The VisionariesFirst channeled on 6-10-09 in Sonoma, CA.

Video of their first appearance:

Transcript of their first appearance:

For many, many, many years you’ve come together with the idea of the opportunity, the opportunity, to be in the body. The opportunity to bring not only your vision of this place, not only your desires for growth, not only your attraction to physicality, but the vision, the vision, you see this is what you’ve all been wondering. That question that’s never been answered, that itch that’s never been scratched, the idea that’s never fully bloomed in you, it’s the vision, the vision of being here, the vision of being now. The vision of being, period. The vision of bringing together all the pieces. The vision of the puzzle starting to actually make sense. The picture coming into clarity. And the opening becoming your possibility.

Your possibility. That’s what the vision is.

It’s not about you needing to be on earth. It’s not about you needing to grow as a soul. It’s not about you needing to serve, as much as it’s about a vision that wishes to be expressed. You’re beyond service. The Eloheim has spoken to you about this deeply and well. You are beyond service and if you’re confused about that we suggest you listen to previous tapes because that has been made very clear to you for a very long time. You are beyond service. You understand now where it comes that you are able to express your beingness. It’s not in servicing. It’s being and emanating.

So once you heal the need for being in service, you never realized perhaps that that was something that needed to be healed, but of course that needed to be healed because it was an out of balanced state. It was a state that said, ‘Your perception of me matters more than my perception of me, so I will serve you in order for you to change your perception about both yourself and me in the process’ and now that you’ve let go of that need for the other person’s perception to dictate your story, who you are, what you can offer, you’ve graduated, in essence, to the place of vision.

The place of vision is where you are now.

What does this mean? It means that you are opening to knowing. Not intellectualizing with your small minds. It’s okay. Small minds are all you’ve got. But it’s not about intellectualizing with the very limited mind you’re currently using. It’s about carrying forth the vision of possibility. The vision of expansion. The vision of integrity experienced.

What is meant by integrity? Integrity means the entirety or structural integrity of your soul experienced by the physical form in density, flirting with duality, knowing it’s a neighbor.

Hi neighbor! The neighbor of duality. The fallacy of time. Imagine living in the neighborhood as a soul expressing it’s integrity in the physical form. You’ve got time on one side and you’ve got duality on the other as though they live in your neighborhood and you’re just this person who’s kind of like a spy that lives in a regular subdivision and it’s hilarious to imagine that the spy goes out and does all these spy things and this guy’s an accountant and this guy over here works at the gas station and they think he’s normal like them, when in truth he’s 007.

So you can have the neighbors be time and duality and you can actually pretend that they fit into your life, but as a soul experiencing integrity it’s ridiculous to conceive that either one of those has an effect upon your day whatsoever. Just like 007 doesn’t worry so much about whether or not a gardener has come because he’s busy doing some 007 stuff in Europe that afternoon. You’re not part of, you’re not part of, the stream of events that is occurring to many of the people in your world. And the stream of events that is occurring to many of the people in your world that is being shown to you through the media, shown to you through habitual response, shown to you through just the flow of the day, is not who you are. That’s not the neighborhood you live in anymore. Unless you choose. Unless you invite yourself to live in that neighborhood.

If you see duality and time as your buddies, you’re missing the point. They are no longer your good friends. They’re no longer your good neighbors. They simply occupy a few houses on your block that you’ve decided to stay in because it’s easier than moving, but you’re not a part of that group, but you don’t have to run away from their presence. You exist outside of, while occupying the same place with, those things.

There are many, many more things on this list but tonight we just want to just carry forth the vision that the fallacy of time and the fallacy of duality no longer apply to souls experiencing themselves in their totality while experiencing the physical form. You’ve talked with the Eloheim about the idea of superhero powers and it was all very fascinating. And that was a wonderful tool for bringing forth the clarity about limitation you have subjected yourself to as a survival instinct. Now you’re beginning to have more control over the effects of this survival instinct. You’re beginning to have more control over the way the biology reacts to stimulus. You’re beginning to live from your soul’s perspective and experiencing and knowing who you are in integrity.

Now integrity used to mean keeping your word and all that kind of duality based stuff.

The word integrity is now redefined to mean your entire soul experiencing the physical form with you.

This is where you immediately get into a conflict because your previously conceived version of time says that there are such things as past lives and such things as future lives and how can I experience my entire soul if my soul’s a collection of all my lifetimes and some of them haven’t been experienced yet. That immediately becomes answered when you stop believing that time runs in a line. Time runs in a line because you’ve all decided it does. It doesn’t.

What you’ve started to experience, as you’ve become more conscious you’ve started experiencing time in fits and spurts, fits and stops, and some days it seems like it doesn’t move and other days it goes at an amazing pace. This is all of you becoming more conscious of the truth of time. Which is that it’s just one moment strung to the next and that those moments when not feared and not rushed and not hidden from become infinite in nature and when you bring in your entire soul’s energetic it’s a lot so it needs to fill up some infinity which works nicely together.

Duality you’ve studied for many, many years so we don’t know that we need to go into a huge amount of discussion about it but we will say that duality is based on the idea that something is better than another thing. And the truth of the matter is that everything: IS. It’s not even that you have to justify it, like everything is for my growth, which you’ve used. That’s been a tool. But now there’s a new tool which says everything: IS. And if it is, it is part of me. Therefore, everything is. It’s a complete sentence and it’s what you have looked for, needed, desired, wanted and that’s who you are is a being experiencing everything: IS.

When you start to experience life as everything: IS, which Eloheim has taught you is neutral observation, a powerful tool, we’re very pleased that you’re familiar with it. When life becomes observed from neutral observation, time can stop from your current perspective and everything can expand into the truth of itself, the truth of itself, which you currently do not know.

You do not know the truth of anything you see.

Just like you thought integrity was about keeping your word but the truth is it’s about bringing your entire soul’s experience into every moment. That’s what integrity truly is. That’s what you’ve meant by integrity all this time, but you’ve had to have a smaller definition of it because you were not ready for the biggest one.

You do not know what anything is. The sooner you accept that truth the better off you’ll be as far as growth. You don’t know anything about anything any more. You’ve gone from high school to college. You don’t know where anything is. It’s time to learn. You get an orientation. We’re here to help. But you do not know ANYTHING and this should please you because as you’ve lived your human life it’s been one of limitation and if you’re not pleased by the idea that you know nothing, then you’re saying that you are pleased about living in what you know, which is limitation. You have the opportunity here to say, ‘I don’t know anything because I don’t know anything about expanded life. I only know about limitation and I’m not satisfied only knowing limitation. I am ready to live expanded. And in order to live expanded I have to acknowledge I don’t know a darn thing about living expanded.’ Because you don’t.

You absolutely do not know a thing about living an expanded life.

And again, this should delight you.

It’s a fresh start. It’s a fresh start and it’s an investment into you. It’s saying everything is a brand new day, everything is a brand new moment, everything is an opportunity for me. The invitation, we’re past it. We’re past the invitation state, we’re past the place where you think is this a choice or not and you’ve come into the place where it is, it just is, it’s not get on the bus or don’t get on the bus. It’s, now I am ready for: IS.

Ah, we hope you’re ready to hear this tonight because it’s not a small thing. We have not come in to speak to you before. It has not yet been the moment.

And the moment is now, for you to hear more about the more that you are, the more that you have, the more that you are ready to live.

Now of course the question that screams through the room is how? So we’ll invite you to ignore that. It’s not a how. It is an: IS. You could not hear this message if ‘how’ was actually the question. ‘How’ is not the dynamic at hand? The dynamic at hand is: IS. How requires mind, therefore, it’s limited.

If it’s about the mind it’s about limitation.

There’s a new definition as we create our new definitions together tonight. We have the one for integrity and here’s the one for mind. If all I can do is think about it, then I am in limitation. If all I’m doing is processing it mentally, I am limiting myself. If that’s the extent of the access I’m asking for, I am asking for my life to be small.

If you want a small life, think about it with your small brain. If you want an expanded life then receive the expansion that your soul offers as you operate from integrity.

And that’s really what you have is the opportunity to operate from integrity with the expanded nature of your complete self. Leaving behind, like a silly child’s toy, the idea that the mind was ever sufficient for the experience of this glorious opportunity you have now. It’s insufficient for the job. Therefore we suggest that you do not give it any more authority.

The mind will be quite happy to manage the body systems especially as the integration of the soul’s energy increases. That’s something that it’s quite fond of, good for, and it’s quite well trained at keeping things on track and the physical form needs this kind of structure.

But the experience of integrity requires you to abandon thought as the driving force of the incarnation and instead surrender into the truth of integrity.

You’re prepared for that. You have that at your disposal. That’s an interesting term. Are you ready to dispose of your old way of living?

Again, the ‘how’ word comes flying out of you. It’s no longer about how. It’s about: IS. You are in a state of be-ing. There’s another term that’s been bandied about for years. Just be. Which typically meant, ‘don’t argue with what you’re experiencing. Go with the flow.’ That’s not what it’s about. That’s not what being is. The furthest thing from being is going with the flow.

Being is experiencing integrity and managing the biological response to that using consciousness.

That’s what being is. So going with the flow is not.

How is no longer the question. Opening to: IS. There’s no doing. All of the doing was done from a mind-based perspective. All the doing is done because the mind-based perspective is now one of limitation. Embracing the: IS allows integrity.

Integrity allows the full experience of the human form by the soul’s complete energetic while co-owning the physical space with the silly neighbors of duality and time.

You are in this world but you do not have to be programmed by it any longer. This world does not tell you who you are any longer. The mind no longer clamors for security outside of the connection to the soul. The mind is given the task of caring for the body while the soul’s integration allows for a deeper experience of: IS.

This is the truth of who you are. This is the truth of how you are to be. And this is the now that you’re in. This is the now that you are in. And the opportunity is rare amongst rare. Precious amongst the most precious. It’s impossible to compare, but it’s like saying that a diamond is more beautiful than another diamond because of its size or its clarity. And it’s like finding a diamond as big as a bowling ball of perfect clarity and already beautifully cut at the bottom of the ocean. That would be considered something rare. That’s moving toward a notion that conveys the idea of the preciousness, the rarity, and the opportunity you are currently in.

You are currently in, not how do I get there. Not have I been left behind? You are currently in. You called it in. You asked for this. You desired this. You are here. You made the conscious choice. You, no one else, you! You have what there is to: IS. There’s nothing else you need. All you require is a bit of practice. A sense of familiarity will assist you, but there’s nothing more you need to get to: IS.

Now since you don’t know anything about it there’s going to be plenty to discuss and enjoy. You’re not at the end of a road, you’re at a beginning, but you don’t need anything more than what you are in order to experience: IS.

You don’t need anything more than what you are to experience: IS.

What you do need is a commitment and a willingness to continue to manage the biological response, to continue to express your willingness and to continue to break and dismantle habit.

Habit cannot tell you who you are. Habit can only scream loudly a request for you to believe.

It’s like the noisy television in the other room blaring out a commercial. Do you immediately pick up the phone and buy the product that’s on the TV? Certainly not. You walk over and you turn the channel off or put the mute on or turn the whole damn thing off. That’s habit. It’s the noisy TV in the other room telling you it thinks it knows what’s good for you. Consciousnesses, be-ing, says ‘okay’, and neutral observation allows you to analyze the input without having to judge it as right or wrong. State a preference, set a boundary and be done with it.

Habit’s like gum on the bottom of your shoe. Tediously annoying. Sometimes a bit of a mess to get rid of. But not helpful. Perhaps entertaining if you think it’s fun to walk with your shoe sticking to the ground. It’s not to say you can’t enjoy your habits. It’s to say, aren’t you about done? We would challenge you to say, ‘yeah I’m just about done because I’m not getting anything out of it anymore.’ Empty calories.

Your only choice is whether or not you wish you hadn’t come tonight. Whether or not you wish you didn’t know. Whether or not you wish you could push the horses back into the barn after the door’s been left open. Everything else is already moving. Everything else is already occurring and nothing else has to be done.

Willingness, commitment, and the grasping of the concept that we described – integrity – and what it truly means and being and what that truly means.

The meeting of November 24, 2010 was unusual. The Council appeared in the order of the chakras they resonate with. Thus we had The Guardians, The Girls, The Visionaries, The Matriarch, Eloheim, The Warrior and then Fred. They came in to explain, in further detail, how each work with our energy and to help us learn to use the Strongest Chakra tool.

Here is The Visionaries’ section of that meeting:

Visionaries: As you move into the third chakra—Eloheim talked a lot about it on Sunday—the idea that walking in the world, moving in the world, creating in the world, how you show up in the world, is your third chakra. Some people get kind of crazy with their third chakra. They get what they call this Type A personality, where everything is about the third chakra. Then you have on the other side of the coin a lot of light-workers. They don’t even know what a third chakra is. The doormat or the Type A personality. A lot of times that’s the paradigm that you guys operate from in the third chakra area. That kind of “I’ll hide” or “I’ll take over the planet.” And a lot of you hide because you’ve had so many lifetimes where when you stuck your head up you got it chopped off, is the way we summarize the idea that standing out in a crowd has not always been conducive to a long lifetime. And here in this lifetime, you don’t get your head chopped off very often living in Sonoma County, California, so it’s a little safer or a whole lot safer. And we work with you diligently to help you understand that and to help the survival instinct be mitigated so that you might experience that truth of you. So it’s OK to have the wholeness of you. You don’t always have to put a smiley face on everything in order to be liked, loved, appreciated, understood, companioned. The way we like to say this is: It doesn’t all have to be bunnies and rainbows. It’s not all about how woo-woo can you be.

There is a very, very strong reality happening here, which is in order to walk the Homo spiritus path you have to be balanced. 2011, starting now, we don’t care about the fucking calendar. It’s now. It’s now and now and now. Just start living it. Balance your chakras. You have to live a balanced existence in order to ascend. To move out of, to move out of the way you have lived previously, you must start living a balanced existence, which means all of your chakras need to be integrated and worked with and handled. And that’s why the Girls talked so powerfully about the fact that there’s all this stuff about you that you don’t like, and if you think that love is appreciation, you’re screwed.

Love is not just appreciation. Love is the whole picture. You like to call this unconditional love, which is crap. There’s no such fucking thing. Unconditional love is bullshit. Do you know what unconditional love means? Unconditional love means “Step on me and I have no boundaries.” We don’t like that crap for one second. You know what we like? We like love with boundaries. Love with boundaries says, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I’m screwed up and I’m working on it, or I’m not as the case may be. My choice. But it doesn’t give you permission to step on me. My lack of skill in a certain area doesn’t mean that I am a doormat for you in that area.”

Some people have taught you that the idea is to unconditionally love. We really like conditionally loving. We like conditionally loving because we like boundaries. We like preferences. We like you to be able to know yourself. But we don’t give permission for you to step or tromp on any part of you. That’s not how it works. You don’t have to like parts of you but you absolutely do not get to be negative toward those parts of you. If neutral observation ever had an application we would say this: Do your best to have neutral observation of the aspects of you that you are not finished with yet and you will grant yourself the greatest kindness you know how to deliver. If you can be unconditionally loving toward anyone, it damn well better be toward yourself. Anybody who thinks they can be unconditionally loving who is not unconditionally loving of themselves is not getting points in our book. That’s just woo-woo bullshit talk for “I can be a doormat and it’s OK because I’m unconditionally loving.”

Your third chakra helps you walk in the world from a balanced place. You walk into the world not trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes, mostly not over your eyes. What you’re doing is walking into the world telling your truth, being your truth, the whole truth, the complete truth, the entire package. It is not just the parts of you that you appreciate. Dammit! Do not fall for that shit. You sell yourself so short when it’s like, “Oh well, I’m only good for x, y, z.” We’re going to get all worked up if we keep on that, so we’re not going to go there anymore. If you didn’t get the point, listen to it again. You’ll get it. When the energy coming out of your third chakra is the balanced version of you, you do this world the most good that you have the most power to do for it. You want to do good in the world? Start there. How do you go about saying: “I don’t like this part of myself but I’m still going to love it”? Well, that’s why we have the Matriarch. Good night.