brave, courageous, forthright, centered, grounded, ready. Every moment will give you a new opportunity.

Visionaries: These last two months of 2012 are about getting rid of what you no longer need. 2013 will be about knowing the more of you but, first, you still need to clear much away. It’s discipline time. “I REFUSE to give in to unconsciousness, to linearity, to duality, to old ideas, to limitations. I refuse to be distracted by that thought again; I refuse to say ‘I can’t have.’ I refuse to believe that I have no connection to my Source.” Just refuse. If there’s static in your life, look it straight in the eye. Your desire for insight is the only thing that will take you someplace new.

Eloheim asked, “What keeps you from knowing the you that we know?” As a human, you have tons of layers, like wearing stacks of clothes, that obscures who you really are underneath. “What do you think your heaviest layer is? What gets most in the way of you knowing You?”

Some exchanges: Ways to deal with thoughts and chatter. The problem of “should”. The issue of difficulty in taking up space; not heard, not seen, not allowed. The issue of control: “What am I trying to control, and why?” The issue of “I can’t.”

How do you feel about You? In Expansion, there are no rules. The real You is bigger than any box you’ve been given.

Audio player

November, 2017

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Eloheim’s Greatest Hits!

This year I have so much to be grateful for especially after the fire and everything that followed.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how Eloheim’s teachings gave me so much strength during that time. Their work really does empower me and so many others. Many of the teachings are tucked into the variety of books I’ve published. All of the teachings are documented in the archives.

I thought it was a great time to bring out some of those teachings and shine the spot light on them once again.

We will start with the “Four Weeks on Fear” meetings.

This string of four meetings are Eloheim Classics!!! All you ever wanted to know (and more) about evolving your relationship to fear!

FREE for you to listen to at your leisure.

Please join our Facebook Group to share your experiences with these teachings!

Many Blessings,

Week 1

Audio player

Audio download

FEAR. What it is and what the body does with it.
Fear of getting dead or the body ceasing to function.
Where are your fears of getting dead running up against your body’s survival instinct?
Eloheim asks each member of the group to speak about their current fears.

Questions answered in this meeting include:
I want to transform my relationship and I am afraid of my husband.
I’m afraid I will be beset by robbers and being injured.
I have hurt myself very badly and I need to not go to the doctors because I know they wouldn’t allow me to heal.
Fear of not getting well even when experiencing wellness.

My body is afraid.
Fear and DNA, healing your lineage.
My fear is that I won’t walk normally again and I will be experiencing longterm bone and nerve pain.
I have been trying to get clear about what my fears are.
Fear of not being able to handle whatever comes up in the moment.

Being comfortable in the journey of transformation.
Excitement fear, am I ready for what’s coming?
Fear of not doing enough.
Tarot cards and meditation.
My ‘check engine’ light came on.

Week 2

Audio player

Audio download

Continuation of the discussion of fear from previous meeting. Eloheim introduced a new concept: the fear freeway.
On being a light worker.
Fear is a choice.
The payoff for living consciously.
Adrenaline junkies.
Questions answered in this meeting include:
Can we find the body’s fear switch so that we can turn off the fear and open to all possibilities?
How to override the survival instinct when getting pulled over?

Feeling the other side.
The other crayons in the box.
You have the golden ticket.
Look for the aha!

Is there a picture on how we can rewrite the neural pathways?
Acknowledge it before you can heal it.
I want to create a different life for myself.
Why the twelve step program works.

Week 3

Audio player

Audio download

Eloheim recaps the topic of fear and invited everyone present to dialog about how they are re-experiencing fear.
Topics covered in this meeting include:

Fear is a static attachment to a moment in time. Very do-able new habit.
A lot of the pain in my body has been from terror but if I notice it my shoulders can drop.
The day goes by and I don’t notice that I’ve accomplished anything and I get mad at myself.
Ego is getting more interested in a life purpose.

When you say mind are you talking about the brain?
CFO for non-profit. Excited that I was going to be my grown up self in this meeting. I knew I wouldn’t be perfect but I knew I was going to show up and feel like I was conscious.
Event happened. I felt like I had choices instead of the past but not being able to see the choices.
I have the experience of being more fear than not. Gut wrenching fear. A lot of it is around judgment coming back to self worth.

I have all the fear plus I have pissiness.
Sometimes when I feel like I’m too focused on my growth I’ll just veg out.
Part of the pain is about becoming awake about our actions?
Maui month “working on it” numerous fears. If trip fails, then what am I going to motivate myself with? Goes on with list of fears. This trip has been my reason for living. Housing, money, what if I hate it there.
Would it be useful for me to make a list of all my fears? They’re all over the place.

In this clip, they describe two different fear patterns.
This clip is especially interesting as you can see how Eloheim develops a concept and then build on it as the meeting continues.

Week 4

Audio player

Audio download

Our interest in adrenaline in elation and in survival mode.
What to do when the fight or flight response kicks in.
What to ask oneself when presented with fear.
How to stay present during a fear based situation.
A brief summary on where we’ve been and where we are headed.

Questions answered in this meeting include:
Being grateful for the lesson.
Eloheim asks each participant ‘What’s the aha here’?
I feel like I’m under the adrenaline rush all the time.
I’m actually okay in this moment. Things are going well because of the consciousness that I do in everything in my life.
I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Crayon names are interesting now as well. “Happier ever after” instead of brick red.
I realized that I go into an adrenaline rush every time I have to speak in this group. I don’t know what to say.
Eloheim defines thought and insight.

It’s a conscious choice to allow for the aha?
What about when you’re at work? Linear thinking happens there.
Time on your hands, I feel like I have to fill it.

I’m grateful to see myself making progress. Parking of the car. Space is right where I needed it. Since my accident I have been more in the moment.
Body rushes and expansion. At the same time body feels like shit. Things that are happening now would have scared me in the past but now I feel like I’m practicing. I’m in awe of life at this point.

I think of it as breaking energetic ties and there’s a rebound. There’s an additional response.
I’m stuck in this fear. Looking at old photographs and putting things away. Crayons.
I don’t seem to have a lot of adrenaline fears but I do have fear and I have to recognize it. They’re not as obvious. I work around them so they don’t go to adrenaline fears.

For me it’s just like being pushed in the corner that I just don’t like.
I have both kinds of adrenaline going over the last few weeks. I’m not being in neutral observation.
I’ve had some incredible connection experiences happening but no real aha’s.
I’m tired, uninterested, lack of motivation.

October, 2017

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2017 Cruise Recordings

Cruise Recordings

Five hours of channeling

We had an amazing experience on this trip.

I was evacuated due to the fires five days before I left on the cruise. Right now my house smells and feels like I have been camping (with all of my stuff) for a month! Plus, there’s so much to put away that was thrown in the car both for the evacuation and the trip. It’s a MESS!

My home and my cat are both safe. 28.5% of the Sonoma Valley burned.

I’m in the middle where it says Boyes Hot Springs

Then I did this….it was surreal for the first few days and then very healing

The first channeling covered all of our reactions to the fire and began the teachings for the retreat. INCLUDING the theme for the year!!!!

On the second day, we started what E is calling the “Ph.D program.”
E introduces and incredible new process that I know you will love!

On the third day, we continued the Ph.D program and also heard from the Warrior and the Matriarch.

Includes two bonus channelings!

Price: $39.99



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