Three Sessions held in June 2019

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June 12, 2019

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Progress All Around!

The energy is definitely different! There’s an interesting thing that happens on the flip side of an event. This is our first gathering since the weekend retreat, and we have a guest, and that opens up opportunities for the sense of doorway to be bigger and louder. It gives us an opportunity to converse with you Awareness to Awareness.

We’d be interested if anyone wants to give a follow up on your retreat experience.

-Randy spoke about her experience with her daughter moving out, knowing it was the right move and wanting to support that, yet feeling a lot of emotions that came up around it. Eloheim had told her to not let Personality fill up that space that had been cleared out at the retreat. Supermom is done, the relationship is new.

-John felt it was kind of more a confirmation of being on the right path. And he noted how much he enjoyed the camaraderie of the event. Also, he was reminded to keep pushing to see what happens when watching games on television.

-Sasha is more relaxed about things though, at times, the “vengeance scenarios” do pop up. Eloheim said now he knows that it is Personality creating them. And so you catch it. Personality used to be so invisible, and now you catch it in the act. Now we want to catch it before it comes in the door until it doesn’t interact with you at all.

-Tiffany brought up the on-line, follow-up chat they had after the retreat and how that had helped her drop some things. I’m going to stop trying, she said, and now all these new things are coming up.

-Donna talked about watching games on television mainly because there are others around who watch them. Her Personality always enjoyed jumping into the game and now it’s not nearly as much fun sitting back in a detached way. Eloheim said being so invested in the ups and downs is not “fun” and that you can delight in the skill and be fascinated by how it unfolds instead of being deeply invested in the outcomes. We want to say to you, “be present.” Know what it is that more interesting to you for you to be there and why you’re in this now. Donna also brought up that she’s made good progress with her husband without all those “ups and downs.”

Eloheim: Progress all around, and not small progress!

One of the reasons that we are committed to getting to the point of speaking Awareness to Awareness to you is because then we can activate the Big B-body and see how it looks to be incarnate on planet Earth walking along having the Big B-body be in your dominion. We’re not talking about using the abracadabra, Harry Potter b.s. to affect your external world. We’re talking about when you know that moving the kleenex box with your mind (a past retreat discussion) is actually a parlor trick and that is not what we’re doing. As you move into the Awareness state on a steady basis, there’s going to be a strong tendency to have Personality reassert itself as it tries to tell you how to navigate the unusual things occurring with your Awareness state.

Don’t fall asleep here, we’re programming your field for Awareness to be alive in you because it’s been just a notion up until now. Can you feel it? We’re talking over it while the process is unfolding. We’re entering in between the second and third chakras where Personality is not paying attention and kind of filling it up like a lattice, up and up, and smoothing and realigning your energy systems to support a non-Personality dominant navigation of this new energetic. This will help your energy systems hold that Awareness focus and kind of take a little turf back from Personality. This is the kind of stuff we do to Veronica all the time. It doesn’t matter if you can feel it or not.

We’re just marveling over the progress you guys have made in the last month or so. When you are interacting with the physical world from Awareness, what becomes very evident is that you are no longer experiencing something that is other than you, it becomes visceral to you that is no longer outside of the gingerbread shape.

In the past we have tried to push this idea of “you’re the ottoman” on you. So now the new way is-the place of my sense of “I” then becomes “it’s all me.” It’s a languaging difference to activate the sensory system as the interface. You’re using your thinking to assign your brain a healthy job. We invite you to replace any sentence in which you use “I” with Personality instead. Then replace it with it’s all me and watch it move. For example: I am (my gingerbread body is) in the house. Personality is in the house. Then, it’s all me, watch it move in the house. Watch it move in relation to this. You’re experiencing and exploring from a different perspective.

A new person asked about what we’re doing here in this group? Eloheim described how the planet and the humans have been evolving. When the planet was set up as a free will zone, humans incarnated using just a teeny tiny bit of their soul to animate the human form in density and duality and then attempting to achieve an enlightened state eventually. In the beginning there wasn’t much of a survival instinct and humans would bail on the first night of trouble. It’s hard to hold any evolution into the next incarnation that way so we had to increase the survival instinct. Now it has changed. There’s a huge amount of personal freedom and an ease of living in this culture and an unprecedented amount of availability to evolve. We’re pushing the envelope.

We’ve been working diligently with this specific group of people trying to change the way this incarnational cycle works: going from Homo sapiens driven by the survival instinct and fear to Homo spiritus, to where clarity is what drives you. We don’t get in the middle of it, we don’t drive you, we don’t lead you, we invite you. There’s no promise for how it turns out. It’s dropping Personality as we chip away at the blocks to Awareness, and the subtle urge to follow clarity arises. It’s a reunification with it’s all me.

This led to a much longer and super interesting group discussion of this Earth experience.

The clouds are parting, people, and will engage your soul’s perspective without using the old structures.

Start to do that word substitution of “I” for Personality and then replace Personality with it’s all me.

June 16, 2019

Navigating Around Others in Personality

Veronica first spoke about the many invitations she receives to participate in online programs and how she felt about them. Recently she received two email invitations that brought up defensive reactions, reactions into which she dug deeper. She discovered that much of the invitations she received felt like she would be doing them for an outcome rather than out of clarity, and that means they were not for her to do. The new language around Personality and Awareness made it clearer that all those projects were outcome driven. And outcome can be so subtle.

Eloheim: We like that Veronica shared that, it can be helpful to see the process that she goes through. And she recognizes that it probably isn’t all worked out yet. It’s a work in process.

It was requested that we look at some of the challenges when you’re trying to awaken or work with Awareness when you’re surrounded by those deep into Personality. This is understandably a challenge. It’s very easy to be tempted to match Personality to Personality and be overwhelmed by Personality due to the increased sensitivity to it. It’s not unusual to be knocked off center because this is so new or to be mean to yourself because you did get knocked off. Don’t expect it to be easy. Any of that is b.s. Sometimes any little doubt you have is magnified by the fact that you’re making this big change into Awareness, and it’s not that easy to do!

Responding with Personality to Personality is never going to get the job done. Responding with neutrality at a minimum is important, and then if possible, get into Awareness. So, noticing, recognizing the temptation, knowing that is not the correct path, and then finding a way to be present. One those ways is to not want it to be different that it is, or what is, is, and finding what is right for you by modifying something. Or disengaging completely.

Outcome is part of the system. Are you present to the moment or are you already off center, off into the outcome. Are you in the car or are you picturing yourself in the store while you’re transmitting your body there? What if you pulled all that into just being present? You were bathed in outcome from the moment you were conceived until now, driven by the survival instinct (i.e. I just breathed again). It’s not wrong, it just means it is an extraordinarily limited version of everything. And that you’re ready to let go of that limited version of life.

Remember, you don’t have to dig into what’s going on in your life or your body using Veronica’s methods. She has a great energetic memory for when she last felt a certain way but admits to not having a trivia type of memory. You have to do this process in your own unique way.

Awareness is this intangible yet experiential, revolutionary difference in Being that happens on the inside, and a lot of the time the ways it connects to the tapestry of Awareness is not visible to others. So, there can be a strong temptation to explain to others how you’ve been transformed from the inside out that has not been proven to work well. Internally, it’s drastically different yet if you look at your life from the outside, nothing has changed.

You can have the Field of Infinite Possibilities despite what Personality tries to tell you. You have to do some work to get there. Be present, catch sneaky Personality, allow clarity to arise even if it’s subtle, give it value, find those doorways that work, and don’t let Personality take over or take charge. When Personality says you’ll mess everything up if you try to do this thing while in Awareness, you say, I see you Personality, and I pass.

June 26, 2019

Full Council: Take Out “I”

Guardians: Looking at the energy tonight. It feels really good, it’s lively, the FIP feels stirred up. You might be having a small earthquake soon, not a large one, simply a release of transformational energy. (Earthquake did happen shortly after this prediction.) The earth is just having a “fart.” Look at it as an opening to new possibilities, a release of potential, of a contraction that no longer needs to be held. It’s an energetic process as well as a geological process. When we talk about it’s all me, we’re not just messing around!

Visionaries: Veronica assigned us a job, a topic to talk about, because Eloheim came up with something else. Thank goodness it’s a good one!

Let’s imagine a spectrum, Personality on one side, Awareness on the other. Levels 1-6 on the Personality side, and Levels 7-10 on the Awareness side. It’s very easy to fall into a trap on the Personality side. Your experience of something is very much an improved version of Personality, super close to not being Personality, but it’s still Personality. It’s all still filtered by Personality. Remember it’s not about answers or engaging with whether you’re doing well. You’re engaging with a completely different perspective. How do you get in Awareness? By noticing when you’re still in Personality. We’re not settling for a super-close-to-Awareness or it’s-not-as-bad-as-it-used-to-be Personality.

Instead of coping with what’s going on when you or be tempted to dally with Personality, use your doorway to Awareness. Get present with the now and let the clarity of the now bubble up. Get into the now about the thing with which you’re currently engaged. Not freaking out is not good enough, it’s still Personality.

The most pure form of Level 6 is still Personality. How do you know? Some version of limitation is being presented to you. You’re still engaging with questions and answers.

Eloheim: This morning we were having one of our infamous chats with Veronica. We’re always looking for doorways for you guys, to shake up Personality’s firm grip on you.

One of the old ways was “stop making you-statements and start making I-statements instead.” It was really powerful noticing how people put a cushion between themselves and the experience they’re viscerally having. It’s a whole different experience when you own it. Now we’re going to tell you to stop using the word I. (laughter) Veronica recognized that when she said “I need to do the dishes,” she could feel herself shrink from a broad sensory system into a much smaller perspective of self. We said, “who is this ‘I’ you speak of?” She realized that using “I” made her feel much smaller; it felt like a contraction out of the field into habit, a narrow perspective of self. And “need to” felt like something she was being bossed around by. Let’s take the word “I” out of the sentence completely, and instead, experience and explore. The dishes are dirty. Now you’re in a relationship with the dishes. What if she took the word “I” out of every sentence she could? So, she had to rewrite every single Facebook post she attempted to write. It became a statement, an observation, rather than a notice-me, outcome place. They read completely different. When she took the “I” out of the sentence, it became a connection, a choice, a relationship by being present to it rather than a to-do. It shifted her perspective and became a doorway out of sneaky Personality.

The invitation is not to drive yourself crazy by taking “I” out of every sentence. It’s a way to notice that “I” tends to inject Personality into every dynamic. If you let I-statements run, you are on the track to Personality. Be in relationship to the subject you are talking about, be present to it, and let clarity be the motivational force for engagement.

A question was asked about emotions and the Personality/Awareness connection. What we are hearing is that when your emotions are activated, you’re not sure how that relates to Personality and Awareness. Typically, emotional states are about outcome. First step is to check in where am I in this, where’s my center? The future, the past? We suspect it’s not in the present. The invitation is when you feel these strong emotions to check in with where you are when they are happening.

A new attendee asked questions that provoked a long and fascinating discussion concerning language and meetings without words, or “emanational” meetings, a topic brought up but never deeply explored before. An emanational meeting is about case studies. It’s about”it’s all me” and sharing experiences and explorations with the rest of the group without words and about changes in stances and templates. It’s more visceral. It would “add a page” to each of your books that you could use, add something more for your “it’s all me” to absorb.

Warrior: (laughter) Eloheim gave the Visionaries a job and they’re still bitching about it! They had to work extra hard outside their own role, and didn’t get to cover their own topic!

You are very diligently seeking a steady Awareness experience. In order to have a steady Awareness experience, you have to catch yourselves when you’re not! Catch yourself when you’re almost, but not in Awareness. You must be more fierce about this. Don’t settle. Don’t settle for almost or sometimes. Stand up for who you actually are. We have taught you better than that!

When you’re in a battle, when that is your truth, it doesn’t matter how afraid or confused or bleeding you are, none of that matters. It can’t. What matters more? Typically, it’s running towards the ones who want to kill you. That’s what you have to motivate yourself to do here.

When you find yourself fatigued in facing Personality, remember your battle could be with someone trying to kill you or take your land! You don’t need that much pressure on you to facilitate transformation. It’s more subtle. It’s “I cannot surrender to Personality’s fixation on me!” I cannot surrender to habit. You’ve had scarier battles. This one is more subtle. You have to force your focus. You’ve taken on a mightly challenge and you must be the motivating force and the one who keeps it steady. There’s no guru, no sensei, no arrows this time. Only you can approach it with a warrior mentality. You were taught well, and you want it.

Girls: The Warrior got all riled up! They’re not wrong though. Consistency is the name of the game. Succeed every once in a while. You have to do it every once in a while and celebrate. Getting rid of the “I” word-if you do it once a day, you’ve done something. Don’t make yourself crazy. The point is to get Personality out of the way, to shift your focus and change your neural pathways so that Awareness is louder. You’re re-evaluating how you identify yourself. Your identity is almost exclusively Personality-until it’s not. Owning that and transforming it is what we’re about, right?

You’re doing so well. The difference from even a few months ago is amazing. If you can’t or don’t celebrate your progress, celebrate someone else’s progress! Any or all that you catch you should celebrate.

Fred: You got Eloheim talking about some out-there stuff, huh? Emanational meetings. Let’s see if we can add to that.

Part of the reason we don’t have emanational meetings is because it doesn’t yet feel part of the realm of possibilities. Why? Personality. Talk about something extraordinary and see what comes up. “Oh, but….” Personality. If you’re having a hard time with the difference between Personality and Awareness, talk about something that feels like a dream and watch what comes up. Feelings, thoughts, emotions, the hope. P! P! P! Or perhaps it’s, this subject/idea/place fascinates me. There’s no room for Personality there. Make an I-statement,” I want to ___,” and wait for Personality to jump out. See what comes up. Say it without the “I” and see what happens. This subject/idea/place fascinates me. See the difference in how it feels?

Matriarch: It’s always such a pleasure to stand back and watch the Council members go about their contortions in an attempt to convey ideas, and your embracing of all their quirks as they attempt to convey their ideas. We delight in the realization of how you evolve and change and how you’ve worn out the number of ways you’re willing to allow Personality to limit your experiences. We embrace you with the love we have for you and encourage you with the confidence we’ve always had for you. You can always borrow our unwavering confidence and clarity of your Awareness self. We’ve always known this is you.

Three Sessions held in June 2019

Watch on demand or download to your device.

Price: $14.99