The Guardians – First channeled on 12/02/2009

The Guardians took awhile to get comfortable with speaking.

Video of their first appearance:

Here is the transcript of their first, very brief, appearance.

Guardians: [First appearance – Spoke slowly and with difficulty] We invite you to consider your emotional system. It is invaluable at this time to align your emotional system with the integrity that you experience as a soul. It is not possible for us to share more verbally with you, but we do wish to make our presence known. We understand that it is important for you to have names. We would invite you to refer to us as the Guardians. We will not stay physically connected at this time but we needed to make sure that you were aware that your alignments have not gone unnoticed and are being supported in a new way. We further invite you to examine the area of yourself you refer to as the heart chakra and take that energy into consideration for the message that is going to be forthcoming. We leave you now but only in the sense of the experience of you hearing us, for we have been called to support the evolution of the heart chakra into the dynamic. You will know more of us soon.

We’ve been working with you non-verbally for a few weeks now, but we want to just come in to remind you that, especially at the beginning of the meeting, we’re not just here to say hello. We are here to actually work with you. In the past seven days, there’s a good chance you’ve accumulated some things that you’ve released, that you’re actually ready to let go out of your energy field, so a good intention at the beginning of every meeting would be just to say, “I’m ready to leave it behind. I’m ready to lay it down. I’m ready to walk away. I’m ready to remove it from my energy field completely, anything that has been released that is not yet all the way gone. And I’m ready to release those things that don’t serve me.” Because we come into every meeting to take away and help clear your fields, and we cannot do anything without permission, without your free will acknowledging permission for us to do that. So, we just wanted to make sure to remind you to give yourself that gift. We come here to help you and if you don’t engage with your free will, let’s just say, we can’t do it. So with that reminder, we’re going to go through again and look at your fields one more time. And this does include you folks that are listening later or listening on the Internet. Time does not interfere with our process. Nor does space.

The meeting of November 24, 2010 was unusual. The Council appeared in the order of the chakras they resonate with. Thus we had The Guardians, The Girls, The Visionaries, The Matriarch, Eloheim, The Warrior and then Fred. They came in to explain, in further detail, how each work with our energy and to help us learn to use the Strongest Chakra tool.

Here is The Guardians’ section of that meeting:

Guardians: Let’s all just make sure that your attention is within you and within the circle and within the moment and within the opportunity. It’s very interesting to us to remember, to realize, to become aware of, that you’re here because this is the now for you to be in. You’ve made a choice. You’ve aligned your free will. You’ve offered yourself the opportunity to experience this now. You’re not here randomly, is what we’re trying to say. You’re here by intention on a cold night like tonight, when you’d rather be home in your bed, so it’s interesting. There’s a holiday tomorrow. You have every reason to stay home and yet you’re here and there is a commitment to here, there’s a commitment to now, and you’ve made that commitment to yourself. You’ve made that commitment to this opportunity. You’ve made that commitment to this moment. And we’re making this moment stand out in the moments of the rest of your day. Why? Because in this moment we can support you experiencing this experience. We can support you knowing that deeper truth of you. Really, this moment isn’t all that unusual, but we will spend a bit more time on it. Perhaps we should say we will put a bit more emphasis on it; perhaps that’s a more accurate way to say it. Only to give you a sense of it. Because we want you to have more of a felt sense of the opportunity that you have created for yourself. That you have given to yourself. That you have opened for yourself. The opportunity you’ve said is for you.

As Eloheim spoke of on Sunday and reminded everyone, we resonate to your root chakra. And most of you have trouble in your root chakra. You have trouble connecting to the body. You have trouble connecting to living. You have trouble connecting to safety and security in a way that doesn’t require a lot of fear or pain or drama or trauma. So, we are here to say that when you do make the choice to make a connection, to remember that you’re not only connecting to this moment but you’re connecting your free will to the idea that the root of you, the root of you, makes these choices. You’re connecting to that. That at your root, at your root, you are growing in the soil of the choice for expansion. Transformation, liberation from fear. It is not casual that you are here. It is on purpose. And that’s an interesting term you use. On purpose. Like purposefully, but on your purpose of your beingness, your choices, your movement in this world. You purposely—because it serves the purposes that you desire—are here, and you are walking it. And you are rooting into it.

We do our best with words. We’re not exactly the most eloquent of the Council but we wished to come and say more than we normally do in order to remind you of our connection to how you work. We scrape away excess energy and we help you release, but we are also here to help you feel rooted in your walk. Something your mind has a hard time conceiving of, roots and walking, but the truth is, you’re purposely experiencing this moment and you can purposely experience every moment and there’s liberation there for you. There is liberation there for you and we would like to share your liberation. So, we’ll hold you in liberation and we will invite you to join us. Thank you.