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Eloheim and The Council

Eloheim’s focus is facilitating personal evolution and opening the door to a brand new way of being in the human body and living on Earth!

Read the story of how Eloheim and Veronica first connected and how they came to work with the public here.

Eloheim’s teachings to date have fallen under two main categories: The Tools and The Levels

The tools came first and were created during public and private sessions in response to questions from participants about dealing with experiences and challenges of everyday life.

Choice for Consciousness Series of Books

There are dozens and dozens of tools, fifty-three of which have been detailed in our books The Choice for Consciousness: Tools for Conscious Living. There are currently three volumes in that series. The books are available as eBooks or paperbacks. You can learn more about those books (and the others we have published) on our book page.

New CFC Cards

Additionally, we created a Choice for Consciousness deck which provides handy reminders of each tool in the three books. You can learn more about the CFC deck here.


You can watch a FREE 90 minute channeling of Eloheim discussing the “Eloheim Essentials.” The core concepts were chosen by folks that have been following the teachings for years and represent the tools that have most impacted their lives. Watch by visiting this page.

Learn How To Create Your Reality

The Levels of Creating teaching started at the end of 2011. Fred (one of the Council members) said that they were going to teach us how to live fractally. The entire Council has been on that project ever since.
That teaching has been summarized in our Levels of Creating deck.

Ongoing teachings

We currently hold four public channelings per month. You can attend these meetings by joining our webcast and watch from wherever you are!

To access our sessions you can visit our Events page

Another way to access our sessions is to become a subscriber.

Subscription Plans

Subscribers have access to the live events and the ON DEMAND replays. You can download the sessions to your device or watch right on our website. Subscribers also receive discounts on the recordings and priority registration to our special events. Visit this page to learn more.


Special packages

We also have special packages on dozens of topics including the body, animals, money, fear, guilt, shame, relationships, loss, energy, feelings, and much more. Additionally, we have archives of our events extending back to 2009. These recordings can be accessed by visiting this page.

Two very powerful videos explaining KEY Eloheim teachings.

These videos are a great introduction to Eloheim’s teachings. You can visit our video library for 500+ additional videos.

Equal Signs – the tool

The Choice for Consciousness


My favorite interview so far!

This interview covers my journey with Eloheim and explains a lot about their teachings.

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Birth of the Council series
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Unravel your Money Mysteries
The Journey of Consciousness, A Warrior’s Tale
Discovering YOU
What Will Happen in 2012 and Beyond?

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Questions Eloheim has answered on:

Alternate expressions (past lives)
Being a light worker
Moving forward
Physical health
Sleep and dreams
Work – Career – Time-management
Consciousness – Feelings – Energy – Chakras
General questions

Veronica answers your questions

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