Conversations with Eloheim: GUILT and SHAME

16 Questions Answered in this 40 minute conversation – #3 in the Conversations Series

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Questions answered:

Relationship to self

Guilt seems to be my second nature. How can I be sure that I am acting from a place of choice as opposed to guilt?

I feel shame around bodily functions. What’s up with that?

How are feeling shame about myself linked with the feelings of undeserving and unworthiness?

How can I love the parts of me that I feel shame about?

I have a dirty little secret and I feel shame. How can I get over it?

How can I overcome my guilt and shame regarding being chronically ill /addicted? I feel shame over not being able to heal.

Relationships with others

How can I let go of the guilt of being mean to my sister when I was a teenager?

How can I not feel guilty when I don’t feel like helping someone who asks for help?

How can I shift feeling guilt and shame that maybe I wasn’t the role model I could’ve been as a mom?

My shame and guilt start with feeling that I disappointed my parents. How do I get pass this?

How can I transform the shame that comes up when I feel I’ve said too much or gotten too big?

Why do I feel shame when someone I love doesn’t love me? (first one was father)

How can I be sexy, alive, and physically a sexual woman without feeling judged.

How can I help a loved one let go of guilt and feel their natural worthiness?

How do guilt and shame manifest from the Survival Instinct?

How are alternate expressions affecting my experience of guilt and shame?


Order the direct download

Audio and video download:

Price: $14.99