We hold a monthly Q&A with Eloheim during which Eloheim answers questions from folks tuning in online.

This page includes the questions Eloheim has answered on physical health- humans and animals The date after each question indicates the date of the meeting when this question was answered. Visit the shopping area to access the meeting downloads.

Ever since I can remember I have suffered from Vertigo. Up until around 7 years ago, I used to drive my car as fast as most people would on the motorways (up to 90 miles an hour comfortably), but all of a sudden, one day I got into a panic and experienced the same feeling of vertigo and ever since that time, I have experienced the feeling of vertigo every time I drive faster than 45 miles an hour. Also, I can’t drive faster than 30 miles an hour if it’s raining, windy, if I have to go downhill or when driving round a bend. This means it’s now impossible for me to drive on motorways (it’s illegal to go so slow) and therefore long distances. This wasn’t such an issue before as my ex-partner would drive me if I needed him to, but now he’s an ex … and I’m moving into a new area, starting a new business and it would be very useful for me to drive further afield. How can I heal this? 2011 08 21 Meeting Q&A

I know that my body is able to heal itself, and I am very interested in restoring my physical vitality. I am not asking for the body I had when I was 23, but I have a tremendous desire for a body that feels whole. I am very interested in any energetic insight you can provide on why I have created this for myself and any helpful healing processes that are specific to my needs. 2011 08 21 Meeting Q&A

I’d like to know what’s going on with my right foot (and left hand). It’s going on for about 4 weeks now and it’s getting worse not better. I’ve tried talking to it and it stays mute. I’ve tried magnets, magnesium, potassium, anti-inflamatories, pain-killers – nada. So it’s got to be something energetic, right? It’s the same foot I injured badly in Egypt 10 years ago, (ripped tendons and ligaments) but thoough the healing took a long time, it’s been ok since, except I can’t grip things with my toes or wear anything but flat shoes. So I dug out the photos to see if I could find some static… fail. It’s also the one that used to trouble me sometimes when I was cycle-racing. I am curious! And I want to know what it’s trying to tell me. Please help. 2011 08 21 Meeting Q&A

I am still having trouble with pains in my thighs especially when I have been sleeping for a while. As I am waking, the pain is very uncomfortable for a couple of minutes until I feel I have acclimated with my body again. Sometimes the pain will wake me up too. I also have developed a pain near my tail bone which only seems to bother me when in the evening when I’m at home. 2011 08 21 Meeting Q&A

I know that you work closely with the people in the meetings during the week but as far as the people that attend online do you and can you follow our progress as closely as well? And how do you follow our progress…do you just look at us as a group or do you look at each of us individually? My question is basically how well do you know us individually speaking? If so how would you describe me from your viewpoint the way that you see me energetically as an individual? For example if you had to describe me to another how would you? 2011 08 21 Meeting Q&A

Recently, I’ve been gaining more weight than I’m comfortable with. I’d like some help in understanding what this is about and how to go about resolving it as the usual suspects (diet and exercise) aren’t the culprits. I want to feel comfortable in my clothes and in my yoga postures again. 2013 01 20 Meeting

I would like to understand my experience I am having with pain. I had painful headaches that became an all day everyday occurrences which has changed to just pain in my left side of my head by my ear with increased sensitivity to noise and occasional headaches. I am currently exploring the idea about just being. I was sitting with my dog who is super active and trying to get him settled down and realized and while I was trying to teach him a relaxed state I myself had a realization about how I don’t do that myself very often and in exploring myself doing that I also realized how much it brought me into the now. A place that felt like I was just accepting of all that is my truth and owning it……it is kind of a beautiful but painful feeling …any connection? 2013 01 20 Meeting

I am having intense head pain. We have talked about my ear before now it has grown to become the whole left side of my head. The pain is in the back of my head, the top of my head and behind my left eye. My left ear is now extremely sensitive to sound. I hear a constant high pitched noise and static and loud noises cause pain in my head. The neurologist has scheduled audio testing and an MRI. Can you take a look and explain what you see energetically to me? 2012 11 18 Meeting

My right-upper-arm is almost back to normal. Very exciting! I am doing two things differently: Eloheim tools and advice, and DNA drops. Eloheim, do you have any insight into the DNA drops? 2012 11 18 Meeting

I’ve had a really fascinating physical experience this week…contact dermatitis with big blisters, swelling, etc. It came on slowly, was very intense, then healed quickly. This morning I woke up and looked at my hands and have been in awe of my body ever since. I’m growing new skin! It’s really beautiful. My question: The entire process seems to have taken place really quickly. Is this part of the “new paradigm”? 2010 07 18 Meeting

I am ONCE AGAIN in a state of confusion around my body-image issues. Perhaps because I’ve had the issues all my life, or maybe because they are some of my “final” issues on my “list,” they feel harder for me to be clear about. I ask for insight and honestly feel like I can’t feel any coming in. It’s like I can’t see the forest for the trees. When it comes to these big, overarching issues, can you give me advice on how to work through them? I have thought about them my entire life, so now I fear that any insight that might come through will just feel like more thinking. 2011 03 20 Meeting

I want to discuss something that happened day before yesterday at some shop.
(and this happened many many times before too). I bought lot of stuff in that shop and at the counter, while they are bagging them, that person licks his finger and opens the bag. And that’s it. I come home; I do not feel like using anything that I bought.
I feel his spit everywhere. Even washing does not take away my feeling. Many times in the past i returned them all. Now also I am thinking of doing the same. I just don’t know what to do. What is my recourse? Why just ‘washing them’ is not enough for me? 2011 03 20 Meeting

Much has changed since last month so I just wanted to get your opinion on where I am and where I might be resistive currently, like I have a new pain in my right forearm.
2011 03 20 Meeting

My husband has what can only be described as chronic sinusitis. As expected it gets worse under stress/worry. I think it started around age 12 and a situation involving his dad, and then escalated during the breakup of his first marriage/family (2 yrs before we met). Any insights into what is really causing this and how to make this more easeful? 2011 03 20 Meeting

This is about Chronic Pain. I loved your examples about the man who was bent over, except in a coma, and also Veronica standing for over two hours during the retreat. I resonated strongly with the idea that I can make new neural pathways by creating a different relationship to my pain, which by the way is not noticeable except when I extend my upper-right arm too far. 2012 10 21 Meeting

During the last few weeks, I have done three things:
1) relative to the energy block of wanting relationship and simultaneously not-wanting relationship, I am easier now with the possibility of having a relationship;
2) I have eliminated all fear about the pain; and
3) I have confidence that I will regain total upper-right arm movement without pain.
After a few weeks of focusing on these three things, I am experiencing extended range.
However, the pain sometimes wakes me up at night. Can I do anything more, especially relative to the night-time pain? 2012 10 21 Meeting

Something I am doing or not doing is interfering with my knee becoming really strong. I am grateful that the clicking and ticking has diminished. Walking in this glorious spring weather would be so wonderful. Please help me realize complete healing for my knee. 2011 02 20 Meeting

Whenever I have my neck & back manipulated by a chiropractor, it tends to fall apart again shortly afterwards, sometimes within days, and not always the same vertebraes. What is the underlying energetics of this? 2012 08 19 Meeting

At my second chakra on the left side I have had constriction and pain come and go for some time. I was finally able to clear a bunch of stuff around it to get a clearer picture and it comes to me like a metal clamp with teeth sunk into my spinal cord with a cable running off it. When I first got that image the cable was red hot with my energy being sucked off but I have release a bunch of stuff around that and now I don’t much reaction from it at all but I can’t seem to release the clamp itself. I have tried all the tricks but it is just holding on. Honestly, the clamp doesn’t even feel like me, just the energy running through it. So any clarity you have to throw my way on this would be appreciated. 2012 08 19 Meeting

I have been exploring the act of loving myself and I keep finding myself saying “I JUST DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO IT”. I know I can do things to treat myself physically…like a bath etc. That stuff doesn’t give me the feeling inside like the deep feeling of love I feel for other people and the world though. Can you explore this deeper with me and maybe share an alternative expression where I felt deep love for myself. Also, lately my left side of my body has been having a lot of pain- left ear is really bad, migraines behind my left eye, left wrist and elbow ache, and left knee and ankle have been hurting as well. Can u take a peek at that for me? 2012 08 19 Meeting

Eloheim, please give me insight about my right-upper arm problem, which showed up a few months ago, and which pains me when I extend that arm upward. In previous channel sessions with others, I think you indicated that an energy block in my right arm could be caused by my desire for personal relationship, and simultaneously coupled with my many reasons why I think I cannot have one.

Since becoming conscious of my conflicting thoughts, I think I have been successful in avoiding that mistake, but the pain continues when I raise my right arm too high. Eloheim, I would appreciate your insight into how I might reverse this right-upper arm condition. 2012 08 19 Meeting

Despite all the examples about what the work does to one’s body, I continue to have symptoms of body ache, low energy and pain in the left shoulder & neck. I am fascinated by the fact that on some days I can have such low energy that I am almost unable to get out of bed and then suddenly when I get myself into the Yoga room – irrelevant of if I teach or do Yoga – my energy level is so very high for these 90 minutes. I have a feeling that it is getting worse as I dive deeper into the work and that I am overlooking something, could you shed some light on any areas that I need to focus on more or if I need to see something that I am not seeing. 2012 07 15 Meeting

I am used to saying that I never have any physical problems, until recently. This week I developed my second problem – a left-foot periodic sharp pain. It has not obvious cause. Please tell me anything you can about that. I still have my upper-right shoulder pain for a couple of months now. 2012 09 16 Q&A Meeting

One of my dogs has been ill for the past few weeks. He has a weeping and sore right eye, a small growth on his back between his shoulders and his legs seem to buckle beneath him sometimes as if his hips aren’t holding him. Also, he seems quite lethargic and a little jumpy. He’s only 4 and until now has always been very healthy. The vet didn’t seem to think there was anything to worry about when I showed him the eye and the lump. No tests were done. I am concerned it’s much more serious and that it’s something to do with his liver. Please can you check his and my energetics. I can put him on my lap if that helps. If he’s script holding for me, what do I need to transform within myself to have him be fully well again? It’s really painful to watch him suffer. 2012 05 20 Meeting

I’ve been working on healing my core emotion – saying I am willing, taking responsibility for my creations, catching myself before I go into fear and choosing a different reaction etc. I’m not noticing any change – is there anything you can recommend to shift things? Thanks. PS – weird thing happened after listening to the last recording. The Guardians were talking about getting rid of things like back pain and sciatica. I’ve never had sciatic, but after doing the breathing exercise, woke up the next day with all the symptoms of sciatica . . . WTF??? 2012 05 20 Meeting

I’m working on releasing the energetics of lack of sweetness in life. I realize that “I AM the sweetness of life, expressing life as ME.” This is a mantra that keeps coming up for me to say aloud. I was diagnosed with a fluke case of diabetic Type 1 symptoms about 2.5 years ago. I choose not to claim any label of being a “diabetic”, as the world would identify me. I’m ready for the symptoms to be gone and for me to claim brand new functioning of my pancreas and endocrine system. What can you share with me? 2012 05 20 Meeting

It’s been about 4 and 1/2 months since I’ve stopped smoking cigarettes, and lately I’ve been experiencing some symptoms similar to those of when I was initially going through withdrawal, which is really testing my willpower. In the past I had used smoking to connect with people socially, and Kerri’s brother (who is a smoker) has been staying with us for the past couple of weeks. Clearly there is a connection here, but I would prefer not to engage in smoking again to acquire whatever feeling it is I’m looking for that I know can be obtained by doing so. Do you have any insight on this? I thought I had closed this chapter of my life earlier this year, but it seems I had only swept it under the rug. 2012 05 20 Meeting

I am currently going through an ongoing generating event involving another one of my family members moving in with me and I have been holding and visualizing the girls and receiving a lot of insight regarding the much broader view on the situation. At the same time I am still feeling a deep sad emotion in my heart during the whole process. I know I am doing well on the subject and have had great transformation so far. I am wondering when you look at the energetics of it if you see that I could use your guidance on that subject? If you think I am on the verge of transforming this on my own…then I would like to try that and here is a back up question…….can you take a look at the energetics with my ears they have been painful and filled with fluid. 2012 05 20 Meeting

I have been having intense recurring back aches, in the lower back, not in one place, they tend to move around from left and right sometimes into the hips. Would you please have some insight on that? 2012 05 20 Meeting

I am experiencing flow of energy through my body. It is sound like in my head, concentric circles like from my heart. In my stomach I feel no flow, and it shows physically as pain, feeling blockage. I would like you to help me move the energy in the muddle of my body by bringing the blocks there to my consciousness. I am accepting where I am and want to move to experiencing fit, flexible, strong body that brings joy of ease. 2010 05 16 Meeting

I have a body ache in the upper part of my body that does not go away. It starts at the neck and goes down the shoulder joint and shoulder blade. It feels stiff and very tight – massaging and physical exercise don’t help but I keep moving the energy from left to right. Both shoulders are painful. Also pain in upper middle chest. 2010 01 17 Meeting

So asthma and those kinds of things that are coming up right now, might also be about the throat chakra? 2010 01 17 Meeting

I have been having a intense burning behind my right shoulder for the past week randomly through out the day, every day, and my best friend is also experiencing this as well. We are wondering, what you can feel about this? The pain is mild burning that then intensifies. 2010 10 10 Meeting

I’m living without restraint, or edit, when it comes to my conversation, commitment, wishes, and passion with a man that I just met. It feels nice. I am completely breaking every age old rule here and dancing on their graves. What do you think of my throwing caution to the wind, breaking the age old male/female rules, and enjoying life without control or a finger holding the top on the kettle?

I’m consciously engaged in a new wonderful depth of life and living. I do have a bit of a physical drag in the mix. Dear Eloheim, would you help me open, love, and let go of my chest and head congestion? 2010 10 10 Meeting

I get really bad frequent migraines; have done for over 20 yrs. I’ve tried everything me and other mortals can think of, but still they keep coming… from a variety of triggers. I can only conclude that there must be something more for me to learn from this before I can release this once and for all. I would love to never have another one for as long as I live. Now that would be heavenly! 2010 11 21 Meeting

I would love any insight you could give me about the odd physical symptoms I am having…tingling, odd feelings on right side of body….pain in joints etc….. 2010 11 21 Meeting

My body’s immune system apparently is shot and I’m experiencing a lot of strange virus symptoms, fevers, aches and pains. I know I’ve gone through major shifts this year so I’m trying to accept that I’ve challenged myself. Is there a conscious way I can support myself and my body to come back into balance? 2010 12 19 Meeting

About 4 years ago after a dentist appointment my jaw locked up. I have seen many medical and “alternative” health practitioners and no one has an idea as to what is going on. I feel I am holding on or resisting something but not sure what. I have been through times of trying to change it, fix it, but now am getting more comfortable just living with it. The question I have is what is the lesson this has for me? 2011 05 15 Meeting

I have been having pain in the muscles in my legs. Last night it was so painful that my toes were twisted, lower part of both legs muscles were in pain. Could you, please help me with understanding energetics to release it. 2012 03 18 Meeting

Your talks in the past two weeks have helped me A LOT by making me aware that I have been overlooking the SMALL triggers which is probably what had caused me to feel somewhat stuck. Being in my own energy and truth, whatever it may be, is amazing ( when I can remember 🙂 ) Last month I asked about the emotional causes for my cancer. I have been experiencing progress mostly about how I feel and interact with the world. (Setting boundaries and allowing love in a way that feels good to me) I still seem to be stuck on the physical healing level which makes me wonder what else I might be overlooking in that area on every level? Would you please tell me more about that? 2012 03 18 Meeting

I’m trying to get more physically healthy and lose a little weight. I’ve started exercising again but can’t make my mind up about diet. Abraham says eat whatever you like, but Bashar and Ascended master St Germain recommends a raw vegan diet – and say that dense food (such as meat, fish, sugar, caffeine and anything processed etc.) makes it difficult for people to ascend. What are your thoughts on diet and what do you feel would make the best energetic diet for me? 2012 03 18 Meeting

Shortly after the shifting of chakras my throat closed up really tight and it still hasn’t fully gone away. I still feel like there is a lump in my throat. I have been speaking my truth whenever a situation calls for it because I noticed that if I even thought about not speaking my truth in a situation my throat felt like it was tightening. And can you take a look at the chakra in my stomach area because that also has not been feeling well. For the last week I have been experiencing constant nauseous like motion sickness. This started shortly after 11/11/11 and I don’t know if this has anything to do with it but I did just start automatic writing this week. I am hoping that I am not pregnant. 2011 11 20 Meeting

Migraines, what’s it about? What am I learning from this? Why am I still doing this to myself? 2011 11 20 Meeting

Food allergies test – was it true? Would an energetic, natural way work or is all the elimination good for my growth, change for the sake of change, ditto with my dog’s skin condition? 2009 12 13 Meeting

I have heartburn and a major lump in my throat that won’t go away. Help! 2009 12 13 Meeting

I’ve healed my psoriasis. Can I heal my blood pressure too? 2009 12 13 Meeting

I was doing a spiral, conscious energetic during a toning class today and it evoked pain in my right leg and the whole meridian down my left leg. Could I duplicate that and see what the energetic was behind it? 2009 12 13 Meeting

I’ve finally stopped smoking and am doing really well, It’s been 6 days and the physical withdrawal is now gone and yet there’s this feeling of needing something, a type of emptiness. What is this emptiness and does my giving up smoking have anything to do with my back pain which happened at the same time? 2012 04 15 Meeting

Why is my daughter experiencing allergic reactions a lot recently? Her nose is always itchy and around cats she gets itchy eyes and nose as well. 2009 12 13 Meeting

Please talk to me about the energy of my addictive patterns – especially with food, shopping and smoking. In particular I would like to give up smoking now because I feel it no longer is the truth of me and yet there seems to be many fears about letting it go. 2011 09 18 Meeting

Have been experiencing emotional and energetic ups and downs and physical issues that are almost impossible to deal with. I would like to know what is the most important thing for me to do now is so that I can alleviate these relentless headaches. 2009 11 15 Meeting

I know I sound like a broken record. I know I create my reality. This trigger is mine. Migraines. I know we’re not supposed to want to get out of our triggers. This week I’ve felt like a study in suffering; how much can she take before she’s had enough? I don’t want to know the answer to that question. Whatever I’m supposed to learn from this – IT’S NOT WORKING! I want to learn it in another way. I created this, now how do I un-create it? 2012 01 15 Meeting

Would you, please look at the energetics of TMJ on my right side to help me release the cause of this long term pain in the jaw. 2012 01 15 Meeting

I know that NOW is from this second to the next. I know bliss is a subtle from inside to out type feeling for me even through pain but how do I get past the pain from nerve pain second to second through till my last second? 2009 11 15 Meeting

In November, I had a cold that lasted the better part of the month. Now I’ve got another one and have been sick for the past week. Is this all clearing or am I just sick? I know I’ve still got issues with lack but is there maybe something else going on that I’m not even aware of? 2012 01 15 Meeting

I am suffering from so called “dizziness”(vertigo) from my childhood. Initially in my childhood, it was started as total blackout for me for couple for minutes, and when it over I found myself lying on the ground, don’t have any memory how I fell. It happened in 3 years gap, gradually it also transforms in to head reeling in the later years. In last couple of years it was happening every week. I consult with doctors, they saw my reports and said all reports are normal. They prescribed some medicines, till the time I was having the medicines the dizziness are low, but not completely over. Then I changed to Homeopath, Accupuncture etc… but nothing gives permanent cure, all gives temporary relief. So my question is: Is there any energy blockage kind of thing in my body, which wants me to release it. Or do I have to bear this life long? 2012 01 15 Meeting

I am suffering from scalp itch for more than a week now. Could you tell me if I am telling myself anything, spiritually, with this, and what exactly is causing it? 2011 07 17 Meeting

I used the tool “being comfortable with uncertainty” while I was working on getting a new job and also with my financial situation and getting my divorce. And all of those situations have turned out GREAT and the unfolding of it all has really strengthened my relationship with uncertainty. Now I am working on moving out….I have been looking for 4 months (Period). I haven’t found a place yet (PERIOD). I feel comfortable with the uncertainty that I don’t have a place to move to yet (PERIOD). And I want to be out by the end of this month (PERIOD.) Is there something else here energetically that I may be missing? I also have been experiencing a repeated feeling of exhaustion and no energy almost to the point of passing out. Eating or drinking or sleeping doesn’t help. It comes and goes randomly. Are the two related? 2011 07 17 Meeting

Earlier this year I asked about these burning sensations I was getting in my thighs and you told me it was from one of my other lives. A fellow referred to as Grey Beard who had been wounded in a battle and was no unable to care for himself to too proud and ornery to ask help from any of the village members. I tried telling him it was okay to ask for help. I no longer have the burning sensation but now both knees are very stiff and there is pain in the right thigh when I lay down. You told someone at a recent meeting that pains that we have are rarely from a past life. So is this now ascension symptoms or something else? I’m confused. 2011 04 17 Meeting

I’ve always believed that my body aches and pains are big road signs that I need to change. I also have believed that transformation and ascension relieves all pain. Is ascension the road to a pain free body? 2011 04 17 Meeting

I’ve been sick for several days which I feel is telling me to stop doing so much and just “Be” and I also feel it’s to experience manifesting my needs without working for it, but I’m still confused about what “just being” looks like. I am so used to be doing something. 2009 10 11 Meeting

I have body related question. Feeling differently my left and right sides. The right side is strong, the left one is faded. At the point where neck is connecting to a shoulder feels like a hanging balloon. Also, couple of weeks ago started to have a paint in the lumbosacral plexus. Both pain spots feel very stiff. Could you please give me a read on those. 2011 04 17 Meeting

I have had headaches nearly every day of my life, how can I change this? 2011 04 17 Meeting

I have breast cancer. I have been working with triggers and possible emotional causes. Is there anything I am overlooking or maybe avoiding, don’t want to see? 2012 02 19 Meeting

Like others last month, my teeth are disintegrating from the inside and I will lose several, per my dentist. Is there anything I can do to save them? I am seeing a cranio-sacral person at the moment. 2012 02 19 Meeting

Whenever I see a puncture wound whether on myself or on someone else…it’s not so much the blood that bothers me but it’s any wound of some kind that makes me feel like I am going to pass out….I have a hard time even cleaning my own cuts…. is this past life maybe. 2012 02 19 Meeting

I was listening to an older meeting (June 2009) which contained a reference about obtaining the ability to “change our physical structure.” As this would be a really fun potential, I was looking for some more information in order to achieve this. 2011 06 12 Meeting

What do i need to know about the medical condition of bleeding during menopause? 2011 06 12 Meeting