Occasionally, on days when there is no reason to rush out of bed, I have conversations with Eloheim. I document these messages by texting them to a friend who types them up.

These “Morning Messages” are delivered in short bursts whose coherence always surprises me when I read them strung together.

I started sharing them with a small group and they became very popular very quickly. I’ve decided to share them here as well.

Morning Message #2014-18 April 11, 2014

Have you been fascinated today? Don’t wait for something to jump out as fascinating, seek to delight in whatever you find. The way your body feels, the sights and sounds that surround you, the skill and cleverness that went into the manufacturing of the tools you use, anything and everything can be fascinating. Choose to view it that way!

Morning Message #2014-17 April 5, 2014

Boredom can be described as a lack of familiar stimulus “I’m bored because my good TV shows are not on, because my friends are not around, because I can’t go outside.” You have familiar activities and without those you experience what you call boredom.

In the advanced spiritual student, what presents as boredom is actually something quite different. It’s not, “I can’t have it the way I am used to.” It’s, “I have dropped so many habits, I am not used to the way it is now!”

The habitual ways you have navigated your life are gone, be cautious that you don’t see this as something, “missing that you should miss.” Let it be that the fog has finally lifted and you can now see clearly.

What is actually here now? What are your authentic options for experience now that the grip of habit has been loosened? Do not look to feel the way you did when habit ran your life. The old stimuluses are gone.

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Morning Message #2014-16 April 2, 2014

You are accustomed to adrenaline dictating your experience. This shows up as excitement, fear, stress, butterflies in your stomach, pressure, dread, and more.

As you begin to have longer and longer experiences of peace, the lack of adrenaline-driven feelings and actions will likely feel quite strange. It’s a big change and requires getting used to.

Often it’s processed as boredom, numbness, confusion or self-doubt. The quiet of peace can be seen “nothing going on” or “no juicy options to explore.”

We suggest that it is a time to use fascination to explore. For perhaps the first time, you are not driven by the survival instinct. Your challenging journey of choosing for consciousness is now bearing fruit. Be very vigilant in this new space that you choose fascination rather than slip back into old habits to make sense of the new.

Old habits will pop up to try and give you something familiar in this changed experience. Those old habits did not get you to this new place and will not help you explore the now. Use the same tools that got you here “what is true now,” “I am willing,” “what is in my lap,” and short factual statements will be very helpful.

You are here. Explore with fascination.

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Morning Message #2014-15 March 22, 2014

Life. You are surrounded by it. The sheer abundance of living things is almost incomprehensible. Yet, it’s always there whether you notice it or not. Let that be an example of the abundance of choices available to you. They are present even if unacknowledged or unexplored. Look out your window and see trees, plants, grass, and dirt yet know that with a closer look or even a tiny bit of magnification you would see bugs, worms, and other creatures. This is a great example of the levels of experience available to you in every moment.

All those different types of life are there for you if you choose to look. All these different levels of experiencing this moment wait for you as well.

Today, seek to see another level of any situation you find yourself in. What more is there? At a minimum, you can always try to see that people are “fixing their fears” in the way that seems right to them.

What else do you find when you look with new eyes?

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Morning Message #2014-14 March 20, 2014

Reflection. In the midst of all this change and transformation, be sure that you are comparing you to you. There are two good reasons for this. The first is that it offers you a chance to acknowledge progress even as you are still in the growth process. The second is that it makes it easier for you to be kind to yourself.

It’s always tempting to compare yourself to another or to some external standard offered by society. This frequently leads to you judging yourself harshly and falling into a being mean to you pattern. Much spiritual development is only perceivable on the inside (at least in the beginning). Comparing you to you may be the only measurable progress anyway!

Be nice to you! Notice your progress using your own standards. Consistency in your conscious choices will lead to your external world noticing your transformation. Even then, compare only you to you.

Step by step you’re blooming. You are moving your train to a new track. Step by step, it’s happening.

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Morning Message #2014-13 March 19, 2014

Spring time is here in California. The flowers are blooming and the trees are leafing out. So much beauty to admire and appreciate. So much change and transformation!

Imagine the tree. Its branches have been bare for months. Suddenly it’s time and everything begins to change. Fresh new branches spring forth leaves for the first time. The sun and wind interacts with this new canopy resulting in new movement. Even for an old tree, it is a new time.

Perhaps even more drastic are the flowers. The ground between the grapevines was bare just a few short weeks ago and now is carpeted with mustard flowers. They burst forth, grew and bloomed. Nature is offering all sorts of examples of powerful, rapid transformation. It’s all around you! Next time you admire the flowers and trees ask yourself, “Am I trying to hold back my new growth? Am I allowing myself to bloom?”

Change is intimidating. It can feel very challenging to face the uncertainty of the new. Let the tree show you, let the flowers inspire you. When you see them in their unfurling glory, ask yourself, “What can I change today?”

In any moment you can change your reaction to your experience from a habitual response to a conscious choice. Let nature help you begin.

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Morning Message #2014-12 March 18, 2014

Choosing to have a new experience of the moment requires that you catch yourself when defaulting to habit. The inherent challenge in this is that habit operates so quietly.

Imagine a train moving slowly on its tracks. Picture it in a train yard where there are lots of other trains and many different tracks. Trains are big and heavy. Your habits run deep and are persistent. They feel so energetically similar to us.

The way you move a train from one track to another is by changing the shape of the track it’s on. Instead of the track running straight ahead you throw the switch and the track curves to the side and the entire train moves in a new direction.

It may take awhile (depending on speed and length of the train) for the entirety of the string of cars to be headed on the new trajectory, yet it will happen.

Let the change in rail shape represent your choosing a new reaction to your experience in this moment. You can see that if you are not consistent in holding this new position, it’s going to be difficult to get your full train (your whole life) to experience the new outlook. If the switch isn’t held steady, it is likely to send very mixed message to the rest of the cars in the train. Also the cars at the end don’t experience the new trajectory as soon as the cars in the front. It takes time for the entire train to get on the new track.

Give yourself time to see how your internal choices affect your external world. Habits can feel so immovable, so impossible to shift. Consistency and patience are key. It also take a choice and patience to redirect a massive train. Yet it happens all the time! Catch yourself defaulting to habit, “throw the switch” by observing yourself consciously, and hold steady while your life adjusts to your new stance.

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Morning Message #2014-11 March 15, 2014

As you become more and more accustomed to choosing your reactions to your creations you will find that some situations generate significantly stronger desire to make a choice. We call this the “this experience is mine” feeling. No matter the challenge or strength of your trigger, you know that you want to face it head on, to take 100% responsibility for your reactions to it, and to seize all opportunities to learn about yourself as you move through it.

There is a great intensity in this commitment, even a warrior stance, that says “this is for me”. The fatigue of choosing and choosing we spoke of in a recent morning message morphs into a sense of waiting for more and more opportunities to chose. You begin to know yourself more deeply and experience life from the current version of you. You are literally using new parts of your brain to interact with your life.

This new experience of you is not only in triggering moments. All moments can be claimed in this new way.

It’s a fresh outlook on your entire life.

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Morning Message #2014-10 March 12, 2014

The pattern of choosing a new reaction to an experience, feeling the pull of habit, and recommitting to the new reaction can feel never-ending. It can feel as if you are stuck or even moving backward on your spiritual journey

This is not the case. Each and every choice you make for a non-habitual reaction to an experience forges new neural pathways. This makes it easier to make further non-habitual choices. It really does.

There is a challenging point in the process. That’s when it feels like you must choose every single thought as without your intervention they’re all habits! Habits that you’ve decided no longer serve you. Habits everywhere.

However, there are more and more moments when you experience neutral observation automatically, when you compare you to you rather than some arbitrary external standard, where you find yourself fascinated with the now moment rather than allowing the survival instinct to run the show and drag you off to the past or future.

Those moments are there. Be sure to notice them. Be sure to acknowledge that the choosing has not only given you new neural pathways but you are actually using them.

Opportunities will arise for you to make new pathways (by choosing your reactions) and to use new pathways. Both of these patterns feel quite new. Allow the uncertainty of the new to be processed as fascination rather than as a danger signal. Explore what is now available to you.

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Morning Message #2014-09 March 8, 2014

There are all sorts of little ways you seek certainty. “If I go to the bed now I will be rested in morning” is just one common example. When you seek certainty, you cut yourself off from what’s actually true right now. You want the certainty of a specific outcome rather than exploring the opportunity for clarity. Clarity lives in this moment. As does uncertainty. If you perceive uncertainty as danger, you will jump away from the only place where you can access clarity.

It comes down to a choice. Is uncertainty going to be experienced as danger or opportunity? If danger, then you will continue to find small and large ways to chase certainty – and you will never catch it for it’s a fallacy.

If opportunity, then you must choose and choose again to not let the habit of chasing certainty to resurface. It’s not, “if I go to bed now I will be rested,” it’s, “I am choosing to go to bed now.” Don’t attach an outcome to this act. You know your typical sleep patterns, so they inform your decision. However, you also know that feeling rested in the morning is subject to more than just what time you lie down.

There’s no need to attach a desire for certainty to this act. Help yourself break the habit by catching the small and the big places you do this.

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Morning Message #2014-08 March 7, 2014

Feel it. Feel the myriad choices available to you in this moment. The opportunities and potentials that extend out from now. It’s more obvious when you are considering whether to turn left or right at an intersection. You know those choices represent vastly different destinations. What about the smaller decisions you make in every moment? Can you see how each decision shifts the field of potential possibilities?

You are always choosing. You make the vast majority of choices habitually. “I always eat breakfast before I get dressed.” It’s not to say that your life would be immediately and radically transformed if you reverse those two acts, it’s to say that unless you make new choices, it’s highly unlikely anything will change. As you shake up your routine you practice being available to new options. This practice prepares you for the moments when everything is brand new and you have no routine to fall back on.

When you feel into the possibilities this moment presents, don’t automatically follow the path you always have followed before. At a minimum say, “I’m choosing to do this in the order I have done it before. I acknowledge there are other options and I pick this one.”

It’s very easy to let duality slip in when following ingrained patterns. It becomes an either/or of my way/not my way.

“Not my way” being a large pool of possibilities.

Be aware of new potentials. Allow for the possibilities of a new thought or action. Remember, you are always choosing.

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Morning Message #2014-07 March 6, 2014

“I don’t know” – It’s an odd statement.

Your society prizes knowledge and you having an answer, no matter what the topic, is almost expected. If you don’t have an answer, you can Google it. All that information at your fingertips.

Yet, as beautiful as knowledge is, it’s not always meaning.

It alone is often not enough to spark a connection to an aha. To take an idea to a new place or offer a breakthrough in understanding.

That most often comes when you allow an opening to “I don’t know.” I don’t know isn’t defeat. It’s a starting point. It slays preconceived notions. I don’t know removes the burden of being “right, right now.” It gives you a chance to check in with your body, your feelings, your insight, YOU.

If you struggle to comfortably say I don’t know, add “yet” to the end of it. “I don’t know yet” or “I don’t know now.”

Give yourself permission to abide in the uncertainty of not knowing for that is where creativity springs forth.

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Morning Message #2014-06 March 5, 2014

What are your first thoughts upon waking? Each morning as you transition from sleep to awake something quite marvelous occurs. You experience something completely different. You can use this to facilitate further transformation.

The sleep state offers you access to different thought patterns and energetics. It opens doorways with you. If, upon waking, you immediately rush into thought patterns pre-programmed by the night before, you miss a chance to integrate the NEW that sleep offered.

We observe that you often reflect upon sleep by evaluating your dream (if you remember) and consider how rested you feel. Yet so much more has happened!

We don’t even have to get esoteric to know this is true. You weigh less, your digestion has been working, etc. It’s tempting to go right to your todo list as soon as you can open your eyes. Let’s see if you can insert something else in that space. Perhaps an exploration of gratitude, a contemplation of the sounds you hear, an awareness of your body from head to toe. Anything that interrupts whatever pattern you have now if that pattern does not include an acknowledgment that things are new each day.

Part of spiritual and personal growth is making sure to take time out to notice that it is happening.

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Morning Message #2014-05 March 4, 2014

When you seek growth and desire your life to change, you open to uncertainty. Uncertainty doesn’t feel like the old way felt. We summarize this new feeling you experience as “discomfort” and advise you to abide in the discomfort of uncertainty. The habit is to run back to old patterns and find a “familiar suffering” to avoid the discomfort of uncertainty. With that background, let’s talk about this discomfort.

It doesn’t seem to go away. The more you choose for consciousness and the more frequently you invite in the new, the more often you experience uncertainty. They key is to create a new relationship to the discomfort. Begin by ensuring that you are not seeing discomfort as danger. If you make an equal sign between these two, you will have deep difficulties allowing change into your life.

Another important point is not to try and avoid experiencing the discomfort of uncertainty. You don’t want to condition yourself to stuff this discomfort away as that conditions you (creates a habit) which says “don’t spend time here” thus cutting you off from the very states (change) you are seeking. Instead allow yourself to admit, “Of course this feels uncomfortable. I am doing something new, something I have no experience with, it’s unreasonable to imagine this would feel the same as something I have done for 30 years”.

When you recognize that the discomfort of uncertainty is a normal expression of change, you can begin to create a healthy, conscious relationship to the truth of the discomfort. It’s a signal that you are in NEW! Take a look around! Let go of preconceived notions about what is available to you.

Make sure you do this as the current version of you. Don’t jump too far out of the moment you are in. You don’t need to multiply the discomfort by adding in projecting out to the non-existent future. There is plenty of NEW to explore in this NOW.

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Morning Message #2014-04 March 3, 2014

When you walk through your world, you are broadcasting a signal. You are telling everyone all sorts of details about you. Most people broadcast and interpret these signals unconsciously or subconsciously. As you become more conscious and aware of your inner world, you will start to recognize more and more of these broadcasts, both incoming and outgoing.

Most broadcasts are generated by habitual patterns established in childhood. This is a big contributor to the observation of “she married someone just like her dad” and why partner after partner will share similar traits. You are broadcasting the signal which says, “This is what love looks like to me. Who agrees?” When that broadcast is based in abuse or trauma, it can attract continued difficulties.

As you become more conscious, more aware of your broadcast, you can modify it to something that more accurately reflects the current version of you. A great tool for this is “I am tempted to.” Say, “I’m tempted to see this as loving because it’s how my parent ‘loved’ yet I recognize it’s an experience I no longer wish to repeat.” Then ask, “What is true now?” to discover how loving looks from the current version of you.

Knowing what YOU experience and feel as love NOW, allows you to broadcast a new signal. The habit of accepting the abuse-based version of loving will still be strong. Keep using “I am tempted to” to hold the habit at arms length and allow your new broadcast a chance to move within you and out into the world.

The old version of loving will feel “comfortable” but that’s only because it’s a familiar suffering. The new version of loving will likely feel uncertain and even disorienting. That’s the feeling of growth; it’s you releasing you from the trap of repeated pain.

Veronica writes:
I’ve been in a deep exploration of a new way of being…. so far, it’s nearly impossible to describe with words. This MM came after a particularly intense look at how I’ve experienced and observed partnership over the years.

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Morning Message #2014-03 March 2, 2014

Today it’s still and quiet. Silence surrounds you. The choice is the loudest thing now. What will it be? Will you linger with the remnants of a disturbing dream or will you ask, “What is true now?” and sink into this silence to discover what it offers?

Pause now and listen with your whole self. Feel into the silence and see the choice it represents. When neutral observation, the willingness to the being in the “I don’t know space,” and the ability to experience a non-adrenaline based outlook combine, you find opportunities.

They don’t feel the way opportunities previously felt. Let us use an example we’ve used before. You are in a small boat on a raging river. You paddle (make choices) to steer your way. You can’t predict what the river will do or be like at any one spot. You evaluate and act as best as you are able to chart a course that meets your current preferences. You keep choosing and reacting to presented situations as your boat ride continues.

The option now is to experience this same boat ride in a new way. Your paddling represents a trajectory rather than an effort at certainty. Your path is an exploration of the experience rather than a continuing judgment of right or wrong. Unplanned occurrences are met with fascination rather than a sense of failure.

In both examples, you are in a boat and you are moving with the current. You are also deciding which stance you will take.

We like this word stance. The energetic opportunity we see now is living from a stance of clarity rather than obsessing over evaluating each moment’s preferred/not preferred status. We will have to say more about this.

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Morning Message #2014-02 March 1, 2014

The porch roof has come loose in the storm.

Bang! Bang!

It’s loud enough to wake you.

Bang! Bang!

It’s as though it is asking “How will you react?” It only sounds when there is a big gust. Enough time passes in between for you to pretend it’s not an issue.

Bang! Bang!

Oh yes, it’s still asking, “How will you react?”

Will it be fear that the roof will fly away?
How about feeling discomfort about asking for help to secure it?
Are you annoyed to be woken repeatedly?

What will the chosen reaction? Perhaps a little taste of each?

Anything and everything is an opportunity for you to grow and know yourself more.

Bang! Bang!

Listen to the wind in the trees, hear the beauty of that dance.

The trigger of Bang! Bang! isn’t the only sound offering itself to you. Choose. Choose. Choose.

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Morning Message #2014-01 February 28, 2014

The rain falls from the sky, the drops sink in and soak everything. The sound is like an orchestra of different instruments. You notice them so keenly. It feels fresh and new. Rain is common, until it’s not. There’s nothing like the absence of something to make its eventual presence sharper and more vibrant.

This is an ideal example of how remarkable things seem when we connect with Veronica and interact with you. It’s always filled with new sounds and sensations. There’s always something to explore. You can grow weary of the “same old thing” and the “same problems.” If you look closely at anything, you will see nothing is ever the same.

Allow fascination to guide your deeper exploration of now. Find one difference and then look for another. Has the vista shifted, have your feelings changed, do you seem new here?

Don’t require this shift to be filled with excitement and adrenaline to “count” as new. This exploration can be one of subtle changes of awareness. Adrenaline-based living, like habitual-based thinking, can only take you so far on this journey.

Allow yourself to explore the more that is here now.

**Here in Sonoma, CA we have had almost no rain for about eight months. Today is very wet and Eloheim used that in their message.**

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Morning message December 10, 2013

Uncertainty is a natural expression of being human. Uncertainty exists in every aspect of your life. Uncertainty mostly falls into two categories: Uncertainty you have made peace with and uncertainty that plagues you.

An example: You may not really know how your car works and that’s an ok uncertainty as long as it keeps working. Once the car starts to run roughly, that uncertainty jumps from peaceful to plague. You have always been uncertain about the operation of the car, you have just been able to ignore that because the level of uncertainty has been manageable.

Another example is flying. Your uncertainty about the safety of the flight is balanced against your desire to travel. The uncertainty isn’t gone. It’s managed. You manage uncertainties constantly. Your very good at it. Yet some uncertainties come along and try to convince you otherwise. Something like “I don’t know where to move to” shows up and you feel like that uncertainty of that BIG thing is beyond your ability to manage. The truth is that when you start acknowledging how often and how easily you are managing uncertainties moment to moment, you train yourself to manage “big uncertainties” more easily.

The survival instinct does not care if the uncertainty is “I don’t know what time it is” or if the uncertainty is “what was that noise?” it will throw up the adrenaline and fear responses in you. Your responsibility is to truly evaluate uncertainties as to their actual “danger” and react appropriately based on real experience not preconceived notions, habits or societal conditioning. If you do find yourself in an uncertainty which require actions, love yourself enough to break the situation down into actionable steps and tackle them one at a time. Imagining every uncertainty simultaneously is simply being cruel to yourself. It’s like getting in your car and all the while driving thinking about the multitude of things which might break.

You will face uncertainties large and small. Be kind to yourself as you do. Acknowledge your expertise at handling uncertainty and when they feel too big to manage break them down into smaller pieces so you can apply your expertise more readily.

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Morning message December 7, 2013

When contemplating any path, it is important to keep a few things in mind: You can’t screw up – sure different paths have different destinations. It’s only when you are fixated on outcome that a destination is a failure. Let yourself off the hook of “I can’t try because I will fail,” that’s the surest way to stagnation there is.

Keep your eyes open. Meaning as you travel the new path keep re-evaluating your direction step-by-step and allow for course shifts in any moment where clarity offers an option that feels appropriate. Otherwise, the path you are on was chosen by a previous version of you!

Be kind to yourself always. New paths bring fresh uncertainties which offer new discomforts. This is normal. Change feels different than the previous state. Different does not equal wrong. It means different. Celebrate your willingness to abide in this discomfort of the unknown and the uncertain. That is where creativity lives and new experiences are found.

Life is a crooked road. Recall how you met your partner, how you got your job, even how you came to see this message. How many things fell into place to create that opportunity? What strange coincidences and unusual happenings were involved? Every moment is chock-full of pieces from all over your life. It’s a puzzle you assemble. A puzzle that shifts and moves. It’s more like a dance than a direction. Feel yourself move.

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Morning message December 2, 2013

Transformation. It takes many forms and countless paths. But the start and end are the same, YOU and YOU.

Your experience of yourself is of primary importance to us. How you experience your evolution from Homo sapiens to Homo spiritus is unique, yet the evaluation of that is similar. How do you feel? What fills your thoughts? Do your behaviors stem from fear responses or consciousness about your experience? Is the now moment accessible to you for longer and longer periods? Is the survival instinct in charge?

Your answers to these questions and others like them are not to be compared to another’s responses. Your journey is unique! Your answers today are different from before and your answers tomorrow will be different again. Compare you to you. Decide where YOU wish to transform. Observing another’s journey can give you ideas of how you might like to proceed and may offer support in your commitment, but don’t allow their path to somehow be a judgment of yours.

You are here to offer something unique. You are not here to copy cat or matchy match! If you are busy trying to be like him or her, the world misses out on YOU.

Compare you to you  
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Morning message November 20, 2013

Your growing awareness of “it’s all me” has some, perhaps unexpected, attributes. Just as a spider feels the vibration of the world around him via his web, you will begin to feel more and more of your external world.

As you process this additional stimulus be vigilant that you do so with care. The temptation will be to process it as additional fear/concern/worry. The reality is that this level of information is not new. It’s just new to your awareness.

If we go back to the visual of the spider and imagine his web ten times larger, the spider will feel additional vibration. The larger web doesn’t generate the additional vibration, it simply transmits it. The spider must evaluate more input, as you do.

Also keep in mind that with TV/phones/internet you have never been more connected technologically. You have access to more news and information in an hour than you used to get in a month!

So energetically and technologically your web is bigger. You’re navigating much more information. You also have a larger “surface area” for YOUR emanation to affect.

What are you emanating to your contacts, your friends, your world? Are you taking the increased stimulus and simply amping it up and rebroadcasting? Are you adding consciousness? Are you using a mature relationship to the survival instinct to process the increased input from your world?

You are sitting in the middle of YOUR web. What are you sending out? If “it’s all you,” what world are you generating?

Remember, you create your reality through choosing your reactions to your experiences. What are you choosing today?

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Morning message November 19, 2013

What do you think of when we say the word vulnerability? Many people will think, weakness. However, we believe that the audience for these messages knows better.

Vulnerability is strength.

To access that strength you must assume a neutral, even passive seeming, stance. That’s where the “equal sign” to weakness tries to creep in.

Neutrality opens you to the strength of vulnerability by hindering your habit of “I know everything about this situation, I know what to do, I am ready to act now based on old patterns and an old version of me.”

Standing in the “I don’t know” place connects you to the moment as you must explore what is really happening in order to respond authentically. Authentic response arises from connection to now without preconceived notions about what is going on.

Allow yourself the strength of that, the strength of being vulnerable enough to “not know” so that you can explore the more of the opportunity of this moment.

Vulnerability isn’t as much about laying down defenses between you and others. It’s about choosing the stance of “I don’t know what is truly here” and abiding in the discomfort that the survival instinct throws up. Remember, the survival instinct isn’t a fan of you being in the moment. It wants to think about the past and plan for the future with a singular focus on staying alive.

Experiencing the discomfort of exploring “I don’t know” of being vulnerable is unlikely to feel “natural” to you. You have been programmed to believe “I don’t know” is weak. In reality it requires commitment to choose and choose again to be vulnerable with others and within yourself.

Boundaries are important in this exploration. Just because you are willing to explore “I don’t know” doesn’t mean “anything goes” You still want to be clear on what is acceptable to you in your interactions.

Vulnerability connects you to infinite possibilities which gives you more choices. It opens you to insight from your soul which adds more texture. It allows you to see the more that the moment offers. Be willing to neutrally “not know.” Be willing to be vulnerable.

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Morning message October 25, 2013

The need for reassurance slips away when you drop looking for certainty and seek clarity in the now moment. Reassurance and certainty are used to convince you things will “stay the same.” This is trying to convince yourself of a lie. No moment is even close to the same as any other moment.

The only reason you perceive them as similar is that you use such a narrow focus of attention. You look at your life seeking to find similarities in order to manufacture a sense of certainty. The truth of the vast uncertainty you inhabit is avoided. You find things that feel “safe-ish” and you seek reassurance they will continue. You even connect unrelated things in order to reinforce this idea. All in a desire to avoid real interaction with the reality of uncertainty.

If you dwell on uncertainty your conditioning and survival instinct will result in you feeling triggered.

Instead, get out of the uncertainty/certainty dualistic view and seek clarity. Clarity is based in this moment and acknowledges this unique opportunity to fully know your truth and your potentials NOW. That truth and those potentials may not carry into future moments and this is perfectly acceptable. Perfectly acceptable. It has been happening all along in just that way.

You’ve pretended otherwise. You can’t be reassured into bliss, ascension, peace or joy. You can drop baggage, static and other habits which open a vista of clarity within you. Clarity to clarity. Aha to aha. Fully exploring the evolution into Homo spiritus

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Morning message September 30, 2013

When you imagine what other people are thinking or feeling you often distill it down to one word or phrase: sad, frustrated, angry, etc. The truth of another’s experience is far more complex than that. Just as your thoughts and emotions are a thick stew of ingredients which you are unable to easily summarize.

When imagining the experience of another, resist the temptation to “sum it up.” Instead, allow yourself to acknowledge the various ingredients you see. It’s more comforting to the part of you who still seeks certainty to say “she is angry” or “he is frustrated” but satisfying yourself with that limited perspective actually prevents you from discovering clarity.

Make a list using short factual statements to illuminate the bigger picture. Keep the items as short as possible while allowing for context. “She is mad at me” becomes “She is frustrated what we haven’t talked recently. She feels abandoned. She feels lonely.” It’s much easier to just say “she is mad” and reduce the situation to just one facet. It’s highly likely that you will react defensively or react as a victim if you do this. If you can use context to fix out the picture and if you are willing to abide in discomfort of being uncertain about the situation you can have a far difference experience.

Your feelings and thoughts are more than “mad” or “sad” too. By looking for difference aspects of the dynamic you are facing, you will learn about your true experience as well. The strong temptation is to sum it all up, put it in a box and feel certain about it. Exploring the dynamic without giving in to this temptation allows you to learn so much more about yourself and others. It allows you to get so much more growth from a situation! It helps you to see “you” in the “other” and lets you taste “it’s all me.”

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Morning message August 24, 2013

Veronica is often teased about her startling lack of curiosity about “what Eloheim does when you are not channeling them” or “if The Council is incarnate” or whatever other questions people have that seem like she would have asked immediately upon making our acquaintance. The incredulous tone and stunned looks when people find that she not only hasn’t asked us, but it never even occurred to her to do so, have added up over the years.

Her lack of this type of curiosity is by design. Just as some are born tone deaf or color blind, she agreed to incarnate and work with us without this sense of curiosity. Why? To limit distraction. It’s extremely easy to find distractions from the challenge of, “what is in your lap.”

We have a clear desire. She shares that desire. To facilitate consciousness-based living, the evolution from Homo sapiens to Homo spiritus. We have little interest in teaching things that are well known by you on a soul level.

Our desire is to help you connect YOU to YOUR soul’s perspective so that you can embody this knowing rather than just hear us talk about it.

When you have embodied it, then perhaps you will have questions about it that facilitate a deeper Homo spiritus connection. Said another way, while you are on Earth, focus on the things that are only possible when on Earth. There will be plenty of opportunities to know what we are doing or what other non-physical beings are doing once you’re back to being primarily non-physical yourself.

When curiosity asks, check in to see if it is a distraction from some aspect of really owning the IS of being human at this time. It frequently will be.

The path of Homo spiritus is the path to addressing these curiosities. It’s a path to knowing the answers yourself. Let’s use an example. Let’s imagine Fred is incarnate (he is not) and that you met him. What would you do? Follow him around? Invite him for coffee? Skydiving? All he would do is hold up a giant mirror and ask you to look at yourself. If you asked about him, he would point to the mirror. He knows that NOW is the time for you to know you through your relationship to yourself!

That’s the point of now and the unique opportunity of this time. You don’t need to be told who you are with a bunch of rules to follow. You only need assistance in dropping the untruth of static between you and that knowing.

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Morning message August 22, 2013

When you start to experience transformation, watch the temptation to tighten, clench, constrict, or seek to “hold” this new awareness. You didn’t arrive at transformation by holding still! The uncertainty you may feel about “how I got here and how I can stay here” may tempt you to react habitually. The way that you have always reacted to new states, otherwise known as “deer in headlights.”

The idea that you might lose the spiritual “ground” you have obtained is silly. You didn’t luck into this awareness. The very leading edge of this new experience of you can feel quite fluid and changing and full of “what exactly is this?”

Edges of places are where transformation occurs. It’s supposed to feel that way there!

Imagine that you could hang out at the very edge of the trunk of a great oak or redwood tree. Can you sense the change there?

Now go to the center of that tree, to the place where the tree knows itself well. Feel the difference?

You can hang out where you already know everything about yourself and how you relate to those you touch or you can get out on the edge and have a changing experience every moment.

Do either. Do both! Just don’t fall for the idea that one should feel like the other or that you will feel equally comfortable in both explorations.

Eventually? Yes. Now? Not so much. Always and steadily? Probably not so much either.

Change isn’t a comfortable place although you can learn to have a different, less fear-based, interaction with change which allows you to experience new states from a more neutral, “current version of you” place.

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Morning message August 21, 2013

What is foremost on your mind right now? Not the specific words, stories, memories, or fears – those details are just flavor and texture – What is the driver, the underlying drive? What is the question that follows you from experience to experience story to story? Where do you consistently say, “I don’t get it, I can’t understand, I’m haunted by, I’m obsessing over.”

It’s with you in difficult moments and fun times. It keeps you from authentically being in the now as it requires you to fixate on an outcome or dwell on a previous moment.

That’s really the power it has: the power to fool you into making it the focus of your now moment. And then to be part of the raw materials you use to create the next moment.

If a thought is unproductive, we say “put it on the shelf.” Don’t permit unproductive thinking to flood your experience

Require thoughts to do their fair share! The round and round of the hamster wheel obsessive thinking doesn’t count as a contribution!

Follow your fascinations to chart a new course.

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Morning message August 17, 2013

Veronica writes:
Eloheim has said it many times.

It’s not about “do to get.”

Trouble was, I always heard it as “it’s not about do to get things done” so I could never find the fallacy in the statement. If you want something “done” you “do.” I wasn’t confused about this as I have proof of it in my life every day.

Thus the idea that, “it’s not about do to get” was filed under “things that I will someday maybe know the truth of.”

Today, I realized that the “doing” and the “getting” are by products of the actual act, which seems to be a combination of:

• Neutral observation of “what is true now”
• Embracing that what is, IS
• Willingness to be vulnerable
• Choosing to follow what feels juicy and fascinating
• Abiding in the discomfort of “understanding is overrated” and “I don’t know anything”
• Seeking clarity and setting aside my addiction to certainty
• Mentally staying on the step I am on
• Not limiting myself through pre-conceived notions
• Relaxing my relationship to time
• Telling fear to fuck off unless it has something new to add
• Maximizing access to possibilities by dropping my fixation on specific outcomes

This unique, energetic combination emanates from me and makes me magnetic to the very things that match, enhance, and challenge me further.

The very things that give deep meaning to the exploration of this life.

Morning message August 16, 2013

Veronica writes:
I find myself much more able to be in neutral observation of what IS.

I have a non-preferred state. I wouldn’t have chosen it, I worked hard to avoid it, I’m rather confused about it, I’ve even cried over it.

Yet, somewhere around the edges of it, I sense a “rightness.”
It’s a vague sort of rightness. It feels a bit like when you make the bed and tuck the edges of the sheet between the mattress and the box spring. That tucked in bit of sheet, I know it’s there, it’s right for it to be right there, yet it’s out of sight, hidden and doing its job.

This is where I find myself right now.

That’s a funny sentence.

Find myself right – now.

Somehow it’s right and it’s now and I like myself more than I did even a short while ago. And, this unpreferred, confusing, even frightening, ISness lingers.

It lingers, but it doesn’t bug me. Well, not like it was bugging me.

I decided to follow the recent morning message and say, “What if I started from this state? What if I looked at it that way?” It changed my behavior, my outlook, it made me more neutral about it.

The non-preferred state became a fact in a series of other facts to be attended to. It stopped being the “thing that should be different” and started becoming the “fact that is.”

It’s like saying, “I have two oranges. I wish I had 10. I’m sad I have only two. Only two oranges is wrong.”


Then saying, “I have two oranges. How do I want to interact with these two oranges? What insight do I have about having these two oranges? What can I learn here?”


My attachment to the “should have 10 oranges” state wasn’t doing me any good at all. Neutrally observing my two oranges has given me all sorts of new ideas and let me interact with people in a new way.

And I have proof that my brain is working differently! I never tuck in my bed sheets and I don’t ever have oranges in the house. Why those examples? Why indeed!

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Morning message August 13, 2013

Remember the idea of “first choice” of “this was my plan all along.” If you see your current circumstances as built from your past, you will be more challenged to interact with your circumstances as your current version of you.

“It’s always been this way” or “that debt is from my old life” and similar circumstances require you to carry your past as if it is a huge sack, full of burdens.

Today, right from this instance, as the current version of you, see things afresh, unattached to how “they got this way.” Instead, be aware that what IS, is.

Imagine you are playing a board game, There are rules stating the starting conditions for the game. This makes sense as that’s how games are setup up. You don’t expect to start with $10,000 if the rules say you start with $200. You take your $200 and play.

Have a similar stance about your current moment. Evaluate your current circumstances as if this was the accepted starting point you had no disagreement with. With that stance, what actions make sense? What insight do you receive? What new thoughts can you think?

What if it really was your plan all along to be in this very moment experiencing this very thing? How does the current version of you want to interact right here at the new beginning?

Note we didn’t say the current version of victim mentality or service mentality. We are addressing the highest vibrational, most conscious, most centered, most aware, version of you.

If you stop thinking about “how it was” or “how it should be” and say this IS, what is your first step? Not the 50th step, your first little, itty-bitty, step.

Your relationship with RIGHT NOW is what we want you to evaluate. When you do that, catch yourself any time that evaluation references the past as some sort of valuable comparative marker.

You are starting the “game” this very moment. Fresh, yet with circumstances that are uniquely yours. They empower you to experience this planet and life from a perspective no one else has. Choose how you react to it and then form the next moment from that choice.

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Morning message August 12, 2013

Final Section of the recent Morning Message. Read below (starting with August 9th) for the entire message.

We want to discern a difference between excitement and energized. “I’m excited” is a victim state. It’s based on the idea that some external force is offering a preferred state. “I’m excited about the show” is an example. We suggest the word energized to acknowledge the body reaction to a new opportunity. I’m energized. Period.

The state isn’t tied to an outcome. It can be explored within. It may even be discovered to be influenced by far more than just “the show.” We could continue on with this all day. For now that’s plenty.

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Morning message August 11, 2013

Third Section of the recent Morning Message. The final portion will be posted tomorrow.

Actions may be different based upon the amount of money in the bank. However, the underlying energetic-you, experiencing whatever this IS, will not be different. This is you emanating your truth, your authenticity, your soul energetic rather than acting from Homo sapiens survival instinct.

The old neural pathways have given you what they have to offer. New ideas and static-free pathways to fresh probabilities come from taking a new stance.

Be suspicious whenever thinking a familiar thought about a “big” issue. That mine has been played out. You are digging in a place with no treasure. Require a fresh thought or give it no thought.

We vote for no thought. Instead find what fascinates you about the subject. Roll around in the fascination of it all. Don’t allow “yeah buts” to interfere with your reverie.

** Read below for details on why this message is presented in sections.**

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Morning message August 10, 2013

Part 2 of the recent Morning Message:

You build the next moment from the raw materials present in this moment combined with insight.

The raw materials you use are frequently little more than what the survival instinct provides.

Fascination give you additional raw materials.

** Read below for details on why this message is presented in sections.**

Morning message August 9, 2013

Veronica writes:
Eloheim gave me a morning message the other day. It’s so THICK with information that I’m breaking it up in chunks. Here’s the first:

Let’s start with some short factual statements from our perspective: The moment is the doorway. The moment is fractal in nature and in authentic experience. Neutral observation roots you in the moment. Outcome based fixations generate repeated suffering. All possibilities become probable when the moment is fully realized.

Actual acceptance of what IS, is the key to seeing things a new way. By your emanation you are known. All other forms of communication are a coping mechanism for not knowing (yet) how to emanationally communicate. Souls communicate emanationally.

conversation_body Conversation with Eloheim on The Body

Morning message August 4, 2013

We’ve discussed the difference between selfish and self-centering. The latter being a state when you care for yourself first and the former being a name some people call what you do. Let’s take it deeper.

When not self-centered, you can still be in familiar suffering, you can still be focused on fear, anxiety, disappointment, sadness etc. You can still be mean to yourself. You do this because you are focused on outcome.

Outcome, outcome, outcome. “What will happen?” “When will it happen?” “What will she say?” “What will he think?” And the king of them all, “Will it work out?”

All the while you are not in the moment, you are not self-centered, you are not connected to your body and you are not monitoring your emanation. You give up all of that to enmesh yourself in this dance with suffering.

Outcome, outcome, outcome.

Suffering is not the key that unlocks the door to the next level of your spiritual growth. Emanation, your emanation in the only key.

It’s also your currency, your medicine, your communication system, your identification, and more. For now, let’s focus on it being the key to this door with you. Not anywhere else – Within you. The door is only open when your emanation is focused on this moment, on your truth, on abiding in uncertainty, on being in, “I am willing”.

Practice holding that state. Not just as a meditation! As you walk in the word, as you interact with others. Detach yourself from outcome focused suffering. You are ready.

conversation_body Conversation with Eloheim on The Body

Morning message August 1, 2013

We give you many different ways to experience the same truth; you, being present now.

We use a lot of different words and examples to help illuminate that the moment can be a crowded place which requires your attention to experience without the clutter.

We’ve given you loads of examples of the big changes that occur when you make the choice for consciousness and drop the clutter of baggage, static, habit, preconceived notions, and fears.

Now be consistent. Consistently make the choice for consciousness. Consistently monitor your thoughts, consistently return to the now moment and explore what is new HERE NOW when you truly experience it without clutter.

Consistency. Now be consistent.

You have experienced glimpses of non-habitual life and those glimpses feel almost like a fluke! Instead, imagine each one as a brick in the foundation of your new way of being.

Step by step, brick by brick. Consistency.

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Morning message July 30, 2013

When you put this much attention on your “big fear,” a fascinating thing happens, all your fears decrease. They must. Fear cannot stand in the face of consciousness.

Consciousness about a big fear retrains your body, your adrenaline system, your neural pathways to handle fear in a new way. The result is that other fear triggers are more likely to be processed through this new conscious pattern of response. Said another way, the current version of you interacts with the fear.

You must choose and allow this process. Be cautious when you discover an old fear doesn’t generate the same upset in you that you don’t habitually look for that old pattern as a way to feel “certain.”

Abide in the uncertainty, wonder, and infinite possibilities present when you allow the current version of you, experiencing the now moment, to show you whatever is true now.

It’s unlikely to feel familiar. That’s OK. You are seeking change. Don’t automatically interpret “different” as “bad/to be avoided” that’s survival instinct driven behavior. Use fascination to explore what you are experiencing.

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Morning message July 29, 2013

It comes down to this moment and the choice you make NOW.

Each moment is an opportunity to be seized. Each moment is a doorway to a brand new perspective. Don’t fall for the trap of thinking “brand new” is effortless and comfortable. Change nearly always challenges humans.

We are saying that “brand new” is available in each moment. Drop preconceived notions about what it looks like and feels like. Those notions are crafted by the previous version of you. How could it even know what “brand new” is like?

Stand in the now moment refusing to think the same thoughts, use the same assumptions, draw the same equal signs … Refuse to invalidate the resulting experience because it’s not “easy” or “flowing.” New things, especially on this energetic level, rarely are.

You will grow more accustomed to abiding in the discomfort that this exploration of uncertainty brings. The easiest way to do this is to let go of “it should be ____” and focus instead on making another choice for clearing your mind of habitual responses to the experience you are having.

We see it like two different branches of a tree. Go to branch one – habitual response to the now or, for a change, you can play with the underside of branch one “this should be easy and since it is challenging it must be wrong I will go back to habit.” Or go to the 2nd branch and say, “I know that habit leads me to the same dissatisfying result over and over again. I’m choosing a different thought to think. I won’t be surprised or discouraged WHEN it’s challenging to make this change. I won’t stop reminding myself to make a new choice WHEN I default to habit. I’m committed to transformation and I know the door to it is in every moment.”

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Morning message July 28, 2013

Perspective. As in view point, as in the vantage you choose to look at something, to make decisions about it, to interact with it – challenge yourself to find a new one.

You are viewing today with the eyes of an old version of you. You cling to old interpretations of your experience. You seek change yet at a fundamental level you insist things stay the same. And the “same” you insist upon? It’s filled with familiar suffering!

Release yourself from the evaluation system you have previously used. Allow the current version of you to show you what it is aware of.

All your disappointments and discouragements are a thick barrier for new insights to traverse. We see new ideas and new perspectives having to jump through the hoops that disappointments and discouragements hold up. It’s an obstacle course! Why do you require new ideas to work so hard?

Let new ideas and the new thoughts present themselves to you directly. Don’t run them into the past first. Hear their case without bias. Let them awake your Homo spiritus nature. Let them show you a new energetic path.

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Morning message July 27, 2013

One of our earliest tools was, “You can’t have change without change.” Keep this crucial point in mind. To navigate the world as a Homo spiritus, you must give up the notion that it will be the same as navigating the world as Homo sapiens.

You are not trying to be the perfect Homo sapiens. You are training to make the leap to Homo Spiritus. Everything needs to be evaluated from that new lens.

Previously we asked what is true now to help you come into the moment and get a break from the survival instinct dictating your experience. Now, when you are in the moment we remind you it’s all about emanation, it’s all about your energetic offering/contribution.

Homo sapiens offer fear to each other. Even loving acts are all mixed up with fear. Homo spiritus offer each other consciousness. Fear collapses in the face of consciousness. We showed that clearly in our last session. Homo sapiens then goes looking for another fear to focus upon. Homo spiritus uses the moment of freedom to choose what to emanate.

The voice of fear isn’t silent for those learning to be Homo spiritus, it may never be completely silent, a Homo spiritus chooses to make the voice of consciousness what she listens to recognizing that her emanation magnetizes and that the choices made in THIS moment create the next moment.

It’s a change of stance. Homo sapiens darts from fear to fear, Homo spiritus invests in each moment’s emanation. Which stance are you taking?

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Morning message July 22, 2013

Familiar suffering gets so much traction in you because it provides an illusion of certainty.

Anxiety not faced head on festers resulting in you casting about for resolution; looking to discharge the discomfort, you seek certainty.

You wish to be certain that this anxiety can be ignored, set aside, left behind. Yet it can’t. You can’t be totally rid of it.

You must transform your stance about the fact of it in your life. That fact of the anxiety isn’t the trouble. That’s mostly the survival instinct doing its thing. Your willingness to allow habit to continue to dictate your response to the anxiety is what we are addressing.

Your deep habitual reactions to anxiety are accepted with no requirement that they offer any sort of constructive result. You mistake this repetition of pattern as certainty. It does lock you into a clear pattern. A pattern of suffering.

Be willing to explore your anxieties without desiring certainty. Allow yourself to contemplate just how uncertain you actually are about your anxiety. At first this may frighten you. Don’t allow it to scare you back to habit. You know all of what habit has to offer and it’s insufficient.

What we see happen is that your anxiety gets tied to one or more awful preconceived outcomes. Avoid making this connection, Say, “I’m tempted to believe that my worry about X means Y will happen.” Be aware that you are connecting your current situation to scary outcomes.

Focusing on the now moment allow you an option to outcome-based thinking. Hear the birds, feel the morning air, taste your food. Let your awareness of your anxiety be only that, awareness. Don’t connect anxiety (using habit) to scary outcomes as a way to fake certainty which is then somehow going to offer relaxation (but really only gives familiar suffering).

Keep saying NO to the thoughts that arise asking you to habitually process anxiety. Keep saying YES to exploring anxiety with a fresh perspective. Anxieties will always be present. You decide how loud they are. You decide how you react to them.

You decide.

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Morning message July 15, 2013

I was getting ready to pick a friend up at the airport and super distracted by a worry.

Eloheim: What is your fear?
Me: blah, blah, blah, blah
Eloheim: Can you give us a fear that doesn’t involve outcome?
Me: Nope
Eloheim: Exactly

I left later than I would prefer to head to the airport and I was anxious about my friend having to wait a long time for me.

Eloheim: Are you choosing stress?
Me: Yes
Eloheim: Look at that cow, doesn’t that cow look nice?
Me: Yes, it does
Moral of the story – choose stress over looking at cool cows. Why????

Then, when I missed the airport exit from the freeway, Eloheim told me where to turn so that I could get back on track. It was very loud, as if someone was sitting right next to me saying, “Turn right now.” Sure enough, just after Eloheim said that, a sign came into view confirming that turning right was the way to the way to the airport.

I drove up to the airport curb, waited two minutes, and my friend walked out. There is another moral to the story in there….. 😉

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Morning message July 14, 2013

Changing perspective. That’s the energetic focus at this time. Seeing the same “thing” from a new vantage. As we said in our recent session, acknowledge you have left boot camp. Trainees see their training as a series of graded challenges to master. Graduates know that the real job rarely, if ever, resembles the controlled environment of training.

You are tempted to approach real life looking for places to repeat your training exercises. Instead you use the skills honed in controlled settings to apply in the now moment of infinite possibilities. If you continue to look for a repeated training exercise, that is all you will find.

Rely on the strengths you have developed, the tools you have learned, and your growing connection to your soul’s insight to respond to anything you encounter. You don’t run an obstacle course in training expecting to find that same course in your occupation. You run the course to develop a skill set applicable to all sorts of things.

If you want certainty about “those” things you must stick to the training course. How you face the uncertainty of life, how you apply your tools to it, how you work with your soul’s perspective in that moment, in short – how you navigate the now moment – this is our focus.

The training mindset must be left behind to fully embrace this moment.

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Morning message July 9, 2013

As you walk the path of conscious living, be aware of moments of ease.

There is so much learning, growing, facing triggers, choosing for the now moment, quieting thoughts, facing fears, etc. that it can feel as though there is always something to work on.

That’s not the case.

There are moments, even stretches of experience, which are filled with ease.

These are much quieter, less adrenaline filled, and easy to miss if you are not keeping an eye out for them.

The goal is not to be the perfect Homo sapiens, the goal is to prepare for living as Homo spiritus.

We will explain this difference during the channeling session on Wednesday.

This book offers new insights into the underlying issues that affect your relationship with money, and thus your relationship with yourself and others. It’s designed to show you why money challenges you, and offers you straightforward, easy-to-use tools to come to a conscious, healthy relationship with money.

Morning message July 7, 2013

Let’s talk about PLENTY!!!

Let’s talk about “plenty.” Don’t equate plenty with abundance. In fact, don’t even think about abundance. That term is overused and energetically entwined with money rendering its use rather complicated. Focus on plenty.

The energetics of plenty are: somewhat more than I need in this now moment.

Ah, that’s just right.

Plenty is a far less dualistic term than your other terms for quantity as it isn’t an exact figure. It is a feeling, a knowing, awareness, accepting.

It is also a short factual statement.

Use it that way. I have plenty PERIOD.

If you are tempted to define plenty or put a time frame on plenty or figure out how to be fearful about plenty, then THAT is your work. That is the place to apply tools. All along, plenty was true and you blamed plenty for your worries. When, all along (we suspect) it was whatever you put after the period that was the true culprit.

Find, 10, 40, 100 things that you can say, “I have plenty” about today and watch yourself being tempted to add some modifier to that statement.

Don’t continue the habit of truth modification to distract you from experiencing your awareness of this now moment.

Veronica writes:
Wow, did this MM hit it right on the head for me! Yes, yes, yes PLENTY! I love the energy of PLENTY!

This book offers new insights into the underlying issues that affect your relationship with money, and thus your relationship with yourself and others. It’s designed to show you why money challenges you, and offers you straightforward, easy-to-use tools to come to a conscious, healthy relationship with money.

Morning message July 6, 2013

What makes you feel “safe?” Note we are not asking, “What do you wish made you safe?” You wish that more money, a partner, a new house, or a better car made you feel “safe.” These types of things do change how you feel, but they don’t make you feel “safe.” The money can always get spent, the partner can leave, the house can wash away in a flood, and the car can breakdown.

They make you feel more secure perhaps, but they contain within themselves further “threats” to feeling truly safe. True safety is found when you invest in that which can’t be lost, that which has no opposite. We have called this bliss, consciousness, connecting to your soul’s perspective … Today, let’s call it self-awareness and accountability. You are accountable to YOU from your own self-awareness.

What do YOU know about you? This is the foundation of true safety. When you seek external “things” and equate those things to being safe, you put yourself in true jeopardy. “Things” create convenience, sure.

Convenience isn’t safety. You, knowing you, and seeking greater knowing of self, generates confidence.

That confidence magnetizes opportunities for expansive experiences of all types. None of that is circumstance-dependent.

Your circumstances don’t define YOU. Your self awareness within all situations is YOU.

Your emanation and actions show others your self awareness. Chase “safety” and you will always seek. Invest in self awareness and you will always reap.

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Morning message July 5, 2013

Does the past tell you who you are now? That’s the question. Note how it is phrased. The past, via the survival instinct, can warn you of things to be on the lookout for.

Does it get to you who you are now? We say no, it does not. You do interpret messages from the survival instinct as indicators of who you are. But, truly, the pieces of the past that the survival instinct uses to craft its vision of you are not your “highlight” reel.

How often do you find yourself blissfully reliving success after success? Even when reviewing an enjoyable experience, you jump to remembrances of the awkward, confusing, or frightening sections of the memory. If you let the past tell you who you are, you get a “blooper” reel.

You have learned so much from both “highlights” and “bloopers.” Why not let what you have learned, combined with what is present in this now moment, give you a sense of who you are?

The unfolding awareness of self-exploration can never be fully “known” anyway – a river doesn’t hold still, it’s not its nature. Neither do you.

Letting the past tell you who you are now is only a mask you have worn without realizing it.

Set it aside, set it aside.

Trust yourself and your deep commitment to living consciously to interact with the now moment. You will see and experience things you never dreamed possible.

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Morning message July 1, 2013

Being conscious of your thoughts and eliminating static generation opens the door to infinite possibilities, which become infinite probabilities, which you can then choose from using fascination.

Keep this larger view in your awareness!

You are not doing this work just to develop a new habit of “struggle watching my thoughts.” You are clarifying your mental life to facilitate connection with your soul’s perspective, to finally drop the last bits of victim mentality, to harness the power of the survival instinct, and to release yourself from the bonds of fear.

Each time you become aware of non-moment thinking and, while being gentle with yourself, you return your thoughts to now, you open up new possibilities for exploration. Allow yourself to view it that way.

“I returned to the now-moment unlocking more possibilities!”

It’s a reward!

Ahas, insight, souls perspective, conscious interaction with your body, what is true now – all these things are only possible from the now moment and this list just scratches the surface of the infinity of infinite possibilities.

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Morning message June 29, 2013

When you seek to connect with your soul’s perspective, don’t lead with your fears. “I’m so worried about,” “I’m afraid of,” “what’s going to happen?”

Your emanation is filled with this. Connecting with soul’s perspective, insight, and ahas is facilitated by high-vibrational stance.

A high-vibrational stance is created by consciousness. The “loudness” of your fears may seem to be the only thing going on, however consciousness about your circumstances will allow you to acknowledge that much more is true about this moment.

That step allows you to acknowledge “what is true now” and connects your attention to this now moment in which your fears are part of a wide spectrum of experience. This allows your soul’s perspective to access many more resources of connection.

When a resourceful person needs a solution he looks around and takes inventory of his surroundings: “a ladder, a short piece of rope, a broken shovel, a 1/2 filled bucket of water – OK I can use these things to solve this problem.”

When you reach out to your soul’s perspective, use this same stance: “I’m present in this now moment; I am aware of the loudness of my fear; I am aware of the wind in the trees and the smell of the grass; I am clearing stray thoughts” – this facilitates ahas and facilitates clarity about just how much “space” fears really take up in your life.

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Morning message June 28, 2013

When you catch yourself thinking a habitual or non-moment thought, be very careful to be kind to yourself. Don’t generate static by saying “Dammit, there I go again!” Simply acknowledge, “Ah, that’s a habitual thought” and return your attention to the now moment. Remember, “Don’t be mean to yourself” is our only rule.

We are seeking to help you have a deeper awareness of your thoughts. This means catching yourself when you spend time in “I SHOULD be doing this better/faster. I suck.”

The “I suck” place is likely a deeper habit than the original habitual thought!

Stay vigilant.

You have decades of practice thinking the way you have been. Be patient and kind as you are learning this new awareness.

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Morning message June 26, 2013

Let’s talk about fences. Good uses of a fence are to define a piece of property and to keep things out or in. When building a fence, you need materials, tools, energy, motivation and you need awareness of where the fence is to be installed, what geography it needs to navigate, and how it will be received by the others (i.e. neighbors) who interact with it.

You take the time to build a fence properly and it’s likely to last a good while. You can help it last longer if you maintain it well. Since you put so much into the original construction, its sensible to continue to renew the fence rather than begin again.

NOTE: Nowhere in this discussion of fences did we say “easy” or “once you are done you are done.”

Now let’s talk about energetic “fences.” We call them boundaries.

Do you craft them with care, attention, consistency and the thoroughness you would use when building a fence to create a safe play area for your children or pets? Do you check the condition and do maintenance on your boundaries as you would a fence defining your property? We suspect not.

One reason is that it’s “hard” to face the trigger of needing to set a boundary again and again. Well, it’s not at all easy to set a fence post either. If the kids were in danger of running out into the busy street, fixing the fence of their play area would be at the top of your to do list. The “hardness” wouldn’t be the top concern. The necessity of the task would be.

Strong, clear, well-maintained energetic boundaries that you act upon as needed are vital to navigating the world as a creator. Build them well, verify them regularly, update as needed – it’s your responsibility.

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Morning message June 23, 2013

We are rooting out habitual thinking. We want you to become conscious of the times when your thoughts are not on the now moment.

One way to do this is to really observe your thoughts as you transition from one task to another. Previously we asked, “Do you check the time immediately upon waking even when the answer does not need to be known?” Ask yourself why. “Why do I want / need this information, this thought? What does it truly offer me? How does it authentically impact my now moment?”

What thoughts jump to mind when you wake in the night? Money, relationships, career, health? Whatever your mind goes to when the only actual stimulation is waking, those are the thoughts you want to pay special attention to throughout the day.

Remember the thoughts you dwell on are thoughts you choose to dwell on. No one forces you to do so. It’s you making the decision. Be accountable for this act.

The goal isn’t to have an empty mind, the goal is to have a mind that isn’t populated by habit, isn’t a slave to the survival instinct’s use of fear, isn’t lost in the past or in projected outcome. The resulting experience is full of fresh new ways of being human, experiencing your life, and exploring infinite possibilities.

Up until this point you have settled for such a small version of being human. It’s time for that change. The transformation begins when your thoughts are chosen.

Veronica writes:
After channeling this I went out and stacked firewood. I paid attention to my thoughts. Some stray thoughts appeared; none were the old, moldy ones though. PROGRESS!!


“The most important information we have given you” The Uncertainty Series

Morning message June 22, 2013

An exercise to do while lying down or sitting: Put your attention on the tips of your right toes. Now allow your attention to move slowly through your foot and up your leg. Stop the movement of your attention and return to the tips of your toes when any stray thought appears. Can you concentrate on something without revisiting the stories associated with it?

Your foot was there the moment before you began this exercise and you weren’t consciously fearful about it. Yet this exercise will likely unleash survival-instinct driven thoughts. Can you pay that much attention to something without projecting into the future about it? See how the survival instinct rears its head and wants to provide fodder for fear.

The truth is that you have become so accustomed to the voice of the survival instinct you don’t pick it out of the din of the thoughts you have. Like a strong smell that becomes less and less noticeable the more you are exposed to it, survival instinct driven thoughts don’t disappear, you just stop noticing them.

This exercise will give you a way to bring awareness to extraneous thoughts. As you restart the exercise you are consciously requiring yourself to use different neural pathways thus accessing a new part of the circle of possibilities.

An advanced version of this would be to use it while moving, walking, swimming, eating, etc. You can also use other parts of the body rather than just your right leg.

Veronica writes:
I was doing this exercise last night before falling asleep. As I considered by toes, I thought about needing a pedicure. START AGAIN, got past my toes only to think about bone marrow cancer WHAT???? START AGAIN, I got lost in the complexities of the bones of the foot….. START AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN. Just realized that AGAIN is A GAIN. Yes, I did gain from this exercise.

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Morning Message 2013-06-21:

In this message, Eloheim references The Levels. To learn more about the levels, visit this page.

Let’s have a moment of clarification: We have previously stated that “it’s all me” is level 7. Yesterday we suggested that you ask “where is me?” We want to explain how these two ideas work together.

The awareness that “it’s all me” allows you to take responsibility for your creations. If it IS, then it here for me to learn and grow from. “Where is me?” allows you to take responsibility for the thoughts you are having. What are you thinking and do those thoughts have relevance to the now-moment? When considering “where is me,” one benefit is that your relationship to “it’s all me” deepens.

Every time you re-engage authentically with the now-moment you make it possible to access the fullness of you including wells of insight, ahas, new ideas, etc. This expansiveness shows you not only that “it’s all me” but gives you a taste of how magnificent “me” is!

Wandering thoughts frequently leave you feeling like a victim of your experiences. The wandering mind too often finds fear and disasters to muse upon. It’s difficult to imagine you would find “it’s all me” particularly intriguing when the wandering mind defines it. When thoughts are focused on the now-moment your discoveries are authentically and delightfully “it’s all me”.

From that position, level 8 “watch it move” becomes a natural extension of the now-moment experience. Because you have disciplined your mind, you are no longer tempted to “think it move” thus maintaining your now-moment center.

Discipline your thinking and level eight is yours.

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Morning Message 2031-06-20

I continue to watch every thought; I’m fascinated by the tenacity of those that want to linger…..

Let’s image that you are alone in a new land. There you meet a group of people and you begin to make a life together. You don’t have access to grocery stores or houses or cars so you truly must rely upon each other create a home. Let’s further imagine that you were not able to choose who you built this new life with. You feel like it’s all or nothing – all or you die.

Some of the people are easy to be with, easy to create with, easy to know. Others are toxic, complaining, sabotaging, hogging resources, and inconsiderate. The first group tends to be drowned out and overrun by the second, yet carries on attempting to build a life.

You might wonder why the first group does not leave and find a new place to create a life. The answer, of course, is that habit is strong and the fear of change runs deep.

Very soon, the first group feels victimized by the second. The second even seem to be authority figures with their loud and incessant orders and bossiness.

Over time the first group feels more and more at the mercy of the second. Eventually, the second group is cast as “insurmountable” and the first group as the “somehow manages to survive.”

Let’s now change this story a bit:

The first group represents your thoughts of the now moment. The second group represents all other thoughts.

Who do you want to build a life with?

Conversation with Eloheim on Guilt and Shame

Morning Message 2013-06-19

Yesterday, I traveled 45 minutes by car to my cello lesson. During that drive Eloheim was constantly asking, “Does that thought pertain to this moment?” Of course, nearly none of them did…. As I got out of the car they said, “The only lack we see is lack of authentically experiencing the present moment.” Yeah…I know. My cello lesson was so intense and focused I was dizzy afterward. I guess the pep talk sunk in.

Here is Eloheim explaining more:

In every moment first be aware of yourself. Our tool, “what is true now?” is helpful in this regard yet requires refinement for this application.

It’s not so much “what is true now?” as “what is me now?”

Let us explain:

In each moment, resides the thinker and the thought. When you focus on the thought, your feelings, emotions, remembrances, attention etc. will be where?

There! When you focus on the thinker (“what is me?”) you have the opportunity to remain aware of the now. When a non-moment-thought is caught, ask “what is me now?” The answer can be the type of things we have used when asking what is true now, yet we believe there is a more powerful layer revealed by this new inquiry.

Let’s imagine that you find yourself thinking about a future fear. You experience anxiety. You are distracted from the now-moment. One thought easily connects to another in a chain of discomfort and even suffering. At any point along that mental journey, you can catch yourself and say “what is me?”

The only “place” that can answer that inquiry is you connected to your body, aware of now. You are not your thoughts. The thought is insubstantial. The thinker is the substance. They are not the same. The sooner that you own this fact, the better.

In any thought there is you – the thinker – and YOU hold dominion of the moment, not the thoughts.

The beauty of this discipline is that it clears, not just quiets, the mind. Thinking becomes a conscious act like that use of a hammer or singing of a song, rather than the bothersome obsession it is now.

When not addicted to thinking the brain is then available for many new and fascinating things. Receiving insight is just one item on the list. The others are yours to discover as you find “what is me?”

Conversation with Eloheim on Fear

Morning Message 2013-06-15

It’s through your fascination that a potential becomes a probability.

Be cautious about pre-determining the path you feel you need to walk. With so much baggage and static now cleared the likelihood is that there are far fewer steps needed than you would assume.

Don’t imagine that anything more than fascination is required as assuming any more than fascination is needed generates static. This is true freedom and the birth of instantaneous manifestation.

Be always on the lookout for where you generate static.

Repetitive thoughts, self-cruelty, imagining outcomes, fear of the moment, projecting disasters, wondering what others are thinking etc. Be vigilant as static is the only real thing between you and the full experience of the moment.

Baggage is less real because you are more aware of its influence and have worked to heal so much of it.

You ARE generating static right now. Catch it! Say it with us, “I have all the money I need in this moment.” This is true. Projecting that this won’t be true “someday” throws up a cloud bank of static which obscures your path and leaves you in familiar suffering.

Don’t tie this exercise to anything else. Let it be a practice in short, factual statements. Be aware of temptations to “but and because” the power of this clear moment away.

What freedom the truth can bring if you don’t dilute it with fear!

Monitor the temptation to desperation. See if whenever money thoughts arise how, “I have all the money I need right now” affects them. We suspect the money thoughts will make a strong case for continued fear and anxiety. They only have one tune so they play it loud. You’ve learned everything there is to learn from that song. You must decide to set it aside.

Is there never not another “breath to breathe” or idea to consider?

It’s the lie of lack that thwarts you. It’s never been the reality of lack. Think on that. Let it settle in to you. Lack is a lie.

“But I don’t have’s” are so not compelling to us. The list is so long yet you focus on one or two examples to justify feeling that way. You don’t have your own elephant either yet are comfortable with that “lack.”

It’s about time you were all accountable for the vast creation you have made, the powerful force you are, and the ability to direct your moment. The game of static generation is officially over.

It’s the time of truth. The time of ownership and responsibility of your experience of this moment.

Manage your emanation. It’s the creative force of Homo spiritus. Discipline will allow you to shed the last addiction to familiar suffering and the lie of lack; the lie of “if only;” the lie of “it should be otherwise;” the lie of “I suck;” the lie of “impossible.”

You already have clarity. Act on it. Follow fascination. Have a genuine, truth centered experience of each moment; infinite possibilities is your playground.

It’s not that we don’t care about your money situation – it’s that we won’t stop there. The underlying energetic shift is what lingers and is of the greatest benefit without that there will never be “enough” of anything no matter your net worth.

In each moment ask, “what if this were perfectly right, how would I relate to it?” We see that allowing you to access different neural pathways and new area of infinite possibilities.
You can always justify limiting fearful anxious thoughts. Tedious behavior really; what it if you refused to do so?

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