The Matriarch – First channeled on 02/03/2010

Video of their first appearance (toward the end):

Transcript of their first appearance:

The Matriarch: Well. Hello. We’ve been watching. We’ve been watching for some time and we apparently can’t stay very long because we are already feeling—technically we are not feeling it—Eloheim is running interference so that we can speak to you. So, we only can access to about right here as far as energetically, and we can’t come any deeper than that right now. Eloheim is managing the rest of the body and its a bit like one of your, one of these science-fiction movies where everything is in the red zone and everyone’s running and yelling and saying, “It’s going to blow! It’s going to blow!”

So, apparently we’re not very good at this and it’s all going to blow if we’re not careful, but we did want to pop in and share with you that what you so quaintly call The Girls aren’t the only feminine energy on the block. We have the chair down that way. And what we hold is the energy of the planet and the energy of—oh, now we’ve done it. Apparently now we’re into steam coming out of the tops of things and all that, so we really can’t stay all that much longer but let’s just say The Girls hold the energy of the Goddess and we hold the energy of the planet, the Gaia. We are not Gaia but we hold the energy of Gaia and we’ll have opportunities to talk with you more. And we’re going to go because you really don’t want to see what’s going on behind the scenes right now and we want to be kind. But we have waited to speak and we are pleased to have had the chance and we will just leave you with the knowing that as you walk on this planet, as you walk on the surface of this beautiful, heavenly body, imagine that heavenly body, it supports you and we are going to need to be more clear on that in order for your physical experience to deepen. So, just keep that in mind. Oh, we’ll be back. We just have to go. You see, when you hold this kind of energy this is so transitory, but now Veronica is yelling at Eloheim and Eloheim is yelling at us and we’re having this whole behind-the-scenes thing and we probably should just go.


In essence, we hold the mirror of the truth of you up, and we also have you like a babe in arms, embraced, to reiterate the security that you can feel within. That truth of you being reflected. It’s a big job, but it’s our only job. The rest of the Council have all these different things they do and it’s wonderful. But always—not just at the end when we talk—always, we hold you reflecting the ultimate truth of you to you, while embracing you and offering the true security of the essence of you as your gift. That’s what we do.

Matriarch: Sometimes when it finally gets around to our turn, we just don’t feel like there’s so much we have to say verbally, but we always love to leave you with this sense of your wholeness. And we always just want to remind you that you come to us and we see your wholeness. We experience you from the ascended state. We experience you from the embodiment of your soul’s perspective. We experience you as embodied Homo spiritus. That’s how we experience you. We don’t see the shadow and all this other stuff, the triggers and habits that the rest of the Council experiences. It’s not our role to see you in that way. It’s not our role to explore that with you. It’s our role to hold the presence of your embodied, ascended Homo spiritus self. And this is what we do. We hold that with you and when we hold that with you, the only difference between where you feel you are now and the ascended state that we experience you in is the sense that you have of barrier to that. And by “barrier to that” we mean something similar to what the rest of the Council calls static.

The meeting of November 24, 2010 was unusual. The Council appeared in the order of the chakras they resonate with. Thus we had The Guardians, The Girls, The Visionaries, The Matriarch, Eloheim, The Warrior and then Fred. They came in to explain, in further detail, how each work with our energy and to help us learn to use the Strongest Chakra tool.

Here is The Matriarch’s section of that meeting:

Matriarch: You see, for us, everything is equally interesting. If we could give you that joy it would mean that all our attention to you has had the desired outcome. We don’t like the term success because it’s a dualistic term, of course. But there is a desired outcome, certainly. And it’s the joy of knowing that everything is equally interesting. That’s a way of being in balance itself.

How do we offer to you the ability to know that everything is equally interesting? We can’t. What we can do is hold that energy for you to match, to resonate to. We can hold that energy but we can’t give it to you because you live in a dualistic environment—by choice, on purpose, because you wanted to, and it’s wonderful and you’re making this exciting exploration of it, but the goal, the outcome that you desired when you came here, was to ascend the human form and to ensoul the soul’s perspective and to have the opportunity, to have the opportunity, to know that all things are equally interesting among other things.

So, you can practice by letting something that you don’t particularly appreciate within yourself be OK. Not in the sense of: “OK, so I don’t have to attend to it,” or “OK, so I can ignore it,” or “OK, so I don’t have to be bothered by it.” No. The juiciness of it all is that it’s just OK to experience it. It’s OK. It’s OK for it to be there. It’s OK. And then as you experience it as OK, even just a little bit of OK, it starts to be part of your self-love. It’s like a jigsaw puzzle. If you don’t appreciate something, if you’re ashamed of it, embarrassed by it, humiliated by it, hide from it, hide it from other people, it’s the missing piece. The picture’s not complete. And when you say, “but it’s unbearable, it’s unbearable to contemplate that piece of me,” we say to you: but you can bear it. It’s just barely below the unbearable threshold. Why? Because it is the truth of you. And that’s really where it comes down to. When you start to say, “Is it the truth of me? I want it in my puzzle. Even if I don’t appreciate it, I’m not leaving it out because my whole picture is fascinating. And I want it all. I want it all because I know I need every piece in order to get where I desire to be.” And remember, in those moments when it’s hard to see that piece of you, remember this one thing, please: That we already see you complete. And we don’t see you with these jagged edges. We don’t see you with missing spots. We don’t see you with dark, shadowy spaces.

We see you as the infinite, immortal, amazing, magnificent soul that you are, doing this incredible experiment that’s not easy, having this powerful journey of transformation, doing something unprecedented. And we hold you in the space, not of completion, not of finalized, not of finished, but of ever-evolving yet knowing the wholeness of you in the process. That’s what we hold. That’s what we see. And if you don’t, that’s OK. It doesn’t dissuade us from standing here next to you, seeing you just that way. You can resonate to our energetic in order to feel closer to that truth of you. Even if you just do it with your words, it’s still very powerful. Good night.