I have had incredible support along my journey and these are some of the folks who have been there for me along the way.

If you want to convert your book into an e-book, contact her at mary@georgeatech.com.

E-book conversion, mary@georgeatech.com

Visit Mary’s new website: http://www.epubpub.com

Mary T. George is our resident “techie.” She has been repairing computers, setting up and troubleshooting networks, removing viruses and generally solving technical problems at client’s homes and businesses since 1998.

Together, we learned how to webcast and record our weekly and Sunday meetings. She turned the transcriptions of the meetings into an “uber” document which ignited the fire I needed to start writing my books.

When I decided to go digital and make e-books, Mary set about learning how to construct one. She soon discovered that ePub is the industry standard format. The complexities of ePub took some concentrated effort and much Googling on her part. Now, submitting Mary’s ePubs to distributors has made the “approval” process a snap…no rejections!

If you want to convert your book into an e-book, contact her at mary@georgeatech.com. Her prices are reasonable and she has a fast turn-around time.

Kerri James - Artist

Kerri does all of the graphic for the site and all of our other projects. She and her partner Ryan designed and built this website as well. She is an amazing part of Team Eloheim – Veronica

Kerri is an artist that uses many forms of medium to create visual works. She is self taught in traditional arts like pencil sketching, painting, and inking and also academically trained in the graphic arts. She earned an Associates Degree in computer animation and website design and development from The School of Communication Arts in 2006. She has a passion for creating graphics to present and promote the material of Eloheim in the form of website graphics, cd/dvd covers, book designs, brochures and more. You can view her varied portfolio of work here. Kerri also creates custom portrait illustrations which are available for purchase at her online store.



Margy Henderson

Margy Henderson

When Margy read my hands, it changed my life! She put words to underlying issues that I could never seem to get a handle on. It was the beginning of a deep friendship.

For those of you who download the meeting files, you will hear her intuitive sounds at the beginning and end of many of the meetings.

She is a continuing, unfolding, and miraculous blessing in my life.



Ellen Potthoff, DC, ND more at ellenpotthoff.com

Ellen Potthoff, more at ellenpotthoff.com

Ellen and I met when I was volunteering at a metaphysical center that was located across from her office. She needed office support, so I worked for her part-time. Our friendship continues to grow.

She taught me about homeopathy and herbal medicine. She is my first call when my body asks for support.

She is very wise and understands the special needs of light workers in these times of transformation.



J & M Murray Insurance Services, Inc.

J & M Murray Insurance Services, Inc.

J & M Murray Insurance Services, Inc.

John and Marti are a wonderful asset if you are looking for health insurance.

They specialize in finding a plan that actually fits how you use the health care system.

They are located in Sonoma, CA, but can be contacted via email or phone as well. Visit their website http://www.myhealthquotenow.com/ for details.


Rob Bennet, Amazing Body and Energy Work

Rob Bennett, Amazing Body and Energy Work

Rob has the amazing ability to see how energy is flowing in your body and the skill to help you shift it to a more balanced pattern.

He is located in San Francisco, CA and also comes to Sonoma every 4-6 weeks. If you are in the area, I highly recommend a session with Rob. It is so much more than a massage!

Phone: 415.713.4851, Email: greenbor@aol.com.

I took this photo of him inverted with my cell phone so it isn’t the best quality, but we were having a fun time at Margy’s and I couldn’t resist using this image.



Nanci Kerby Photography

Nanci Kerby has been photographing in Napa Valley since the 90’s. Her collections of images have appeared in many magazines and on covers of Decanter and Wine Spectator. She photographs individuals and weddings in the wine country as well as wineries and resorts. For general info: http://www.nancikerby.com

Photo of Veronica Torres by Nanci Kerby


Randy Sue Collins

Randy Sue Collins

Randy Sue Collins is passionate about bees and an avid beekeeper with over a dozen hives. She has dedicated her life to understanding more about our fuzzy friends that are crucial to mankind’s survival and how she can help protect and support the species. Her first DVD, Organic Beekeeping 101 is now available. http://organicbeekeeping101.com/index.html


Rene Duer - Astrologer

Rene is a passionate astrologer, writer and visual artist. She received her Master of Fine Arts Degree in 1990. She has studied Astrology, Tarot, Egyptian Mystery School traditions and Yoga for many years. Rene offers in-depth natal and predictive horoscopes for individuals, couples, families and business partners, AstroCartography, and relocation charts. She attends weekly Wednesday night Eloheim meetings in Sonoma, California. Consultations in person or by phone. Sliding scale available. Contact her at reneduer@gmail.com or at Home Planet Astrology on Facebook.