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Eloheim and the Council are teaching Empowered Evolution offering instruction on an entirely new way to experience being human.


Becoming an Eloheim subscriber was truly the most valuable investment I ever made in myself. It was a commitment to my personal growth that I’ve never regretted and it helped me stay the course through many difficult and discouraging times. Kate in Canada

I found Veronica and Eloheim via YouTube sometime in 2012. After watching a few of their videos I felt like they were a community where I could find actionable change. I have been a subscriber ever since. The beneficial changes in my day to day life from following their guidance has been significant. The acceptance of all via independence in utilizing their tools in real world situations made all the difference for me. Really cannot recommend them strongly enough. Darcy S in Canada

The Eloheim and Council material has been am invaluable part of my life for some years now and I’ve been a subscribed member of the community since 2014. I’ve had exposure to a number of different “spiritual groups” and not only is Veronica’s generosity, intelligence, and authenticity refreshing, but the material she channels is cutting edge. The question of how to evolve ourselves toward Homo spiritus actually feels within grasp, and Eloheim and Council help us elevate ourselves with equal measures playfulness and profundity. Sousan

Came across Veronica and Eloheim’s work around 2012, was immediately engaged by their straightforward approach and the recognition at a soul level that “this is the real deal!” I read everything I could find on the site, and realized becoming a subscriber was the next logical step. Over the years, having access to the live channeled meetings, the recordings, and the unfailing support of, and engagement with, this intimate, powerful, spiritual community has resulted in personal transformation toward human evolution that is active and ongoing. If you are reading this, you have come to a doorway that I highly encourage you to open and walk through. Lee Ann, Indiana



Basic subscription – $30 per month or $299 annually

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$30 at sign up, $30 each month thereafter, automatically billed via PayPal



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Annual payment

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Monthly payment

$50 at sign up, $50 each month thereafter, automatically billed via PayPal


Becoming a subscriber was first choice for me, there was no other option. The material caught me straight away with it being incredibly practical and down to earth. And hey, there is so much fun and laughter involved. Being a subscriber is my commitment to my spiritual growth, together with like minded super caring and loving people. Supporting Veronica is an affair of honour for me. What I get in return is priceless. The wisdom and guidance of Eloheim changed my life to the core of my being. The best investment in myself ever! AnJa in Germany

I subscribed for the first time several years ago, my bank account groaning at my daring. I wanted to watch everything they had available and that was the only way, and the least expensive way in the long run. The teachings are remarkable, loving and to the point and it has been the best money I ever spent on my spiritual growth. Every year since, I briefly debate if I should continue to spend the money, but, for me, it’s a “choiceless choice” (an Eloheim teaching) and I just can’t NOT. I’ve tried. What you get for the money spent is beyond compare. Plus you get up close and personal with the rest of the Eloheim community, bonus!

P.S. I look forward to each and every broadcast and can’t wait to get to the recording if I miss the meeting in person. Dorothy in New York


This plan is a way to support the continuation of The Council’s teachings being offered online (YouTube videos, newsletters, and website posts)






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